It's been three weeks since Deucalion disappeared. Three weeks since he betrayed his pack because he fell in love with a human. Ethan's relationship with Danny was better then anything he could ask for but being who he was kept him scared that something could go wrong.

Friday night Danny and Ethan were currently at a local gay bar in the middle of the dance floor. Danny's arms were wrapped around Ethan and vice versa. The music was slow but loud as they danced together,passing little kisses every once in a while. They were at the club for nearly four hours and wasn't even close to going home. That was until Ethan got a phone call from his brother who was in trouble. He walked Danny to one of the tables and told him he would be right back.

That was thirty minutes ago and Danny has been calling him ever since. He sat there for a few more minutes before getting up and leaving the bar. It was late, dark and he just wanted to go home so he decided to walk home. Halfway from the bar he regretted it because three guys ended up jumping him.

Fifteen minutes later Stiles pulled up in front of a bus stop where he saw Danny sitting, hood over his head. Getting out of his car he went over to him. "Danny?"

"Thanks for coming to get me." He says not looking up.

"I shouldn't have too and where the hell is Ethan?" Stiles shouted.

"I don't know he left about an hour ago and I haven't heard from him since." Danny says. "I've been calling him non stop since he left."

Stiles saw blood on Danny's shirt and stepped closer to him. "What happened to you?"

Danny shrugged. "Some guys."

Stiles sighed. "Come on, I'll give you a ride home."

Danny got up and climbed into the passengers side. "I hate it when he does that."

"He's done this before?" Stiles asked pulling away from the bus stop.

"Yeah and he never tells me why." Danny says. "He just disappears on me, do you think he's hiding something from me?" He says looking over at Stiles.

Stiles knew that Ethan's disappearance probably had something to do with Aidan and how he was always getting himself into trouble. "Maybe something important just came up."

Danny just shook his head. "Well I'm really getting tired of it." He said to himself.

Stiles couldn't help but feel bad because he was the only one in the dark about what was really going on in Beacon Hills. He knew that Danny would be put in danger if he found out and he didn't want him to get hurt. Pulling up into Danny's driveway he turned off his car. "Are you going to be okay?"

Danny smiled and nodded. "I'll be alright but thanks for the ride Stiles, I owe you one."

"Bye." Stiles watched him until he disappeared inside the house and went home himself.


When Danny got inside it was around eleven so he knew that his folks were asleep. After changing his clothes and washing the blood off his face he went back to the kitchen to put a bag of ice on his eye. Sitting at the table he heard the floor board creek and looked up to see his dad. "Sorry if I woke you."

Daryl walked over to Danny and removed the ice pack from his eye. "What happened?"

Danny sighed. "Just some assholes who thought it would be fun to go gay bashing."

Daryl sat across from him. "I thought you were with your boyfriend."

"I was but something came up and he had to leave." Danny placed it back on his eye. "I walked home."

"Why didn't you call me when you knew that I would have came to get you." Daryl says.

"I'm sorry." Replied Danny. "I was just upset and wanted to be alone. I should have known not to talk by myself, especially around the club."

"Why don't you eat and get some sleep, it's late." Daryl says.

"Dad, if mom asks will you tell her that I got in a fight." Asked Danny. "I don't want her to know about this, please."

"Yeah, whatever you want." Daryl says. "I'll see you in the morning."

"Night." Replies Danny but he wasn't in the mood to eat anything so he just went up to his room and fell asleep as soon as he hit the mattress.


The next morning Ethan found himself searching for Danny at school. He had been calling Danny since the day before and he couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong. He found Stiles going through his locker and went over to him. "Hey Stiles, have you seen Danny anywhere?"

Closing his locker Stiles sighed. "Yeah he said that he wasn't feeling good so he's staying home."

"That's not it, isn't?" Ethan asked. "Did something else happen last night?"

Stiles looked around before glaring back at Ethan. "Why did you leave Danny at the club last night?"

"Aidan was in trouble and I had to help him." Says Ethan.

"You could have dropped Danny off home." Stiles replied. "Because of you he had to walk home and now he-"

"He what?" Ethan says cutting her off. "I swear to god if you don't tell me what's going on I'm going to break your neck."

The bell started ringing and Stiles sighed. "I have to get to class but if you want to know whats going on the go see him yourself." He walked off.

Ethan watched him a few seconds before leaving the school. Ten minutes later he pulled up in front of Danny's house and started pounding on the door. The pounding went on a few more seconds until he heard footsteps so he stopped and stepped back. The door opened and he was met with Danny who was wearing sweats and a hood over his face.

"What are you doing here?" Danny asked.

Ethan didn't respond, reaching over he slowly removed Danny's hood and saw his bruised face. "Danny, what happened?"

Danny sighed and moved away from the door. "It's not a big deal."

"What the hell do you mean it's not a big deal?" Ethan yelled, following him in and closing the door behind him. "When did this happen?"

"Last night, after you left I started to walk home." Danny sat on the arm of the couch. "Where the hell did you go Ethan?"

"I came back to get you Danny but you weren't there." Ethan says walking over to him.

"Are you sleeping with someone else?" Danny asked.

"Am I...what?" He replied. "How could you even ask me something like that?"

"Because lately you've been acting like you don't want to be with me." Danny says. "When were alone together it's like you're not even there. I know you're keeping something from me and I want to know what because I'm tired of all the secrets and disappearing acts that you pull."

"Danny I love you and I would never hurt you." Ethan assures him. "I haven't been with anyone, male or female. I'm just going through something right now."

"Something you feel that you can't tell me about." Danny says. "Why is that Ethan, do you not trust me?"

"No I completely trust you Danny, it's not that." Ethan sits on the couch and pulled Danny down next to him. He couldn't stop looking at the bruise under Danny's eye. "I'm so sorry left you yesterday. Something happened with Aidan and I had to go deal with him but Stiles was right I shouldn't have left you there."

"Stiles?" Danny says.

Ethan modded. "He told me that something happened with you yesterday and I wanted to make sure that you were okay. Do you remember what these guys look like. I mean do they go to this school?"

"I didn't see, it was dark." Danny wasn't looking at Ethan when he said that because somehow Ethan could always tell when he was lying. Truth was that he knew who they were but he didn't want to say anything. "Let's just forget it ever happened alright because I don't want to talk about it anymore."

Ethan sighed and looked down. "I'm sorry about last night and any other time I disappeared on you."

"Forget it Ethan." Danny says. "If you won't tell me what's going on then let me know beforehand if you're coming back." He stood up. "Anyway you should get back to school."

"But Danny-" Ethan started to say.

"I just want to be alone." Replied Danny. "I'll just? call you later okay?"

Ethan nodded. "Okay." He stood up and quietly left the house. Getting on his bike he sat there a few minutes before starting his bike and driving off, he was going to kill his brother.

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