Hello everyone, Paradigm here with the first actual chapter of Capitol's Strike. However, for these games there is no reaping. The President thinks of the reaping after these games which I might create... but, anyway this will be a 24 OC centered story and my clear winner is not yet depicted. I enjoy the Hunger Games so much, and I hope you guys do to! Each chapter is one different P.O.V, at least but, there is a winner. For every tribute P.O.V it is first person but, for the President, and Head Gamemaker and Interviewer it is third person. I'm going with either Districts 1-4/8-12. I do not own the Hunger Games and I only own the OC's in this story so all the tributes, and the Head Gamemaker, Interviewer, and the President. Enjoy Chapter 1.

President Ammadeus Snow P.O.V

Ammadeus Snow watched the 24 young boys and girls slide their way into the main training center. No one knew what was going on. Even Ammadeus didn't know the full details of the operation known as the Hunger Games.

Jerald Donnor sat nearby, sipping a glass of wine. Ammadeus knew that the "wine" was not wine. It was the blood of the rebels that he himself killed in the rebellion. As the Head Gamemaker for this operation, he had to have the best spoils of war.

"Head Gamemaker," Ammadeus thought. "What an interesting title. Gamemaker... the one who controls our arena. My arena will make the name of Snow known throughout history." He stopped his thoughts, for every "tribute" as Ammadeus called them had lined up.

Ammadeus cleared his throat and stared at Jerald. Jerald gave Ammadeus an annoyed look. "What?"

Ammadeus breathed heavily. "Our mincemeat is here. Excuse me, our entertainment."

Jerald smiled and opened his arms out to the 24 teenagers gathered. "Welcome tributes to The Capitol. You have been selected for a huge honor."

"Yeah right," shouted a muscular boy in the front. "I was walked in here at gunpoint. That is such an honor Mr. Donnor."

Ammadeus walked forward abruptly. "Jake Quipp," Jake turned towards the president. "Make another outburst like that and I'll have my Peacekeepers escort you personally out the door, at gunpoint with you drugged. Making enemies with Mr. Donnor is one of the worst things you can do in these games if you wish to stay alive."

The snickering died down and everyone stared at the president. One of the kids spoke, quietly due to shock. "Alive? Sir, what do you mean?"

Jerald clasped his hands together and some of the kids flinched. "Yes tributes, welcome to the Hunger Games. These games start now."

One kid raised their hand. "Do you mean hunger as in food?"

Ammadeus laughed. "No. It means death. There are 24 of you, am I correct? The 24 of you will be trained in the art of survival, and fight to the death in a televised arena."

Jake smiled and gave the people around him a look. "Glad I know how to fight. I'm going to kill all of you."

Jerald held up a finger. "Not so fast Mr. Quipp. This is where I come in. I am called the Head Gamemaker. I am the person who controls the arena and cause your doom or your rescue. I can summon a fire storm, a hurricane. I can drop random mutations on you such as bees that will track you down and kill you with a few poisonous stings. Or the wolves that run faster than trucks. So I might tip the scales."

Jake looked furious. "Yeah! I know exactly what you are talking about! One of those wolf mutts killed my father and I had to swoop in and save the f****** day."

"Mr. Quipp," Ammadeus shouted. "That language is not tolerated. Do I remind you that you might want to have some manners if you care to make allies in these games?"

Jerald waved his hand. "As I was saying, each of you come from districts, and each district is represented by a symbol or something along that matter. Your district also, however determines what skills you are not going to be practicing in this room. For District 1 and 2, it is sword fighting. District 3 will be how to make fires. District 4, it is trident and trap making. District 5 sorry to say is the edible plant test alongside fire creation. District 6 is useless so I may or may not find something for you yet. District 7, the skill you are unable to use is axe-throwing and weights. District 8, will be camouflage. District 9, edible plant test and archery. District 10, most of the hand to hand combat. District 11, sorry it is the edible plant test and the knife throwing station. District 12, you are the weakest of all of the tributes selected, as your district surrendered first. You may use any and everything in the training center."

It was silence till one girl raised her hand. Ammadeus spotted her out in a second. "Yes, Eve Gladius, I see your hand."

Eve, who was trying to formulate her question squeaked when the boy next to her poked her. "Oh, yes my question. Um, what do you mean by training Mr. Donnor."

Jerald held out his hand behind the tributes. "Look behind you. This is our training center. It has every skill for survival as well as areas to be able to dominate the arena around you. As I mentioned beforehand, some skills you are not allowed to do because you would have a distinct advantage over other tributes in that area and know much more about that certain topic. We have hand-to-hand combat or wrestling, sword practice, a ribald circle for a knife thrower, archery, spear throwing, an edible plant test to know which foods are eatable and not consumable. My favorite, the fire starting station and there are many more."

Ammadeus gave a hard look at all the tributes. "You will be here in the training center for five days. The first four days, starting tomorrow you will all be in here, practicing any skills you wish to understand and use in the arena. On the fifth day, one of you at a time will be in here, showing Jerald here your skill that you think will be the best for you in the arena. These are called private sessions and are a key point in the games. After all 24 of you come in and do your task, you are given a score from 1-12 by Jerald and the other Gamemaker's on his committee. A 1 is the worst score a tribute can receive and we thought you had no chance of survival. A 12 being that you are indeed a lethal target and we would gladly not go near you to fight."

Jake gauntly raised his hand. "Why do you say these scores are important?"

Ammadeus gave Jake a nice eye contact look before answering. "That my boy, is an excellent question. My beloved citizens of the Capitol cannot stand to watch bloodless deaths in my arena so they try to spruce you all up with certain gifts. These gift givers are called Sponsors and these scores help a sponsor believe you are worthy of such a gift. However, that is not the only time you may give your audience a thrill. After training scores are given out, the next day, at night is the Interviews. Our wonderful Haddison Moraltin will be interviewing you all on your life, and asking questions about the time you have spent here in the games. This will be one of the last chances to please the sponsors. Alas, that is not the end. The next morning, which is an exact week from today, you will be transported into the arena. You do not know what to expect. For 60 seconds you will be on these metal plates. There will be a gong sound after you are on these plates for the allotted 60 seconds. Move before time is up and I'll have Jerald blow you to bits. Now, once this gong rings, there is going to be a golden horn in the middle of where you all will fight for the beginning of these games. Does anyone know what the "Horn of Plenty" is?"

Eve shot her hand up. "I do! It's a cornucopia!"

"Excellent Eve," Ammadeus smiled. "At our cornucopia, you will all be distanced an equal amount of meters from this ovation. Once that gong sounds you are allowed to run towards the cornucopia. Inside, and spilled around the cornucopia, are weapons and items necessary to survival. We call this a bloodbath because you will be able to start murdering each other for my entertainment."

No one decided to make a comment. Jerald noticed the uneasiness. "You all have one hour to mingle among each other before you have to make your way to each respective floor," He turned to leave and then remembered one more thing. "Oh yes! You all have someone called district partners. These people are your most trusted allies. I suggest trying to become good friends with them."

Jerald turned to leave, and Ammadeus followed him. Both of them went behind a hidden panel in the wall, and looked back once to see all the tributes begin to talk. "I believe, Ammadeus, that this will be a mistake."

Ammadeus gave a quizzical look towards his head Gamemaker. "Sir? Jerald, this isn't even day one. You'll find something good about this. Trust me. We will need to watch it unfold. This will become a legacy."

Ryder Cole: District 3 Male P.O.V

"I think this is a total lie. It's bullshit." Mako Narcis of District 12 snarled at me.

I laughed. "I think it is for real. I'm genuinely disturbed."

"Sure you are." Jake slugged me in the arm.

I did not know what to believe. My mind was confused just at the idea of us killing people. I looked at Ellen Dosse, the girl who apparently was my district partner. Her white hair was tied down her face, showing off her salmon eyes. Some sort of contact malfunction. I ran a hand through my obsidian hair, my slate eyes staring at Jake Quipp from District 10 converse with Mako Narcis of District 12. They seemed to be lethal threats, both of them at the age of 18. I was a year younger, fresh out of high school. I had some decent skill with an axe.

I breathed, and made my way to the elevator. This was going to be interesting.

Birch Lido: District 7 Male P.O.V

"I don't trust him." Eve mused.

I gave her a slight smile. "Who don't you trust?"

"Jake Quipp and Mako Narcis. They seem to be the biggest threats. Jake looks like he can swing a sword and take your head off in seconds. Mako has some power."

"And I don't?" I objected.

Eve elbowed me. "God Birch, lighten up."

I held my hands up in innocence. "Hey, just because I'm fifteen does not mean that I can't kill both of them. I am from District 7, I have skill with axes."

Eve laughed. "And you can't even use that particular weapon here in the room to intimidate us."

"What about you? Do you actually know how to use a gladius? Because of your last name?" I question.

Eve frowns. "Sadly I don't. I can use a dagger, pretty well actually. I hope to at least get an eight."

"About that.. I'll be getting a better score than you. At least a ten."

Eve scowled. "You don't want me to hate you Birch. Trust me. I could kill you quickly. Watch yourself. I don't want such a pretty face like yours to end up with a knife in it like Mako and Jake at the end of these so called games."

So, what do you all think? I find Eve, Birch, Ryder, Jake, and Mako in my top eight tributes of this story. Cranston, Flint, and Rye are probably my other favorites. I think one of them will be the winner. However, on the idea here with Ammadeus and his last name being Snow, is for me, I think the presidency is heredity, so Ammadeus will be passed by Cornelius, then in my other Hunger Games series, Lee. What do you think so far of this? Is it interesting for the way it is portrayed? Head Gamemaker however is not heredity because Jerald Donnor dies sometime in the 50's of the Hunger Games, then Seneca Crane, then Plutarch Heavensbee, then finally the son of Seneca, Wyatt Crane. Yeah... Anyway, also with this Hunger Games story, I have my Gamemaker's Plan series following a district twelve tribute named Jonathan and his struggle against the new president, Lee Snow. Please check out that series too! Please review! It will mean a whole bunch. Thank you all and love you all!