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Chapter 2

Zoro made his way to the dining room, when he opened the door everyone had stopped what they were doing looking directly towards him one by one each of them turned back around.
Luffy was sat at one end of the table closest to the door Zoro came in with Chopper was on his right an empty seat was on his left which Zoro had taken when he entered the room, Luffy was really hungry and was bashing his knife and fork off the table shouting at Sanji "MEAAAAAAT", Sanji getting more and more pissed turned around and gave him a kick causing a giant bump to come up on Luffy's head that shut him up, Sanji then went back to cooking the food for everyone.
Chopper was talking with Usopp who was next to him, Usopp telling him a tale of how he had tamed a 10ft bear and rode him into battle the story progressed onto Usopp reclaiming his land and marrying his fair lady Kaya. Chopper with stars in his eyes believing every word said to Usopp "You are amazing, you are like a hero!", Usopp stood up and put one foot on his chair while the other was on the table he also had one hand on his waist and the one pointing in the air, with this heroic pose he shouted "I am the great CAPTAIN USOPP!". Chopper now jumping in the air waving his hands about was drooling with excitement, the other just shook it off and laughed at their nakama messing around.
Franky who was next to Usopp was drawing on some paper mumbling "Weapons on the left ….. *mumbles*, it needs some *mumbles*… maybe some explosives!" while doing so. No one ever asked what he was saying they would just wait until it had been built, they all just left him do it on his own.
Nami and Robin were opposite Franky and Usopp, they were looking through a magazine. Nami was suggesting clothes for herself, Robin always had a smile on her face knowing that she looked good in everything she picked out, she was envious but it never mattered to Robin as she only ever really liked dark colours so that is all she wears.
Zoro sat next to Nami not saying anything before he could get comfortable Sanji jumped across the room trying to kick him whilst shouting "Damn marimo who said you could sit next to Nami swan!" just before he reached Zoro the green haired swordsman moved out of his way past the two girls completely ignoring the cook, Sanji turned around after hitting nothing but air with puzzled face he saw Zoro take a new seat next to Franky. To everyone's surprise he didn't even call Sanji a name he just sat down peacefully and closed his eyes, Sanji walked back to the kitchen and continued on with cooking the food he was really confused at why Zoro never even blocked his attack he would always use it as a way to bicker with the cook but no this time he just let it go this made the blonde haired cook scratch his head.

When food was dished out Luffy tucked in straight away he had grease all around his mouth and bits of meat all over his clothes. Luffy being as he is always ruthless when it came to food especially meat. Everyone was enjoying the meal apart from Zoro who had eaten some but not much and now was just pushing it around his plate with his fork, Sanji had noticed and looked at him he was just sat there with his head on his palm he looked down, upset even.

A few moments went by then everyone noticed Zoro get up apart from Luffy who was too busy with his food, Zoro got up from his seat picking up his plate and start walking towards Luffy saying to his captain "Luffy do you want this?"
Without a moment's notice the plate was gone with it gone Luffy with a mouth full of food said "Manks Noro mou are de mest" he tried pulling a grin but couldn't with the food in his mouth, Zoro nodded then moved behind Luffy and opened the door to leave.
As soon as he left Nami turned to Robin saying "Was he a little strange to you to?"
"Yeah he did seem a little different" Robin said with no expression on her face
Sanji who was beside Nami had overheard their conversation, he had also noticed the difference in Zoro at dinner time.

The rest of the crew had finished their meal and each left when they did so, they all went back to their typical usual things apart from Sanji he wanted to find out the reason for the sudden change in Zoro's character even though he bickers with him a lot he respects him as a crew mate he is still family to him.
He thought about if he should go and ask but he knew it would end in a fight, he thought maybe Luffy as he is the captain but it would mean explaining it all and then re-explaining for him to half understand the situation and seriousness of it all. Sanji thought long and hard for whom he should ask then it dawned upon him that this called for a woman's touch, he hated the fact that both woman would be up for it and it drove him insane that Zoro was the one going to be getting attention from one of them but this was a serious matter he wanted Zoro back to normal especially before they would came across an island or any enemies, they would need him then. He thought Robin would be the best for this as Nami would help but then it would lead to a hit on the head, he doesn't need a bump right now he thought.

Sanji walked out of the kitchen taking out a cigarette then lighting it after doing so he scanned the ship for his Robin Chwan~ he didn't have to look far as he saw her relaxing on a deck chair near the helm of the ship. Sanji took in a deep breathe then letting out a small sigh he started making his way over there. Whilst walking he had saw that everyone excluding the two girls and Zoro was present on the deck of the ship playing a game of cards, he walked past the small group of people climbing up the stairs he noticed out the corner of his eye the orange haired girl drawing on some big piece of paper he smiled happily for knowing what she was doing, he then continued on up the stairs.

As Sanji reached the top of the stairs he noticed that Robin had already placed a bookmark in her book propping herself in her chair looking in his direction it seemed as if she anticipated him coming. Was he really that predictable thought Sanji whilst scratching the back of his head as he moved towards her, Robin confused as he didn't twirl or call her name, no love heart in his eye nothing she got a little worried the smile on her face started to turn into a little frown. He made is way over to her before he could say anything she asked "Are you okay cook san?"
He stumbled a reply "Yes well maybe, I am worried about that shitty marimo" he scratched his head aching for her to reply
She let out a sigh of relief that she hadn't done anything wrong or offended any of her nakama but she still felt tense about the situation, she held a strong bond with everyone she knew something was up with Zoro but why was Sanji coming to her about it.
She sat there for a few seconds then said "So you do care about him after all cook san" teasing him and starting to giggle
It took a second to sink in once it did the blonde haired cook went red with blush causing him to drop his cigarette he quickly turned around to try hide it but she already knew, he felt so awkward standing their like a helpless child in the middle of nowhere whereas she was sat there giggling so hard her sides started aching.
After a while silence kicked in and the awkwardness still lingering, Sanji picked back up his confidence saying "I don't care for him I am just worried I may not be enough to protect you and my Nami swan~ so I need to be able to rely on him"
"I can take care of myself cook san but I will go see what is up with him, I bet he will be pleased to hear you do like him as well" She said whilst walking past the cook
He stood there his mouth was on the floor, he could still hear her menacing laugh in the background and her heels clipping the floor both sounds getting very distant and quiet.
He just picked up his jaw and decided to make his way back to the kitchen.

Robin climbed her way up to the crow's nest to talk to Zoro. When she got up to it there was a sudden silence unlike on the deck where Luffy, Chopper and Usopp were playing tag and crashing around the ship, it was different in the nest the environment was quiet, very peaceful she could tell straight away why this was Zoro's area. After a few seconds Zoro realised that is was Robin remaining unfazed he continued on with his workout which consisted of bouncing around the room with a double sided dumbbell that was twice his size on his shoulders. Robin to no surprise set herself down on the bench watching his workout she didn't want to interrupt him during his training as he would be angry then she wouldn't find out what was up with him, so she pulled out a book knowing full well he could be a while with his training and meditating. Zoro after finishing his exercise walked over to Robin knowing she had come for a reason not like her to come up voluntarily, he had an idea why she was here but he didn't want to talk about it, he also knew she wouldn't let him go without a good excuse or something like that so he thought he may as well just come clean especially how persistent all his crew can be.

He took a place next to her on the bench he gave her a look as he sat down, she caught a glimpse of his face so she give him a comforting smile and proceeded to place a bookmark into her book then placed it beside her on the bench. Before Robin could say anything he opened his mouth completely stopping her in her tracks what she heard next completely caught her off guard.
"Have you ever thought that you aren't good enough that you are just wasting your nakamas time?"
Her eyes widened she put her hand over her mouth hiding away the shocked face she had, after all they had just been through the whole Enies Lobby incident. Tears formed around her eyes she would have slapped him for saying something like that especially so suddenly after those events, she calmed herself down taking deep breathes. She turned to him seeing that he was sat with his head in his hands staring at the floor, she tried to smile but could only just remove the frown from her face he really wasn't joking he had never been more serious, she could barely keep it together. A few seconds went by then she finally spoke "Zoro you don't have to worry we are all here for you, we know you are strong enough we all are, you just need some time to rest"
She took a pause then continued on with tears coming down her face while talking
"Even if you are in a bad place now we are all here to guide you to the light, we are a family and we will do anything to keep it that way all of us will, you always push yourself to be better physically but Zoro you are a person like everyone else you have emotions and a heart too you need to treat that too not just your outside body you need both inside to be strong to"
Robin's words hit him like a sharp knife he thought long and hard about them agreeing with all of it they had been through a lot he couldn't deny that it felt like forever he would hate to lose all those memories all the times they have been together, he started thinking of all the memories shared with them all the good the bad.
She could see him brighten up a bit could see him thinking it brought a smile to her face that she has got him to talk and helped him even if it was a little it was enough for her, she wiped away the tears from her face.
Zoro was still thinking of some memories one in particular at that point, it was about most nights on Merry before he passed they all would stay up late drinking and looking up into the beautiful dark sky seeing all the stars so bright it made such a good atmosphere all his family smiling seeing them all happy filled his heart he would never admit it to any of them as he was to proud but it still made him smile knowing everything there was special to each of them in one way or another. Those were the nights he loved most he would even say perfect, he started smiling as a few tears started to stream down his face he never showed much emotion about anything but his nakama was amazing to him each one of them he loved them.
Robin saw the tears and couldn't believe her eyes a man with such pride and stubbornness brought to tears from he was one tough egg to crack but here now, it made Robin cover her mouth in shock from it all.
Meanwhile Zoro was starting to think of all the fights he had to do to keep his nakama safe all these fights he would push himself to the limit, he would even go over it just for his family. Zoro would never show he got hurt he never wanted them to doubt him or lose confidence in him, trying so hard to never let his nakama down or for them to be in danger that is why he would push himself so much to even hurt himself in the process.

Both good and bad running through his head tearing his feelings and emotions in two he couldn't get either of them out, his head was putting him through heaven then drop him straight to hell. It was heart wrenching, Robin could see it all happening to him seeing tears falling rapidly from his beautiful eyes that he possessed going from happiness to pure sadness, the rage built up in him he didn't want to show it or release it around Robin so he kept it inside letting it continuously build up getting bigger and bigger it became a giant burden on his back getting heavier and worse for him.

All of a sudden he felt arms reach around him then start to squeeze him tight, Robin could see he was not coping to well but not knowing much of what was happening in his head. It wasn't good to watch from the outside so she acted on her whim putting her arms around him hugging her chest into his shoulder squeezing him closer to her. He had never had this before he liked to keep himself to himself never really allowing for much other contact with anyone at all, Robin could tell it was helping just knowing that he hadn't broke away from it was a really good sign. She sighed a little and had a smile on her face she would never go to hug anyone but for one of her nakama to be better she would do anything even put her life or her pride on the line.

They just stayed there for a moment just enjoying each other's presence, the hug had brought silence to the crow's nest. Zoro had moved his arms from his face putting one behind Robin on her back and the other to stroke her long black hair that dangled down his chest he liked it for some strange reason enjoying it all.

It was really comforting to him to know that his crew really did care for him this much. Robin was a lot like him not into much human affection so it was awkward for both of them to be this close. Zoro was thinking that this hug was his light in the dark guiding him to the place where he wanted to be leading him back to the crew to his home, the feeling that brought him back to reality the thing he needed most right now. He was struggling badly but it put him back on his feet made him feel like him again he hated to admit it but a hug was what he had needed to have something like that to be what he needed he felt pitiful and weak something he had never felt too much before. Really for a hug to be his saviour he found it to be bad he really despised the idea of it but nothing knocked it away, how was Zoro supposed to live with the feeling that he was saved by a hug. He couldn't put words to describe it a hug had literally stopped him from leaving the crew thinking he was worthless and pathetic but now he still feels bad at the fact it was a hug that he needed, as he thought he realised it wasn't just any hug it was a hug from Robin and it didn't feel like two arms but many like he was being held together by all the arms from his crew. He thought hard about all his crew and how he loved them all, he stared at Robin and at how close they had got he started to blush about it hoping Robin wouldn't see he turned away from her still stroking her hair and now rubbing her back, while she hugged closer to him on his scarred chest.

As she listened to the beats of his heart his beat got faster she then noticed his sudden movements of turning his head away, she wondered why so she looked up to see him facing the complete opposite direction like he was avoiding something, she used her powers to turn his head as she did so her sadness turned straight to a smile as she saw the bright red crimson blush across his face as it turned ever so slightly more and more, like a giant stripe across his face.
"My my Zoro are you enjoying this?" She asked teasingly
Zoro could barely say anything, he turned his head so she could barely see his bright red face and said "Thank you Robin" he left a moment of silence "I think I truly needed this"
She couldn't believe that it came from his mouth and in such a sincere tone to, he didn't say things like that to anybody even Luffy, She was actually shocked at it but was so happy that he did say it she just hugged back into his chest again to hear is beating heart again smiling while doing so. They just sat like this for a while letting the quietness take over them allowing time to pass by with no care in the world they just wanted to stay like that for a while.

Some time had passed they could both see that it was dark out, the other crew members should be in bed by now they thought. It was Zoro's watch tonight so none of them needed to stay up. Robin had gotten up and was set on leaving to go to bed when Zoro grabbed her hand span her around so he was looking into her eyes, that is when he said "Robin will you stay just a little longer, we don't have to be like before, just stay a little longer please"
She smiled at the thought and said "Okay" with a nod
His idle face blow up with a smile he never thought that she would say yes to it "Thank you" Zoro said. They both sat down not next to each other just a few feet away from one another, they just enjoyed the peace and quiet.

Robin couldn't lose the thought that Zoro had opened up to her so much not just that but why had he done it, she just concluded that he was in a pretty bad state she was just the one to put the puzzle back together. Whilst Robin thought of that Zoro couldn't believe that he wanted so much attention and company, it was nothing like him he was the complete opposite he hated those two things so having them both in such a short time enjoying them as well he just couldn't figure out why at all, as he thought he realised that it had all strung back to his behaviour earlier not being himself at all this was all day to he thought and thought he really couldn't put much of a finger on it but that incident in his dream and his bandana was that the cause of it possibly he didn't want to think about it he just looked at Robin at how she was just sat there on the bench. He was watching a while she didn't really notice but he could see she was rubbing her arms a lot, then he remembered that there was a good blanket across the room he got up to fetch it and walked over and wrapped it around her.

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