Kung fu panda alternate begging Chapter 5

Training for a new destiny part 2

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As Po and the five went to the dorms for a good night sleep the five begging to discuss on Po skills well four out of the five are. "Man he is tougher than he looks. And we just saw him as just a cook but he just kick our buts in that spare." Mantis told his comrades. "Yea I have to agree we sure underestimated his skills at first but he does show great skill." Crane said. "So I wonder how well he will do in tomorrow training?" viper said. "Well we just have to wait until tomorrow and we will see." Monkey said. "Well I can't believe that a panda of all people could be the dragon warrior when we have all train for a longer time than that panda what was Oogway was thinking of choosing that panda for the title of dragon warrior." Tigress said in an angry voice. "Come on Tigress just get over it you are just mad that he beat you in that spar

as she greatly dislike po and that he leaves the Jade place once and for all. What they didn't know that po was right behind them and herd everything and po was not even surprise by what tigress said in fact he had expected her to say that. That is why po is going to prove her wrong by proving that he belongs here and with that he headed to his bunk for the night and get some sleep for tomorrows training. As Po headed to his bunk as he enter his room po felt something was wrong but it seem to pass as fast as he felt it. So with that po turn in for the night he was going to have same nightmare that has be hunted him all his life.

Dreamscape POV: PO

I found myself in a dark chamber were there was just pain and suffering cuts and scars all over me and they never stop coming. Then he showed up the gorilla name Qiang the reason my life is a nightmare as he starts to come closer to me with a whip and a hammer I start to as is start to quiver in fear as I start to back up "Please stop! Please stop, don't come any closer!" I pleaded but Qiang didn't listen to me he just came closer and closer just as he was a foot away from me I felt the wall against my back I was trap once again as Qiang started to crack the whip as I try to get away from it, it was no used I was trapped and now I was bound by chain as I try to break free but I couldn't do it I was to try and scare as Qiang stats to come up to me he said "come one you little brat beg for mercy. Beg for this to stop and maybe you will get out of here alive." He laughs evilly. Then the whips and the hammer blows stated and they were hard and fast never one pause between the blows as my vision stats to blurred I had mage to say "You never will keep me here and will never will break me as Qiang deliver the last to blows then I black out . END OF DREAM SCAPE

I bolted up with a hard and loud gasp as I regain my breath I look around to see that I was back in the barks at the jade place. I release my breath it was that stupid nightmare but it was a nightmare it was real and I hope that I will never see Qiang ever again. I will probably not going to go back to sleep now after that nightmare so I decided to take a walk to clear my head and maybe hit something as well to relive the anger from the nightmare that I just had, but I didn't know that I was being flowed by a certain tiger. As I walk outside I decided go to the training hall to relive my serest as I enter the hall I decided to go through the gauntlet as I start going through it. As I was about on my third time through I had the feeling that I was not alone in the training hall "Who goes there!" I shouted. "Relaxes panda it is only me." As I see tigress coming out from the shadows. "What are you doing here at this time of night?"

"I could ask you the same thing panda. I heard tigress said" "The name is Po not that you would care. I am here to release my stress that is all. Now what are you doing here at this time of night." I replied back to her. "I was just thinking of doing some late night training." She replied back to me but I could tell that she was lying to me I could tell by her tone that she was lying to me. "I know that you are lying so tell me the truth on why you are really here Tigress."

She seems to be surprise that I could tell that she was lying so with a release of her breath she told me the truth. "I couldn't sleep and I herd you leave your room and I decided to follow you and to see where you were going at this time at night. Happy now?"

"Yes I am. Since you are here do you want to train?" I replied back.

"Why not we are both here already. So what do you what to start with?" she asks me. "How about a spar?" "That sounds good to me." As we start to spar it is like as we are getting to know each other better though this spar. I could tell that tigress had a rough pass just like I did. POV: Tigress

When I was sparing with po I could tell that he had a dark and rough pass like I did but what was his dark pass? And how did he learn to fight so well? I will find out these answers that am seeking about po.

What we didn't know that someone was watching us. UNKOW: POV

"Hmmm those two will get along just fine" he said as he sunk back in to the shadows and to head to the peach tree to mediate on the upcoming events.

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