Play Hard: The Complete Universe: Honey

Harry Five Years Old

'You're everywhere I go. I am not alone. You call me as your own. To know you and be known. I can feel your presence here with me. I long for your embrace every single day. To meet you in this place and see you face to face.'

Harry trembled on his mattress in his closet under the stairs. It was dark, and he was sore. His uncle had been very angry when he saw that Harry's hair had grown back overnight. He had yelled 'abnormal freak' over and over all the while his belt fell on Harry's back.

Harry turned his face into his pillow. He hated his relatives, and he hated himself. He hated being different. But he was just who he was. He couldn't change that any more than he could change the sunrise and sunset. He felt dizzy from not eating and his stomach was a knawning pit of hunger.

Then he felt it, like he always did at times like this. It was there, throbbing, pulsing, and honey like. It was warm and left him feeling settled and at ease. He sighed and whispered, "There you are, I was wondering where you were."

Harry didn't know what the feeling was, but he knew enough to know that it was remarkable and strange, just like everything else about him was.

At his words the honey like energy throbbed and warmed even more, as if greeting him about a long period of absence. He smiled and let the warmth fill him. He was no longer sore, he was no longer hungry, and most of all he was no longer lonely.

He smiled as his eyes drifted shut; he was safe here, with this feeling. This feeling of unconditional, perfect love.

Harry Seven Years Old

Harry sighed as he looked at the parents playing on the playground with their kids. He hated that his parents were gone. There was no one there to pick him up when he fell; there was no one there to tuck him in at night. No one cared, no one loved him.

He scowled and looked away. He had seen enough parents with their children to know that his would have been good to him, nothing at all like his aunt and uncle made them out to be. He felt that pang that came with thinking about his mom and dad. He felt like a waste of space.

He bit his lip when the honey like energy pulsed at him angrily. It always seemed to get annoyed when ever Harry thought he was worthless, as if it were alive. It pulsed and throbbed away for a few minuets before it seemed to run out of steam. It settled over him then, not unlike a blanket that was a little too heavy. He closed his eyes and rested into it. He knew the energy had been reminding him and reassuring him, of what he didn't know.

He concentrated and seemed to send back his own nugde of contentment. He thought that the honey would have felt by now but it didn't. It seemed determined to cling to him and make him see. He sighed long and hard. He climbed to his feet and made his way home.

Harry Nine Years Old

He sat at Mrs. Figg's and watched the soap opera with her. She was blubbering away into tissues, but Harry was transfixed. The entire episode had a theme, Kaeira , Harry gulped. He slid onto the floor and looked between the two men who were embracing on the screen.

'There it is again Dan, that honey feeling. What is it do you think?'

'I think it's Kaeira baby. I think we can life bond, if we wanted to.'

'Life bond? Do you really think so? Would you want to Life Bond with me Dan?'

'Erick, I believe- no I know you're my Perfect and True Match. I've felt you all of my life, the idea of Life Bonding with you- it's too good to be true. Will you Life Bond with me baby?'

Then the pair kissed and kissed within an inch of their lives. Then the screen faded to black. He sat there trembling. He bowed his head as he felt the honey- Kaeira- worm it's way in and out , and all around him. He had always suspected that there was someone else on the other end of it, but he had no idea what it was.

He turned to the old woman who was staring at him curiously. "Can only Perfect Matches Life Bond?" He asked her from his spot on the floor.

She shook her head. "Feeling the Kaeira, or really the Pre-Life Bonding Kiearra, just means you're compatible enough to Life Bond. However it's rumored that Perfect or True Matches can feel the Pre-Life Bonding Kiearra before even meeting, and for all or most of their lives."

Harry looked down and bit his lip. He had a Perfect Match out there. That was waiting for him. The Kaeira flowed around him, teasing him. He concentrated and sent back his own brush through the bond. And it was as if two hands met in the middle and clasped. And the word 'Mine' resonated through his mind and body to his soul. He smiled, a face splitting grin. 'Yes Yours' was the feeling he tried to send back. He seemed to be successful because he felt a nudge at his heart.

Harry Eleven Years old

'Soft heavenly eyes gazed into me transcending space and time. And I was a rendered still. There were no words for me to find at all. As I stood there beside myself I could see you and no one else.'

Harry sat down and gazed up at the Head Table in amazement. He let his gaze settle briefly on each teacher. As his gaze reached one of the teacher and he found he was being watched. He gasped as the Kaeira settled heavily onto him, seemed to reach out and tether him to this man. Harry panted and looked away. His head was spinning. The Kaeira had never felt so strong and potent before. He looked back at the man and bit his lip. He felt his chest rise and fall in time with the pulsating energy.

'When I saw you I could not breathe, I fell so deep. When I saw you I'd never be, I'd never be a same.
Once in a lifetime love rushes in changin' you with a tide and dawn's ribbon of light bursts through the dark, wakening you inside.'

Harry looked away and balled his fists underneath the table. He was too young for this. Entirely too young. It wasn't that he was excited exactly, but he could feel things in his own personal universe slot into place. This man was his, his Dominant. He looked back at him to see that the stranger had turned to gaze at the Head Master. Had he been the only one to feel it? He breathed out in relief, maybe the man hadn't felt it.

Then he felt a soft brush and knew he hadn't been. And in that brush was love, longing, and patience. Complete and utter perfection. He looked up at the man, to see him with a small smile on his face. Harry looked him and could see a million emotions in the man's eyes, but what stood out the most was the feeling of 'Mine'. Harry felt it come through the link and settle in his chest.

'Yours. Always and Forever yours.' He sent back as he bowed his head to the left. The Kaeira settled then and dulled to an almost distant hum. But it was there, in a way that it never had been before.

He turned to Percy Weasley. "Who's that man talking to Dumbledore?"

"That's Professor Severus Snape. He teaches Potions but he's been after Qurills job for years."

'And I thought it was all untrue until there, all at once, I knew. With no beginning and without an end,you are the one for me and it's evident. And your eyes told me so, your eyes let me know.'