When he heard the door click, Scott already knew it was Stiles, Lydia and Allison. He could feel their position, almost like he had an internal GPS tracker on them or something. It was a bit creepy if he thought about it. So he didn't. He had wanted to go to them after Isaac had defeated the revenant but The Sheriff's call had been terminal. His father was coming with him and they better not fuck up.

So he and Isaac had to wait back home.


Isaac got up and went to hug her. Scott felt the pang of jealousy - the fact that they liked each other hurt him, not because he didn't like them together, but because it wasn't him who was with them. He missed Allison too much. It was like she was there - but she wasn't. He focused on Stiles and Lydia, hugging them, letting the alpha in him take them in and comfort them. He saw that Lydia needed it the most and let her bask in it, and then Allison came to him and hugged him too - she also needed the reassurance of her alpha.

He also needed to keep certain body parts of his in check.

He still felt weird though, like the wolf was telling him someone else also needed care.

They went onto the kitchen and made hot cocoa and tea for Lydia and tried to talk about other things. He diverted Stiles several times from asking Isaac about his father - Isaac didn't need to talk about it - and the three of them refrained from discussing the Hales too much beyond the "they helped us deduce it was Greenberg". They avoided the subject of Rafael trying to coax answers from Stiles, Lydia and Allison and they definitely didn't talk about the way the Sheriff had almost threatened Rafael for going too hard on Stiles. No, they talked about school, about how Danny and Alex seemed to be dating now (Lydia was particularly good at chasing that subject) and how had Stiles' date with Lorena been (even if it had been the week before, discussed to all extents and Lydia had already chosen three different outfits for the next date).

Before anybody had to say goodbye Scott proposed that they'd watch a movie on his tv - he'd finally bought a new one with the money he earned at Deaton's. He and Stiles needed somewhere to play XBOX after all.

Lydia somehow got 'The Notebook' on the screen and nobody said anything. He sat in the middle of the couch and Isaac followed him, curling by his side, with Allison spooning the tall blonde guy. Stiles had propped his legs on top of his own and Lydia sat like the queen she was using Stiles as a recliner.

Scott wasn't sure the couch was supposed to contain that many people. He shrugged it off, since the wolf in him relished at it, and it made him feel good. He still couldn't shake the feeling of something missing, but it was less now.

Isaac was the first to fall asleep, with Allison next. Lydia watched the movie until the end, but didn't move when the credits started rolling. At last, it was only Stiles and Scott looking at the screen, which they didn't turn off. They were not sleeping, just not moving.

It felt natural.

"So... these are our lives now, huh?"

"Yeah... I guess..."

"Scott, it was... it was horrible. The bodies. They looked gruesome."

"I know. I can feel it in you."

"And Lydia... I had never heard her scream, you know, the Wailing Woman. I thought you only heard her and felt your spine shiver and stuff but I felt the deaths, their deaths. I felt my throat slashed and that was after I felt my eyes gouged out, my ears ripped off and my jaw broken and removed. Did you guys feel it too, when you heard her?"

"No, we would only hear her scream. I don't know if it's because you are human that you felt all that. Or because you are becoming a druid."

"Bah, I am as much of a druid as my dad is a vegetarian. I can't do jack shit, I carry this bunch of ash in my pocket that I either forget about or can't will to protect us. You heard Morrell - either Deaton is restraining himself too much or I am completely pants at this."

"Stiles, you've been learning for a month, maybe less. The ghost was trying to hurt Deaton. It's alright."

Stiles took a bunch of mountain ash from his pocket and blew it, making a huge mess of ash and soot in front of them. Stiles gave him a look that said 'See?' and he answered with one that said 'You are cleaning that'. Stiles rolled his eyes but then frowned at him.

"Who are you texting?"

Scott hadn't realized he was texting with his right hand, since the left was occupied by Isaac's and Allison's.

"Danny. I just wanted to see if he and Alex were OK."

"You know, we've had this talk before, but we really should be careful. If these are our lives now, we can't destroy Danny's, not now that he's found Alex."

"They've been dating for a couple of weeks."

"It took less time for Ethan to start feeling guilty, remember?"

"I guess we'll never be sure."

Scott frowned at his cellphone. Instead of "'Send' he hit 'Call' and waited for the line to connect. Stiles looked at him but all he could do was shrug.


"Hey, Danny!"

"Hey, Scott - what's up? Where did you guys go?"

"Er..." Stiles was slashing his throat with his finger, the message quite clear. "Stiles got affected by the weird hysteria thing, thinking he saw his mom..." Stiles threw his hands in the air, a look that clearly meant 'Fuck you'. "So we took him home, to try and keep him from hurting himself, or anyone. Are you alright? Did it affect you?"

"No, I'm fine." Lie. "I wanted to stay at the school but it affected a lot of people so I just left." Lie. "I got home, my mom was alright, my grandpa too, so no problem." Lie. "We just stayed inside until the Sheriff's department gave the get go on the radio." Lie.

"What about Alex?"

"He's fine - I just talked to him. He wouldn't tell me what he saw." Truth.

So Danny was selectively lying. And how could Scott tell the truth from the lies?

Maybe it was the way the voice sounded hoarse, like he'd been crying. Or how it would waver a little bit, like he was thinking what he was going to say.

It didn't matter. All that mattered was that even though he was not OK, he was grieving, which meant he would be OK at some point. At least the wolf was satisfied now.


"Are you guys alright?"

"Yeah, don't worry about us. Are you sure you don't need anything?"

"Nah, I'm cool. Scott?"



"Don't worry, man. See you tomorrow?"


Danny was the first to cut the call. Quizzicaly, Stiles raised his eyebrow.

"He was lying, but I'm not sure why..."

"Maybe he didn't feel comfortable with sharing, you know? Who he saw?"

"Wouldn't that be Ethan? I mean, everybody loves Danny."

"As far as we know, we don't know if he had any bad relationships or people from his past - Oh my God, Derek!"

Isaac stirred in his sleep, Stiles' volume reaching levels of non comfortableness. Scott silenced him with a look and then proceeded to feel for Derek inside. He knew he could do that ever since they left, him and Cora, but had never actively pursued it. A small tug inside told him that they were the same, where they were - countryside with sea coming from the East, and cold, so Scott suspected Maine - and that no, they hadn't been affected by anything in the past 24 hrs.

"They are fine. I don't think the spell reached them. It was meant for us: you, me, Allison. Not them."

"But they are important to us. They are Pack. Right?" Stiles added the question like an afterthought. Scott just nodded.

"Don't worry. I can feel them. We should sleep, you know?"

"But I'm too comfy - I don't wanna go to bed."

"I don't think any of us would want to go to bed right now. I think it's something of being pack."

"What, this? Are you saying we are going to start sleeping in puppy piles?"

"Are you complaining? I can bring the old air mattress down."

"Oh no, not that piece of crap." They just smiled at each other, old memories of sleepovers and bed fortresses and roleplaying as Batman and Superman in their heads. And just like old times, Stiles fell asleep with Scott on his side, and when the alpha finally felt his pack safe and sound he slept as well.

He was the first to wake up, covered in blankets. They all were. Someone had cleaned up the mountain ash. Scott started thinking of the tirade he would give Stiles for making his mom work clean up when he realized that a) She never cleaned up after Stiles, that was always his job; and b) there was magic in the walls now. Using his alpha senses he could feel the mountain ash inside the panels all around it. He could also feel the rustle of the leaves outside obeying to it, moving with it, like they were attuned to it. He knew he nor any of his pack would be deterred by it but their enemies would. He looked at his best friend and felt it, the spark Deaton talked about, the imagination and dreams emanating from Stiles. He wondered how powerful his friend truly was. Maybe more than everyone knew.

He could hear his mom and the Sheriff in the kitchen, and the smell of bacon invading the way between them. Stiles would probably get angry at his dad - no, he was not going to sniff him anymore, it was awkward already - but then he realized that their conversation was not a happy one.

He sighed. It was time to grow up and be an Alpha.