Caylee reached her hands out towards me and I cautiously picked her up.

As soon as I picked her up the smell of apples and cinnamon hit me. I put my head in her shoulder and breathed the smell in deeply.

I pulled my head away from her shoulder and looked at her and she seemed to be as interested in me as I was to her. She had her little tan hand on my chest and her eyes were roaming my face.

I see movement in the side of my gaze and see Paul come storming over to us. He is fuming and shaking so bad that I would have phased a long time ago.

He storms over and grabs Caylee, gently and puts his head in her hair. His body rakes with silent sobs and I feel immensely guilty that I put him through that with his imprint.

I hang my head in shame and move my feet nervously back and forth. I feel a hand pa my shoulder and look up to see Paul standing there with one arm holding up Caylee and the other on my shoulder.

"Collin, she's fine don't worry about it," he tells me and smiles a sad smile.

I nod my head, to ashamed to even talk to him. Sam comes over and pats my shoulder.

"If anyone had to be her protector, I'm glad it was you," he says smiling.

I feel immensely better when he tells me this and I give a small smile back.

The whole pack turns and takes the worn path back to Sam's house.


I had every surface in my living room covered with sleeping guys. I chuckle at Paul and Colin on either side of Caylee, who finally just fell asleep, sucking her thumb. She would surely be warm there, if not sweating in the morning.

The shrill ring of the telephone broke me from my thoughts and I ran to the kitchen to pick it up. I look around to make sure the baby and guys didn't wake up. A few of them shifted in their sleep put no one woke up.


"Sam this is Edward, would it be possible to meet at the border at 8 A.M. sharp?" he asks in his fake-innocent tone.

"How many of us need to come?" I ask my voice already hard.

"As many as possible there is something we need to discuss about the treaty," he says and I hear the plastic breaking on the phone from my grip.

The treaty is very specific to what the leeches can and cannot do. The only reasons they would be calling us is if they bit a human.

"Meet us at the southern border and don't be late," I say before I hung up the phone.

I look down at my hands to see them trembling slightly. I sigh and run a hand through my hair.

What if they killed a human, or even worse are in the process of turning them?

The trembling increases and I walk into the living room and pick up Caylee.

I put my head into her shoulder and breathe in her unique scent, when a thought hit me.

What are we going to do with Caylee? I will have a wolf on patrol but I have to bring the rest with me in case they are turning someone and broke the treaty.

I sigh as Paul begins searching for Caylee. I gently place her in his thrashing arms and he tightens his hold on her.

I walk over to the love seat and close my eyes, hoping everything turns out alright.

-Next Morning—

I wake up in the morning with a small hand hitting my cheek. I smile and quickly pull Caylee on to my chest. I hear her squeal in delight and open my eyes.

"Good morning sweet heart," I say to her as I kiss her forehead.

"Daddy," she says in her sweet little voice.

I smile and sit up with her now in my lap and blow raspberries into her stomach.

She squeals and laughs, while I move tickle her sides.

I give her one last raspberry and stand up with Caylee on my hip. I walk towards the kitchen and see Bella at the stove. I smile at her and say good morning to the pack.

I sit in my seat at the head of the table and clear my throat to get their attention.

"The Cullen's called last night and requested a meeting with the pack. I am worried that they broke the treaty and are turning someone. I will need one wolf to run the perimeter and the rest to come with me," I say.

"What about Caylee, Sam?" Paul asks, worriedly.

I look down at my hands and softly say "She has to come with us because I am going to need everyone at least there in the clearing,"

He growls at me and Colin has a look of disbelief on his face.

"She doesn't need to be there Sam," Colin argues.

"Do you think I feel any better about this then you guys do? That is my daughter right there and I am meant to protect her at any costs and I'm bringing her to a meeting with leeches. Do you even know how mad at myself I am?" I yell at them.

Paul looks at Colin and growls a warning growl.

"You will NOT leave her side at all! Do you understand me?" He growls at him. Colin nods his head and stands to walk over to me.

I give her to him shooting him my own warning glare and we all walk to the border as Colin holds Caylee as you would an infant, she is sleeping soundly.

We arrive and the nose-burning scent is already in the air. We all crinkle are noses in disgust as the walk out towards us. Colin bares his fangs and we form a wall in front of him as he backs up farther. His eyes are darting everywhere trying to find any other threats.

"You needed something?" I snapped at Carlisle.

"My family and I are leaving, you may expand the land you protect as you wish," he politely says.

Just then the winds shift and Emmett goes into a crouch, snarling at us.

His family pulls him back as he jumps and Jasper holds him to the ground.

I see Edward's eyes widen as he looks at Caylee through the hole that was created when we phased.

Colin growls at him and takes steps backwards to create space.

"Carlisle, she's his singer," Edward chokes out.

Bella explain this to us one time and I snarl and stalk forward till I'm being held back by Jared and Jake. Paul was in the same situation as I was in.

"No, no way is he getting her," Paul says

"Paul, there is no way that he would be able to get her."

Just then I heard a tiny yawn and panic knowing that Caylee just woke up. I turn to look at her and her eyes widen and then start to water. Her eyes move back and forth rapidly and I can tell she is about to have a meltdown. She was not keen on the wolves yet and could you blame her?

Colin backs up, putting more space between them and speaks softly into her ear. She nods her head at whatever he says and looks into t=my eyes and a small smile graces her face.

"Head in the game, Sam," Paul says.

I turn around and look at the chaos before me.