(AUTHOR'S REPORT: This is a Disney Infinity Crossover built upon 'The Neverending Story' and Happyology Allegories)

Sekai Montague POV

Who am I? A Dreamfinder's Apprentice, and a pretty damn good one at that!

Where to start? I was found about ninety years ago by the Chronicle Emperor of the Planet Fantasia. His wife, The Unaging Empress, recognizes that my presence signals the beginning of a wonderful chronicle that was destined to unfold, Though I did not really recognize it what with not having any memories and all...

That event was Walt Disney beginning his journey into becoming the Lord of the Metasphere.

As for me, I was wandering the empty void called the Metasphere which would be given life should a being drawn in by the life and legacy of the man named Disney, Honing my skills in Swordplay and Martial Arts as time barely passes by me. Being a know-nothing, I cannot age for I do not have a 'legit' future outside the Wish Kingdom. It's been that way since the beginning of his reign 91 Million Years Ago, when he began the Chain of Thought; a process of an artificial 'Nothing' seemingly destroying life forms as the Emperor re-arranges the terrain of Fantasia then recreating them at a later time, only a select few were given the ability to remember what had happened, such as the Mighty Warrior Atreyu and the Wise Luckdragon Falcor.

This effect also led to Galaxies from other Universes and Continuities to bleed into the Realm of the Wish Kingdom, which has grown from a singular planet into a Galaxy of twenty-seven rich and beautiful worlds. It took five million years for it to come to a head when the Tygeack System drilled its way into our realm. It was upon arrival that the recently rechristened Dark Lord Van Xenuhelm, whom had spliced himself with a traveling alien with the power to revitalize himself by rewriting his genetic codes, had decided to nuke Fantasia to high heaven, despite the Unaging Empress being the entirety of this realm's existence.

Clearly, he did not get that Memo...

Regardless, She survived on account of being on Tygeack's Rendition of the Planet Earth with Xenuhelm in secret. One look into her eyes, obscured by a mystic filter from the gnome sage Engywook, And he knew everything of the nature of our universe. Needless to say, he was overwhelmed by the amount of power that she had and surrendered to her being. She mercifully let him rule his galaxy and would never again be a bother to the empress and the Wish Kingdom.

What seemed like a promising future turned sour in the eleven million years that followed after the Chronicle Emperor created a new galaxy from the sun of Fantasia. Xenuhelm was inspired by this and used the yellow sun to draw forth energy to create galaxies, The Galaxies he made were weak as his sun grew weaker. The sky of his now-overpopulated home world turned as red as what was left of the sun he abused, so he decided to solve the overpopulation problem of his eighteen galaxies as there were now eighteen galaxies in the wish kingdom.

This would establish those under his rule as 'The Curse Kingdom'

From what I've read up on in Thetanetics Class, Seven Octillion Dissenters of Xenuhelm were sealed off in frozen Zynxronite, Including innocent children and especially those who had doubted the existence of his ultimate disciple; A Zeldragon by the name of Kriemhild Demise. He ultimately plunged the dissenters into Volcanoes and nuked whichever bodies were left over, transferring their souls into a Soulcatching Ribbon which would condense them into a single 'x-blade' which would make his disciple invincible and grant the Dark Lord the opportunity to get his revenge on Moonchild. The Chronicle Emperor responded to this by creating Artificial Warriors dubbed 'Incubators' who could recruit people by grant a wish of the newcomer's choosing via their connection to the Gem and in return, the one who wished upon them would be recruited as a Peurum or Puella Magi. Out of the Seventeen copies of the Original Incubator, UnFey, only Twelve Survived to fight the Zeldragon.

KyuBey, KiBey, SolBey, OfLay, EnBey, JuBey, TorBey, LuBey, ElBey, ZeuDey, ArWey and GoSey.

These Thirteen would seal away the Beast but not before tearing the beast into Twelve Pieces in the same pattern as the Continuia effect which converts those pieces into individual sparks of Imagination. KyuBey pulling from it's spark it's emotions, it's willpower and it's consciousness as a final blow to the Foul Beast. All of them shed the human identities granted to them by the Unaging Empress and moved on with the seeming endless lives they had ahead of them...

All of them...But one.

SolBey had paid the Ultimate Price sealing the beast away into Twelve Weaker Zeldragons and twelve unknown souls and his lover OfLay tried in vain to heal the young man. He died in his maiden's arms with his role forfilled and the Continuia effect spiriting the two sparks from his right arm into the distant future as two young ladies, a mother and a daughter, The two women he had hoped to have in his life.

The Emperor and Empress would deal with Xenuhelm by themselves while all of this was going on, Stripping away his memories and converting him into a know-nothing like myself. But unlike the know-nothings he individually named, he refused to do so to the Man with no name, nor would he acknowledge his existence. He holds the Dubious Honor of being the only permanent resident of the City of Old Emperors.

And I just can't help but feel sorry for the poor shmuck...

(AUTHOR'S REPORT: So... 950 words in and we've got ourselves plenty of named casualties in the story so far. Unfortunately, It's gonna be nothing more than a series of One Shots in the Disney Infinity Universe, Because the world needs more Disney Infinity Fanfiction. Feel free to suggest more stories and I shall choose which ones to write from the reviews you write. Make of that what you will and take that to the bank!)