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Bakura suddenly wanted to slap his Hikari.

Ryou had been sitting on the living room floor for the past 15 minutes.

Not doing anything.

Just sitting there.

Bakura could hear the steady howl of the wind, and the chill penetrated throughout Ryou's entire house. Bakura shivered, despite himself.

He hated the cold with a fervent passion.

He hated that Ryou was ignoring him almost as much.

Bakura had been standing in the entryway to the living room, and in that whole time Ryou had not moved a single muscle. Sure, Bakura had been ignoring his white-haired host for the past few weeks, but atleast that had been amusing. This definately wasn't.

The cold sure as Hell wasn't helping his mood either. In fact, the more he thought about it, the angrier he got. And the angrier he got, the more and more he realized that he needed something to take that anger out on. Or someone.

That was about the time the idea had come to him to just walk over there and slap the zoned-out little Baka. Not only would he be getting rid of those insistently murderous urges, but Ryou would also be forced to acknowledge his presence.


So, intentions firmly fixed in his mind, Bakura pushed himself up from his former leaning position against the wall, strode silently to where the worthless nuisance sat, and crouched down in front of him.

It took a few moments, but Ryou finally lifted his head, his eyes following ever so slowly, and ended up staring at an imaginary bloodstain on his darker half's jeans.

Or maybe not so imaginary..'

Ryou thought with a slight shudder. He had learned long ago to never look Bakura in the eyes.

The entity in question drew his hand back, but found that the anger and purpose behind it had faltered and faded. There was a strange expression in Ryou's half-lidded eyes..Bakura had never seen it before, and yet it felt rightly familiar to him.

He found he was staring down at the pale youth. At some point his arm had fallen back to his side. Ryou was utterly immobile, his knees drawn up beneath his chin, arms dangling at his sides limply, delicate hands barely resting against the harshly cold floor.

Somewhere the wind howled.

In a neighbor's house, the phone rang.

And then Bakura shocked the both of them, and changed what might have been a rather unextraordinary day.

What are you thinking about? '

Ryou flinched involuntarily, a habit born of years of constant stress and fear, but suddenly realized Bakura hadn't yelled at him. He wasn't even angry, or atleast not as much as he had been a few moments ago.

There was a sort of child-like curiosity in the reluctant question, though the edge was still apparent, an unspoken threat of pain, the promise of it if whatever Bakura wanted was not given to him.

It was a sort of coldness that ruined everything Bakura said, tarnished and twisted it, made it evil and threatening, though Bakura's intentions were usually the same.

Ryou considered telling Bakura exactly what he was thinking about, but when he opened his mouth to speak, new words sprouted from his pale lips.

' Couldn't you just read my mind and find out for yourself..'

It was spoken in that soft, utterly unobtrusive way that Ryou never seemed able to shake off, and yet the moment the words were out of his mouth he winced and wished he hadn't spoken at all.

The blow landed a split second afterwards, not across his jaw as Ryou would have expected, but on the side of his head, just above his ear. There was a dull thunk as Bakura's knuckles slammed into the slightly smaller boy, the harshness of the single blow and the muted cry it produced mingling and drowned out by the storm.

Through the ringing in his head and the sharp ache found there, Ryou heard his Other stomp up the stairs. A moment later Ryou's bedroom door was slammed shut, so hard it seemed the very walls shook.


Bakura paced back and forth in Ryou's room, occasionaly stopping to scream a few choice words in ancient egyptian, mostly directed at his Hikari, some directed at himself.

After a few minutes of this, Bakura managed to calm himself down. Sort of. He was just contemplating punching a new hole into Ryou's wall when there a came a very soft knock on the bedroom door.

Bakura sneered at the boy whom he knew stood behind the closed door.

' Knocking on the door to your own bedroom now, Baka ? '

When there was no reply from Ryou, mental or otherwise, Bakura flung open the door so hard that it slammed back against the wall. Ryou stood there, a hastily prepared ice pack held against one side of his head.

Nearly black eyes peered up at a space a few inches to the side of Bakura's head, but even that was a feat for the whiny Hikari. Usually Ryou's eyes were downcast, staring at the floor or some spec of dirt on his shoes. But not now.

' Did you want to know what I was thinking about, Bakura-sama ? '


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