Originally I wasn't going to post this on this particular site, but I have decided that I might as well otherwise it will never be completed. I only seem to complete works that I do on here. Anyway, for my most loyal of readers I am having an issue with my monitor... It's dying. If you find that I haven't updated a story in a long minute it's probably because it finally kicked the bucket. I am hoping to have one before the end of next month, but will try to get one before then. I will try to keep people posted.

A twenty-two year old Samantha Manson woke up happy for what had to be the first time in several years and the reason behind that was that she had just slept with her best friend, her first crush and disaster as well, the night before. The light from the morning sun filled the room and though the dark haired woman normally hated that today there was nothing that could ruin this moment in time... At least not that she knew. They had been friends forever, the pair of them attending Casper Elementary, Casper High before drifting apart during her years at college. They had stayed in contact of course, but being apart distance wise had been hard for them when they had been so used to being together all the time.

When she had hit the age of seventeen she had graduated from Casper High while Danny had stayed on for another year, and that had been only because her grades had allowed her to pass her schooling a year earlier than both Tucker and Danny. Danny was bound to Amity, as he was their super hero while Tucker had become the youngest mayor, and finding he loved the job as well as the perks that came with it he decided to continue in his role. Sam had had gone on to complete her college degree in less than four years and while going back to Amity had not been her ideal plan she had gone back for him. That had of course been a mistake on her part, but she had done it none the less only to find that Danny was what one referred to as a Casanova. He loved the female gender, but did not want to tie himself down to any of them. She had found this out after sleeping with him. The sheets rustled as she stretched her legs out, her mind clearing of all the dreams from the night before as she concentrated on the good of the day... and the night.

Turning to him now she smiled as he continued to sleep peacefully, his raven hair falling over half of his face as he snored softly. At that moment his eyes opened, slowly, as he stretched out and then it hit him that he wasn't alone, the feeling of someone looking at him drawing his attention to her. Looking up at her, his ice blue eyes growing wide Sam found him looking rather uneasy, as if the situation wasn't what he had planned on. Well, she hadn't either and it hadn't helped that they had gotten fucking wasted the night before either, so knowing that it would end badly she decided to cut the thick awkwardness that filled the room. She had hoped that this had been fate, that they belonged together, but that look on his face told her otherwise.

"I have to get going," she said scrambling to climb over him without touching the halfa next to her because she knew that if she touched him she wasn't going to want to stop touching. Grabbing her clothing, most of it around the edge of the bed, she made a hasty retreat to the bathroom that was next to his room. As the door slammed it finally hit the raven haired male that he had somehow hurt his best friend and he never intended to hurt her...EVER. So getting up and pulling on a pair of jean, sans underwear he knocked on the bathroom door. Hell, he hadn't even said anything and yet the love that had been in her eyes just moments ago had faded like the fog as the morning sun hit it.

"Sam, I so didn't mean to-" He was cut off as the door opened to the restroom and Sam stopped to look him in the eyes, her own amethyst orbs shuttered and that was when he was absolutely sure he had hurt his friend's feelings, hell, he was surprised that she hadn't started cussing at him yet since that was how she usually reacted when he fucked up, but no, this time the Goth before him was calm... That might be worse.

"It doesn't matter," she stated, her tone cold. "As far as I am concerned it never did and we need never talk about it again." The halfa sputtered, his mouth and brain fried from her lack of emotion. "Now, if you could move I need to head out as I have a job today and only a week to complete it." When he didn't immediately move she pushed him to the side, her bare feet slapping on the wood floor as she headed down the corridor and for the front where she was sure her boots were. She had left her panties somewhere in Danny's room, not that it mattered to her because he could just keep that as a memento of his mistake as far as she was concerned. Not a good idea at that same time because she was wearing a rather short skirt, but once again she wasn't staying longer than she needed to so grabbing her boots she headed for the front door. "I'll talk to you later."

"Sam, c-" The Goth opened the door and in seconds slammed it behind her as she rushed down the front steps toward her black Ronn Motors Scorpion that she had bought a year ago as a present to herself for all her hard work. What had really caught her attention, besides how hot it looked, was the fact that it was eco friendly. That was the big seller for her. Pulling out her keys she quickly unlocked her door as Danny came rushing down the walkway, barefoot mind you, before stopping just inches from Sam, his brain still not coming up with anything that would make the Gothic woman before him stop and listen to him.

"Danny, I have to go so anything that you need to say can wait until later." Climbing in she slammed the door before locking the doors, the raven haired woman familiar with his tactics knew that he could phase through the door if he wanted to, but with her locks she had installed a ghost shield. "Bye." Her smile was forced, but she was pretty good with hiding her feelings from her friend, or at least she had been until today. Today had been shit. Heading off toward her job the last thought in her head as she saw him in the distance was I need to move. Knowing Danny he was going to make this into something bigger so the best thing to do was go away for a while. It had helped in the past when the pair had had a really big falling out. That summer she had opted not to go on their annual trip, stating that she needed space so the other two teens had gone while she had stayed home. Not one of my better choices, but when he came home everyone was calmer.