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"How could this happen?" Danny questioned, his green eyes wide with confusion."Who would want to cause damage? To cause ghosts and halfas to be something evil?" He turned back to the image of him dying with a shadowed woman next to him, another image flicking again before him of a small boy, his son. He reached out, his gloved fingers itching to touch the face staring back at him with sadness and yet he knew that by just touching the glass he couldn't really feel his child... He fisted that hand and turned to the people, the ghosts that were there with him. He needed to stop this future from happening, much like he had stopped Dan from killing his loved ones, but how? That was the real question at this point.

At that time he had known who he was fighting and he hadn't been alone. This time he only had the ghosts that were normally his enemies and a ghost that couldn't do anything to help him. Sam was gone, her absence still felt while Tucker was taking care of his own family.

"We will help you," Ember supplied stepping forward. "This doesn't mean we are friends, but a truce to help prevent our world from collapsing." Skulker's own eyes narrowed, but he too nodded his acceptance of this truce. "We can't let our world disappear." Danny nodded now, his hand coming out as if to shake hands with the ghosts before him. At first Skulker just looked, his eyes staring at the white gloved hand in hesitation before taking it in a firm grasp.

"As soon as it is done I will be back to hunting your pelt." His handshake grew tighter, but Danny didn't even flinch, his own gloved hand tightening. Both males turned to the the ghost of time. Clockwork turned back to the mirror, the image changing to one of this time period. Two shadows stood in what appeared to be the Tower, but it was different.

"There is a partnership being formed in the future, but of one from people in both present and future. These people will be your companions in this mission." He turned to the trio. "Find them and the answers shall be like a waterfall." The trio nodded as they took off from the Tower leaving the ghost of time alone, his lips lifting in a smirk of approval as he turned to the image on the mirror. "This will all end as it should," he whispered, his smirk dying as his eyes closed. "Even if some blood must be shed."

"Dan!" she gasped, her body shaking as she looked into the red eyes of the male who had come to the past to kill them long ago. "W-Wha-" She felt the fear shrink a little as anger replaced it. "What are you doing here?!" she demanded, her spine stiffening. Behind her Neo stepped forward, his hands coming to rest on her shoulders, his own body shaking. He knew of Dan, had heard many a tale of the man before him and yet as he looked into the green eyes of the ghost before him he found that he wasn't sure about him. He was supposed to be the epitome of evil and yet those eyes weren't looking at them with disdain, not at the Goth before him anyway. The ghost looked unsure about him, his eyes only flickering to his for a moment before locking on the woman between them.

"Sam," he said, his voice low as his fangs flashed in the dim light of the room. "It has been a long time and yet you don't look much different." Now he looked around, as if realizing that the dungeon he had been kept in was quiet, no sounds of the ghost that had been his warden breaking the silence. "How long have I been in that cursed container?" He turned back to them. "And who are you?" He was looking at Neo now, his eyes narrowing as he took in the fingers that clung to Sam's shoulders. "And why are you with her?" Before Neo could answer Dan had moved, his movement too fast for Sam to see and for the other halfa to react as he pulled the Goth to his bulky form.

"Let her go!" Neo barked, his eyes narrowing at the other man as Sam stood stock still in the older Phantom's arms. Somehow he felt to familiar and yet she knew she had never been held by Dan. Looking up her eyes grew fuzzy and she saw someone else holding her...someone who looked like...

"Danny?" she whispered in shock before Dan's face reappeared. Sam had the urge to rub her eyes, but they were locked at her side as Dan's dark brows rose in confusion and Neo's own eyes grew wide. He had seen it for a second too. The change that had come over the evil man before them. What had that been? Danny was dead! The halfa's life taken! "Let me go, Dan!" the small woman growled as she began to struggle. The older ghost was in such shock that he did release her to the shock of the pair now before him. "How did you escape and why are you here?"

"The thermos just opened," the white haired ghost stated casually. "I popped out and found you and this person here." He looked to Neo now. "What I want to know is why a relation to Vlad is here?" Now Sam turned and looked at the male behind her. "Oh? You didn't know?" His eyes narrowed. "I guess even a generation or so down the line still carries the same traits as their ancestors." Neo didn't even blink, instead a smirk twisted his lips.

"This coming from a guy who is Vlad Masters." Sam felt uneasy standing between the two, both of them staring down the other with such hate that she was afraid a real fight was going to break out.

"I am only his ghost half," Dan stated with a shrug. "I am not his human half which was always bound to obsession."

"Wait," the Goth said, her hands going up. "I thought ghosts were obsessions." She looked to Dan. "Isn't that what holds all ghosts to this plane?" The white haired male nodded, but began to explain that Vlad, while obsessed in his ghost form had already been obsessed in his human form with a woman, an ideal, that he could never have. "Okay, this is true."

"But I am also Danny, a human male that though clinging to some ideals continued to change his focus. He went from wanting to be popular to just wanting to protect his loved ones. That isn't such a bad thing, unlike wanting to steal someone's wife after killing said former friend." Neo sighed deeply and closing his eyes began to massage the bridge of his nose. It was so like Vlad that Sam moved toward Dan, her amethyst orbs watching the male with a slight distrust floating in them.

"Okay, so I am Vlad's relative, but from the human Vlad," he stated removing his hand and opening his eyes. "Vlad's ghost half was taken out in my time, though my father did marry a ghost female." Now it was all coming out, but the Goth refused to remove herself from Dan's area, the older Phantom now looking down at the top of her head. He was curious as to why the small woman would even move toward him for safety, unless she was doing it unconsciously because of his small connection to her friend. If that was the case then she should reconsider that idea. He wasn't her friend and was likely the worser of the two evils. Looking up at the male glaring at him, he began to reconsider his own notions.

This male wasn't someone he knew, though he could sense the other male in him, and he couldn't judge whether he meant the female harm or good. Suddenly a smell hit him, a rather light scent that in all the confusion hadn't alerted him to the underlying situation.

"You slept with him," Dan stated to the shock of the woman before him. "You slept with this thing." The Goth looked back at him, her stance changing, though she still didn't move away from him.

"Yes. Yes, I did, but that is none of your concern."

"Ah, but it is when I clearly remember you having a thing fo-" Before he could finish the sentence the male before him, the one he had yet to learn his name changed his appearance and it all clicked. "Brat." Sam turned her gaze from both men, her shame making her cheeks burn as Dan moved to stand before her, his cape hiding her from Neo. "Bastard," was all that was heard before the male before her rushed at the other ghost.