What if the team wanted real answers?

What if there was an extremely important author's note at the end?

Drop-Zone: Part One

Forty-Five Minutes Prior to Present Time, Mount Justice's "Sitting Area"-

Superboy waited in the living room, the team clumped slightly behind him. After Robin had been carted off to the medical bay, he'd moved there to get away from the rising chaos and think.

The rest had tagged along with him.

It didn't matter though. What mattered was finding out important on how Robin, of all people, was in their medical bay with some very serious life-threatening issues. It was almost surreal- how could anyone even get the drop on him? Heck, Kr couldn't even walk into the same room without seeing the small bird's body tense up, ready for a fight!

And then there was Batman...

The clone sat himself down on one of their plush couches; maybe if he strained his super-hearing he'd be able to listen in on something useful.

"There are a few things you should know, Doctor-"

The tones were hushed, but distinct enough. It was the Dark Knight himself, talking to Dr. Mid-Nite. About what, he didn't exactly know (not yet, at least), but Kr knew it had to be important.

"-Robin does not heal properly due to an...accident. You understand the effects of the drug Electrum, correct?"

"Most commonly used with Talons in the Court of-"


"M'gann! Patch the others in! Hurry!" Kr could see the others tense up at the crude intrusion. Outside of a mission, or training exercise, the mind link was something they rarely used, as it was considered an extreme invasion of their personal privacy. He wondered if the others would ever get used to it. Kr pretty much already was, what with the G-Gnomes' force feeding him his education. The rest of the team didn't have the experience he and M'gann did in that area.

"Hey! What's going-" Wally's whining was cut off by the clone.

"Shut up; listen. It's about Robin." The team's apprehension grew at the statement. What was wrong? What was happening? Was Robin okay?

Superboy growled as the questions about Robin's health accumulated, "I said 'shut up'!"

His friends silenced themselves immediately. A mad Kr was definitely a frightening Kr.

"Just listen to what I say. It's between Batman and Doctor Mid-Nite."

M'gann gasped, making the others wince throughout the link, "Kr! That's intruding in someo-"

"Just listen! That's all I'm asking!" He cast the room in a deadly, heated glare, daring someone to oppose him.

No one did.

"Good. Okay.. Mid-Nite is talking right now:

I see. Is there anything else you would like me to know, Batman?

No. Just remember that Robin does not heal normally, and extra precautions must be taken in order to ensure his safety and recovery. Thank you, Mid-Nite.

That's it. Batman left the room. There obviously was more, but all of your complaining made me miss it. So thanks." Kr's sarcastic statement made the team blush in shame at their own mistake. If they'd only listened, maybe they would know what the whole story was with Robin!

M'gann giggled nervously and ended the link, "We can just ask Robin when Batman leaves the medical wing, right?"

"I don't think that would be a good idea, babe." Wally set down the bag of chips he'd anxiously grabbed when the issue of Dick's recovery arose, then snatched it back up. Hey, he was hungry and those Lays were good. "Batman'd probably want to check in on Robin after whatever is happening right now before he let us in."

The Atlantean nodded in solemn agreement, "This is true. How long do any of you suppose it will take?"

"...Not very? I dunno, that kid is weird when it comes to medical stuff."

Kr decided that now was the time to expose what he'd uncovered. Maybe Kid would know something about it? "Does...Electrum have anything to do with that?"

Choking on his baked potato slice, Kid barely managed to wheeze out, "W-where did you get that idea from?" He thought for a moment, then, to add to the lie he was delicately weaving: "And what the hay is Electrum?"

"I heard Batman say it earlier."



"I can't say, okay? It just really, really, isn't my place." The speedster continued to mumble, but his words became incoherent. He was slipping into (what, ironically, Robin referred to as) speed-talk.

"Slow down, Kid." Aqualad put a reassuring gilled hand on his comrade's shoulder, "We cannot understand you."

"Ugh. I said 'you might as well ask Robin when we go on in'," he pouted, and thought for a moment, "I'll go ask in a few minutes. Whatever is happening shouldn't be too long anyways."

Wally positioned himself in the chair he'd lazily plopped into and prepared to wait.

Except waiting...wasn't really his strong suit at the moment. Especially when it dealt with one of his "friends". Was Robin his friend? He liked to think so, as they were the only two on the whole team who had known each other the longest, and it didn't make sense to him for them to not be friends.

So yes, they were at least friends in his book, he didn't know about Robin's though. Kid knew the ebony would deny anything and everything if the situation came down to it. Which, very surprisingly, was fine with Kid. He knew, and that was all that mattered.

"Alright… I guess I'll go see what's up now. Wish me luck?"

All Wally got was six pairs of pitying eyes.

Thirty seconds later-

"Okay so, uh, Batman and Robin are talking." Kid laughed a bit, and lifted his hand to the back of his head.

Kr raised an amused eyebrow, "They kicked you out, didn't they."


Kaldur put a finned hand to his face and sat down, "Then we will have to wait."

Humor forgotten, Superboy took a seat next to Miss Martian, letting the girl fill the silence between them easily. She was, of course, still very upset about him invading The Dark Knight's privacy, but the clone figured she would eventually get over it. Kr knew she would do anything for a teammate, regardless of how long she actually knew them. Or even, how much she knew about them.

It was a bit disconcerting at times, knowing how easily she cared for other beings, if he were to be honest with himself. She was so naive to the deceitful world they lived in, probably even more so than him. Kr had been conceived for the lone reason of filling in for someone else, he was obligated to know modern customs. His friend, however, was not. M'gann was from Mars. A literal alien world, and the only handbook she had on how to fit in was Hello, Megan, a 1980's sitcom.

...Of course, he wasn't supposed to know that… but it was hard to ignore the fact, considering he resided next door to the martian.

"...Have you even been listening to anything I've been saying, Kr?"

The teen nodded his head and responded, "Of course I have." He was lying, but she didn't need to know that. A mad M'gann was definitely a frightening M'gann.

The martian eyed him suspiciously for a moment, then continued her conversation, seemingly satisfied by what she got.

Fifteen Minutes Later-

Batman glided down the hallway, chewing over his conversation he had held with his protege. His boots thudded against the floor repeatedly, but each step brought the same two words down upon him, again and again like a never-ending torrential rain.

"Fine. Leave."

He had most definitely heard worse, but never from his own ward. It hurt, to say the least, and so he made a point of not to show it. Hurting was a weakness he could never afford, especially not with Dick. The boy, despite much popular belief, really did care about specific people and things. It was just about one of the only traits he kept after his time with the Court.

And Bruce was overwhelmingly thankful for that.

But, that did raise a few questions in itself. Bruce had actually seen Dick before his parents' murders. He was...the...the epiphany of life, of happiness! And to think, the billionaire had only seen him for a handful of minutes, seconds even! Yeah sure, seeing the gruesome event would have changed anyone, (just look at himself) but not that tiny eight-year-old. He had something Bruce didn't have at the time, a spark. And, even today, if you looked close enough, if you payed attention enough, it was there.

So, what had this Court done to his boy that nearly extinguished that?

He smirked; maybe ambushing Two Face in that warehouse would help answer the nagging question.

"Batman! Batman!"

Oh. So Young Justice was here. Didn't he tell them to leave? Probably not, he was pretty preoccupied earlier.

He sighed, and spun on his heel, "What?" He made it clear he was busy, and the small team noticed that.

M'gann gulped down her temporary trepidation and looked the giant Bat straight into it's seemingly lifeless masked eyes.

A shiver ran down her spine.

How did Robin do this on a daily basis?

But alas, the martian girl was determined. She would stand up to the most feared vigilante in the Justice League...and…well, she would show them, everyone, that he wasn't as scary as they sought him out to be. Besides, how hard could it be?

"Batman," she started, voice strong, "we need to see Robin."

He looked the foursome up and down, "That's fine." His eyes hardened, and even through the white coverings, it could be felt through the room. Batman prepared to leave.

M'gann stiffened, and then solidified her resolve, "And where are you going? Have you even talked to him yourself, yet?"

Something in the girl's voice must have upset the man, because, even though his words were fairly simple to follow, he never answered her question, "Just make sure he doesn't leave after me." With one final glare and a dramatic swish of his infamous cape, Batman left The Mountain, leaving the team in a kind of stunned silence.

"Recognized: Batman, 02."

Wally coughed awkwardly for a moment, then sped to the medical door, "Anyone coming!?"

He was impatient to say the least, and these, these slow-pokes weren't moving fast enough. He really needed to get a better look at the damage inflicted upon his smaller friend. Rob was tough, sure, but, man. The kid had looked pretty bad when he first arrived.

Shaking off their shock, everyone followed the path Kid took to the door.

Kid looked at them once before shaking his head and pushing the door open, "Dude." he drawled, speeding over to the injured bird, "What just happened?"

"He's leaving me here while he goes off to chase Two-Face. After all, the little bird can't take care of himself with his talons clipped," came the snarky reply.

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