Chapter 17

Chloe's eyes cracked open a tiny bit before opening straight up. She was sleeping in a slightly familiar room that she didn't recognise as hers. Trying to move, she realised her body was weighed down by someone elses limbs. Quickly looking to her left she smiled and calmed, recognising Beca. Waking up in a different room was always a shock to the body, and being pinned down didn't help.

Chloe cursed at her lack of cellphone reachability and alarm clock, she desperately wanted the time, but didn't want to wake the sleeping brunette under her. Giving up, she relaxed back down and looked at Beca, admiring how peaceful she looked, and how adorable her little snores were. The flyway hairs that had curled around her face, the way her top lip was pushed up by the pillow under her; just the way she looked in general.

Chloe gently placed her hand over Beca's arm that was still draped over her, hoping like hell that this wouldn't wake the smaller woman up, but alas, as soon as Chloe's flesh brushed Beca's arm, the brunette stirred. Chloe cursed at herself, not being fully aware that her hand had cooled down since being out of the covers.

"Sorry," Chloe whispered lightly, pressing a small kiss to the brunette's head.

"Hm?" came the muffled reply, as she rolled into Chloe's arms fully. "Don-. Be. Sorr-." Beca tried saying as she sniffed and fell into a light sleep again.

Chloe smiled as the brunette had rolled into her arms, and Chloe took every moment to wrap the woman up in her arms, holding her close, she too, falling back to sleep.


Beca was the next to wake up, realising she was wrapped up in Chloe's arms, but she didn't mind. Sighing, she remembered she had an afternoon shift at the station, Chloe probably had to head off to the hospital to sort her internship, and then Beca also remembered that she would have to gather the Bella's, obviously minus Aubrey and Chloe, to have a discussion about how the new year would come about. This caused the brunette to giggle a bit, since when was she this organised? Since graduation, there would be several weeks of no classes as new freshmen came into the school, as current students sorted their courses and as teachers prepared their classes.

"Hey," Beca whispered, seeing Chloe's eyes flicker a bit.

Chloe opened her mouth to yawn, then shut it tightly. Would she have morning breath? "Hi," she replied quickly, turning her face away till she sussed out whether her breath did or didn't stink.

"What's the matter?" Beca asked as she noticed the ginger look away.

Chloe giggled at the stupidness of it. "You'll laugh at me if I tell you," she told the brunette, head still turned away from her. Beca arched an eyebrow like she usually did. "I think I have morning breath," Chloe stated.

Beca had to purse her lips, tight. She couldn't laugh at the poor girl, but it was just so adorable about how the little things made her self conscious. "Well, give me a whiff," Beca joked.

"I'm being serious," Chloe moaned, remembering what Alice had said to her over a year ago. 'Your breath smells like egg, like, all the time.'

"I know," Beca said, crawling from out of her grip. "There's some stuff that I need to sort today, I'm assuming you have plans as well?"
"Nope, not really," Chloe replied, trying to pull the brunette back into her grasp. "I believe there's only one thing I need to do today,"
Beca flopped back down on the bed as Chloe finally over powered her. "And that is?" she asked out of genuine curiosity.

"You," she told her with a wink as she straddled Beca, pinning the younger woman's arms along her body with her knees.

Beca struggled for a little bit, but when she finally relaxed, she realised Chloe was still in all her glory, and Beca finally remembered what had happened. Chloe's legs pushed tighter around the brunette. Beca really didn't have the time at the moment for this, but as Chloe brought her face down and kissed her neck, biting a little, Beca soon forgot that she had to be anywhere.

A little moan escaped Beca's mouth as Chloe began kneading her breasts, she smirked. "I thought you had to be somewhere?" she teased, removing her hand and rolling off her girlfriend.

Beca narrowed her eyes at Chloe, "I'll get you back, Beale,"

"You'll try," Chloe winked over her shoulder as she flipped her legs over the side of the bed, pulling herself up and walking across the room to grab Beca's dressing gown.

Beca muttered something under her breath, before she too climbed out of bed,


The afternoon shift at the station was Beca's most hated, for one, it meant she didn't get back to her dorm till late, and for two, it meant that she had to work with Jesse, which was going to be awkward, considering she hadn't really seen him since winning the ICCA's. She had briefly seen him around the station, but he had taken a holiday with his family almost immedately after the competition, and school work didn't bother him because he had received a good enough average to skip the last month of classes.

Luke had stopped by the station late in the afternoon, again after doing some kind of work out, Beca had assumed it was leg day for him, considering the way he was walking like he had soiled his pants. Jesse had turned up around the same time and gone straight into stacking CD's.

Beca knew that Luke didn't like Jesse, and held him back from running shifts, but he also knew it was in Beca's best interest, and not in Jesse's, to get as much experience as possible. Jesse wanted to score music, Beca wanted to DJ and produce music.

"Hey Beccy," Luke greeted, plopping himself down on the desk in the booth.

Beca swung around in the chair, removing one side of the head phones so she could hear him. "Hey Luke, how's it going?" she replied politely, even though it still annoyed her to all hell that Luke still hadn't gotten her name right.

"Well, I'm alright, but I could be better," he began, just as Jesse was about to poke his head into the booth to ask a question, but instead he held back, eavesdropping on the conversation. "You see," Luke continued. "There's this party tonight, and you're finishing in a couple of hours, I was wondering if you wanted to join me? It's just at one of the frat houses, drinking, awesome beats, you know the deal,"

Beca gulped, he had just asked her out. She had always thought he was just a mate, never interested in her, but apparently she assumed wrong. "Um," she started saying, thinking about it. "Two seconds," she then thought, holding up her hand, putting a couple of tracks on to play. She was thinking hard, and quickly pulled out her phone to make it look like she was checking something. "I'm not sure I'll be able to make it tonight, dude," she told him. "But maybe next time, and give me a few days warning?"
"Ah, that sucks, you have awesome style and taste in music, it would have been fun, but that's cool," he told her, a little hurt in his voice. "See ya round, Beccy,"

As soon as Luke had exited the booth, Jesse finally put his head through the door. Beca sighed quietly, not wanting to speak to the man that could hardly be called a man.

"What's up, Jesse?" she asked him.

"Just wanting to know if you'll be making me run you dinner or anything," he said, bitterness in his tone. He actually had no reason to have put his head into the booth, instead he'd become more interested by the interaction between Beca and Luke. "So you and Luke, huh?" he questioned.

Beca's eyebrows rose as she gave Jesse a death stare. "What?" she asked incredulously.

"Oh nothing," he replied and turned, leaving her in the booth thinking What the actual fuck.


Chloe had walked down to the radio station early that evening to meet up with Beca, who was due to finish any minute now. She had waited in the office area, taking a seat there. She had pulled out her earphones and the song she was listening to was replaced by...the song she was listening to.

The radio was tuned into the University station and was playing quietly in the background. It was Beca's version of Titanium. Chloe should have guessed that, that would be the song Beca would finish on.

Beca had mentioned to her before that the radio station kept an online poll and charts, and so far, Beca's version of Titanium had been sitting on number one for nearly a month, and so Beca had used that as her identifier, playing it as her opening and closing songs for her shifts.

"Hey," Chloe greeted as the door to the station opened and the small brunette walked through.

"Oh, hey," Beca greeted, not expecting to see Chloe here. The redhead kissed her cheek and took her hand.

"Am I not allowed to surprise you?" Chloe asked, mock hurt in her tone.

Beca giggled, reaching up to kiss her cheek back. "Thanks for picking me up," she smiled, and a thought dawning on her. "Hey, I got invited to a party tonight, do you wanna come? One of the frats,"

Chloe never refused a party. "Sure, but I have to get changed,"

"It's fine, we'll be back at my-" she quickly changed her sentence. "-our dorm soon," Pulling out her phone she sent a text to Luke saying she would be bringing Chloe along, and a quick reply from him said it was cool that she could come.


The party was in full swing as they rocked up to the house, Chloe had dressed up in a short dress, with deep cleavage, her hair pulled into a loose bun, and Beca had stuck with her boots, jeans and flannel shirt. She had text Luke to meet her at the door, seeing as she had no idea who was going to be her.

"Becccccyyyy!" he greeted happily, alcohol obviously coursing through his blood. He reached out to hug her and she gave him a good back slap to try make him remember that they were just friends. "This is Chloeeee?" he questioned, looking towards the red head who had already been handed a cup by a passer by.

"That's me," she said, smiling, as he took her hand and kissed the back of it.

"You are beautiful," he told her before returning his gaze back to Beca.

"She's my girlfriend, Luke," Beca told him.

"Awesome!" he said enthusiastically. "Enjoy the party girls!"

He walked off with a couple of guys. Beca turned to Chloe, both the women stepping inside the frat house. The rooms were packed with sweaty men, females scattered amongst them, attracting them with their drunken dancing, hips swaying, teasing them all. Walking through a hall and off to the left they came to a big room where the crowd had left a big hole in the middle. Beca and Chloe had seen the hole, but decided to get a couple of poured drinks before coming back.

Upon their return, they noticed in the middle of this hole was none other than Stacie. She was seemingly drunk, in only short shorts and her bra. Men wolf whistled around her as she popped the button to her shorts.

"Beca! Chloe!" she yelled when she saw the girls.

"Hey!" they replied in unison, shouting over the noise of the music.

"Great party, huh?" she questioned, shimmying her shorts down her legs to reveal a black, laced thong.

Beca and Chloe wondered if she would remember this in the morning, and as good friends, they dragged her out of the hole and up stairs. They had no idea how they were navigating this house because it was so packed, but it worked.

"Stacie, are you ok?" Chloe asked immediately as they found an unoccupied room. Beca came up behind, with Stacie's clothes.

Being out of public eye, Stacie's eyes started to water. "I can't afford to study, even with a loan, this is how I pay for it,"

Beca looked at Chloe, concern filling her eyes. They realised her over confidence over the year they had known her was because she had to be. She'd have to be strong to dance for sex hungry men. "It's okay, Stacie," Chloe reassured.

A man's voice, along with a female, were heard outside the room and they stumbled in, interrupting the girls. Chloe recognised him instantly. They spoke out at the same time.


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