Chicken Run: Ginger Wants Babies!

Ginger, an orange, slim chicken, scuttled across Chikin Park, watching Bunty play joyfully with her 8 kids and Babs knit a new hat for her new-born child, Stabs. Ginger did think this was an inappropriate name for a child, but she knew Babs was pretty wacky, so she didn't argue with her decision.

"Ey there hen!" Two huge glass eyes appeared in front of Ganger.

"Hi, Mac!" Ginger said, attempting to sound happy.

"En - what's troublin yer?" Mac asked.

She sees right through me! Ginger thought.

"Oh, it's nothing," Ginger said.

"Ooh, en, it isnt nuthan! Tell mey!" Mac insisted.

"Oh, Mac, I want children!" Ginger blurted out.

This was one of the only times that Ginger had ever let what was in her head go through her mouth.

"And wort does ter Meister 'av ter say abo't all of this?" asked Mac.

"Well, that's just the thing that's troubling me, Mac. I haven't asked him yet, I don't really know if he will want to!" Ginger sulked.

"I wouldn't worry, 'en. Go talk to Rooky, it's wort' a try!" Mac said.

Ginger agreed. Mac always was the brainy one.

Ginger walked home and entered the bedroom.

"Rocky?" she called. No answer.

"R-rocky? Where are you??" she shouted. Nothing.

Ginger rushed out the hut. She knew where Rocky would be but still a million thoughts rushed through her head.

"Has he left me, what did I do wrong, doesn't he like my cooking, do I not give him enough pleasure, has he gone back to the circus, is he dead, am I going crazy?"

Ginger reached the top of the hill and glanced around. Rocky liked the view. She remembered Rocky had once told her "the grass is not always greener on the other side." Rocky always enjoyed looking over the other side on the top of the hill, dreaming adventures, and wondering if, maybe the grass really was greener over the hill?

Sure enough, Ginger found Rocky sitting on a rock staring into the distance.

"Rocky, baby, I'm so glad I found you!" Ginger cried.

Rocky looked back. "Oh, hey Ginger."

Ginger was taken aback by his distant attitude.

"Rocky, are you all right?" Ginger asked.

"Well…I've been doing some thinking, Ginger," Rocky said. He signalled for her to come and sit next to him.

"What is it, Rocky? Don't you love me anymore?" Ginger asked, concerned.

"Oh, Baby yeah! I love you, doll-face!" Rocky said, cuddling her close.

"It's just…I see Babs with Stabs and Bunty with her millions and I think, hey wouldn't it be great to have-"

"Babies?" Ginger asked hopefully.

"Well, actually I was gonna say a golden toilet seat but hell yeah, babies'll do fine!" Rocky joked.

Ginger threw herself in Rocky's arms and they hugged tight, kissing, as the sun set in the distance.

By Michael Carruthers ©