Kung fu panda alternate begging

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Chapter one a mislabel start

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All that I remember is pain, suffering, and no one to care for me no one to give a proper home with a loving family. It was just me to take of me but me and me alone and that is that is what I been doing for the past 12 years I just long for someone to love and to care for me I am just want a home that I can be love and care for, I am just getting tier of being alone and a banded, benign imprison in a foster family it is not the life that I want in fact it was hell and I don't like this life one bit. So at age 11 I decided to never go back to the foster system and to live my life and try finding my family by myself. My life now is wandering to find a place that I can call home and hopes that I can find a family but I highly doubt that I will ever find a family for now the only family I have is me and for my home is caves and any place that I can rest my head. Find food is always a struggle it is always anything I could scrounge up and most of the time it was not much but other times I was lucky to get a full stomach but those were rare times indeed. One I found myself wand in to a valley calls the Valley of Peace it look like I may have finally found a place that I can call home. As I walk the streets I was give strange looks as I was look for a place to stay and find a family but first I need to find a job. As I spot a place called Mr. Ping's noodle shop I saw that a bandit was in the shop and was trying to steal from him so I decided to help him put and take care of that bandit so I walk to the bandit once he got a look of fear in his eyes and high-tail it out of there. Mr. Ping look at me and said "thank you, so what are you doing in the valley of peace." He asks me.

As I replied to him "I am looking for a place I can call home and find a family and a job"

"Look no farther I am looking for a new cook and waiter and if you want you can stay here if you want I have a spare room upstairs." To say the least I was over the moon with this news so I quickly agree to his offer what I didn't know was this was a good choice that I made that would lead to something wound full will come out from this.

Unknown POV

High up at the Jade palace we see a lone figure stand by a peach tree and we hear him say "The time of the Dragon Warrior it is almost upon us." As he turn to head back inside for the night

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