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Welcome to my new Disgaea story. I started to play Disgaea D2 and it's just as good as the others to me. I really like Barbara the new person in D2 and the Sicily overlord ending got me thinking about an idea for Laharl and what happens to him after it. Since it said he was never heard from again, it got me thinking on a story. So no flames ok. Oh and this story takes place a few years after the ending I would also like to thank my beta for his work on this chapter

Chapter One: Defeat of the Prince

It had been over a few years since Prince Laharl had lost the title of overlord to the young angel Sicily. To his surprise he had also found she was his little sister but he refused to believe it. Him, an Overlord, related to an angel? He expected other demons to hate the idea but most of them didn't care since she was said to be like his old man. He couldn't take it he had no choice but to leave the castle. He couldn't live with the shame anymore.

Laharl sat looking at the red moon as he saw Prinnies coming to finally be reincarnated for paying off their sins.

"That time again? I still can't believe that damn love freak and Etna are now serving that angel. They were my vassals… my… friends… I knew I couldn't trust them, I can't trust anyone! Why do people like her more than me!? I have power that all that matters to be an Overlord!"

Laharl clenched his fist sending an aura around him making a few Prinnies who were walking up the mountain to back away from him. He calmed down letting them continue the walk to meet with Death.

"*Sigh* I shouldn't have taken her so lightly I shouldn't have held back. But why the hell do people like her better than me? I don't understand."

He thought he felt a warm tap on his shoulder and turned to see a prinny leaving a small sweet before running back to catch up to the others. He looked at the sweet before grabbing it and stuffing into his mouth.

'At least some people still see how great I am!' He thought with false confidence.

He wanted to laugh but instead shed a tear before wiping his face of it. He wanted to act strong but in all he was alone. No vassals or Prinnies or his so called friends. The only people that even got near him were demons that thought he looked weak since he lost to an angel. But he proved them wrong by beating them into the ground and just walking away. Telling them to be glad he didn't kill them before robbing them of anything he needed to pawn for useful things.

"That love freak would probably say it's wrong to steal, but I don't care what she says anymore. Why should I care since she betrayed me? Saying the angel is a better Overlord because of love."

Laharl put his hand over his mouth, resisting the urge to vomit out the sweet he just ate for muttering the one word he hated with a passion.

"That one word, bleh! And talking about that word and friendship, what a liar. But why?"

He asked himself this question over and over again trying to find out why other demons liked an angel better than him.

No matter how many times he asked himself this he could never get an answer. Even when he was forced to fight and win against a gang demons by walking away heavily wounded from the fight. He asked them what makes her such a good Overlord only getting mad saying she was like his old man earning them a second beat down as he left them alive again.

Laharl stood up and heard the Prinnies start to sing the song of reincarnation which he had memorized since he had been coming here for the past to 200 years. (I think 200 years is like 2 years in demon and angel years). He saw the souls start to disappear as the grim reapers disappeared with the souls leaving Laharl alone again.

"*Sigh* what do I do now? It seems like all demons seem to like the angel since she is more like my old man. Hmm…"

He began to think of what he could do to get his throne back. Alone he would stand no chance since Sicily had gotten stronger over the years and with Etna, Flonne and his dads old Vassles working for her he would lose even with all his power. He sighed looking up at the sky looking at the final sight of the Red Moon.

"Guess I should just give up and be like my old man…"

His eyes widen at the thought before he realized what he had to do.

"That's it! If I become like my old man I can get my throne again from that angel! But how do I become like my old man? Wait, that damn old fossil and my dad's old group! If I can get them to teach me I can win support back before I can take my throne back by force. I will use them and they should be grateful to be used by me the great Laharl! Hahahahahahaha!"

He began laughing like his old self again, something he hadn't done since he had lost his Overlord title.

The next morning he made his way out of the mountains. He decided to go the first place he saw Grosso hoping to find him.

When he arrived he saw something that made his blood boil. He saw three statues of the new Overlord. He wouldn't care about that but the two, were of Etna and Flonne.

"Dammit, not only do they leave me but now they have statues!? I won't stand for this!"

He pulled out his sword from his scarf a destroyed them leaving a mess as he made his way further into the open field. Where he was met with more statues.

"More of them huh? I will destroy them all and make my mark! Take this!"

He clenched his fist and yelled. "Blazing Knuckle!"

He shattered more statues as he made his to way to more of them. As he was getting ready to destroy the next set he was surprised when a familiar demon appeared from the sky and destroyed them. Laharl saw him appear with a new demon he didn't recognize

"No matter how many we destroy they keep making more of them. Barbara! I want you to clear out the closest areas and then report back to me, do you understand?"

"Yes! I will do as ordered."

She left the area leaving Grosso alone with Laharl, not noticing him.

"Good I must do whatever I can to prevent her from getting more support."

Grosso turned around to see the young prince.

"Well, well, well, long time no see prince."

"It has been long time since I beat you into the ground hasn't it?" Laharl said with a wicked grin on his face.

"You still have that attitude huh? I thought you would have lost it when you were beaten by that angel and lost your title."


"Did I hit a nerve? Good! How could you lose to angel and let her become the Overlord?! Do you have any idea how many demons are outraged by this?

"I don't know, probably a lot. But you're forgetting that a lot demons also like her as Overlord since she keeps saying she is my old man's daughter.

"Nothing but lies! That angel is not Krichevskoy's daughter! The only known child is you!"

"Nice to know that you have your facts straight."

"Don't take high praise in that prince. You may be his son but you will never be as great he was! Why are you even you here anyway?"

Laharl just pointed his sword at the destroyed statues.

"Just getting rid of some eyesores. Besides, I don't really like the fact that we have an angel as the Overlord. It's just unheard of. I am finally trying to do something about it."

"What do you mean?"

Laharl pointed at himself.

"Hello!? You said it yourself I'm the one and only son of my old man and I have his power. I'm planning to take the throne back by force if I have to but I need help."

Grosso looked at Laharl as he spoke.

"No matter how strong I may be I can't do it alone beside, if I attacked the castle I would lose because of all the vassals she has. Not to mention my so called friends, they left to work for her after my lost. I don't need them anymore."

"What are you saying prince Laharl?"

"I'm saying that I need help in order to reclaim the throne."

"What makes you think that I will help you get it back!? You're not a worthy Overlord!"

"You may think I'm not worthy to rule and maybe you're right. But think, you say I'm not worthy to be Overlord but I could be taught how to be a worthy Overlord."

Grosso eyes widen as he finally understood what Laharl was saying.

"Are you saying what I think your saying prince?"

"I have nothing else to do since I lost my title. Think about it, if I become Overlord with your help I can make you my advisers as my old man did. So what do you say Grosso?"

"Why are you even suggesting this?"

"Why not? I have nothing else to do and besides, we need to talk about this later. We have unwanted company."

Grosso looked the prince who was pointing at Barbara who was being followed by three people they didn't want to see.

'All of the people that had to come it had to be them!' Laharl thought to himself as Grosso was in thought as well.

"What? Why are they here? And why did she bring them here?"

"Is this the area where they are?" Asked Sicily.

"Yes now if you excuse me I must report back to Grosso."

"Grosso?" They asked as Barbara walked over to Grosso who spoke.

"Barbara! Why did you bring them here? Why didn't you warn me they were coming?"

"Huh? All I was told to was to destroy the statues and report back to you. You didn't tell me to report back if people were coming!"

"Uh… were my orders not specific again?"

Laharl just gave him an annoyed look wondering who this girl was who didn't even report to him that people were coming.

"Well, well, well long time no see prince." Etna replied as Flonne and the Overlord looked shocked to see Laharl.

Laharl looked over to old vassal who had a smirk on her face.

"200 years to be exact. Last time we saw each other was when you and that damned love freak abandoned me to work for that angel that calls herself my sister!"

"But I'm really am your sister big brother." Sicily said as she walked out from behind Etna.

"Like I will believe that load of lies. Besides, what are you all doing here?"

"We could be asking you the same thing prince." Etna said trying to move closer to him but Laharl gave her an evil glare to keep her distance.

"Just getting rid of a few eyesores, besides why would you care what I'm doing here? You two didn't seem to care what happened to me after you left alone to die! Do you have any idea how many times I have had to fight to stay alive!?"

"What are you talking about Laharl? Asked the fallen angel.

Lahral spat on the ground near her feet turned around showing them his back where he had scar across it.

"Big brother, what happen!?"

"Why do you any of you care? But if you must know a lot of demons want me dead since I lost the title of Overlord. They thought I had gotten weak and they tried to take me down but I showed them not to take me lightly. I let them live and I get stabbed in the back, literally! So I ripped his arm off. Shows what I get for being nice."

Everyone's eyes widen as he said this and he let his hair cover his back again as he looked at them with hate in his eyes. Grosso noticed this and thought to himself.

'Why has he changed so much? He never held this much anger even at me. Was losing his title really that bad? No… it must have been the loneliness he suffered for this many years. Maybe I can use him to get the throne.'

"Laharl, what happen to you and why are you doing all this and destroying our statues?" Asked Flonne as she tried to reach out of him only to have her arm viciously slapped away by the former Overlord.

"Friends!? Ha! What kind of friends leave me alone to serve her!" He yelled pointing at the angel Overlord. "Sometimes I think the only reason you two even stood by me was because I was my old man's son."

"But you could have come to the castle I would have given you a room, big brother."

"I don't take charity especially from any angel I don't know or trust, and I'm not your big brother so quit calling me that! I can't even trust angels of any kind since I was betrayed by a fallen one." He turned away from his former friends and looked at Grosso. "So Grosso, what do you say? Is your answer yes or no?"

"Wait you're asking for this guy's help prince? Don't you know that he wants your sis to step down?"

Laharl looked at Etna before he smiled at her.

"I know he does and I need him to do that to reclaim my throne."


"You don't want me to be Overlord big brother? But I thought you would be happy for me?" Asked Sicily as Laharl let out a sad smile making them wonder what was wrong.

"I haven't been happy the last 200 years angel! I spent my time alone wandering and fighting demons to stay alive. When I lost my title, all I had was Etna and Flonne left, my so called friends. But when they left to work for you it made me realized that I wasn't liked by anyone."

Flonne and Sicily looked sadden by his words as Etna was thinking to herself.

'He really isn't talking all high and mighty anymore, being alone all this time has made him different. But to want to dethrone his own sister I guess he hasn't really changed that much since he wants to work with Grosso.'

"All the demons that didn't want me dead didn't even want to talk me. The only people that would even say anything were the Prinnies since they thought I was the same as them. *Sigh.*"

"Why did you hang out with Prinnies?" asked Etna as Laharl sighed again.

"I don't know why … but I think it's because I spent so much time at the place of reincarnation. What I was doing there is my own business. So don't even bother asking what I was doing. I think we are done talking. I have no more words to waste on you three."

They were about to speak but Laharl pointed his sword at Grosso.

"Well what's your answer? And be quick since if they are here won't be long till there guards come. She is the Overlord after all." Laharl said trying to drill his point in.

Grosso looked at the prince before sighing.

"Very well Prince. I will say accept your offer, but you will be listening to me and the others since we were your father's best advisers."

Laharl smile as he out his hand over his face thinking to himself.

'This will be easier than I thought. I will get my throne back sooner than I thought. All I have to do is act like I care what they have to say and pretend to change."

"If we are done here then lets return to our base. Barbara, let's return back."


"Come along prince. Unless you hurry up you will be left behind."

Laharl jumped off the rock he was on landing behind Grosso as he looked at his old friends.

"You're really going to try and take on the Overlord prince?" asked Etna not believing him.

"Yes I am, that angel doesn't deserve to be the Overlord. Beside not like any of you care if I die trying to get the throne back again."

"But we do care about you Laharl!" replied Flonne as he looked at her wanting to believe her words.

"How can I believe a liars word? You're all no longer my friends since you left me alone. You talked about love and friendship yet you abandoned me."


Flonne saw a sword pointed at her making her step back as she saw Laharl's eyes glare at her with no feeling in them for her.

"Guess this will be the last time we meet till I come for the throne."

Laharl put his sword away as he followed Grosso who was gone but he saw the woman that was working for him.

"Where did that old fossil go?!"

"He ordered me to wait here for you and take you to the castle."

Laharl nodded as he followed her keeping his distance from her as he saw how she was dressed and that she wasn't flat chested like the others.

'I may regret this…' He thought as he followed behind her.

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