Authors Notes;

Jester unwraps the bandages around his mouth stretching his jaw slightly. Seeing that there is still some pain.

Smiles dangling from the ceiling light say's; hey….uhm Jester can you call off Spike he already mangled my arm and leg. So are you doing an update?

With a sight Jester replies; No like I told you we go a request to do an M rated Adventure Time fanfic.

Still dangling Smiles shouts; WHAT THE HELL! We agreed no cartoon's Fic's especially that one, it's only one of the good cartoon shows left on TV.

Jester sighs; Look I like the show a lot but some times they leave some things out in the open for people to think about. I personally like all the emotions they force Finn to have around his inner circle of friends. But this is my own spin not saying I won't have moments from the episodes in here. Also I don't own any thing but original characters or names. I have full respect for the people who work on all the franchises I write about.

Why…why did she have to say the one phrase that I hoped would never come up. 'Finn I sorry…I just can't stand hurting you…I think we should stop seeing each other. But we can still be friends right'. All the painful hugs we shared were nothing compared to those words. Why did every time I find an interest in a girl something would stop me? Bubblegum's age difference, Marceline's toying and teasing me emotionally, then FP and her elemental matrix. I thought that if my body could get use to the sun's rays I could eventually get over the heat her body produced. But after only eight months of dating we never went past that faithful kiss.

It hurt but I hoped deep down that the Cyclops tears would help more. But they did nothing but heal my burns. Now here I am setting under the cool moon lite night with Bmo next to me. Both of us looking out from on the tree houses roof.

'Why did every girl I like have something to stop a full relationship from developing'? I was snapped out of my trance when Bmo started to poke my face. Bmo, "Finn, Jake won't be back until tomorrow afternoon what are we going to do"? What was I going to do? Loves forced me off my game most of the adventures I've been on have made me feel so out of touch.

It was simple I need to finally do what need to be done. I looked at Bmo his new body was sturdier allowing him to turn the sun's light into energy. Me, "Bmo were going on an adventure right now….but we won't be back for a while". Bmo looked at me curiously saying, "Where are we going to go Finn"? I looked from Bmo to my hands then back to Bmo saying, "I need to go on a soul search Bmo. So you want to tag along"?

Nodding his head I went down stairs to start packing. The signature green backpack was filled with all the food it could hold and then my four famous swords. My traditional chipped gold sword, my gem sword, and the wood crystal sword. Then the two halves of the family's demon blood sword. It was hard to break the sword to rescue the Ice king and Abracadaniel. Placing the bag down I pulled on a pair of cargo blue shorts, bright blue short sleeve shirt, and then my signature black sneakers. Bmo climbed into the empty front pouch of my pack as I sling it over my shoulders. Writing Jake a quick note I stuck it to the frig then began my wake to the High Chill mountains.

Bmo tapped my shoulder saying, "Finn when we get back do you think every one will be surprised to see us"? Nodding my head I said, "Bmo…I just need to take my mind off of romance for a while. My memory vault just can't contain the moments that I feel affection. That's why I need to go away for a while just to see if I can find something more".

As we walked past the border off the Candy kingdom a part of me wanted to stop but I force the thoughts away. As I came to the foot of the mountains I looked over and saw a lone green skinned man sitting on a rock. Man, "Oh, young man can you help me get to the top of the mountain. You see my bones are weak but with your help I could get there". Looking at the man figure his bones looked very fragile.

Looking at the man then the mountain I asked, "Why do you want to get to the top"? The man responded, "Because I want to be known as the oldest to ever reach its peaks. I have lost a lot over my life if you can help me get to the top I will really be grateful". With that the old man held onto my shoulders as we began to climb. After three hours we stopped on a good and wide ledge. Looking out the sun was now peaking out from the horizon.

Taking some cinnamon rolls from my bag I share them between us. The cool breeze was starting to attack my ears. I then slipped on my polar bear hat hiding my shoulder length hair.

The sun was fully over us now but the clouds at the top slowly covered the mountains peak. Soon the wind kicked at us Bmo was scared so he ducked back into my bag. The man simply was laughing saying with each strong gust, "Glob himself is testing us my friend…hhhhaaa….Let us not disappoint him now"! It was grueling stopping on a shorter ledge we rested as the sun was now completely gone.

The winds kicked up once more telling us to move my hands were sore, knees bruised, and several joints of my body hurt. The old man said into my ear, "Climb my friend once we see the top we can end our test". With out another word an inner drive took hold of me pushing me.

I pushed well into the day until my hands grabbed hold of the top ledge as it clawed on my stomach looking over my shoulder. The old man was no longer with me, "Bmo where did the old guy go"? Bmo, "I don't know I was hiding in your bag. Are we off the mountains yet"? I looked around until I say what I could only say was remarkable. There was the old man but it was a statue of him carved into the large rock that rested on the peak.

I smiled slightly saying to Bmo, "Ok Bmo I finally understand where we are". Pulling him self over my shoulder Bmo gasped as he looked from the statue to the view. Me, "Bmo this is the start of our journey".

It took another three days for me to navigate down the opposite side of the mountain. To my luck as I was crawling from one ledge to the next I saw an open path. Leaping to the path I quickly slide down the narrow walk way. Resting again to eat it. It was a whole week until I found a wider path to walk along.

To my surprise I found a cave system through one of the mountains. It was just like how I found some dungeons, I fell into a hole that I thought was a good place to sit. The cave was straightforward just a few paths led nowhere but after a while I saw an opening. Upon exiting I gasped as I looked out at a battlefield. A large army of robotic Minotaur's was charging across a small creak at an awaiting group of warriors.

The warriors were dressed in what I could tell was bronze armor, spears and shields in the front, then in the back was a large number of them had shields with short curved swords. As the two forces collided I said only, "Bmo stay in my bag this will get rough".

Once he was tucked away I leapt into the battle. Pulling my gold sword I slashed out as one warrior became separated from the rest. Fighting my way to his side he looked at me wide eye as I fought the robots around us. Yelling my battle cry we were both swept up into the fray. Slashing at anything that was not friendly until a metallic whistle rang through the very air. The remaining Minotaur's picked up or began to pull their fallen.

As they stormed away the warrior beside me pulled of his helmet revealing his gray fur skin. His nose looked like what could only be close to a star, his eyes were wide but with hues of brown and yellow. Lastly he had a mane of red going straight from the crown of his head to the back of his neck. I wasn't sure how far it went his armor hid most of his body. The warriors spoke in a harsh dry voice, "Warriors follow me you must meet our leader".

His fellow warriors parted the way as we walked a little way from the battlefield. Past a small metal wall were rows of tents inside each I saw wounded warriors of his race. Either holding a wound body part or lying in agony. As we came to a tent in the center a larger warrior of their race stood talking to other well dress warriors. Bowing next to me the warriors said, "My Lord this being has aided us in our recent battle. Also at least twenty more of our Defenders have been wounded".

Walking past his men their ruler looked at me only to stop a foot away. Ruler, "Why did you help us this battle is not your own". He spoke stern as if I really was intruding with a quick bow I said, "Sorry I didn't mean any disrespect I'll just go". Turning to walk away this must have confused him because before I took more then three steps I felt a hand on my shoulder. Looking over my shoulder I saw his hand had only three fingers each with a long black claw.

The Ruler looked at me with worry in his eyes, "I'm sorry young warrior this war has lasted so long that it has made my tone harsh. For you see these creature are being controlled to attack us trying to killed us". I had to ask, "But why would they attack you for no good reason"? Ruler, "Follow me I will show you why" Walking to the opposite exit of the camp we walked until we were looking out from the top of a hill. What I saw left me in awe various streams of water traveled down from a large cliff until each stream traveled into a gleaming stone city.

With the Ruler on my left side he said, "They attack us to take our land for warrior they are controlled by a larger ro'bot. It wants to use all of our resources for its own then it moves on to another land. We have held it at bay for three generations but we are slowly growing weaker. If only we could get to the heart of the creature we could end this war. But the mountains are too tall for us to traverse".

Blinking twice I said, "There is a path its how came here. I used it its wide enough for anyone to walk. It weaves between at least three of the mountains". The Ruler looked at me in surprise saying, "Young warriors help us. Guide us through the paths and aid us once more in battle". With nothing more I said, "No problem as a hero its my job to help any one who asks"!

With a new sense of vigor in his eyes the Ruler turned to the warriors with us saying, "Fifty of our greatest warriors with company us. The rest will stay to fight of the returning horde". As they moved he stopped the warrior that brought me to him saying, "No my son I know you wish to fight but if I should fall you will become king. You must stay". Nodding his head the son moved back to the tents. Within a few hours they were ready and we moved to the cave system. Once on the paths Bmo popped out of my bag he startled a few of the Defenders. Bmo said, "Oh hello who are you my name is Bmo".

With a chuckle the Ruler said, "I am Furst ruler of the land of Streams". As the Ruler and Bmo talks ended we continued to walk the paths. In two days we exited a certain path to see the strong hold of the robo Minotaur's. Ruler, "Wait for past midday…then we will attack. Show me my young friend the strength you showed my son".

After another few hours the horde of robots left. After five minutes we charged some robots remained to fight us but we quickly dispatched them. The compound was odd it looked like a castle but not the conventional kind.

Room after room we fought various numbers of robots, the Rulers Defenders had to stay back. As they held off the advancing group we moved into what looked like the main chamber of the castle. Once inside we just saw nothing but a large dome with dust clinging to the air and ground. Moving around we still saw nothing. Until a low rumble from behind us caused us to become more alert.

It was too late a large shock way sent us into two different directions. Pushing up we saw a large robotic scorpion with two large claws and three tails. With a shield over my backpack I rolled several times a few moments the tailed struck the shield. I could hear Bmo gasp in surprise at each attack still scared out of his mind. Slashing at both tail and claw just like the Ruler we held our ground. Soon the Rulers sword gave as it shattered on colliding with a claw. The next strike sent him flying as he defended with his shield. Pulling another sword I throw my gold sword to the Ruler, with gem sword in hand we continued to fight.

Together back-to-back we slashing and blocking strike after strike. The Scorpions tails and claws gave as the now hung mangled and damaged. With a screech it leapt into the air trying to separate us. Using the shock wave that ripped in the air I jumped well over the Scorpion. The Ruler saw me and said, "WARRIOR CATCH"! Throw my sword to me I caught it then trained them both downward at the Scorpion.

Metal met metal as it screeched once again but loud enough to make the very building shacked. As I continued my attack my blades sunk deeper into its head. As the building shook pieces of it began to fall or explode. I look at Furst shouting, "RUN I'LL HOLD IT HERE….RUN"! He was about to speak as a piece of the dome fell in front of him kicking up smoke everywhere. As more explosions ripped in the air my vision became blurred as the dust clinging to my face and stung my eyes. The last rumble came from my feet as one last explosion rocketed my up until I went straight back down into a free fall.

My body did not meet the ground I just kept falling.

Furst's view

As I stood over the smoking remain of the metal castle I looked for the young warrior only finding his smashed shield. With the journey back it took us within two day I now stood before both my most trusted friends, advisers, families of nobles as well as my own family. With my two grandchildren on my lap I started.

"He was young no older than fourteen…he aided us when we did not own him anything. All that I found was his shield…but we will not forget those of our own and we will not forget the Human who helped us.

"Many our descendants see his valor as his shield hangs along side the trophy's of our old. We will not forget him for his heart was pure and his will strong". Looking around I saw many warriors nodding their head in approval as the young human's shield hung next to tattered flags, shattered swords, and cracked shields. My second oldest son asked, "Father did he really fall to save us…as you said we owned him nothing".

Looking over the many faces once more I stood to saying, "No he did not fall my son for that young warriors eyes told me he fought greater odds. I saw that fire of a king in his eyes…one whose very spirit would speak to all. My family and friends he lives but he lives in hope of finding his place. Once day I know he will find that place it is his destiny".

Smiles now sitting in a chair wrapping his wounds spoke; Damn they still hurt and WHY DID YOU CLIFFHANG AGAIN!

Looking up from his desk Jester just shook his head; Look I know but this is a one shot if people review maybe even look at my other FanFic's I might turn this into a full Fic. But until then we have to update our other ongoing work. The next update is for Star War's.

Smiles sighs; Ok look seriously we're asking you please look at our work and tell others. Well that's it for now ohh right WE'LL HUG YOU LATER!

Jester sighs and looks at Spike who growled at Smiles.