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Third Person's View

With Finn and Cole off on their quest Jake sat down with Wolfwood and Anthony. Jake, "Wolf I still don't get why Finn wanted us to stay an watch things"? Wolfwood, "Demoniac aids are known to try to gain some kind of advantage when they fight mortal beings. Cole knows that only he and Finn are strong enough in their Soul powers to fight whoever they're after. Jake the best thing we can do is hope for their safety. The girls are how many months along now"? Jake smiled as he looked at Anthony lost in the box full of card wars cards Jake left open. Anthony asked Jake to play a game with him. But Jake asked for him to read the rules before they played against one another.

Jake, "They are about four months now. The girls are still worried. They don't like Finn going off without one of us being with him". Anthony, "I sure he will be fine that Cole guy was called Hammer fist because of his powers over Soul. So don't worry even Finn showed he believes in Cole with knowing so little about him". Jake just smiled at the young mans words and started to explain to the two the game of card wars.

Off at the Tree Fort the girls were lying in bed worried to death about their husband to be. Their stomachs showing more then before and their mothers couldn't help but be happy for them. As all the women talked to one another FP started to rub her belly. Huntress, "I can't wait to see what the kids will look like. I'm happy to know that we're getting married to a man that will do anything to protect us". Marceline, "I still can't believe Finn's seed was strong enough to knock me up". FP, "Why can't you believe it Marceline"? Liliana smiled saying, "Because like all vampires it is hard for us to have children. When we do have children its either luck or you get someone who really knows how to used their 'equipment'".

The girls blushed remembering the various sexual rounds they had from the last few months with their man. As the conversation continued the girls couldn't help but wonder what Finn was doing.

But right now Finn and Hawk were combined into their Rage armor to use the armors mist. Finn, "Hawk anything from the spirits in this area". Hawk chuckled saying, "Pretty much the same as the last three places. Oh this one spirit met a guy named Elvis want to talk to him"? Finn, "Later right now we have to move to the next location. Cole there is only two places left to look. What happens when we run out of places to look"? Cole now dressed in a lighter version of the new Ranger armor answered, "If we don't find him now I can only hope that the angels information was wrong. And you can get back to your wives".

Finn was hoping a little he wanted their search to end so he could get back to his girls. He loved them and he felt how hurt they were when he decided to leave. Finn "Lets get this over with". And so the next few days went as they came to a town to reach their next stop. But a marshal stopped them at the town's entrance. Marshal, "Sorry guys but I must advice you to turn around. There have been a series of gruesome deaths in the area. Please for you own safeties please go to the next town over". Cole, "Marshal the deaths are the victims missing or have lost a limb after the bodies were recovered"? Marshal, "How did you know"? Cole, "The man were looking for is here then… Marshal can you tell us in what general direction the bodies were found"?

Showing them warriors on a map where the dead where found they charged forward. As they arrived to the grounds where bodies were located Finn went right to work. Using his electric eyes he began to scan the ground and near by trees. Finn, "The grounds around where the bodies were have not dried. It seems that they started to decay here but where placed here in different poses. The pools of blood that still are visible have a few bugs in them. It tells me that the bodies may have only been here for less then twenty-four hours. The ground was disturbed but someone went through a lot to cover their tracks.

"The tracks head east along the tree lines. Hawk keep scanning for any more bodies it might tell us more about how he's killing people". As they pressed on they came to the realization that they were by the seashore. Cole, "He must be transporting his bodies long the shore. No one would walk out this far at night". Finn nodded agreeing with the idea but Hawk's scans picked something up. Hawk, "Finn down the beach there's an old house I can feel someone… their aura is dark". Making their way to the new destination the found the old shack nestled over an odd field. The grass whistled a hollow static sound as the breeze passed the six-foot grass.

Finn, "Hawk do you feel anything in the ground don't want to walk into a trap". Hawk told Finn that he felt nothing so they walked up to the shacks door. Finn readied his Sky sword while Coles arm pulsed and buzzed with the power of his soul. Finn kicked in the door and rushed forward Cole right behind him. As Finn's Crimson mist and armor illuminated most of the one room shack, they couldn't get it. If this was the home of the Collector then he must have already left. Cole was the first to sense nothing and told Finn to ease up. With Hawk separate Finn said, "great he already left we need to pick up his trail". As Finn and Cole walked further from the door the wall the held the front door was instantly covered with a barrier.

Cole struck the barrier to quickly be sent a few meters back. Cole, "What… I feel drained"? Finn was next as he hand lightly touched the barrier he felt a portion of his power leave his bodies. Finn, "How… Cole we need to leave this barrier can drain our power". Before either could do anything a voice came out of the air saying, "Hello boys its good to finally met you two… but first we need an audience". With that a low buzz went off through of the room as the voice continued to speak.

Through out OOO, Colony, and several other places that covered broadcasting waves were high jacked by the sudden broadcast. Voice, "Hello peoples out there in this piece of shit world. I'm am the Collector and today is the first day of my new show. Torture of the souls is the name of the game and today's lucky contestants are Cole the Hammer Fist and Finn the Dragon king. To make this game fair we must relieve our friends of their skills". With that the room filled with a purple haze that made the two feel odd Hawk more so then Finn. In an instant two bracelets latched onto their ankles causing the two to feel weak and sluggish. Collector, "Now lets have some fun mi amigos".

Finn and Cole then fell through the floor as the audience of the world watch in fear. Finn's family and loved ones were the most worried at this point. The girls tried to stay strong as their mothers made their way back to the Tree Fort to comfort them. As the fall ended Finn found himself separated from Cole and in a brick room. Collector, "Finn King of the Grasslands, you have the soul of a dragon, and you are sleeping with four women. Mi hermano I must say you are a lucky fucker aren't you. STILL I want to get to know the man that is under the hat so to speak". Finn, "Keep dreaming I'm leaving". As Finn tried to teleport the bracelet buzzed and burned his ankle forcing him to grunt and take a knee.

Collector, "Did I forget to tell you amigo that little thing around your ankle sucks away your soul powers. Also it gives you a little reminder that any attempt to use you soul skills will back fire. So lets begin our wheel of fun". As Finn stood a flurry of arrows rained from one wall at him. Using his sword Finn swatted them away only to have a sharp pain hit his thigh. Looking down Finn saw not one but two icicle hooks in his thigh. A yank brought him to a knee cutting free Finn coughed as he pulled the hooks free. As Finns blood trickled down his leg Finn stood strong saying, "That all you got"?

Collector, "Finn… I'm just getting started". A new buzz went through the room as the floor lite up, soon Finn body was jerking and convulsing out of his control. Finn, "Aaaahaahgrh"! The whole attack lasted for five minutes forcing Finn to drop his sword and caused foam to leave the corner of his lips. As Finn tried to remain standing only for three spiked poles came up from the ground. One clipped his knee, another clipped his ribs, and the last pushed into his hand. Finn, "Fuarhgs"! Using his metal hand Finn snapped the pole and grunted as he pulled the remains of the pole from his hand. Finn could only feel two fingers his ring and his pinky.

Collector, "Finn I heard so much about you over the years and so did the Demoniac you killed. Man how did it feel Finn… to face an enemy that could have torn your mind apart? But you used your mind to kill him… Finn I need to ask you how does it feel to be in love"? Finn, "You think you can break me mentally… keep dreaming you psycho". Collector, "I once was in love but for your comment I give you a friend". Finn didn't know what he really meant until a snake sank its fangs into his neck. Struggle at the creatures constricting grip Finn finally pried the snake from his flesh and tossed it aside. Standing back on his feet Finn felt odd he was swaying and dry heaving violently.

Back at the Tree Fort the girls were already scared Finn and Coles torment was being broadcasted to all. But as Calamity tried to locate them she found her connection to Finn and Hawk completely blocked. Finn finally did vomit and his body was shaking along with his vision. Collector, "Finn you don't look so good hermano… hey Finn look to your right". Just like that Finn was blindsided by Cole. As he staggered back Cole charged Finn grabbing the hero by the neck and slamming him into the wall. As Cole's assault continued Finn was left confused and very sick. Grabbing the closet weapon he could reach while was his Bowie knife. Finn in his hazed state slashed at Cole's hand causing the man to loss his hand. As Cole back off Finn pressed his next attack set. Kicking the bleeding man in the knee then grabbing Cole's shoulder to stab him into the neck.

As Cole cough and exhaled his final breath Finn helped lower the dead man to the ground. Finn felt worst then before he had killed the only person that could help him kill the Collector. Collector, "Hey Finn… you ok amigo you look like a little pussy about to cry". Finn snapped at him saying, "You made me kill my friend YOU ASSHOLE"! Collector, " Oh did I"? Finn turned around to see the man wasn't a man it was a shape shifter ghoul. One had caused Finn and Jake a lot of trouble a while back.

Finn wobble to pick up his sword and started to look around the room. Collector, " Finn am I upsetting you or I'm I just not doing my job good enough? But I have to say Finn you have four beautiful wives to be. Also you have a nice singing voice or is that too weird? Any way before I go off to torture Cole I wanted to leave you in a fun situation. RELEACE THE WORM"! Just like that the ground shook out off control until the floor pushed Finn clean into the air. Under Finn snarling it's massive jaw was a spiked sand worm. As the worms tongue wrapped around him pulling the hero into its mouth. Even as Finn struggle he felt its jagged teeth sink into his armor.

Collector turned the video feed to Cole as he now was dangling over a pot of hot acid. Collector, "We'll check back in with Finn after a word from our sponsors over at screaming acid". As Cole struggle with the bonds he was getting dangerously close to the acid that was nestled below him. Cole, "Shit I hope Finn's ok".

Finn's View

"It's a good thing that worm wasn't mature yet". I had managed to cut my self free from the worms inside just like I had done five years ago with D. Wrapping my hand I had to claw my way free from the pooling sea of worm blood that was filling its tunnel. Feeling the soil move out of my way I pushed forward until my metal hand rang against a stone like surface. Kicking the surface as fast as I could the blood behind me pushed me into a new location. This new area was lined with stones and the air was very moist. With my Sky sword in one hand I began the walk to find away out. Collector, "Well look who found my fun hall. Finn I hope you like it".

At his words lights went off and began to reflect off the stones. The walls of his hallway shined so bright that they became reflective. And I could see a blurred image of myself. Walking on I turned a corner to be blind sided by a fist then a foot kept me in place. Looking up I saw Cole but his armor was battered and covered in burns. Cole, "If you're the real Finn what is you wife's name". "I have more then one wife jerkoff". Cole extended a hand to help me up nodding his acceptance of my answer. Collector, "Look at this everyone the dynamic duo is once again working together. But really I have to say you two are pretty resilient. Your girls must really love that about you both. Oh sorry Cole… and to those wonderful ladies at home that know Finn. After tonight he won't be the same. But don't worry he'll be alive… he'll just be a broken man".

"Like I said before you sick fuck I am not going to break". Collector, "Oh really Finn because a little bit ago you were almost in tear over killing a fake Cole. But don't worry the night will end with a bang"! Just like that a stalactites landed close to us and detonated in a small ball of fire. Covering my face with my metal arm the flames burned most of my arm sleeve and a little of the side of my cloak. Cole managed to get out of the way but some of the fire melted his knee guard. Cole, "FINN BEHIND YOU"! As I turned I felt a sharp prick hit my side. Looking down I saw a mining pickaxe wedge into my side. In a quick move my attacker tossed me into the wall. Coughing at the impact more stalactites feel to the ground. Pulling my self up as the flames and smoke puffed into the air Cole scrambled to help me.

The Collector's voice came for the other side of the smoke saying, "HEY AMIGOS YOU DON'T WANT TO PLAY WITH THE BIG DOG"! Cole passed me his rifle seeing that my leg wound opened even wider and I couldn't stand on my own. Firing into the smoke one handed we continued to move until we came to a sidewall. Firing his explosive pistol rounds at the wall we managed to make a hole for us to climb through. Before I could follow a stalactite popped close to me burning into my leg, and most of my side going up my back. Seeing my pain Cole pulled me through and used another round to close the hole.

Cole, "The place is coming apart we have to get out". As we came to a stairway Cole used a grappling hook to get us to the top faster. As the structure began to collapse I scrambled to clear the building. As we stopped by a rock to take a break, leaning on my side to catch my breath.

Third Person's View

As the two wounded warriors took a moment to breathe they though that they had left the Collector for dead. But what they didn't know was a new camera feed showing them taking a moment. Soon two figures charge the pair knocking Cole on to his back the figure they fought in the maze wore a twisted leather black mask. His eyes were piercing red. The next guy wore a red tank top, had deep tanned skin, had an oddly formed Mohawk, cargo pants with boots, and a twisted smile. The second figure had subdued Finn by breaking his injured arm and head-butting Finn multiple times. Smiling the smaller man spoke, "Well look who is the fools now. You two thought there was only one of us… no my friends I'm Vaas that's the Collector. Because he doesn't talk I'm usually talking to his victim. Finn look into the camera and say goodbye to your loved ones because they won't see you the same after we're done.

"No… no don't struggle shithead". In that Vaas punched and kneed Finn's head into the rock as Finn fell into the sand he kept trying to fight. Only Vaas kept a good distance to counter attack. Vaas, "Finn after you kill the Demoniac we were going to kill you in revenge. But now we thought of a better idea… Cole take a good look at Finn because when you two met again… Cole you're going to have to kill Finn. Why you ask"? Vaas pinned Finn's shoulders with his knees and cupped Finn's head as he leaned into Finn's face. Vaas, "Finn… we're going to break you and turn you into a demoniac. And struggle all you like it will all end the same. Shall we Collector"?

Vaas kicked Finn in the head causing his eyes to glaze over as everyone that was watching were left in shook and tears. Vaas began to drag Finn along the beach. As the Collector left Cole to bleed from his wounds. Cole, "Finn… FINN"!

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