Oh Phobias!

Chapter 8: Encholophobia pt.2



Fear of crowds


Uchiha Sasuke wasn't some alien or otherworldly creature. He wasn't some psychopath that simply mimicked human emotions, No. He was in fact human and that meant he felt...things.

Nervous was currently his most hated one.

Now if yanking out her hair, having her vomit on him - three times, headbutt the shit out of him and have popcorn rain on their head didn't make them official then...

Well shit.

He had originally planned this day, their first date, to the end but threw it away. What was the point if some unseen obstacle was going to bring either him or her pain? He rubbed his temples slowly. "Just ask." He gritted out.

He wasn't a spoiled brat, really, he just didn't know how to ask for things. People just gave him what he wanted but he mused sadly, "Can't buy people."

One could but he was sure that was illegal and Hinata wouldn't be happy as his own personal slave, servant or maid but the thought of her in the skimpy outfit was a pleasant thought. There was a knock at his window, refraining from jumping out of his skin, he looked over into two sets of unfamiliar opal eyes.

He rolled down the window. The younger girl sighed dreamingly which made him frown. "You are so beautiful."

The older male stepped away from the car. "We are Hinata's reinforcements."

So these were the people that were going to tell Hinata's father about him. He knew he had to kiss ass but he didn't have much of a choice. "Cool." He watched them standing there. "What?"

The guy crossed his arms. "What kind of man doesn't walk to the door?"

Strike One.

He got out the car and walked towards her house. The two... Ghost Eyed Freaks or GEFs trailed on him tightly. The older GEF opened the door, he assumed the house was going to be a mess of arts and crafts or cookies sitting on the table as he envisioned but it looked as if humans didn't live here.

Everything was white. White marble, white carpet, white furniture and it made the GEFs even creeper. He crossed his arms feeling exponentially out of place.

"Hinata hasn't spoken a word of you." The guy deadpanned before sitting on the couch.

"Well not to you, Neji!" The younger one snapped. "I'm Hanabi, Hinata's awesome sister and that prick is our cousin, Neji."

Sasuke nodded. He liked GEF bettter. "I'm Sas-"

"I know," She took his hands. "Sasuke Uchiha! Seventeen years old, captain of the basketball team, and you're dating my sister!"

He refrained from snatching away. "Where's your sister?"

"Getting dressed," Neji bit out. "Her father isn't home so I am their guardian."

"Cool." Sasuke sighed. Hopefully this was the worst of it. He checked his phone, he actually came earlier just to prepare himself but the GEFs caught him. "Can I sit?"

"No." Neji hissed.

Sasuke wanted to laugh. There was no way was a guy with more hair than his mother was going to scare him. "She loves you, you know?"

He looked at the little girl feeling a cough scratch his throat. "H-Huh?"

She nodded. "Yup. I know that because she was prancing around her room after the movie thing," she paused. "She tells me everything."

"That hardly proves anything."

There was a loud thud from upstairs that made everyone freeze, it was soon followed by a scream that made Hanabi scream and Neji jump. The trio ran up the stairs.

Sasuke paused seeing a lavender and only assumed that was her room. Both GEFs pushed pass him. He walked into the empty room and followed the sobbing.

Until Hanabi slammed the door shut in the boys faces. There was another pained cry. Neji sighed. "Leave it to Hinata."

The door soon opened revealing a soaking wet Hinata in a fluffy blue robe and Hanabi was supporting her until they got to the bed. "S-Sasuke!" She squeaked trying to close the robe more.

"What happened?" Both boys said.

She pointed to her ankle. "I... I s-slipped on s-s-soap!" She covered her face. "I'm so s-sorry Sasuke."

"Hanabi call 911, I'll go get the first aid kit and you-" Neji narrowed his eyes. "Watch her." Sasuke nodded as the GEFs left.

He sighed sitting next to the sniffling girl. "How did you slip on soap?"

She buried her face in his shirt. "A-Ano, it hurts!" He awkwardly patted her still soapy head. "I'm s-sorry."

"You're fine." He mumbled honestly. She looked at him with big lilac eyes before he bent to kiss her then he pulled back in disgust. "Soap in my mouth..."

She laughed at him. "S-Sorry."


Of all the places to spend their first dates the hospital was never the ideal spot. Hinata managed to get her over protective cousin and talkative sister to leave.

She did break her ankle and bruised her arm but besides that- "I'm okay, I'm okay." She repeated as Sasuke felt determined to help her with everything.

"You're not." He snapped. Uchiha Sasuke was never the caretaker but he would try. After elevating her ankle on the couch, he sat down allowing her back to rest on his chest.

"I k-know y-you didn't want to s-spend the d-day like this." She whispered.

"I wanted to spend time with you." He stated calmly.


"Rest, Hinata." He told her and she had no choice but to do as he says...for a "nurse" he didn't have any patience.



Two weeks passed and Sasuke concluded he didn't like Neji as much as the GEF didn't like him. He didn't like him SO much he remembered his name.

Neji...doesn't that mean onions?

Sasuke was currently at the Hyuuga residence with his crippled... "Hinata."

She was eating a cinnamon as he massaged her leg. "Y-Yes?"

"Are you or are you not my girlfriend?" He watched her eyes widened before giving him that smile. The same smile that started the cough.

"A-Are you asking me?" She tucked a strand of hair away.

He blinked twice. "I suppose."

She giggled softly before licking her fingers. This was something else that was making being around her increasingly hard... as well as something more personal very hard. He didn't know if she knew that the things she did turned him on or was it completely innocent?

He felt like a dog in heat all the time.

"Um...okay." She finally replied. He blinked a few times. "I'll be your g-girlfriend."

He nodded before continuing to massage her leg. "Cool."

"S-Sasuke!" She pouted. He leaned forward careful of her ankle and kissed her. This was the only time he'll ever ate a cinnamon roll if it was from her. "C-Cool." Just as he pulled away a older man walked in.

Her face was beet red trying to push the boy further away. "Father," He looked at his daughter then the teenage boy with his hands on her. "T-This is-"

Sasuke stood. "I'm Sasuke Uchiha."

He walked over to the couple. "Uchiha, huh?" Hinata watched in horror as her father looked him up and down. "We'll see." With that he walked away.


Hiashi tapped his chin, "Oh, Sasuke."


"You realize if you hurt her then I will have no choice but to make you disappear." He glanced over his shoulder at the stoic male.

"Of course."

"So be it." He walked upstairs. Sasuke sighed and sat down only to hear a yelp. He jumped up from his girlfriend's foot.

He covered her mouth. "Don't cry, I'm sorry." He cooed quickly.

Great, first five minutes and he was already causing damage.



Two months honestly flew by and Hinata hadn't even noticed. "So he forgot our one year anniversary." Ino snapped harshly.

Sakura scoffed. "Jerks, the whole lot of them! Naruto is so - argh!" She pulled at her hair. "I don't know if I want to punch his face in or kiss it off." As the girls talked about their boyfriends, Hinata sipped on her tea quietly.

Sometimes she wondered how her and Sasuke's first argument be like? Would she react like Sakura or Ino? "What about Sasuke?"

She blinked. "W-What about him?"

"He has to suck, I know!" Ino huffed. "Did you know he calls me Twig?"

The girls giggled. Hinata shook her head. "A-Ah, he is..." She blushed and shrugged. "He...is v-very touchy."

Sakura scoffed. "He's a boy, that's normal."

"I-It is?" She sighed in relief when they nodded. "Oh... T-then we don't fight."

Ino crossed her arms. "Is he being bossy! You have to stand up fo-"

She raised her hands. "N-No! He is great, really." They narrowed their eyes. "I really like him."

"Love?" Sakura smiled.

Hinata smiled brightly. "A-Ano, I-" That's when Naruto walked in. Sakura scolded him about busting in her house but he just laughed. Shikamaru walked in and collapsed on the couch which caused Ino to yell at him.

Warm arms wrapped around her. "Hey," he muttered in her ear. "Missed me?"

She turned to him and nodded breathlessly. "Y-Yes." He bent to kiss her slowly allowing her to stay comfortable. She smiled against his lips. "A lot."

He stepped back. "Let's go to my place." He watched her stiffen for a moment. "Are you scared?"

"I'm n-not scared." She intertwined their hands.

Sasuke looked at the loud couples. "We're leaving.

Naruto grabbed Sakura's fist. "Remember the thing!"

He groaned. "Yeah." Hinata looked at them curiously. "You'll see." She nodded trusting him.



"I was nervous!" She covered her face in embarrassment. Sasuke chuckled lightly in her ear as she leaned back into his chest. "S-Stop it."

He nodded knowingly before bringing his attention back to his older brother. Itachi was sitting on the couch, leg crossed and hand holding a coffee mug. He was to integrate the girl until Mikoto returned from the store.

"That was the twentieth question."

Itachi raised a hand, "And none of them needing your answer," Sasuke scowled as his brother turned back to his future sister-in-law or so he teased. "I don't why it's a surprise, mother will be a lot harsher."

Sasuke groaned. Just what he needed - spending another hour as one of his family members tried to find a faulty trait or habit of Hinata. "Well, until then."

Itachi stood. "I suppose, baby brother." He took Hinata's hand gently. "Hinata-san..." A blush ran from her face down her neck.

Sasuke coughed harshly. "G-Go away!" He growled as Itachi let go and threw a smirk. Hinata placed a concerned hand on his cheek.

"That cough is still around?" She asked softly kissing his cheek, jaw, the corner of his lip. He turned to her with a mischievous smirk. "S-Sas-"

He reached over trapping her between the couch and himself. He watched excitedly as her cheeks rose in color and spread over her face then disappearing under her shirt. "Un," He pressed his forehead to hers.

Sasuke liked to believe after these few months he successfully rubbed off in the mousy girl...into a less mousy girl. She didn't shrink away from him as she used to and now-

Her fingers tangled with his ebony tresses before pulling him gradually closer until their lips met. There was the initial peck before Sasuke deepened it while resting his hand on her leg.

Hinata liked to believe after these few months she had successfully rubbed off on Sasuke. All it took was harsh rejections and puppy dog eyes and for her to think that she had to reluctantly come to terms that he rubbed off on her.

Speaking of, she grabbed his wondering hand from leaving the safe zone. He chuckled darkly against her lips. "You were almost too late." She turned away, he was too much for her heart at one time. Being Sasuke, he didn't miss a beat and went to kissing her neck.

There was a drawn out moan and the sound of keys dropping. Sasuke pulled his lips from her exposed neck to see his mother with wide eyes.

Part of him wanted to continue, there weren't many chances when his reserved girlfriend allowed this but the other part of him-... No there was no other part.

"Sasuke Uchiha!" She rounded the couch to see a flustered Hyuuga. "Is this the same girl!?"

Hinata swallowed her fear, "U-Um... I-"

The woman reached over and took his ear before dragging him to adjacent couch. "What are you trying do? Make babies?"

Sasuke rubbed his sore ear. "No, but practice makes perfe-" She took his lips in her hand. He felt his mother tighten her grip on them.

Hinata wanted to sink into the couch and disappear. "Are you okay, dear?"

She glanced at the whining Uchiha to his mother. "Y-Yes ma'am."

"Did he hurt you? Force you?" She questioned. Hinata shook her head quickly hoping she would let go of the boy. "Good. His penis is small anyway."

With that he snatched away and Hinata was hyperventilating. "You wouldn't know!" Came his muffled reply as he rubbed his freed lips.

"How big could it have gotten?" She batted her eyes. "I changed your diapers," she turned to the panicked Hyuuga. "It was so cute! Me and Fu-kun called him pinky for the lon-"

"MOM!" Sasuke shouted.

Fugaku walked in the door hearing his wife talk about Sasuke's gentlemen areas and silently left again.

She shrugged. "There's nothing wrong with it," She plopped on couch with Hinata. "Nobody wants a monster siz-"

Hinata shot up and ran into the bathroom. Sasuke narrowed his eyes at his mother. "You're cruel."

She laughed. "That's for the Doctor Appointment thing," she stood flipping ebony locks. "Now to find and hump your father." She walked out.

He rubbed his temples. "Ah, shit." He went to find his fragile girlfriend. "Hinata, come out. It's over." He knocked at the door to see it wasn't close.

She was leaning against the sink. "I...s-sorry."

"Excuse her," He muttered in utter annoyance. "She's a drama queen."

She smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck. "It's okay."

He chuckled. "I hope so, you'll be seeing a lot of her."


He started to cough and walked out. She frowned a bit. She learned a lot about Sasuke. Whenever he was nervous around her he coughed...really hard. She walked after him only to be pulled in his room.

This was her first time ever actually coming inside. It was clean, he had OCD to thank for that. Only thing that looked out of place was his unmade bed which she was going to avoid. "I'm taking you out tonight." He said walking to the dresser and started searching for something.


He paused. "Do I need a reason?"

She shook her head. "W-where to?"

He rolled his eyes and pulled out two colorful tickets. "Surprise."




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