Oh Phobias!

Author Note: So, I needed to write something humorous and if you read The Day His Heart Stopped you'll be like "Yup, Yup". Nothing major, hope you like it.


Chapter 1: Philophobia


Honestly, the situations he managed to get himself were so...


It was the idiot blond that always pulled him into things the Uchiha otherwise wouldn't find himself in to begin with.

Today, he was pulled into going for pizza with the "gang." Sasuke scoffed at the word whenever Naruto used it. The people that circled the table weren't his friends, he only knew their names by the things he associated them with. The only persons name he even took the time to learn were Naruto and Sakura.

"It'll be fun!" Naruto laughed holding the little container that the packed seasonings came in. "Come on! Just write a random question!" He put his question in.

Sakura sighed, though secretly excited to play. "How does it work?"

Naruto chuckled. "Okay, it's like Truth or Dare without free will! You spin the bottle and pull a question." He grinned. "If... If you don't answer it then... Well, you have to pay for Chouji's meal." He sent The Fat Ass an apologetic grin.

The Blond Stick stood up. "He isn't that fa-"

Lord Lazy Shit grabbed her wrist. "Sit," He was just as uninterested as the Uchiha, even more so he had fallen asleep at the table.

Sasuke folded his arms, scowling at the whole idea. Against his unspoken wishes the group of randoms agreed. The Mutt spun and it landed on the The Fat Ass. "Chouji, What are you afraid of?" He chuckled slyly to Naruto. "We know it's not the buffet line."

While the table laugh, Sasuke merely smirked. Sakura snatched the ketchup bottle. "My turn," She batted her eyelashes towards the stoic male. Spinning the bottle, everyone's eyes followed and instead of stopping at Sasuke, it was just short three inches and ended at a cheesing Uzumaki.

He almost hugged someone. He took the time to scope out the randoms. Beside him was Sakura, The Blonde Stick, Lord Lazy Shit, The Fat Ass, The Mutt, Bug Boy... He stopped on the new face. She was watching Naruto wipe mustard off his face. Apparently, he tried kissing Sakura. He hadn't realized he was staring, simply trying to figure out a name for her, until she glanced at him as did everyone. It was his turn, "I'm not playing." Her eyes were almost...

Ghost Eyed Girl. Got it.

The randoms groaned trying to encourage him to play though not GEG, her eyes were on The Dobe. Only after Naruto offer to pay for his meal, he agreed. He leaned forward sending a small prayer to a higher power, hoping it didn't land on a girl.

They somehow managed to annoy him more than Naruto.

Unfortunately, his prayer was unheard when it stopped at the Ghost Eyed Girl. She was in mid-sip of her soda when she noticed it landed on her. The group laughed at her beet red face which only caused her to reddened more. Sasuke picked a slip of paper and frowned at it. "This is stupid."

"Read it!" Naruto laughed.

GEG clutched her cup and kept her eyes on the melting ice. He noticed her hair was pinned to the top of her head in a bun, while some hair framed her face. She was painfully shy. No wonder he never noticed her. He let out a sigh. "Name my fear."

She squeaked. "I..." She shook her head. "I c-can't... I don't know." Her eyes refused his and took to looking at her unfinished pizza.

The Mutt patted her back. "Oi, come on, Hinata. Just guess, I don't think you have enough money to pay for Chouji." She looked around the table and eyes landed on Sasuke.

Sasuke watched GEG. Her eyes happened to be lilac not colorless like he thought. "Hurry up." He commanded ignoring the males glaring at him.

She wasn't a child. Why were they so protective of her? Naruto slung a arm around the stoic teenager. "He won't bite 'cha!" He looked at his friend. "At least, I don't think he will!"

Sasuke simply rolled his eyes.

She took a deep breath. "Umm... P-philophobia," she brought trembling eyes to dark, onyx ones. "I-it's the fear of l-love."

The table made "Oo!" noises and Sakura nodded as if it was the right answer to life. His body stiffened for a moment before he settled on, "Whatever," The table erupted in friendly laughter then the game continued.

How dare she? She didn't even know him.


At this point, everyone was full and paid for now they were just talking. GEG quietly announced she was leaving, yet everyone was busy chattering, so she informed Bug boy, who nodded.

She stood and caught his eye, not the first time tonight, he was glaring at her all night. She blushed and headed out the door. He stood telling Naruto he had to pee so he wouldn't be questioned.

He followed GEG out the door. Cool summer air blew through his ruffled raven hair. He saw her leaning against the wall. "You." He called.

Lilac eyes looked at him. "Uchiha-san... I'm sorry if I... Offended you." He stopped just a foot from her. Being almost a head taller than her, he put a hand on the wall behind her and bent until they were eye level.

"Philophobia, huh?" He smirked at her face. "If that's so then you have Athazagoraphobia."

The fear of forgetting, being forgotten, ignored or replaced.

She looked down having her mouth form a small circle. "Oh... M-maybe..."

He chuckled, taking her chin in his hand. "I don't fear love but all the girls around here don't know the difference between love and obsessed." He took some sort of interest in the color of her eyes. "I have no use for it."

Her face heated under his fingers. "T-That's too b-bad." She hadn't met anyone who looked at something with such intensity.

He let her go. "How is that bad?"

She swallowed. "L-Love aside from hate, is the s-strongest emotion a p-person can have," she wrung her hand, looking behind him with a far off look. "The love f-from a mother could lift a car... O-or it could be so strong it-"

"You read too many romance novels." He cut off.

She smiled at her feet before slowly looking up at him. "You may be right, Uch-"

"Sasuke." He corrected.

She nodded. "Hinata."

He stepped closer to her. "Hinata, alright." He guessed it was better than GEG. He smirked even more when her hands went to his chest only to give them room. "You didn't tell me how it is bad for me."

She couldn't break eye contact with the strange Uchiha. "O-oh," She silently cursed herself for standing against the wall. She was literary between Sasuke's rock hard chest and a hard place. Slowly she formed the words. "Someone may need your l-love one day."

He glanced down at her hands before simply placing his larger ones on hers. "Congratulations, Hinata. You will not be forgotten." Her hands fell in embarrassment and he closed the space.

She turned before his lips touch hers, instead they rested on her cheek. "T-thank you, Sasuke-san." She moved to head to her ride. His hands lingered in hers before she moved them away.

He stood there watching her get in the car and drive off. A hand clasped onto his shoulder. "Dude, you missed it! Kiba drank a whole bottle of hot sauce! He spit all over Ino!" The blond watched his friend still looking down the road. "She's gone man." Naruto grinned before returning inside.

He sighed. "Yeah," He held down his smirk. He wouldn't admit out loud that he subconsciously burned her name in his mind. "Hinata."




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