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Happy Ending

Sanosuke: Pregnancy

They'd only been married for a month.

One month, Chizuru thought, slowly picking at the lunch in front of her. Sanosuke was engrossed in Chizuru's delicious cooking and didn't appear to notice that Chizuru's gaze rarely strayed from the small table they knelt in front of. (Even though they weren't in Japan, Sanosuke still wanted their house to feel like home; therefore everything that could look Japanese did, from the sliding doors to the chopsticks)

Maybe I should wait a month or two to tell him, Chizuru reasoned with her nerves. I know he said he wanted children, but so soon? We're barely married; he might get upset…but if I wait to tell him he'll eventually do the math and definitely be upset that I didn't tell him…maybe if I—"

"Whatever's bothering you, just tell me before you drive yourself crazy."

Chizuru looked up to see Sanosuke staring at her intently from across the table. Maybe he wasn't as engrossed in his meal as she thought.

"W-What do you mean?" Chizuru said with a weak smile as she reached to pour him more tea, "I'm fine—"

"You also suck at lying," Sanosuke pointed out as he accepted the proffered tea. His golden eyes took on a tender look. "Please tell me what's wrong," he said softly, "I can't fix it if you don't tell me the problem…"

"I'm pregnant!" Chizuru suddenly blurted out, and Sanosuke quickly fell silent, eyes widening as Chizuru continued, "I'm pregnant, and we've only been married a month, so I figured you might be mad—"

In the blink of an eye, Chizuru abruptly found herself flat on her back next to the table with Sanosuke gazing passionately down at her. She probably shouldn't have been surprised by his actions; past experience reminded her that her conversations with Sanosuke frequently resulted in her flat on the ground underneath him. Clearly being away from the Shinsengumi hadn't dulled his reflexes in the slightest.

"Idiot," Sanosuke said endearingly as he reached down, gently running his hand through her hair, "Why would I be mad that we're starting out family together?"

"But, it's only been a month—"

Sanosuke hastily cut off her protests with an intense kiss. "It's never too early to start living our dream," Sanosuke emphasized with another kiss. "This is one of the happiest moments of my life," he continued as he left a small trail of kisses down her neck. He was unable to hold back his huge, happy smile.

"Really?" Chizuru asked, a sheen of tears glistening in her eyes.

Sanosuke stopped his kisses to turn his silly grin in her direction. "Really," Sanosuke insisted, golden gaze piercing her own. "This is perfect. You are perfect. I love you; don't ever doubt that," he said with a tender kiss to her lips before resuming his kisses that soon reached the top of her kimono. "In fact," he continued as his grin took on a sensual glint, "I think this calls for a celebration…don't you?" he asked with a wink.

Chizuru laughed and wrapped her arms around his neck, answering him with a kiss.

-((Five Months Later))-

Something's wrong, Chizuru thought as she eyed her husband across the room, watching as he arranged the freshly-cut firewood in its box. She glanced out the window at the snow merrily falling from the sky. Two months ago, after Sanosuke would cut the firewood in the freezing weather outside, he would come join her on their makeshift sofa, and they would snuggle and do…other things under the warm blankets. However, now that she was beginning to resemble a small boat, Chizuru felt that Sanosuke was making excuses to stay away from her. What's more, recently, the more Chizuru looked at Sanosuke, the more she wanted him. Not in her usual way, of course she always wanted him, but lately she felt that she really wanted him. She wanted to spend the entire day enfolded in Sanosuke's embrace, running her hands through his soft red hair, caressing his glorious body—and now he would almost never touch her.

She stared at his profile, surprised that he didn't melt under the heat of her gaze. She almost started to drool as she watched the cords of muscle in his arms clench as he lifted the heavy firewood, before his large, graceful hands would tenderly and gracefully stack each block in the box. Chizuru licked her lips slowly. Oh how she would love to feel those hands running over her sides, caressing her hips and down to her-

Sanosuke finished stacking the last of the firewood and turned abruptly, staring at her with a light blush staining his cheeks-as if he knew exactly what she was thinking. "I..I'm…" he started and faltered, unsure of what to say beneath her almost predatory gaze. "I'm…going to cut some more firewood," he muttered as he turned towards the front door.

Chizuru's gaze fell to the full-to-bursting firewood box before her gaze returned to his back (and his nicely shaped rear, wow). "Sanosuke!" she exclaimed, and he turned around, slightly surprised at her outburst.

"Yes?" he said, and Chizuru realized that she wasn't sure what she wanted to say. Instead, she started to rise from the sofa. Unfortunately, her newfound roundness made it difficult to stand, and she struggled, about to fall back down when Sanosuke was there, grabbing her hand to gently pull her to her feet. Once she was balanced he let go, standing before her, waiting for her to say something.

"Um…" she started, breaking eye contact as an awkward cloud fell over them. Frustrated tears came to her eyes as Sanosuke just stood there, waiting. Fed up with her own frustration, Chizuru decided just to say what she wanted.

"Will you…hold me?" she asked tentatively, hoping that he wouldn't outright deny her. Relief washed over her as Sanosuke stepped closer, enfolding her in his warm embrace as his arms came securely around her back and shoulders. She sighed happily and pulled herself as close as she could to him, resting her hands on his chest.

His gaze met her frustrated one, and he frowned in concern. "Is something wrong? Do you feel okay? Maybe you should lie down—"

"Is there something coming between us?" Chizuru asked suddenly, afraid of what his answer might be.

Sanosuke stared back at her, nonplussed. He looked pointedly down at her extended belly before meeting her gaze again. "…I assume this is meant to be a serious question, and not in reference to something actually, literally coming between us," he said with a small grin.

Chizuru nodded, unamused at her husband's wry humor. "I feel like you are going out of your way to avoid me," she admitted softly, "Are you angry at me?" she asked, "Did I say something wrong? Or…" she hesitated before voicing her worst fear, "Do you not think I'm pretty anymore because of—"

Sanosuke suddenly pressed himself closer to her, curving his body around her belly, kissing her with what felt like months of pent up desire. He pulled back, locking his gaze with hers as he brought his hands up to rest on her shoulders. "You are, and always will be, the most beautiful thing I've ever seen…no matter what," he said seriously. "I love you."

"Then why doesn't it feel like it?" Chizuru retorted hotly, irrational pregnancy anger getting the better of her, "Why won't you touch me anymore? Why won't you…love me anymore?" she ended in a whisper.

"Because I'm scared," Sanosuke admitted quietly, dropping his hands to his sides as his gaze faltered from hers. "I'm scared of what would happen if we made love…wouldn't it hurt the baby?"

"I don't know," Chizuru said honestly, and Sanosuke's gaze snapped back to hers, "but to tell the truth, I don't think it would." She reached up, tenderly caressing Sanosuke's cheek with a hand. "I can safely say that I've never wanted you so much in my life," she admitted, and her other hand wrapped tightly in the top folds of his kimono, "Why would my body be encouraging me to do something that would hurt the baby? It doesn't make sense," she reasoned, and one of Sanosuke's hands tentatively came to rest on her hip.

"So you don't think anything bad would happen?" Sanosuke asked, needing reassurance.

"I don't think so," Chizuru confirmed, and in the next instant she was swept up into Sanosuke's strong arms as he carried her to their bedroom.

"Good," he said in relief, desire quickly thickening his voice, "I thought I was going to die from keeping myself away from you for so long," he admitted as he kicked open their futon before gently laying her upon it. "You're sure this is alright?"

Chizuru nodded, holding her arms out to welcome him into her embrace. "I believe everything will be fine," she said as Sanosuke laid down next to her, propping himself up on his elbow as he gently stroked her cheek. "Now love me," Chizuru said with a blush and a slight glint in her eye.

Sanosuke let out a bark of laughter. "Your wish is my command," he said huskily before closing his lips over hers. As he kissed her, he slowly turned up the passion, letting her feel through his kisses just how much he really missed being with her. Chizuru sighed happily as Sanosuke's hand began to wander downwards to loosen the top of her kimono. As his hand slipped inside the fabric to gently caress her breast, Chizuru brought both hands to the front of his chest, pushing open the front of his kimono and edging it off his shoulders. Sanosuke chuckled, and he shifted so that he straddled her hips, freeing both of his hands and causing his kimono to drop from his shoulders to pool at his waist.

"Impatient today, aren't we?" he said with a grin.

"Yes," Chizuru admitted freely, and she started to wiggle her arms out of both her kimono and yukata so that both of them were naked from the waist up. Sanosuke's eyes smoldered as his gaze dropped to her chest, and he slid both hands up her sides and leaned down close to her.

"I'm feeling rather impatient myself," Sanosuke admitted in a rasp, warm breath tickling her ear. He turned his head, teasing the shell of her ear with his tongue as he gently squeezed her nipple between his agile fingers.

Chizuru moaned her approval, hands automatically reaching out to trace the contours of his abdomen. As she brushed a particularly sensitive spot, Sanosuke bit down on the lobe of her ear, tugging on it gently. Chizuru abruptly pulled his face to hers, kissing him hungrily as she ran both hands through his hair, trailing them down his back before gripping his rear, pulling his hips forward to grind them into hers.

Sanosuke gasped at the unexpected contact, grinding their hips together again as he kissed her. Chizuru slid her hands forward, dragging her nails to his abdomen, tracing the defined muscles there with confident fingers. Sanosuke shivered and pulled the bottom halves of her kimono and yukata open, baring all of her to his gaze. This brought a grin to Chizuru's lips as she moved her kisses to his jaw line before swiftly untying his hakama. This sparked a race to see who could shed all of their clothes first, and in a moment the two's clothes were piled next to the futon, quickly forgotten.

As Sanosuke resettled himself on top of her, Chizuru decided it was well past time to kick things up a notch. She reached up, tugging at the back of his head to bring his lips to hers as she stroked a hand down his side, resting on a hip. She didn't hesitate before dragging her other hand down his other side, sliding over his hip to brush a tender caress over his straining erection.

Sanosuke groaned in need against her lips, gripping one hand in the sheets as the other wound itself into her hair. Chizuru lightly traced his head with a finger before lightly stroking her hand down the side of his hard length. She continued her sweet torture, never increasing her touch and continuing to give him feather-light caresses. When she used her other hand to ghost a caress over his sac, Sanosuke cracked, grabbing both of her hands and pinning them above her head.

"You're going to regret doing that," Sanosuke said hoarsely, a golden fire burning in his eyes.

"Am I?" Chizuru countered, winking suggestively. Sanosuke let out a sound of pure want.

"You are the worst," he said heatedly before pressing searing kisses to her neck, swiftly moving to her collarbone and down her body. As his kisses reached her hip, he turned to kiss a path down her inner thigh before switching to the other side, kissing up to the juncture of her thighs. He released her hands to grip her thighs, and Chizuru tucked a hand in his hair, tugging slightly. Sanosuke gave her a wicked grin before running his tongue up her center in one slow lick. Chizuru squirmed, trying to shift her hips closer to him, but he held them in place, preventing her from adjusting her position.

"Sanosuke…" Chizuru moaned in frustration. Sanosuke gave her another sinful lick, a devilish gleam in his eyes.

"Hmmm?" he inquired, making sure that his face was close enough to her so that she would feel his words resonate through her. When her only response was increasing breathing, Sanosuke resumed his attentions on her heated skin. Chizuru's grip on Sanosuke's hair tightened as he touched his tongue lightly to her sensitive nub before returning his kisses to her inner thighs.

"No fair," Chizuru panted, willing him to do something, anything more than tenderly nibbling at her thigh. Sanosuke chuckled before gently nuzzling her center again. Fed up with his treatment, Chizuru pulled harshly at his hair, abruptly pulling his grinning face up to hers.

"Yes?" Sanosuke asked with what could only be described as a shit-eating grin.

As hot and bothered as she was, Chizuru didn't have the presence of mind to think of a plausible response. Instead, she grasped his member in a tight grip, giving him a firm stroke. Sanosuke started at the sudden sensations rocketing through his body.

"I can't take it anymore," Chizuru continued, only pumping him faster. Sanosuke tried to listen as she continued to speak, "I want you so much." Chizuru suddenly stopped her ministrations, lining Sanosuke up with her entrance, regaining his full attention. "Just go," she pleaded, and he didn't need to be told twice as he sheathed himself fully inside her in one thrust. The two moaned in relief as Sanosuke didn't miss a beat, building his pace with strong, deep thrusts. Chizuru tried to participate, but the extended width of her stomach made it difficult for her to raise her hips very high. Instead, Sanosuke sped up his pace, more than making up for the difference with his increased speed.

Sanosuke let out a heated groan, clenching his hands tightly next to her shoulders. "I'm too close…" he panted, "Chizuru…"

"Almost…" Chizuru murmured, closing her eyes and tilting her hips so he hit a deeper place inside her. Sanosuke reached between them with one hand, pressing his thumb to her sensitive bundle of nerves in time with his thrusts. This was more than enough to send Chizuru over the edge, and she gripped his shoulders tightly as she moaned his name in climax. The increased pressure from Chizuru's inner walls clenching around him was too much for Sanosuke, and he kissed her fervently to muffle his loud cry as he came, releasing his essence inside her before he fell to her side, panting against her shoulder.

The two lay like that for several moments, slowly catching their breath. Upon regaining some of his strength, Sanosuke shifted, turning to his side and tucking Chizuru snugly against him, wrapping his arms protectively around her belly. He then placed a tender kiss to the juncture of her neck and shoulder. "I love you," he murmured, golden eyes brimming with tenderness.

"I love you too," Chizuru replied, eyes already closing from the weight of sleepiness.

"Do you really think the baby is okay?" Sanosuke couldn't help but ask.

Chizuru didn't answer immediately, taking a moment to take inventory of her body. "I don't feel any different," she replied, bringing her hands to rest on top of his. "I'm sure that he's fine," she said with a sleepy smile.

"…I'm sure you're right," Sanosuke said, slowly relaxing and allowing himself to drift off to sleep.

-((Later That Night))-

Chizuru woke up for the second time after their little escapade because of strange sensations fluttering near her stomach. Thankfully, any sickness stopped a long time ago, but unfortunately no matter what she did, the baby became rather restless at night. She peeked over her shoulder, making sure that Sanosuke was still fast asleep before slowly slipping his arm off of her waist and sliding out of the futon, intent on getting a glass of water. Turning back to the bed, she checked to make sure she didn't wake him who was ever the light sleeper. Sanosuke simply murmured some nonsensical words under his breath and shifted, turning his head deeper into the pillows. Chizuru smiled softly before grabbing a discarded yukata and padding out of the room, intent on settling her energetic baby.

As she returned to their bedroom, glass in hand, she was surprised to see Sanosuke wide awake, arms pillowed behind his head as he waited for her to return.

Chizuru made a disappointed sound. "And here I tried so hard not to wake you! I'm sorry…"

Sanosuke waved off her apology. "Don't worry about it; I'd prefer that I know when you're not at my side, no matter the reason," he said with a smile as she knelt next to the futon, tenderly running one hand through his sleep-tousled hair. "Is the baby bothering you again?"

"A little," Chizuru said as she slipped off her yukata and slid back under the covers, half-empty glass set next to her as she lay on her side facing Sanosuke. "And you were worried we'd hurt the baby," she teased, "If anything, he's even more energetic tonight."

A small frown wrinkled Sanosuke's brow. "If it's going to upset you every night, maybe we shouldn't—" Chizuru cut off his words with a finger to his lips.

"Don't even think about it," she said, eyes roving down the half of his body not covered by the blanket. "He's just going to have to get used to it because you're…" she stopped, struggling to find an appropriate word.

"Dashing? Sexy? Unspeakably gorgeous?" Sanosuke suggested with a debonair wink.

"Too much to handle," Chizuru decided. Sanosuke pouted.

"I don't know if that's a compliment or not," he mumbled. In response, Chizuru leaned closer to him, tracing a hot line of kisses down his jaw to his chest. Sanosuke let out a small groan.

"I mean," Chizuru said as she continued kissing down his chest, "You're so….overwhelming…I can barely keep my hands off you," she said moving back up his body to press a lingering kiss to his lips.

"Well, in that case," Sanosuke said with a chuckle before leaning forward to kiss her again. However, just before he reached her lips—

"Oh!" Chizuru suddenly exclaimed in surprise, letting out a soft gasp as her hands flew to her belly.

Sanosuke's concern grew in an instant. "What? What's wrong? Is the baby—"

"It…kicked me," Chizuru stated in astonishment.


"The baby kicked!" she said with sudden excitement, grabbing Sanosuke's hand and holding it to her stomach. The two waited for a long moment. After nothing happened, Sanosuke said "I don't think-"

Suddenly, the world shifted as Sanosuke felt a small yet powerful kick against his fingertips. His eyes widened. "He…kicked?"

"He kicked!" Chizuru said, all but squealing in her excitement.

Sanosuke couldn't contain his proud grin. "He's already training to be a strong samurai," he proclaimed.

Chizuru let out a giggle. "Well, if he would wait and not use my stomach for target practice, that'd be great," she said with a smile.

Sanosuke looked deeply into her eyes, catching her chin with his free hand. "This is real right?"

Chizuru gave him a wry smile as the child gave another kick. "Does that feel real to you?"

Sanosuke's grin grew wider. "We're going to have a baby," he said, and in that moment it never felt more real. "Will everything really be alright?" he couldn't help but ask uncertainly.

Chizuru's smile turned reassuring. "Absolutely."

-((About Four Months Later))-

Everything is absolutely not alright, Sanosuke thought as he paced outside his house, wincing every time he heard a scream emanate from within. Please let everything be okay, he prayed to whatever gods were listening. Chizuru had been in labor for over four hours, and in that time Sanosuke had heard nothing but screams. He had wanted to stay with her, to hold her hand through this difficult moment, but despite his warrior's experience and seeming immunity to blood and gore, he took one look at Chizuru in the throes of labor and nearly passed out. That's when Chizuru kicked him out, keeping him outside for his own safety.

It can't be that much longer, Sanosuke surmised, trying to distract himself from Chizuru's painful cries. He stopped in front of the door, willing it to open. "Everything will be alright," he murmured, trying to make himself believe it. He closed his eyes against a particularly harsh wail, fists clenched tightly at his sides. "Everything will be alright!"

Suddenly there was complete silence from inside. Sanosuke stared at the door, eyes wide. When nothing happened, his anxiety increased a hundredfold. Just as he was about to burst through the door anyway, a tiny wail, much softer than Chizuru's, reached his ears. He stopped in his tracks, frozen in shock. He remained like that until the midwife opened the door to usher him back inside.

Sanosuke felt numb as he was guided through his own house to his bedroom, where Chizuru lay propped up by pillows, resting with a small wailing bundle curled in her arms. Her hair was matted and her skin was slick with sweat; she was clearly exhausted, and yet-

"You're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen," Sanosuke said, immediately kneeling at her side to gaze into the bundle of blankets.

Chizuru gave him a genuine but tired smile. "Would you like to hold your son?"

Sanosuke's arms were suddenly frozen again as he stared at her and the baby in disbelief. "I don't know if I trust myself to," he admitted with a small laugh.

Chizuru shifted, holding out the child to him. "Don't worry," she said with another smile, "He won't bite."

Sanosuke carefully took the small bundle from her and cradled him in his arms. "He's perfect," Sanosuke breathed, staring at the now quiet infant. He leaned down, kissing Chizuru tenderly on the lips. "I love you," he said, scooting so he could sit next to her on the futon.

Chizuru leaned against his strong shoulder, already close to falling asleep from exhaustion. "I love you too," she whispered, closing her eyes.

Sanosuke looked from his son to his wife, amazed and how truly lucky he was. "And so it begins," he murmured, placing a kiss on his son's brow. "I'm so happy to finally meet you little one," he crooned quietly, rocking the baby as he shifted restlessly in Sanosuke's arms, "I know that we'll get upset at each other sometimes, but you'll remember that I love you no matter what, right?"

The baby let out a soft cry.

"I thought so," Sanosuke confirmed, holding the baby closer as he watched over his new family.

-((The End!))-

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