She always wondered since when did she have this feeling?

Is it during the Oracion Seis? Or along their journey in Edolas? Or when he defended her from Zancrow the Fire God Slayer – from Grimoire Heart during the S-Class Test in Tenroujima?

She didn't have any idea when. What she knows was her eyes were, are and will always be chasing after the form of the infamous Salamander, Natsu Dragneel.

Although she's a Sky Maiden, she lacked in power, ability and confidence – compared to the other Dragon Slayer – and she might even say she lack in appearances, particularly her chest in comparison to most of Fairy Tail's female mages – Erza, Lucy, Juvia for example.

But, she still liked Natsu nevertheless.

She liked how he protected her, how he comforted her, how he fulfilled his promised, how he taught her to highfive – everything. She also adored his clumsiness and his troublemaking side. She knew he did that to everyone, to whom he considered his comrades but still, she couldn't shake the feelings of.

"Wendy!" The stellar spirit mage called for her from the door, showing she's going out. "We've got a job!"

Erza and Gray were already waiting outside, while Happy and Charla were having their friendly-comedy-bickering like usual.

Feeling her head was patted, she looked up, only to see the pink-haired was smiling at her. "Come on! I can't wait to do some grilling!" And head out to where the other three were.

"Ahou!" Gray snickered at Natsu when he arrived beside him. "We're doing forest restoration!"

"Gray's right!" Lucy added. "We want more oxygen in the air, not the other wway around!"

Wendy was still standing at her spot. When Natsu called for her with that bright, cheery smile, she finally ran towards her friends.

Oh well. At least she's got to be by his side and knew he'll always there when you need him. That's enough reason to be contented.

A/N : I think I kinda want to see Dragon Slayers ended with each other. I mean, can you imagine what Natsu's and Wendy's kid will be like? Not to mention their respective element - fire and wind! If that kiddo decided to join FT, the guild master have to prepare fire extinguisher and Hazmat suit in advance!