A/N: Here it is. Final chapter. For something that began as the most ridiculous piece of crack!drabble I'd ever written, I think this has turned out to be one of my favorites. Thanks for coming along for the ride, and all the love. Fair warning, this story has been rated M since the beginning and you get your payoff in this chapter. So, NSFW, and it's really long. Basically this is 8K words of smut. Enjoy, lovelies! And let me know what you think.

A cold burst of air from the open car door drew Felicity from her drowsy peace. She startled a bit and tried to sit up but Oliver's arms held her tight. "Shhh, just hold on, we'll be inside in a minute."

Shaking her head she planted one hand on his chest and pushed back, "It's okay, I can walk." her voice was thick with unshed tears, but stronger than it had been before.

"Felicity…" he began, making no move to let her go.

"Oliver. I can walk." she gave him look and tried to move off of his lap, this time able to shift to the seat as he reluctantly let her go.

She heard him let out a grunt of frustration as she turned her back and slid across the slick leather seat. Digg's hand was already waiting to help her out and she took it gratefully. Her still too high heels were not the right footwear for her just then, but she'd somehow manage to get inside with them.

"You okay?" Digg asked as she climbed from the car, his knowing eyes raking over her as she rose.

"I'm good." she said with a tight smile,

Tommy was standing at the entrance to the basement with the door open, holding Oliver's bow which looked strange especially contrasted with the dance costume he still wore.

Oliver's hand slipped around her waist and pulled her to his side as they headed in. She was thankful for his support when they reached the stairs, her shaky knees threatening to give out on her.

The jacket swamped her. The sleeves fell past her fingertips and the bottom edge covered all of the skirt to her costume. She tugged it tighter around her, wondering briefly if she could get away with pulling the hood up as a way to surround herself with him while they weren't alone.

Once the door shut behind Digg and the knowledge that she was safe in the lair made it's way through to her, deep exhaustion struck her hard. She swayed once and felt Oliver steady her as they made their way across the floor.

"We're almost there." he assured her and part of her was glad he didn't pick her up again. She could make it as far as the couch.

When he eased her onto the plush cushions she sank back with a sigh, her legs curling up next to her automatically.

"You sure you're okay?" Oliver asked, the concern in his voice so deep it forced her heavy eyes open.

She found him kneeling in front of her, hands resting on her bent legs.

Her mouth seemed slow to do what she wanted it to and it took more effort that it should have for her to speak. "I'm okay, just…" Digg had explained it to her before, but just then her brain couldn't come up with the words.

"Adrenaline crash." he supplied, and she hummed her agreement as she tried to keep her eyes open. "Rest," his hand cupped her cheek and she turned into it, eyes fluttering open.

"Salazar…" she needed to start tracking the information the transmitter was pulling.

"It's all going to your servers and it'll still be there later when you're ready." he finished for her,

"Speaking of which, who were those guys?" Tommy said from where he sat slumped in her chair.

Oliver turned to look at him over his shoulder, "Rival mob. I recognized one of their tattoos."

"So it was just really bad timing on our part then?" Tommy's sardonic quip went over like lead and she saw him wince and lift a hand to the back of his head.

"Tommy got hit," she said slowly but he waved her off.

"I'm fine, 'Lis. Nothing a couple glasses of scotch won't cure." she tried to glare at him but couldn't gather the energy.

She pushed further into the side of the couch, the fabric of the hood coming up slightly next to her face and she turned into it inhaling the comforting scent as she curled in on herself. A light weight covered her legs and she jerked suddenly to see Oliver dropping a blanket over her.

She wanted to reach out and grab his hand but her body wouldn't cooperate and the last thing she remembered was the feeling of his fingers brushing her cheek.

When she woke it was to almost complete silence and every muscle in her body aching. She shifted slowly, stretching out her legs as she burrowed into the warmth that surrounded her. Something rested against the side of her face and when she lifted a hand to move it away she realized it was the hood.

Blinking open still sleepy eyes most of her vision was blocked and it took her a moment to figure out the hood had been pulled over her head. Heat flushed through her at the thought, wondering how and why that came to be.

She pushed the fabric back enough to see the rest of the room, but didn't take it off completely. Oliver sat in her chair, tilted back, arms crossed over his middle as he studied the news report he had on mute. He'd changed out of the rest of his outfit, now wearing a pullover and the tan cargo pants he favored. The rest of the space appeared to be empty and she had to assume that Digg and Tommy had left.

Moving carefully and trying to stifle a groan she pushed back the blanket and let her feet slide to the floor. When her bare skin hit the cold concrete she pulled them back in surprise and looked down to see her dance shoes laying next to the couch.

She only felt a little wobbly as she stood, the hood falling down the back of her hair as she did. She missed the comfort and warmth it had provided but she wasn't sure how she felt about approaching Oliver with it raised. She already felt slightly self conscious about wearing the jacket.

There was no way he didn't hear her, but he kept his gaze fixed on the screen until she was at his side.

"Hey," she said softly when she was only a foot away, suddenly nervous about everything that had happened between them.

If she hadn't been looking so closely she would have missed the way his jaw ticked and how his fingers clenched slightly at her voice. A cold pit of dread took up residence in her gut and washed over her making her rock back slightly on her heels as her balance was thrown off for a second. He was pulling away. He was going to tell her he'd made a mistake.

Her chest tightened as tears filled her eyes. The jacket was now stifling and uncomfortable and her trembling hands were moving to take it off and give it back so she could attempt to leave there with some of her dignity in tact.

She didn't hear him move she just knew that as she was going to slip the jacket off her shoulders his hands were there pulling it back up. "Don't." he said roughly and she froze. His hands covered hers and tightened almost to the point of pain as she slowly raised her eyes.

He was struggling. It was splashed all over his face, but the knot inside her loosened some as he tugged her close and leaned down to rest his head against hers. With her hands trapped between them she couldn't reach up and touch him like she wanted so she settled for raising on her toes until their foreheads met and she could see him properly.

For a long moment they were just quiet. She felt some of the tension leech out of her the longer he went without stepping back. Her heart stuttered in anticipation when he lifted one hand and brushed loose hair from her face, leaving it to rest against her cheek as his eyes bored into hers.

"I need you to be safe. And I don't know how to make sure that happens without driving you away."

The honest pain in his voice struck her hard as she saw the conflict within him. He always put everything above himself, this didn't surprise her at all. But he'd given her a glimmer of hope. He wasn't pushing her away because he didn't want her, he was trying to be noble and selfless and that she could fix.

"Oliver, caring about someone means you worry about them. Don't you think I worry about you every time you step foot out the door?" she asked with a tilt of her head,

He looked away quickly, dismissing what she'd said. "I don't just mean missions. I worry about you and Digg getting in a car accident. Or a freak breakdown of the elevator at work. A plane falling out of the sky. Getting hit by a bus. I have those thoughts all the time. But I don't ask you to stay locked in a room so you'll be safe. I accept that you have to go out into the world, and I accept you have to put on this hood and do what you do. And you have to accept the same for me." her voice had lowered to almost a whisper and now she held her breath waiting for his response.

"That's...hard for me." his hand still rested against her cheek, fingers trailing over her brow and around her ear as he looked at her like she might disappear any second.

She covered his hand with hers, trapping it against her skin. "And I promise to do everything I can to make it less difficult." she vowed, pulling his palm down towards her lips where she boldly planted a kiss. His eyes stuttered shut and she could feel how his breathing changed beneath her chest. When he looked at her again he still looked haunted.

"Tommy said...he said the guy had his hands on you." Oliver's eyes narrowed to slits and she could feel the pulse of anger that flowed from him.

She swallowed heavily and a shiver went through her as she remembered how the gunmen had touched her. "He did." she confirmed, his hands tightened on her hips as he struggled for control. "And...at first I...just froze. All I could think was that it was happening again." she admitted, knowing they both needed for her to get this out. "But then I got angry and I remembered everything you and Digg have taught me. I took the guy out, and it felt good." she gave him a small smile, "Honestly the one with the gun was scarier. I didn't know if you were going to get a shot and we were almost out the door and…" she could almost feel the hard press of the muzzle underneath her chin again and shuddered at the memory.

Oliver's arms slid around her and pulled her tight to his chest as he let out a ragged breath. "You're amazing," he mumbled into her hair and she let out a watery laugh. "He wouldn't have taken you. You have to know that I wouldn't have let that happen." he sounded fierce and deadly and all she could do was nod her head into his neck.

When he pulled back he held her face in his hands, his thumbs running along her jaw until one slipped under her chin, making tiny circles where the gun had been. "I'm never going to like you in the field but...if you have to be I will do whatever I can to make sure you're as safe as possible."

It was a huge declaration for him and the breath caught in her throat as she tried to find the right words. In the end she kissed him. She'd meant it to be quick and light but as soon as their lips met all intention on her part vanished.

He kissed her back like he'd been waiting for the chance all night. Like a man desperate and possessed he consumed her and all she could do was cling to his arms as his tongue swept through her mouth demanding everything.

The low noises coming from the back of her throat were swallowed by him, never finding a way out because he was everywhere. Her stomach flipped as he pulled feelings from her she'd never experienced before. She felt like her nerve endings were alive and hyper aware of his every touch. Even through the weight of the leather it still seemed like he was burning her.

When his hands slipped under the jacket and found the barely there fabric around her waist she pulled back with a gasp and placed her fingers over his lips as he tried to resume the kiss.

"Oliver…" she said breathlessly, distracted by the tiny sparks that shot down her arm from the contact and how soft the skin was. She needed to slow this down. As much as she wanted him and wanted this she didn't want it to be a frenzied rush that was over before it had begun.

His eyes were dark and needy and she almost gave back in right then. His mouth may have been still, but his hands weren't and when the one on her hip played with the ruffle of her satin skirt she gave him a secret smile.

"I owe you something." she said slowly, not meaning to sound as sultry and affected as she did, and if the way his fingers clenched at her side meant anything it didn't go unnoticed. Leaning over carefully she balanced on his forearm and tapped a few keystrokes before a song began playing from the speakers.

"This was one of the songs we were thinking about using for the competition but...I thought it was too intimate." she explained as she adjusted the volume levels, but her words were cut off as he pulled her back to him quickly, holding her in a proper tango hold.

Her hair settled around her shoulders, as she stared at him in shock. But the surprise she felt was quickly replaced with desire as she saw the look he was giving her. "I believe you requested a private lesson."

His response was to pull her hips tight to his and move her away from the desk, executing a turn better than Tommy had.

"Have you been holding out on me?"

He gave her a dangerous half smile as they began to make their way around the empty space, "I may have paid attention a time or two while you were rehearsing."

"Oh, you mean when you were trying to kill Tommy with your stares alone? Admit it, you were jealous." she'd said it to be teasing, because the feeling of his hand splayed across her hip and the way their chests were pressed so close together was threatening to turn her brain to mush.

If possible his eyes darkened even more and he held her that much closer as he pulled them to a stop and quickly spun her in the opposite direction before tilting her back to lean over his arm. The music crescendoed and her heartbeat matched the thrum of the bass line as she let her head fall back.

She wasn't expecting to feel his lips at the hollow of her throat. There was an instant flare of heat to her center that left her gasping. Ever so slowly he made his way purposely across her collarbone leaving little nips in his wake. The trail he'd left burned with electricity and by the time he'd nosed the edge of the jacket out of his way and reached the thin strap of her costume she was a trembling mess.

Hot breath washed over her damp skin when he spoke, "I was jealous." his voice was low and gravely and made the coil of need in her core tighten that much more. "I was jealous of my best friend because he was touching you, and close to you, and making you laugh, and I didn't like that."

His words struck her deep inside and she wished she could see his face just then, but she was at his mercy and his wondrous lips were on the move again. They followed the line of the strap down until it hit the edge of the bodice. He didn't stop, and as she felt his mouth coast across the top of her breast she couldn't keep the small whimpering noises from escaping. When he reached the center of her chest she felt his tongue lave a languid swirl that had her calling his name.

He jerked her upright so fast her head spun and she didn't know if it was from what he'd been doing or how she'd been hanging upside down. But he didn't give her time to dwell as they were moving again.

It took her longer than it should have to recognize he was doing the dance she'd done with Tommy.

He smirked at her and she smiled knowingly back. "I shouldn't be surprised. The way you train, the control you have…the way you fight."

"This dance is a fight." he replied, the pulsing throb of the music reminding her why she'd decided against it before, but it seemed perfect right then.

She locked her eyes on his, "We've always been really good at fighting."

"The best. There's no one I'd rather fight with." she knew they both were aware of what they were really saying, but it still made her heart stutter to hear him say it.

She wasn't expecting it when he spun her away and then in, her back pressed to his front as wrapped on hand over the top of her chest to cup her opposite shoulder, the other spread across her middle.

They swayed to the music as she felt every ridge of muscle in his impressively defined torso. Her hands fell to her sides and then made their way backwards to find his thighs. His chest expanded and she bit her lip in satisfaction at getting a reaction out of him. Running her palms up and down the hard plane, she dug her fingers in and felt his hips push into her from behind.

Oliver's head dropped to find her neck and her mind fritzed white as soon as he touched her. Again he took his time. He started at the spot where her jaw met her throat, sucking small marks into her skin with teeth and lips, followed by soothing licks that made her knees turn to jelly. Her head fell to the side of it's own volition and he wasted no time taking advantage of the new access it granted him.

He payed special attention to the corded lines, and the spots that made her mewl would cause him to stop and repeat the action until she had to clutch the arm around her middle to keep herself upright.

Felicity didn't even notice at first that the jacket was being slipped from her shoulders. It wasn't until he'd pulled his arm out from beneath hers that she came back from the fog of need she'd fallen into.

Cool air met her overheated skin and she shivered at the difference in temperature. "I liked wearing that," she admitted throatily.

The jacket was tossed to the side and his hands skimmed over her arms and over her shoulders as he pulled her back flush against him once more. "I liked you wearing it." fingers dipped low over her collarbone, leaving tingles wherever he went. "I have a feeling you wearing my clothes is going to be my new favorite thing."

The moan that left her throat should have made her self-conscious but she was so overcome with desire she didn't care. Images flashed through her mind, ones she'd buried for over a year. The hoodie he wore after he trained that she could wear when the lair got cold late at night. The white dress shirts she preferred him in, that she'd slip on for a lazy morning in bed. A dark suit jacket draped over her shoulders as they left a party. She'd had those fantasies but she'd never thought they'd come true. And never had she ever imagined she'd wear his hood.

Slow tendrils of heat flowed from his fingers and across her skin. Her head tilted back until it met his chest. Without her heels her head fit just under his chin and a feeling of wholeness filled her at being surrounded by him.

She felt his jaw run along the side of her head until his breath coasted over her temple. A need to see him struck her and she tried to turn but a hand across her middle kept her in place. She let out a tiny groan of frustration and heard him chuckle at her expense. He was enjoying this, driving her to the brink with nothing but a few touches.

Just like that he'd taken a spark and fanned it into a raging inferno and she was no longer sure she could wait.

Once again she tried to turn but he kept her in place. His name tripped pleadingly from her lips but he ignored her. The hand at her waist drew maddening circles through the sheer material; around her navel and across her hip bone making her twitch at the sensation.

Without the jacket she could feel even more of him and when her hips pushed backwards in an attempt to be as close to him as possible she found the evidence of his arousal.

If he could have seen her just then he would have spotted the wicked gleam that filled her eyes. Slow and controlled she canted her hips to the right and then very deliberately rolled them backwards, making sure she made contact with him.

Now it was his turn to be taken by surprise. She continued the slow rotation and each time she pushed back into his long hard length his hands would clench convulsively where they held her.

When she heard him hiss through his teeth she tipped her head up and saw a muscle ticking in his jaw as he fought for control. Lifting on her toes she pressed her lips right where she could see the slight fluttering. His eyes slammed shut as her teeth dragged over his stubble. She nipped the skin lightly and felt how his chest rumbled under her. Already half turned she pivoted the rest of the way until they were chest to chest again.

His eyes flew open in shock to see her facing him and she gave him her best innocent smile.

"I thought I was the one giving the lesson, Monsieur Queen?" she used the French accent she knew he'd heard over the comms and was correct in her assumption that he'd liked it.

One hand found the nape of her neck while the other rode low at the base of her spine as he drew her impossibly closer. "I think the lesson is over." he practically growled and she let out a sigh.

"Oh thank god, I was hoping you'd say that." she'd barely finished speaking when his mouth crashed onto hers.

Their intensity matched the frenzy of the music and whereas she'd been eager to slow things down before now she had no such desire. Her very being sang for him, and she found herself on her toes, hands in his hair as she matched him in fervor.

Her shoulder only protested the action slightly and she ignored it. The way his tongue stroked hers had the ability to make her forget everything else.

She sucked his bottom lip between her teeth and bit down lightly causing a groan to issue from his throat. She did it a second time and the hand at her back slid down to grasp her ass, making her gasp into him as she lifted even higher.

Fingers trailed across the sensitive skin of her upper back and shoulders, making her shiver in anticipation as hot flares of want sprang to life low in her belly. Her stomach was filled with butterflies when he wasted no time in pulling one of the straps of her costume down, and she wasted no time in slipping her arm out.

He growled again and with one tug her left breast was free to the cooler air of the lair, begging for his touch.

The feel of his slightly rough palm on her flesh was almost overwhelming. Her head dropped as the breath caught in her throat. When the pad of his thumb cut sharply over her nipple all she could do was press her forehead into his shoulder and hold on.

The space between her legs was already throbbing and every roll of her nipple between his fingers sent a bolt directly there, her hips convulsing against his each time. Her hands rested limply on his shoulders as waves of pleasure washed over her.

Impatiently he tugged down the other strap and she was spurred into action as she quickly slipped that arm out too, wanting nothing between them, no barriers that would prevent him from putting his hands exactly where she needed them.

He grasped her by the waist and she protested the loss of his touch on her skin until he lifted her slightly so that her toes just brushed the tops of his shoes and dipped his head. The first touch of his hot mouth to her breast made unintelligible words spill from her lips. His tongue swirled one stiff peak and then sucked it in, making her cry out as she felt it straight in her core.

As he continued to lavish attention her hands finally lifted to the back of his neck, her nails scraping over the tightly corded muscles. Her fingers slipped beneath the collar of his shirt and she explored as far as she could reach before he began placing wet, open mouthed kisses across her chest until he found her other breast.

He gave that one the same attention as he'd given it's twin but somehow it was more. Her nails sank into his flesh as she keened at the sensation he was literally pulling from her with every draw he took on her nipple. He alternated between suction and flicking his tongue over the top making her hips twitch so much she was becoming overly aware of how much her body reacted to him without her consent or control.

When he finally dragged his mouth from her chest she was a panting wreck. He worked his way north, covering the exposed skin with tiny kisses that didn't stop when he reached her neck. She felt herself being lowered back down to her feet, freeing his hands to find where the costume was now bunched around her waist.

He tugged the material down and she helped, making sure to catch the band of the tights as she did, divesting herself of everything in one go. The world tilted crazily for a second when he knelt in front of her to peel the sheer fabric from her legs. But never was she self conscious of standing in front of him naked. She wanted this. Wanted him.

Lifting one foot and then the other, his fingers left tiny sparks on her calves as he deliberately touched along her legs and the backs of her knees. When the costume was gone he sat back on his heels and looked up at her, hands gently caressing the outside of her thighs with featherlight touches.

The look on his face made her eyes prick with tears. He looked at her with adoration, and love, and under it all she could still see the fear that would probably always be present. She cupped his jaw and smoothed her thumbs over his lips before she drew him up and towards her. His arms wrapped around her hips and the back of her legs as his cheek rested against her belly, the rough stubble scraping deliciously over her pale flesh.

She stroked soothing hands over his head and down his neck as he held her, the growing desire she'd felt having simmered some as she took the time to reassure him without words.

He let out a long shuddering exhale, causing hot moist air to flow across her hip bone and just as suddenly the flame had been stoked and she was extremely aware of how close he was to her center.

She sucked in a hiss between her teeth when his tongue came out to taste the taut skin of her stomach. His hands were now roaming over the backs of her thighs and over her ass. He taunted her with light touches that stayed just far enough away from where she wanted to feel him, but close enough to have her gasping and twitching.

Small kisses were pressed into her as he made his way towards her hip. It was like he knew how reactive that spot was for her and she held herself stiff as she waited for him to reach it. She thought he'd go slow, like he had before. But when he reached his destination he latched onto the area where her hip bone jutted out like a man possessed. All she could do was hold tight to the short strands of his hair as he used teeth and tongue to fully explore the spot. She could actually feel when he smiled into her at the wild reaction he was getting.

His fingers ran over the curve of her ass and down the space between her thighs. When he reversed direction he just brushed over where all the blood in her body was rushing. There was a flush of heat at her core and she knew if touched her there he'd be able to feel how wet she was.

With knees that were progressively weaker she grabbed handfuls of his shirt and tugged him upright. He came readily, the fabric of his shirt and pants dragged across her naked skin making her shiver at the contrast. Before he was fully upright her hands were already reaching for the hem of his pullover, needing to be able to feel all of him.

In one quick move he tore the shirt over his head and let it fall in a heap, forgotten. She wasted no time in pressing the palms of her hands into his warm skin, finally being able to touch what she'd only been able to admire from afar.

She took her time, trailing over each ridge of muscle, feeling it ripple under her as she moved across his shoulders, down his pecs, and over the abs that were clenched tight. She didn't avoid his scars, but she didn't focus on them either. They were a part of him just as much as the unmarred parts were and she didn't feel a need to single them out.

Taking half a step closer she leaned in and pressed a kiss to the center of his chest. His hands had fallen to her hips and they dug in briefly at the contact. She did it again, this time flicking her tongue out to taste him, and in almost the same way that he had done to her, began to kiss and lick her way across his chest.

Her nails raked down the side she wasn't currently using her mouth on and cut over his nipple. The strangled noise that came from his throat let her know he'd liked it.

When she reached the small bit of pebbled flesh she used the flat of her tongue and gave it a languid lick that had him sliding a hand into her hair to clutch the strands. His hips shot forward, bumping into hers when she drew the nipple between her teeth and bit down gently.

The next thing she knew she was in his arms, legs wrapped around his waist as he kissed her almost savagely. Her core pressed hard into pelvis and she could feel him through his pants. Nothing could have stopped her from grinding her hips down to get the pressure she needed.

Her breath came in short, jagged bursts whenever his mouth moved off hers long enough to gasp for air. He was walking them away from the center of the lair, and a distant foggy part of her mind recognized he was heading for the couch.

When he leaned down to place her on the cushions her body bowed away from the cool leather. Her overheated skin made it feel like ice and he took advantage by capturing one nipple in his mouth as she arched towards him.

She was only capable of making small whimpering noises as he laid her back and let his hands skim over her body. His lips nipped under the swell of her breast as his hand coasted over her abdomen and down her thigh, pulling her legs apart as he fell to his knees before her.

Blinking open half-lidded eyes she saw him looking back at her with uncontrolled lust flashing through his typically bright blue orbs. They were almost fully black now, pupils blown in desire. Not dropping his gaze he slid both hands under her hips and tugged her forward until she was at the edge of the couch.

Her mouth went dry when she realized what he was doing and the small uplift at the corner of his mouth let her know he knew.

All the strength left her muscles as he placed the first kiss to the inside of her knee. Her head fell back in defeat, every nerve ending on alert as he left a wet trail of kisses up her left thigh. She was shivering from anticipation, not knowing where the next touch would come from.

His hands rubbed maddening circles into her skin as they got closer and closer to her center. All she could think about was how much she needed him to touch her there.

When the short hairs at the top of his head just brushed her outer lips she let out a moan, hips lifting to seek out some sort of contact.

Every kiss only heightened the pleasure she was experiencing, a light sheen broke across her skin and she knew her chest was flushed red as he continued to push her to the precipice.

Thighs trembling, her breath nothing more than shallow bursts as her heart pounded in time with the music she could no longer hear, she could feel her internal muscles already clenching as the he brushed the backs of his knuckles over her first lightly and then with pressure.

The word please may have left her lips, but her mind was nothing more than a white hot blur and she couldn't be sure. Her hands clung to the edge of the couch as she tried to keep herself grounded.

When one deft finger swept through her slick folds she almost came on the spot. The hot coil of need in her belly was already beginning to tighten and she knew it wouldn't take much to push her over the edge.

One hand spread her open gently and he took his pleasure in teasing her. His finger traced around her opening and up, never going in and never touching her clit. Incoherent sounds of need was all she was able to make in protest.

Her hips kept chasing his touch, trying to find the relief she was now desperate for until he was forced to lay one broad hand across her belly and press down to keep her in one spot. Just as she was about to tug him forward and tell him she couldn't take any more his tongue was pressed to her clit.

A hoarse cry left her as she jerked under his hold. One hand flew to grab his hair and she pushed up into him as much as she could. He was using quick little flicks and licks of his tongue as he circled her clit. When one finger slipped inside she felt her orgasm begin to build.

She couldn't stay quiet and her voice echoed throughout the lair when he added a second finger. Heat filled her, and the only thing she could concentrate on was how everything was now focused on that one spot. The feeling continued to grow until she could sense it in her chest and her jaw, her limbs going numb.

All it took was him sucking that small bundle of nerves and she fell. She was nothing but a quivering mass of energy as she exploded. Her mind was whiteness with blurred edges and it was impossible to breath as her body shook in release. She was aware of nothing else until he was suddenly only inches from her face when she blinked open unfocused eyes.

She lifted a shaky hand to his jaw to find it damp with her arousal and instead of being embarrassed it sent a jolt to her oversensitive core making her jump. Swiping a thumb over his lower lip she gave him a slow smile that he returned half cocky, half lust filled.

Her other arm lifted until she found his shoulder and she tugged him in close, until she could feel his lips on hers and taste herself on his tongue. Fingers tripped down his back until she reached his waist and she realized he still had his pants on.

With his weight pressing into her there wasn't much room to slide her hands to the front and begin to work on the button. He pulled away from her some as his lips moved down her jaw to her ear, making delicious tingles shoot down her neck.

In a few seconds she had the pants undone and was pushing them off his hips. He stepped back long enough to toe off his boots and shed his pants and boxers until he stood before her naked and beautiful.

She sat up slowly as she took in scars she'd never seen before. There was one long one that ran up the inside of his left thigh almost to the groin and she wondered how close it had come to severing the femoral artery. Hand trembling she reached out and traced it. He felt like a live wire beneath her fingers, nothing but taut flesh that was ready to spark at any second.

His cock was at full attention, and when she reached the end of the scar she didn't stop until her hand was wrapped around him. A feeling of power filled her as his head fell backwards at her touch, hands clenched at his side, the powerful muscles in his arms straining.

She stroked him from base to tip, as he let out a long, low groan. Without warning she leaned forward and took him in her mouth. He let out a hiss of surprise as his hands flew to her head, fingers delving into her hair.

Her tongue circled his tip, sucking lightly as his fingers gently dug into her scalp. She continued to stroke her hand up and down, squeezing as she did. When she suddenly took in as much of him as she could he let out a low guttural moan and she could feel him shake with the effort not to thrust into her mouth.

Her hands fell to his ass, as she kneaded the tight flesh there, digging her nails in slightly while she moved up and down on his cock. When she hollowed out her cheeks and sucked she found herself being pulled off him as he picked her up and then sat down on the couch with her facing him in his lap.

Hands cupped her face desperately as he kissed her with abandon. Her legs spread wide over his hips and she gasped when her still sensitive center felt his cock against her. "Can't wait," he murmured against her lips, his voice so low and gravely it made her stomach flip.

She nodded her agreement as he grabbed her waist and lifted her slightly. Her eyes locked on his and she gave him a coy grin as she reached between them and found him, practically pulsing beneath her hand. His jaw clenched and she positioned him at her entrance, putting him out of his misery.

Not blinking, not breathing, their eyes never wavered as he ever so slowly lowered her onto him.

Her mouth fell open in a silent cry as he filled her. The feeling threatened to overwhelm her and all she could do was brace herself on his chest until she was fully seated on him.

It had been too long, or maybe never since she'd been so full and he gave her a moment to adjust before he began small thrusts of his hips. She moaned her approval and rocked into him, gasping when she felt how perfectly her clit rubbed against his pelvis with each movement.

Never would she has suspected she'd be ready again so soon but all it took was her widening her hips just an inch and the angle was beyond perfect. She canted forward as his arms wrapped around her back moving over him in long controlled thrusts that hit a spot inside her she'd rarely felt before.

His thrusts became more frantic and his face was red as he drove into her more forcefully, brows drawing together in concentration. One hand gathered her hair from her eyes and held it at the nape of her neck as the other held her hip and directed her movements.

The build up began again, as low molten liquid gathered in her belly. Breath coming in short pants her forehead pressed into his it struck her hard and fast, washing over her and filling her veins with fire. He followed a few seconds later, his head falling to her shoulder with an animalistic roar and a surge of his hips so strong she had to cling to him as he lifted them off the couch.

The next few minutes were nothing more than panting breaths as she lay with her head on his chest, listening to the rapid pace of his heart as it began to slow. His hands stroked languidly up and down her back and arms, occasionally making her shiver.

When she felt like her pulse was back to a somewhat normal range she lifted her head to see him staring at her with a soft look in his eyes. He brushed loose, mussed hair from her face and she gave him a brilliant smile. "I think we're going to need to dance more often." she said quietly,

He grinned back, "I think you're right."

She sat back some and he groaned as he was still buried within her. She gave a devious swirl of her hips and then lifted off of him with a groan of her own. He grabbed her waist and settled her back down on his lap before he looked at her in concern. "Are you sure you're okay?" fingers trailed over her shoulder and down her arm where he rubbed his thumb carefully over one area. A dark, angry look crossed his face and she looked down to see a bruise already forming form where she'd been held.

"I'm okay," she told him again, grabbing his chin and directing his attention away from her arm. "I'm okay, promise."

"Come home with me." he said suddenly, taking her by surprise.


"Come home with me. I need to know you're safe." he couldn't seem to stop touching her, his hand constantly moving across her face and neck, thumb pressing lightly over her pulse point like he was unconsciously making sure she was actually there.

Unable to deny him anything just then she turned her head and pressed a kiss to his wrist, "Okay," she agreed.

He pulled her to him tightly and let out a long exhale of relief that neither of them knew he'd been holding. "Thank you," he said into her hair and she felt tears prick her eyes as she stroked a hand over his head and stayed still.

A cool breeze from the air vents crossed her back and she shivered. As much as she'd love to stay there and never move she knew she had to get up.

His arms loosened and she sat up and brushed her lips over his one more time before she climbed off his lap.

With a grin thrown over her shoulder she took her time as she walked back across the room and grabbed the pullover he'd been wearing. When she turned back he held her with a hungry look that only grew deeper as she slipped the shirt over her head. "You did say you thought you'd like this." she said mischievously

He was off the couch and stalking towards her before she knew what was happening. "I do," he growled before his mouth dropped to hers to give her a toe curling kiss.

She had to push him away with a laugh, "Get your pants on so you can take me home." she flushed when she realized what she'd said, "I mean so we can go to your home."

He didn't say anything, but his eyes darkened at her words and she couldn't help but wonder what was going through his head just then.

On rubbery legs she made her way to the bathroom where she kept a bag with workout gear. The yoga pants and sneakers she had in there would have to do for now until someone retrieved her purse from the hotel. It was a good thing Oliver had asked her to go home with him because she didn't have her keys to get into her apartment.

She skimmed into the pants and slid the shoes on before she dared risk a glance in the mirror. Her hair was a sweaty, tangled disaster, her eye make up had been smudged beyond recognition, and her mouth looked swollen from his kisses. She looked exactly the way she felt, which was that she had just had phenomenal sex with Oliver.

Smile still on her lips she opened the door to find him waiting for her. He'd found a new shirt to wear over his pants and stood ready, jacket over his arm and keys in hand.

His fingers reached out for hers and she grabbed them gratefully as he towed her towards the stairs. Her eyes cut over to the couch and she felt her cheeks go pink as she wondered how she'd ever be able to look at it again without remembering what they'd done.

The computers sat silent and she stopped with a gasp, "Oliver! Salazar, the transmitter! I have to-" but he ignore her and kept pulling her with him,

"It will all be there later. Besides, SCPD picked Salazar up at the hotel. The Feds have been tracking him as well and they have him in custody." he told her,

"So all of that was for nothing?"

"Not nothing. You'll still get the data from whatever was on Salazar at the time which could still prove to be valuable and besides...that transmitter is now in a federal facility while Salazar is being processed." he gave her a smug side-eyed look and waited for her reaction.

When she realized what he was implying her face lit up like he'd given her a present. "Oh! I could get access to internal servers! I mean, the main databases aren't that hard to crack, I've done that plenty of times but the internal…" she tried to turn back again but her kept her firmly at his side.

"It will all be there later." he repeated and she let out an irritated huff as they headed up the steps.

They were almost to the door to the main level when she burst out laughing. Buried in the wall was an arrow. Oliver pulled it out with a sharp yank and tossed it over the railing. "Did you really put an arrow in the wall?" she asked in disbelief.

He looked down at her and gave her a serious look, "I was not going to get interrupted again."

She swallowed heavily and nodded, "Good thinking."

As they drove through the dark back to the Queen mansion she reveled in the feel of his hand on her knee and thought back to when she'd wondered how one mission could change her life and realized it had, but only for the better.