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"Lets do it tonight!" The 10-woman group sang out in unison, their chests heaving. Their routine was physical; more so than their old sets. The group sang a capella and they'd just spent months working their way back to the finals. Albeit, it wasn't without a few hiccups along the way.

As the crowd rose to their feet, the group ran off stage; the biggest smiles across their faces. They knew that they had blown the judges away. No other group had ever dared mashing songs up the way they had. Their leader, a senior by the name of Aubrey, hadn't liked the idea. Aubrey was trying to follow the tradition; she had to uphold the legacy of the Barden Bellas. Not like they'd ever really gotten very far, and the one time they did get far, Aubrey had projectile vomited all over the audience.

It was a big decision for Aubrey to let the 'alt girl', Beca, mash up a completely new set. Beca had ended up leading the group to the Barden University pool. The acoustics were almost as good as in a bathroom, but Beca wasn't going to risk the bathroom given the incident she had, had when she first started at the university. This involved the co leader of the Bellas, Chloe. A talented and gorgeous red headed girl who also had an amazing personality and befriended nearly anyone. She and Aubrey had been friends since their freshmen year and both had been part of the a capella group for the entirety of their college life.

Chloe had warmed to Beca almost instantly and constantly put up with Aubrey bitching about how she wasn't a Bella and that she was too alternative. But when Beca mashed those songs at the pool, Aubrey began to admire what Beca could do.

As the Barden Bellas ran through the aisles to their reserved seating, Beca caught sight of her friend Jesse. He was part of the rival Barden group, the Treble Makers. He looked at Beca, amazed at what she had put together and happy that she had used a song from a movie she had refused to watched until Jesse and her had a falling out. She had given in and watched Breakfast Club. She had missed Jesse's company and his persistence to watch this particular movie.

"Told you." he yelled, as the crowed continued to cheer. "Endings are the best part!"

She had a giggle to herself, "You're such a weirdo!"

She leaned over and grabbed him, pulling him into a tight embrace. When the hug ended, he looked back at the short brunette, his eyes giving him away. She saw that he wanted more than just a hug, but she couldn't bring herself to kiss him. He had grown on her like a brother.

Jesse sighed and sat back in his seat as the theater settled and returned to their seats. Beca sat next to him and playfully punched his shoulder.

"I think we won," she teased.

He made a hmph noise and engaged in the chatter amongst his team.

Beca looked to her left to see who had occupied the seat, and she was pleasantly surprised when she saw Chloe next to her. She noticed the ginger hair had since been pulled back into a high bun, her eyes piercing straight through Beca. Beca could feel heat rising to her cheeks, but was thankful for the amount of make up she was wearing.

"We did good, Beca!" the ginger told her, and the rest of the Bellas must have heard her because they gave a cheer of approval, which gained them a few stares from the audience. The ladies giggled amongst themselves. Chloe leaned over the arm rest and gave Beca a congratulatory hug.

"We did," Beca responded, still laughing about how the rest of the team reacted.

Only minutes passed before the hosts of the ICCA's took centre stage to announce the winners for 2012. Third place went to the Trebles. Second place to the University of Virgina's Hullabahoo's. A dramatic pause ensued before the hosts revealed who the winners were.

"And the first place winners for this years International Championship of Collegiate A Capella are..."

The Bellas were holding each others hands now. They were almost sure that they could have won this competition.

"...the Barden Bellas!" the host announced.

The girls looked to each other, all of them screaming with excitement. Beca and Chloe immediately looked to Aubrey, who's mouth was open wide with shock.

"We won?" she questioned before the reality dawning on her. "We WON!"

The team stood and ran to take the stage once more. Gail Abernathy, the female host, handed the trophy to Aubrey and Chloe and the crowds once again erupted with cheers and applause.

Fat Amy, the large, blonde Australian girl stepped forward, snatching the microphone out of the male hosts hands. The Bellas watched, knowing full well she was going to crack a ridiculous joke.

"Well, I didn't really have a speech prepared for winning this bad boy," Amy told the crowd, gesturing towards the trophy. "But I guess, I have to tell you, that winning this was all me!"

Some of the Bellas started laughing at this, and the crowd followed suit.

"No, this isn't a joke," she clarified. "I'm only the best singer in Tasmania...with teeth. So naturally, this win was due to my raw talent. But I do want to thank my mum, my dad, the kangaroo's I wrestled..."

John Smith, the male host, attempted to take back the microphone off Fat Amy, and she laughed, letting him struggle for a bit before she gave it up.

John straightened himself out, giving a scowl in Amy's direction. "Let's give it up for the Bellas!" he exclaimed as the girls exited the stage to head to their hotel.

The girls arrived back at the hotel earlier than expected, they had expected some of their other team mates to get distracted on their walk back. That was not the case, and when they arrived, each departed to their own rooms to get ready for that nights activities.

It was pre planned that the group of 10 would attempt to hit the town. Only Chloe and Aubrey were legal, but their quiet friend, Lilly, had hooked the rest of the girls up with fake ID.

As the girls met in the lobby of the hotel, Lilly discretely handed out the fakes, the seven underage girls checking them out.

"Hey," piped up Cynthia Rose, the outed lesbian. "These are pretty good, dude,"

Lilly smiled towards the girl, "I sold my friend's kidney to get those," she whispered, the Bellas looking amongst themselves, barely understanding what she had said.

The tallest in their group, and the nympho, Stacie looked at the group, "Well what are we waiting for bitches!"

The group laughed and headed out to the New York nightlife.

Chloe and Aubrey wandered off, talking amongst themselves, whilst the younger girls stayed in their click. Beca didn't realise she was staring at the red head until Fat Amy mentioned something to her.

"Yo, shawty,"

Beca giggled. Amy had a tendency to mock Beca about her height, after all, she was the shortest in the group.

"Why you staring at red?" she teased.

"I'm not," Beca responded, averting her eyes to look at the road.

"You totes are," Amy retorted, giving the smaller girl a nudge. "Look, there is only room for one lesbian in this group,"

Cynthia Rose's ears picked up at the term lesbian. "What you talking about?"

"Just Beca's obvious crush on Chloe," Amy practically yelled.

"You guys are unbelievable!" Beca replied with a sarcastic roll of her eyes. She decided to screw it and leave the younger girls behind, running to catch up to Chloe and Aubrey. As she did, she heard Amy and Cynthia Rose wolf whistle.

Chloe and Aubrey both looked as the young brunette caught up to them. Aubrey rolled her eyes and looked back to where she was walking while Chloe beamed at the girl, looking over her shoulder to see Stacie pretending to slap someone arse.

"What's that all about?" Chloe questioned.

"Oh, nothing. Just them being all hyped up about going out on the town, I 'spose," Beca responded, turning to the group and mouthing 'cut it out' to them.
"Oh, I would have thought they were making out sexual innuendos about you and someone," Aubrey piped up, knowing it would throw Beca off.

Beca glared at the blonde, cursing at her friends. They really weren't helping the situation. Fact of the matter was, yes Beca did like Chloe. A lot. Since the day she intruded on her shower, there had been some kind of attraction.
It had started out as lust, then as she began to know the ginger, feelings deepened and before she knew it she had fallen completely for this older woman. Beca had tried to keep whatever she felt down, but it was hard, when Chloe was a space invader. Literally. The girl would have no care for boundaries, coming to her dorm at random times, helping her physically with routines, even going out to frat parties, only to have Chloe grinding against Beca.

Beca never knew if this was just the way Chloe expressed her friendship, or whether the red head felt something too. She hoped tonight would be the night she would find out.