AN/ so hey everyone. Here is the next segment of Honey. I know that this chapter seems pretty Christ-like at one point. And no I did NOT do that purpose. I didn't even think about the story and series like that until I wrote one very specific line. So you can take this series as you want to. I personally do NOT see it as one big Christ-like story. But rather as a story about returning to a time and way of existence that has been lost over time. This is set to Incredible by Celine Dion and Ne-yo. I introduced a few original characters in this chapter. Kane and Liam are returning from Play Hard: Settling In. And two new ones are being introduced in this one. I hope you guys like it and I'll be sure to update the series soon. I think I might update the heart chronicles first, but I don't know. Enjoy this small look into the mystery of Kaeira and Life Bonding.

Please remember that I borrowed my BDSM universe from Xanthe and Keira Marcos, and that I specifically borrowed Kaeira from Xanthe, even though I am reworking the concept to fit my own universe. Also please remember that anything I write about BDSM is not to be used or taken as a manual. for help like that contact me personally.

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Play Hard: The Complete Universe: Honey: Chapter Two: The Beginning (Incredible)

Severus Twenty Years Old

Whole world is watching us now
It's a little intimidating
But since there's no way to come down
Let's give 'em something amazing
Let's make them remember
Using one word

He sat up in his bed, shaking the night's nightmare from his bones. He had since long made his choice in this war, if only he could find a way to live with it. He didn't believe in anything You Know Who stood for, but he was angry with her. So angry with her that he once was able to support a war to wipe out all Non-Dominate wizards, and just muggles in general. 'MAGIC AND DOMINANCE ARE MIGHT'.

Magic wouldn't be anything without Non-Magic, just like Dominance wouldn't be anything without Submission and Switching. He buried his head back down in his pillow. He had hated her, had been angry with her for so many years. She had been certain beyond a doubt that she was NOT his Perfect Match. She has said so so many times that all he could do now was possibly believe her.

He thought back on her words. "I've seen it Severus. I'm not meant to be yours. Yours has yet to exist. And together you have a much bigger destiny than any of us can even comprehend." He hadn't believed her, but right this moment he could feel something, somewhere out there confirming what she had said.

He couldn't explain it, but it was as if a truth were being undeniably reaffirmed. That all he had waited for, was only beginning to unravel. It left him unsettled at first, but then something sparked off deep within him. Something right, natural, and ancient. It was thick, sweet, warm, and only beginning to spark to life. It was small, unbelievably tiny. But it was there and it was…..perfect.

He let his clenched eyes relax into half lidded slits. "…Yours has yet to exist." He whispered to himself. No, it could not be true, was it?

He softly closed his eyes and let himself drift off on a wave of warm love.

We'll go down in history
They'll describe our love as

He looked around him, at the white light. And standing there before him were two men, old, almost ancient in the energy and magic that pulsed around them. They stood as one, yet two. They were identical in every way but also distinctly different. They wrapped arms around each other and grinned at him. "He's perfect Mathias. Perfect for our little one." Once breathed out as he tangled fingers into the thick hair of his partner.

"Yes, Atlas, he is. Just like we always knew he'd be. They'll be perfect together, and fulfill every ounce of their destiny."

Severus panted as he looked at these men. He knew them, somehow he knew them. Somehow he could feel them in his blood, in his soul. He saw flashes behind his eyes of a small, lithe man in the throes of passion while another writhed and shivered above him. He felt hands clutch at his shoulders and nails leave imprints in his skin.

"Bond with me Atlas. You're mine, all mine. You will always be mine, always have been." Hands framed his face and eyes bored into his. He spoke no words, but let his soul do the speaking instead. Expanding, living, bonding, melding.

Ancient words in an ancient, dead language were whispered. Then before Severus' eyes appeared a white light. When it subsided, he saw them panting, sobbing, kissing. Around their belly buttons were gold, ingrained star bursts. Something that had not been there seconds before. He blinked his eyes incredulously and the flash was gone.

They stood gazing at him with perfect, unconditional love. They each out stretched a hand, an orb of swirling white energy resting in their palms. The orbs floated to him across the distance and settled into his chest. He felt it then, a million times stronger than what he had already felt before while laying in his bed. It was so strong, so perfect, so ancient. And he knew just then that someday he and this child's love would burn just as fierce, if not more so.

He saw then two shadowed people in the midst of love making. They both moaned and stilled. After a minuet the man rested a heavy but gentle palm on the woman's naval.

"Hopefully this is the time you get pregnant." Severus knew that voice but couldn't completely place it. "It is. I've seen it. This baby will be the beginning of all change for all worlds. This soul has a destiny far greater than either of ours."

No. No it couldn't be. It wasn't possible.

"He never realized that he never really loved me, but instead loved the being my body would be the vessel for. This baby will deliver him, deliver us all back home."

The man smiled and kissed her. His hand tangling with hers on her abdomen.

Severus fell to his knees. Atlas' eyes softened as he leaned against Mathias. Severus threw his head back, white energy surging from his eyes and mouth. "This, Severus Tobias Snape, is only the beginning of your part of this tale. And a long tale it is."

Severus coughed, then rose his head to look up at them. They were fading into the white light, and the space around him felt harsher.

"I didn't know where they began and I ended, Kane. It was as if I was them, and they were me." He sat with his head in his hands.

"You do realize you are talking about reincarnation don't you? Yet it does not sound like any reincarnation I have ever heard about. Not just that, you're talking about Kaeira as well."

"Why me? You and Liam have been trying for almost ten years to Life Bond and have never once felt the Bonding Energy."

"Well I think that's pretty apparent. He's destined for something far greater for just any man to handle. He needs the best soul to help him withstand the responsibility. I love Liam with all of my heart, but I have never met a man like you Severus. You're obviously meant to be the other half of someone so important."

"Ah, Kane. I didn't even really believe in fate and destiny until last night. I still don't know if I don't believe in free will more."

"Apparently free will matters a great deal. You do not need to act on this information. You can choose to ignore it, turn a blind eye to it. You can forget about it, the question is do you want to?" Kane asked as he tilted his head.

Severus raised his head. "No. I'm being gifted with the very thing I prayed for every night when I was in love with Lily. I wanted this, still do. But the concept of divine intervention is so absurd to me."

"Then don't think of it as divine intervention. Is the Kaeira supposed to be Heaven, are the apparent souls within it angels? I do not know, but I do know you were chosen long ago to be the Perfect Match to this child. You were chosen to stand by his side as he walks his destiny, whatever it maybe. Think of it as a gift if that suits you better. But it is as it will be Severus, has always been."

Severus bit his lip. "I can feel him, the child. I can feel him through the Kaeira. He feels me too. He thinks I feel comfy, and safe. Things his mother should be making him feel."

"Your True and Perfect love for him is stronger than his mother's love for him, or at least different. He might feel that difference. Might know exactly who you are."

"He is fifteen hours conceived. His mind has not even formed yet." Severus spat almost incredulously.

"But his soul is intact." It was a truth Severus couldn't deny. This child, this soul knew him, knew who he was, just as Severus had known Atlas and Mathias.

'Mine. My little one, my little soul.'

He thought to himself and felt amazingly the thought move outside of himself. He blinked as a love flashed fiercely, strongly through him. No words were whispered back, but Severus understood the 'Yes, Yours' under and in the feeling of love.

Let's give 'em something amazing