It's not necessary to read these notes if you don't want to, but some of them might help you understand the story better (while others are just things which i added because, well, I can). PS: this is my first story. Please, review.

*The events of this story take place during winter

* Mobians are left handed (because I'm better at writing left handed vs right handed fight scenes)

* Amy is not in love with Sonic or anyone else (she's not interested in romance)

*The Super Transformation can be mantained for as long as the user wants to while not in a fight. However , while fighting, the user must have at least 50 Rings (beacause if you fight in Super Form , you need more energy than you have, which comes from the Rings)

* There is an extension of the Super Form, called the Unleashed Form , which looks exactly like the Super Form, but with a flaring aura . It is twice more powerful than the Super Form, but two rings are lost per second and each collected ring counts as two. This form is triggered by the phrase " Go Unleashed" (obviously, I took this idea from the way Super Sonic's aura lookled like in Sonic Unleashed)

* Sonic can still turn into the Werehog under certain circumstances, but he is unable to control the transformation during full moon nights and during Halloween (the events in this story do not occur during Halloween, but this note will be mentioned in the story)

* Sonic, Shadow and Silver are brothers.

*They have English accents (Why? Because I want it that way)