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Princess Aurora - Henrik Horrendous Haddock III


Rose - Hiccup

(^ they're basically the same person.)

Prince Philip - Jack Frost

The three good fairies [Fauna, Flora, Maryweather] - The Guardians [Sandy, Tooth, Bunny, North, Manny]

The King and Queen - Stoick and Vahallarma

Maleficient - Pitch Black

Maleficient's pet bird - Daggur

Samson (that's the horse if any of you readers are like "who the hell is samson?") - Toothless

Minions - Fearlings

Okay, so over here, Berk doesn't fight Dragons at all. No one does. Unless the Dragon actually poses threat, which they usually don't. And the only one that does is the Green death. However, it still holds true that Hiccup trained them first. The rest of the people just stay clear of them. Like, you know, how normal people don't like to kill wild animals but don't want to see them either.


Long time ago in the Isle of Berk where it snows nine months a year, hails the other three and has a glorious view of the sunsets, a child was born and it was cause for much celebration, seeing as it was the chief's first born. It was cause for much festivities that Berk's great hall was packed with visitors. The villagers of Berk and the people of the Berserkers tribe... Most of them, anyway.

Stoick the Vast and his wife Vahallarma were now proud parents as they gazed down at their first born. Henrik Horrendous Haddock III. A boy. The baby was a tiny one, too much to be considered a baby viking. Freckles looked like they were sprinkled all over his body. Stoick almost wanted to call the child Hiccup, because that name meant the runt of a litter. But Vahallarma wouldn't allow it. Despite this, Stoick was proud of his son and knew that someday he would make him into a fine chief. Vahallarma loved the child unconditionally like only a mother would.

"Thor Almighty has finally granted us a child of our own! A toast to my son, Henrik Horrendous Haddock III!"

The visitors gave might cry and drunk to the toast.

Just at that moment, a viking with a blond beard braided into two got everyone's attention to clear a path. "Incoming! The Guardians are coming, make a path now! Outta the way!"

Just like the viking said, a sleigh tugged by reindeers was about to make its landing at the Great hall. Oswald the generous, chief of the Berserker tribe, had to pull his toddler out of the way, who looked like he wanted to attack the reindeers. Which no one doubted, they all knew Daggur had a deranged side to him. In fact, the whole tribe had to make sure he didn't get too close to the newborn lest they wanted to incite Stoick's wrath and wage war with Berk.

The sleigh came to a halt right in front of Stoick and his wife, and as soon as it did, a half-bird half-woman, multi-coloured feathers creature flew out from the sleigh to go straight to the cradle where little Henrik slept soundly.

The bird lady cooed. "Aww! Isn't he just the cutest thing in the world!"

Stoick winced a bit. Cute wasn't considered a compliment for viking, boy or girl. Vahallarma nudged him hard on the gut, chastising him to give a more grateful expression since she did mean it as a compliment. "Thank you, Tooth." She smiled.

"Oh Vahallarma," Tooth beamed at the viking lady. "You must be so happy!"

Vahallarma grinned in affirmation.

Then, a small round man seemingly made out of sand floated out of the sleigh and towards Tooth as a large man dressed in a red coat and tall furry black hat stepped out of the sleigh and straight to Stoick.

"Ah Stoick, it's been long time old friend."

"North, always good to see you."

The two exchanged handshakes.

The man made out of sand casted his dreamsand over the cradle where the child's dreams begin to materialize and it showed the child riding on a dragon, seemingly a Night Fury kind. Stoick gave a hearty laugh.

"Ah, my son dreams big. He already knows what he wishes to become."

Finally, the last guardian made his way out of the sleigh... Or in this case, crawled. A tall, bipedal bunny gripped on North's red coat and pulls himself up.

"Ugh, North... I knew we shoulda taken my tunnels. They're faster, safer... And less prone to barfing tendencies."

"Ah, what are you talking about Bunny? Everybody loves Sleigh. It makes good entrance."

"Yeah, and exits for lunch." Bunny puts his paw over his mouth as gagging reflex before giving Stoick a salute and heading over to the cradle. "Long time no see, Stoick. So how's the little anklebiter?"

"Awake now." Tooth smiled.

At that note, the guardians went in front of Stoick and Vahallarma to address the crowd.

"Everyone gathered, we are the Guardians. We come here tonight to grant child special gifts, one from each of us." North gestured Tooth to start. "Ladies first."

In her glee and excitement, Tooth flew about and performed a somersault which everyone applauded to before returning to the front of the cradle. "My gift is one of flight," She flew over the cradle where some of her feathers flew down to before turning into sparkles. "when strength fails him, his speed will give him an edge."

Vahallarma smiled. "I think that's just what he needs," Stoick shrugged, conceding to it.

Tooth flew back to her position beside North. Sandy went up next. Standing infront of the cradle, he summoned a stream of dreamsand, creating symbols and figures of animals, stars, mountains and the like. Everyone marvelled at his creations. Daggur threw a dagger to the figures but no one seem to mind, too amazed to be distracted by it. Then Sandy drew the figures back, forming them to streams of dreamsand and fading away to Henrik's cradle.

"Sandy's gift is of creativity. Henrik will be able to create great things." Tooth smiled as Sandy returned to his position. "Nice touch, Sandy."

Bunny went forward, coolly tossing a tiny colorful egg in front the cradle. It exploded and a multi-colorful puff of cloud fell into the cradle. Henrik sneezed and made cute baby moans. Bunny smirked. "So this one goes with Sandy's. The gift of craftiness, designing inventions maybe even spectacular weapons! He'll be the best in the business."

"So he's gotta learn from the best, eh Stoick?" Gobber grinned. "I volunteer to take him for apprenticeship."

North came last, going to the front of the cradle, putting a large hand over the baby's head gently. "My gift is curiosity. To discover wonder in everything, and to see things man has yet to see." He smiled.

Stoick put his arms around his wife, proud parents, ready to raise the child.

Suddenly, their celebration was interrupted by a flare of dark sand coming from the Great hall door. Vikings and Berserkers alike gasped and made their fighting stances, ready for a fight if any. Stoick brought his axe out, standing infront of his wife and the baby who Vahallarma now held in her arms. The guardians went to their defense positions.

They heard a sinister laughter.

North's big eyes got even wider. "Can it be...?"

As if to answer, a tall man dressed in a long, dark cloak materialized from the darkness of the shadows. "Boo."


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