Cruising and Cussing in California

Chapter 4

By Shadowgate


The week winded down. The kids from South Park said they were overall very happy to have visited even though they had no choice.

Stan commented "I think you all are okay. My past two trips to California sucked but you guys are okay. Even Chucky whom we all consider weird was cool to hang out with."

Kyle commented "I've learned something today. I've learned that even if you're forced to take a trip well it doesn't have to be bad. Like Stan said you all are okay."

Kenny commented "I have enjoyed life here. Back home my parents are drunks so this was a vacation even though we had to attend classes with you."

Cartman commented "well I didn't like Angelica but the rest of you are cool."

All of a sudden a car radio begins playing "Trapped" by Bruce Springsteen.

The kids from South Park agreed they could relate to that song.

Tommy and Dil go over to Stan.

Tommy said "Stan you are a true leader. I'm considered a leader amongst my group of friends here. No doubt you'll live long as an admired peer group leader."

Dil added "plus you're popular because your mom has a great rack."

Tommy snapped at Dil and Dil said "well Kenny told me that was the case."

Kyle yelled "HEY GUYS!"

When they ran over to Kyle to see what was going on Kyle showed them a video on a cell phone.

It showed Mister Garrison sitting in detention.

Mister Mackey was chewing him out.

"Now I'm very disappointed in you. School is a time for learning and not a time for tom foolery. You are a teacher and you should set the example. You should not be on the intercom talking about my butt cheeks um kay."

All the kids started laughing.

Tommy said "hey you weren't kidding when you said crazy stuff happens at your school."

All the kids laugh happily ever after.