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Learning that the boys hadn't found Leonardo was a hard thing to hear. What came afterword was even more of a struggle.

The boys had to wait until nightfall to continue the search. I could see in their eyes how badly they wanted to rush to the surface to find their older brother, but Splinter convinced them to stay. It was too dangerous.

So they tried to make themselves busy. Donnie closed himself off in his lair while Raphael got into his training.

However Michelangelo found no motivation in TV or games. So he sat on the couch, hugging his knees close to his chest. I tried to get him to read one of his comics, but he said he just wasn't in the mood.

Not knowing what else to do, and knowing he wanted some time to himself, I left the lair.

I did what I could during the day since I was still able to go to the surface, but it isn't like I can just go leaping over buildings either. People would see me and report it.

So I had to go through the crowded streets, and let me tell you, it is very hard to get through New York city sometimes.

Several times I had been tempted to call April to ask for her help, but I kept having to remind myself that she was angry at us.

…Maybe I should though? She wasn't the type of person to just turn her back on someone if they needed her, even if she was angry at them. And Leonardo was once her friend.

He still is though, even if she doesn't want him to be.

In the end I couldn't make the call and just kept searching. I cornered and questioned solo gang members, but the Purple dragons didn't seem to know anything about Leonardo either.

I hadn't really expected them to anyway, but I did get a little frustration off my chest.

Not like it matters though.

I could beat up a hundred Purple Dragons, but that would never make me feel better. Only Leonardo could do that, when he was safe and sound at home.


Where are you?


You ever get that feeling like you are being watched? Or maybe that feeling like you are trapped in a little box, barely able to breath?
Yeah, that is where I am right now. A suffocating little cage monitored by cameras.

I suppose it could be worse.

I could have a very unpleasant and smelly room mate with me too.

Oh wait, I shouldn't have said that just now. I just know Shredder is gonna some how get that idea in his head and throw a smelly room mate with a bad attitude in here to keep me company.

I think I would rather get beat up by Raphael in front of Master Splinter then stay locked up in here for another second.

Picture being locked in here with Raphael and Master Splinter, and having Raphael beat me up. Thinking like that makes my day seem a little bit more bearable.

Oh wait, what if Mom was there too? I don't think I could take that shame and embarrassment. Being beat up in front of Master Splinter was embarrassing, true, but he technically beat us up all the time. He always sees us collapsed on the floor or messing up in our training.

Mom though, she only comes in for Tuesday and Thursday training. Those days we are on the top of our game. Every other day my brothers and I relax a bit more.

I'm not sure how to explain it when it comes to her seeing us mess up. Maybe it is the fear that she will see us mess up and not be as proud of us anymore. Like we would lose importance in her life.

Though she never seems too concerned about that. We see her mess up all the time. Well, not so much in training, but definitely in everything else.

Like the scarf she made me. She messed up so much in that, and got it to the best she could before she gave it to me.

She was worried that I wouldn't like it, sure, but she wasn't ashamed that she messed up. It just doesn't seem to bother her. It is like she accepts it about herself that she will always makes mistakes.

That is something I wish I could learn from my mother.

How to accept my mistakes. I can honestly recall every single mistake I have made all the way down to when I was 4.

Is that sort of sad?

I'm sure Raphael would laugh at it and ask for me to tell him some of the mistakes, just to rub them in my face.

I can't help it though. If I fail, I not only fail myself, I fail my family. Any choice I make decide if my brothers live or die. And right now, I can clearly see where my choices have gotten me.

Locked up in Shredder's little prison.

…I guess there is a bright side to this. Shredder never came in to brag or gloat over capturing my brothers, so that must mean they got away and back home safely.

Hopefully none of them are injured.

Oh, and I hope Mom isn't worrying too much. I'm sure Master Splinter is keeping his cool, but Mom can sometimes… get a little carried away when worried.

Like that one time the Purple Dragons attacked Mr. Murakami's house. We went to stop them, and were beating them up like normal, but none of us noticed one guy sneaking up on Mikey. He was helping Mr. Murakami-san up and hadn't noticed the guy.

I should have been watching, but was only a little too late in calling Mikey's name before the guy hit my baby brother on top of the head, hitting him to the ground. We were lucky Mikey didn't get to bad of a concussion, but the guy… yeah, he wasn't so lucky.
As soon as Mom saw that, she was on that guy within seconds. She literally pounced on him like a wild animal and started beating him up.

She was moving so fast that Raph and me couldn't even keep up with her sometimes. It took both of us together, and a piece of rope to finally pull her off the poor guy.

Mom can be a beast when provoked.

Pausing from my train of thought to shiver, I scowled.

Why is this room so damp and cold? Haven't they ever heard of heaters?

I was really starting to miss Mom's scarf right about now. To most it may not have been the most beautiful thing, though it was awesome to me, it definitely kept a Turtle warm.

I was soo going to punch Karai and Shredder in the face for taking it from me.

…I wonder if Karai really burned it? I saw the fire place, and Vader was walking over to it. So that probably means he did, didn't he?

If he didn't, Karai surely did. She loved finding any way she could to make my life miserable.

At the small sound of a click, signaling that the cage door was being unlocked, I lifted my head. The room was relatively dark, so I squinted when the door opened, revealing a large ray of light.

Now that I could see a little clearer, I frowned to find both my wrists and ankles chained to the wall and floors.

The chains weren't too short so I could sit and stand if I wanted to, but I couldn't really move away from the corner of the room.

They wouldn't usually give me so much elbow room. There had to be more to this.

Narrowing my eyes, I watched silently as Karai and her Father, the Shredder, moved into the room. Their steps were in sync as they came closer to me, both having a similar glint to their eyes.

Both of them wanted revenge, and both of them wanted to take it out on lucky old me.


"Guests." I said dryly. "I hope you brought a house warming gift."

I was not in the mood for this. I was tired, hungry, and cold. At least bring some bread with you if you have come to gloat!

"I have a sword if you want it." Karai said playfully. "You don't seem to have any shelves yet to put it though, so I'll just stick it in your leg."

"I will sadly deny your gift, for I have plenty of swords." I said back, my voice coated with sarcasm.

Karai smirked a bit, glancing at her Father. Standing tall, my Father's arch enemy took a few steps closer to me.

"I hope you got some good rest Leonardo." He said, his voice blank, showing no real concern for my well being.

"Little damp." I growled. "You should get a heater."

Saying nothing Shredder walked a little to my right, checking over the chains that were binding me to the corner.

"Tell me Turtle, are you ready to speak?" he inquired.

"Tell you all my family's secrets just from a little trouble sleeping? Not happening." I narrowed my eyes.

"Alright Turtle." Shredder narrowed his eyes right back. "I'll give you one last chance. Where are Hamato Yoshi and your brothers hiding?"

Looking up to meet his cold glare, I stood my ground. "I will never tell you."

"Insolent Turtle." Shredder shook his head. He sounded more disappointed then angry for some reason. Snapping his fingers, my eyes widened a bit when three more foot shoulders came into the room.

"Do as you wish." He waved them off, exiting the room.

Karai glanced at me, her eyes narrowing, before she too left the room. She was leaving me alone with the three, really big, and really menacing looking Foot Ninjas. I could only assume what their job was, and I was sure I wasn't going to like it.

At the door, Karai suddenly paused. She glanced over her shoulder at me, and I swear I thought I saw something. Maybe it was just wishful thinking, but I thought I saw the look of hesitation cross her face.

I was never able to make sure though because as soon as I saw it, it was gone.

Turning away, Karai left the room, leaving me with my three new friends.

Yeah, I could see it in their eyes. Shredder had given them certain ordered.

He wanted answers, and as everyone knows, there is usually only one way to get answers out of a ninja.

You force it out.

And just as I expected, one suddenly stepped forward, hitting my straight in the gut. Though my shell blocked most of the attack, it still knocked some of the wind out of me and I fell to one knee.

Yup… called it.

Looming over me, I could practically see them all smirking at me from behind their masks.

Grabbing the top of my plastron, they heaved me back to my feet and had me slightly dangling in the air, just to throw my to the ground and kick me. Wincing at the new bruises covering my already bruises body, I bit my bottom lip.

Another fist collided with my head, and I saw stars for a second. My vision blurry, I struggled to get back to my feet. If this is how they wanted to play, then so be it. I can endure.

Lifting up my head in defiance, I glared at the three. They all glanced at each other, and in one quick motion, they all slammed their fists into my gut.

...No, I didn't need the air in my lungs or anything like that.

I think I preferred to have my face slammed into the dirt. I was also starting to realize why I was given so much elbow space with the chains.

As my Mother would say… This is totally not wicked.