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Happily ever after

Hiccup told his father everything after the celebration, only Jack, the guardians and Gobber remained at the great hall as they gave him the run down of everything. Stoick listened which was a first, but given that he hasn't seen his son for thirteen years, he was compelled to listen. Tooth started the story of with how they raised him well and that Hiccup grew up without trouble or a single sickness if you don't count the minor injuries.

Then they got to the part when this morning started. Bunny explained how they were planning their own celebration and had to get Hiccup out of the house. Stoick got a bit annoyed that they let him out at the end of Pitch's deadline of laying low, but Gobber calmed him down since the story wasn't finished and Hiccup supported the guardians, saying he was still alive. So Stoick told them to continue.

North explained how Hiccup met Jack while he was out, and the two has fallen for each other at first sight, which made the two boys blush madly. Of course, when Hiccup told them about it, that's when they told him everything and his responsibility to bear children as regent. Hiccup felt the pain of the memory and Jack held his hand tight, hoping after this, Stoick won't keep them apart.

Tooth continued saying that it was because of what they did, Hiccup felt fear for the first time and that got him to be consumed by the fearling. Hiccup never mentioned Daggur, and felt it was better that way.

Finally, they got right down to it, saying that it was Jack who saved Hiccup from the curse, giving up his immortality to bring Hiccup back to life. If it wasn't for him, Hiccup would still be in his deep slumber. And they told him how together, they bravely fought Pitch as the Green death, hence Hiccup's abscence of his leg, and it was once again Jack who saved him from falling to his death.

In the end, Stoick embraced the spirit in a back crashing embrace, explaining it was his gratitude and punishment for kissing his boy without his blessing. But all in all, he allowed the relationship. Why wouldn't he? Without Jack, the whole village would still be asleep and so would his son. He just reminded him to set boundaries until they were the right age.

Hiccup gawked at the and blushed furiously. Jack laughed nervously.

As for the matter of Hiccup being the only regent and bearing children, well, Manny had that covered, as always...

After everything, the Guardians of Peace returned to their homes, they visited frequently but missed raising Hiccup badly. So that's when North thought of a brilliant idea. They reformed their alliance and decided to become Guardians of Childhood.

North missed the time when Hiccup was first born, giving him the gift of wonder. So he decided to create many wonderful things and once a year, he would give every children of the world at that time of year he now calls Christmas. He was North to the Guardians and every other immortals, but he was Santa Clause to the children.

Bunny enjoyed the egg hunts so much, he decided to make an occasion out of it. Creating colorful eggs once a year that were filled with candies, hiding them during the season for the Holiday he calls Easter so that children can ran around the place, looking for them. Combining his names, he was now known as the Easter bunny.

Tooth still kept Hiccup's babyteeth to remember all those times spent with him, and that's where she got the idea of collecting the babyteeth of every children of the world, leaving a treat when doing so. She found out that they contained the actual memories so whenever they needed a blast from the past, she was happy to obliged as the Tooth fairy.

Sandy relished those story times before bed, so as an alternative, he would grant this stories to every child of the world, whenever they sleep, giving them dreams at night to chase the fear away so that they could wake up happy and secure every morning. Whenever anyone woke up at the right side of the bed, they always thanked the Sandman.

As for Jack and Hiccup... Well, the book of Guardians forgot to mention one important fact...


Jack smiled, now thirty-one years old, as he brought the first snow day he brought to Berk. Contented, he flew back to his home, with Berk's new chief, Henrik Horrendous Haddock III, but he would always be Hiccup to Jack.

"Hiccup!" He sang, coming down from the top window that was mostly for Toothless.

The dragon gave him a nod of acknowledgment, going back to sleep. Hiccup glared at him murderously, carrying two baby twins from the bath tub who were tugging at his hair, one pulling at his short braid.

Scratch that. The chief would always be Hiccup to Jack... And always his husband, and now, father-mother to his children. He remembered their birth like it was only last month... Wait, it was last month.


Jack was flying almost faster than the speed of light, a bucket of water carried by his perpetually freezing hands. He was a nervous wreck, but he did what he can to make sure he didn't freeze the water.

"Hiccup!" Jack practically screamed, "I'm here! I'm here! I got the water!"

Hiccup laid on a matress at the floor. The brunette was breathing heavily through a bulge that is his stomach, eyes pinch shut in pain. Gothi, the village elder, was present assisting in the delivering process. Although she's played mid-wife for expecting mothers a lot of times, and given birth a few times herself, she definitely didn't expect to live through having a boy patient. Astrid, a pretty blond girl Hiccup and Jack befriended (although Jack sometimes grew jealous of her) was there to assist the elder.

Stoick was a nervous wreck himself. But all he could do is watch, obviously not having the experience. Toothless whimpered throughout the night. No one expected the delivery to be for another two months.

"Jack... Jack...!" Hiccup moaned as he was writhing and crying in pain, and the winter spirit settled the bucket of water down beside Gothi before flying by Hiccup's side, said boy gripping Jack's hand tightly like a lifeline. "I'M DYING!"

Jack's eyes widened in fear, clutching the hand back. He couldn't lose Hiccup again, not after they've gone this far! "Do something you old lady! Hic can't die!"

Astrid scrunched up her nose. "He's exaggerating, Jack. Just be glad it isn't you," she snapped, wiping Hiccup's forehead. "Just breath, Hiccup. Breath, don't forget now."


"Very funny, snarky."

Hiccup's eyes rolled at the back of his head, his freckled pain tear-stained as he tried not to think.

"It's gonna be okay, Hic, you're a Viking. You're gonna toughen this out." Jack stood beside the bed, stroking back's Hiccup's bangs from his eyes and sweaty forehead. "you're the strongest Viking I know," Astrid gave him a glare. "Strongest Viking guy I know," He did his best to speak softly and lovingly to his lover during this excruciating ordeal. He wished he could take away Hiccup's pain more than anything, but all Jack could do was stand there and hold his hand.

Only a blanket covered the pregnant teen, his shoulders and lanky arms exposed. Hiccup continued to holler in pain. Hiccup sobbed, taking Astrid's advice, huffing mostly though rather than breathing, curling his toes on his right foot in pain under the covers. "Nnngh. Ngh! Ja-ha-CK! Make it stop... Your kids are killing me!"

"Really Jack," Stoick frowned. "you could've told us this part of the deal when it came to spirits mating..."

"Hell like I knew! There was no orientation!"

"There was no orientation for male pregnancy either!"

Astrid snapped at the boys to shut up, noise besides his own wasn't what Hiccup needed now. She insisted that Jack continue to comfort the boy.

Jack didn't need to be told twice. He stroked Hiccup's cheek, kissing the brunette's forehead. "It's aright, frecks, I'm here. You're doin' great, damn, I'll even go as far as saying you're more the man this time between us,"

Hiccup managed a smile through gritted teeth. (So a grin, I guess.) "Say that again... Mngh... I didn't quite catch... it..."

"Don't push it,"

Astrid smirked. "Actually keep pushing, Hiccup. And breath while doing so," she said and consulted with Gothi.

Jack went down to his knees onto the floor to get closer to his lover, looking into those eyes he fell in love with. He softly placed a kiss on his lover's hand. "Soon, it'll be over soon. For now... How about a little fun instead...?"

Hiccup nodded eagerly. He wanted his mind off the pain. He didn't care what it was, any distraction would do. And it helped that Jack was pretty good in distracting him. Jack decided to tell Hiccup stories of his travels, about the Guardians who used to take care of him and whom he saw every now and then. Even though he told this tale to him a couple times already since, Jack retold the time Tooth helped him find his memories and how he saved his sister before he died and became Jack Frost.

When hours passed with Hiccup still battling a labor he only ever thought was for females, the pain got worse. Hiccup's breathing becoming more erratic although completely normal for this type of scenario. Even if the scenario itself wasn't normal to begin with. Gothi kept on eye on the progress, signaling Astrid to tell the boy when to rest, breath and push. Hiccup spent two more hours pushing, screaming, his manly shrieks of pain didn't not escape the entire Berk's ears. Toothless whined every now and then, just waiting for it to be over for his master's relief.

"AAAAAAARRGUHH! OH THOR! OH ODIN! GODS!" Hiccup screamed, grabbing onto Jack's shirt sleeve, "I... WANT... HIM... OUT!" Hiccup yelled, tossing his head back and letting it hang there as he panted. He knew enough of delivery and where babies come out from in females. He had no idea how it goes when it came to males, but he really didn't care at this point. After a mighty push, he held onto Jack's arms and breathed heavily, waiting for Astrid's next instructions.

"Rest, Hiccup," Astrid grinned. No words after that, Jack looked over the girl to see if anything was amiss. His face lit up when he saw a small, crying baby baby in her arms. Another in Gothi's own. "Amazing, you dog! You got twins and had them both out at once!"

Jack laughed softly, "Told you he was the strongest Viking, pull that off Astrid!" The blond scowled at him, but Jack already turned back to his lover. "The babies are here, frecks! You did it!" He kissed Hiccup tenderly, stroking the boy's tear-stained cheeks. "You did it, Hiccup! I'm so proud!"

Hiccup smiled tiredly, laying back down, catching his breath. "It's about... Damn, time... Gods, it's over... At last," He closed his eyes for a moment, taking in deep breaths. He re-opens them and stretches his scrawny arms out as much as he can. "Can I hold them?"

Jack sat cross-legged on the matress as Gothi gave a baby with white locks to him, and Astrid doing the same for Hiccup with a baby of brown locks. After, they piled out the room to give the two privacy, taking Stoick with them despite his protests of wanting to see his grandkids. It was Jack and Hiccup's private moment. Of course, they couldn't stop Toothless from entering.

The Dragon licked Hiccup's cheek, giving him a once over. Hiccup giggled, smiling up at Toothless. "Hey bud, take it easy. I'm fine, wanna meet the babies then?" Toothless looked down, sniffing the newborns. Satisfied and happy for his master and his lover, he gave them both gentle headbutts before curling around them, allowing no disturbance.

Hiccup cradled his baby gently, reaching over to give the one on Jack's arms the same caress. Jack kissed the white-haired infant's forehead before handing it over to Hiccup completely, watching the head and making sure it was settled properly in his lover's arms. He pulled up short for awhile, just admiring the scene in awe. His most beautiful lover with his loveliest children right there in front of him, in the last fifty years, this was the best thing that's ever happened to him. A goofy smile spreaded across his face.

Hiccup gave him a look, amused albeit confused. "What's with the face?"

Jack just laughed, shaking his head. Leaning forward to plant a lingering kiss on Hiccup's thin lips. They were in a liplock session for a full-minute, tongues dancing, before breaking aparty for breath. They settled for leaning their foreheads against each other, the babies pressed up between them securely.

They looked into each other's eyes. Forest Emeralds to Winter Sapphires.

"I love you,"

"I love you, too,"

And now, they had two extra people they'll be saying that to from now on.


"I'm home!"

"Oh, you're home, huh?" Hiccup spat as he struggled to hold up the kids. "So you just happened to be back after I gave them a bath which they hate by the way, and I'm sure they got it from you!' He hissed. "Plus! It was your turn to change their diapers!"

Jack laughed, flying down to gather his family into his arms. He kissed Hiccup's nose. "Good morning to you too, freckles."

Hiccup huffed in annoyance. "If you think you're getting any tonight, you got another thing coming, snowflake." He moved away.

"Aw come on!" Jack pouted, flying over. "Not even a blow-"

Jack stopped as a big man came into the room, glaring at him. "Finish that sentence in front of my grankids, and you're sleeping outside tonight." The spirit swallowed at his father-in-law's words, and stayed quiet. as Hiccup gave him a look of victory.

"Gaa gaa gaa!" The twins laughed, reaching over to Stoick. Hiccup brought them to his father who took them happily, taking a sit on his favorite chair and bouncing them on his knees.

Hiccup went to Jack and kissed his cheek. "Good morning," He said. "Want to go flying before we get to the chores?"

"Do we take my staff or Toothless?"

"Toothless, duh." Hiccup rolled his eyes. "You owe me, remember?"

Jack sighed in defeat. "Oh, all right." He went over to Stoick, and kissed the foreheads of his kids, one with White hair and green eyes, the other with brown hair and blue eyes, before going to Hiccup.

"We won't be out for long," Jack told him.

Stoick huffed. "Please," He hugged his grankids close. "Take all the time you need."

Hiccup laughed wearily, finding Stoick more greedy when it comes to his children more than they were. He won't even let Gobber near them unless he had nothing on his interchangeable hand. "Come on Jack," He took his hand, and smiled up to those winter eyes. Jack did the same, still enchanted by those forest green's.

Still a gleam so familiar a gleam.


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