Just Missed The Train

Chapter Twenty-one


Kairi's watery eyes stared at the television screen. She sniffled and rubbed them, but that only caused more tears. Nothing was right anymore.

The news broadcast had come on and it was talking about the train crash. Roxas also watched, but he didn't think anything of it until...

Pictures of those in the crash appeared.

Sora was in the very last picture.

Roxas wasn't sure how to feel. All he could do was stare with his mouth gaped open.

He heard a loud outcry from Kairi, but it didn't register at first.

Was Sora really...?

But by this time, Kairi had ripped the IV off of her hand and was rushing towards the door. Roxas snapped out of it and intercepted her just in time. Kairi was going crazy.

"LET ME GO! ROXAS, PLEASE! LET ME GO!" She screamed, kicked, punched and did everything she could possibly do. Roxas took it—it didn't physically hurt him. He held onto her tightly and just let her vent. He managed to lock the door behind him and was pushed up against it by a very unruly Kairi. He was impressed at the stamina this girl had. Her hand was bleeding from where the IV previously was and her mental state was borderline insane.

"You... are not... going anywhere..." Roxas tightened his grip on her. Kairi cried and begged but he didn't let her get away from him. Her medicine that was supposed to make her drowsy seemed to be nonexistent. Nurses banged on the door behind them, but Roxas refused to move. He had to calm Kairi down.


"There... is nothing... you can do..."


Eventually, Kairi gave in and fell down. Roxas held her in his arms and just stayed on the floor with her. She was crying so hard that she could barely breathe.

Could Roxas really take on this responsibility?

Could he really stay by Kairi's side, even if she would never feel the same?

'What am I thinking? Of course... I can...'

Kairi had stopped fighting. She now seemed like a lifeless puppet; if she could cry anymore, she would. She buried her head in his chest. A little surprised, Roxas didn't let go of her.

His purpose was to take care of Kairi, and that was what he was going to do. He didn't have any other choice.

Roxas picked her up and carried her over to the bed. The amount of grief that this girl has succumbed to in the past few hours was heartbreaking to him. All he could do was lay down next to her and hold her tightly, which much to his surprise, she didn't refuse.

Kairi felt as if her life was over.



She could barely speak. She choked on her words, "This... is... our... fault..."

Even though Roxas felt that she was right, he didn't want her to believe that. "Kairi, you listen to me..." He pushed her hair back and stared into her eyes, "This is not our fault. It is very unfortunate, yes, but you can't-"

"N-NO! IT IS!" Kairi whined; Roxas immediately took her in. He rubbed her back and tried his best to comfort her.

"I'll... take care of you... I promise..."


Mr. and Mrs. Yamada were at home when they saw the news broadcast.

"Is that-" Mr. Yamada couldn't even finish his sentence as he shockingly watched the news.

Mrs. Yamada dropped the plates that she was holding and they shattered all over the floor.

"My... my... MY BABY!"


Namine and Riku brought Ken inside their apartment about an hour later. They couldn't get out of the car for the longest time after hearing the horrible news. Riku shut himself in the bathroom and slammed the door. Namine put Ken into his crib and just sobbed over him. She couldn't believe that this happened. Sora didn't deserve to die...

Then again, Sora didn't deserve a lot of things...

She could hear Riku weeping in the bathroom. The only other time she saw/heard him cry was when their child was born, but that was out of happiness.

Better yet, what was this doing to Kairi?

She knew that Kairi cared, but...

If she ended up with Roxas, that would be the worst...


The medicine finally kicked in again and Kairi fell asleep. Roxas slowly got out of the bed and stretched before taking a seat in the chair.

Sora was gone...

He never thought that this would affect him nearly as much as it already was. His hatred for Sora must not have been as strong since he was actually feeling regretful right now. Most of it was because of Kairi's suffering, but he knew that if they never started seeing each other, this never would have happened. Kairi could have been happy.

That's what Roxas wanted most anyway, right?

Kairi's happiness?

But what about his own?

That's where he went wrong.

He was so consumed in his "love" for Kairi that Sora ended up paying the ultimate price.

Roxas wasn't going to cry.

"Damn it..."

A single tear rolled down his cheek, and that was the end of it.


Mrs. Yamada made the preparations for her son's memorial. They couldn't have a traditional funeral since his body was never recovered. She was overwhelmed with sadness. She never meant for her son to die, she only wanted him to know the truth... she was partly blaming herself for putting the pictures on that computer.

"That girl had better not... come... to..." Mrs. Yamada tried clearing her throat, but she had been crying for over an hour. Mr. Yamada put his hand on her back but she pulled away.

He was obviously in pain as well, he just didn't show it.

The memorial was in two hours.


Kairi had to stay in the hospital because of her mental state. They were finally letting her leave today though, as long as she remained on close watch by Roxas. He agreed and helped Kairi walk down the hall.

Namine was coming in their direction at the same time. She was dressed in all black. She was sickened at the sight of them together, but tried to keep her composure.

"Kairi..." She wrapped her arms around her. Kairi couldn't do or say anything. "I'm... so sorry..."

"Why are you dressed up like that?" Roxas asked.

Namine really didn't want him to know, but she did come to invite Kairi to Sora's memorial service. She felt that she didn't have a choice and told them both anyway.

"It's... today...?" Roxas glanced over at Kairi.

"Yeah... his mother made-"

"I can't go..." Kairi finally said. Namine gave her an anxious look.

"Kairi... I understand that you don't want to be-"

"I CAN'T!" Kairi broke free from Roxas' grip and ran down the hall, but it was short lived. He caught up to her and embraced her from behind as she cried. As much as he didn't want her to go to the memorial service, Roxas actually thought that it may be good for her, despite whatever Mrs. Yamada would do if she did show up. He knew that them going together was impossible, since everyone there would know of their sins. But if Kairi was able to say one last good bye to him, it may help her somehow...

"Namine, please take her with you..." Roxas said.

"NO! I don't want to!" Kairi screamed as she struggled to get out of his grip.

"Kairi, you need to!"

"Roxas," Namine started, "Let me... talk to her..."


Namine took Kairi outside. This was going to be her last attempt at helping her—as well as being her friend. If she couldn't get through to Kairi, she would probably have to just let her go.

"Nobody seems to understand..." Kairi began, "...it's because of what I did... that he's gone... how could I go there...?"

"Whether that's true or not... I think you owe it to Sora to at least say you're sorry."

"He wouldn't... hear me... it wouldn't bring him back..."

"But for your own sake, Kairi..."

"For my sake..." Kairi let out a sarcastic laugh. "My feelings don't matter anymore!"

"But they're still there!" Namine yelled back. "So I believe you need to do this!"

"Everyone hates me... you probably hate me too..."

"Kairi, that's not-"

"Just leave me alone..." Kairi went back inside where Roxas was.

"I guess that's it then..." Namine left.


Riku and Namine went to the memorial service. Kairi never showed up.

"That low-life bitch..." Riku mumbled. "She couldn't even..."

Mrs. Yamada was glad that she didn't have to see her. She probably would have strangled her and Roxas the first chance she got.

"Thank you everyone... for coming..." She sniffled, "This has been truly hard for all of us, I know... Sora... was... the best... son..."

Namine teared up a little and Riku just turned his head.

His best friend was really gone.


Kairi and Roxas entered the apartment. Almost immediately, Kairi broke down. She spotted Sora's key on the floor and it only made things worse. He was planning on leaving her anyway.

"We don't have to stay here, Kairi..." Roxas told her. "Hayner and Olette will let us stay with them for a while in Twilight Town..."

"Anywhere... is better than here..."

Kairi only grabbed a few things and they left.


One year later


A while turned into an entire year. Hayner and Olette didn't mind Roxas and Kairi in the spare bedroom. Kairi was gone most nights anyway; she was a hostess at a bar and Roxas worked in a guitar shop. They didn't get to see each other much.

Why didn't they use his parent's vacation home?

Because Roxas felt it would be better to at least have someone around at all times so it didn't feel so lonely for her. He did worry about Hayner a little, but he tried to stay positive for Kairi.

The past year was difficult to say the least.

He knew Kairi didn't love him.

But yet... he still had her.

Someday, he thought... someday they would make it alright.

Kairi knew that Roxas knew she didn't feel the same way. However, she had almost grown accustomed to the fact that this... this was her life.

And she hated it.

Kairi checked her makeup in the mirror and headed out into the dimly lit bar. Other hostesses were entertaining the guests around her. She was ranked number eight out of twenty. There were customers that came just to see her and some that just picked her based off of her looks and became new clients. Tonight, one of her regulars had brought a friend.

Seifer was here every other night. He was infatuated with Kairi. Sitting next to him was a very familiar-looking guy, with black, spiky hair and yellow eyes. He also wore a black and white long-sleeved shirt with baggy pants. Kairi nearly panicked at the sight of him.

'He looks... just... like...'

"Yo! Kairi!" Seifer waved. The lump in Kairi's throat wouldn't go away as she approached them. She shyly situated herself between the two men and lit Seifer's cigarette for him.

"Who... is this...?" Kairi asked nervously.

"Oh! This is Vanitas. He's my best bud! Haven't I told you about him?

Kairi shook her head. Gosh, the resemblance to Sora was uncanny and it made her extremely uncomfortable...

"I'm very sorry... I'll be right back..." Kairi rushed away from them, something she was never allowed to do.

Her pain was setting in once again. She didn't want to be here. What was going on?

The door opened and she heard the sound of boots clanking with the floor. It was the Vanitas guy.

"W-What are you doing in here?"

"This is my first visit to a hostess club and you're going to make it a bad one?" He inched closer to her. "I know what you girls can do if given the right amount, so get to it." He flashed a few hundred dollar bills.

"What...?" Kairi finally realized what he meant. "No way!"

He may have Sora's looks, but he was the complete opposite.

Vanitas laughed at her. "Don't tell me, you're married or some shit like that?"

"Back off!" Kairi ran past him. Security intervened, but Vanitas gave in.

"I was only messing with her." He laughed again.

Kairi left work a few minutes later after pleading with her manager. He let her go home just this once and promised that he would handle the new guest accordingly.

Kairi stopped in the middle of the street. Her chest was hurting and she could feel all of the pain coming back to her. No matter where she went, she was always reminded of him.

"I'm... sorry... Sora... I'm... so..."

She hugged her knees tightly and just cried.



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