Many years into the future...

"Alright class, come along and don't fall behind. We'll be entering the exhibit of the ancient Five Songs of Past."

The young Earth pony aged filly's moderate aquamarine eyes could only widen with awe and amazement as she trotted forward alone one of her classmates, one of whom was the same as her. The light of Celestia's sun shone on in through the windows, brightening up the room of what resembled gold on the pillars within and around the interior of the spherical room.

Her eyes traced along the statues that were static in the center of the room, five figures in a circle facing a different position towards one of the windows or curved walls. Each figure had a different item in their hands. The detail on the statues of the two-legged figures really intrigued the earth filly, as this was the first time that she was ever being shown a piece of Equestria's past history.

Her name is Sunny Starscout, a young earth filly whose coat was honey orange, and her mane which was tied back in a braid had the colors of magenta and violet. In the mind of the filly, she had a feisty personality, but still maintained her traits of being idealistic, determined and adventurous. Her cutie mark was that of a pink star with a blue trail.

"Whoa..." One of her classmates ended up saying in amazement to the statues and the items dedicated to these figures we were standing before. "Who are those? Why are they standing on two legs?"

The teacher noted on the curiosity of the student and began to tell the story began it as the ears of Sunny perked upwards to listen in on what the teacher had to say about these statues and their purpose in the history of Equestria.

"These statues are the wielders of the Five Songs of Past. A tremendous amount of history is behind those items that the wielders who were called 'humans' had carried to defend the enchanted lands," The teacher explained, trotting towards the dull colored statue that carried a battle axe. "Before the rest of the story behind them came out into the public through the teachings of Starswirl the Bearded, their origins were but a mystery. It had always started with Four Songs: Earth, Aqua, Nature and Flames."

Sunny placed her eyes on the statues, identifying each one of the songs with their human piece. The Song of Aqua as described, was a mace with sharpness was depicted like that of a drop in the ocean, Nature's item described as a staff with a butterfly on top of it, carried in both hands by the statue of what was depicted as a female girl. Flames of course, was depicted as two katanas, those given off in the statue's design and pose, seemed so dangerous to those who threaten the wielder. She wasn't sure why the battle axe seemed so much like any other weapon that existed in Equestria.

Raising her hoof, she got the attention of her teacher who was continuing the explanation behind the statues. "Yes, Sunny?" Her teacher acknowledges her.

"I... I was just wondering. You said that is four Songs, yet I see another which is carrying a claymore in the both of his hands. Who is that?" Sunny asked.

Her teacher smiled at her, pointing her out to her classmates as they glanced briefly before turning back to listen to the continued lecture. "A very good question, Sunny. Thank you for raising that to us. We're going to get to that, but first... the four Songs."

Sunny listened still, hearing what was to be said. It started in the past, long looong before she or any of her classmates were born. The Four Songs were formed to keep the will of peace in flow. But there were many battles and wars on the surface of what was pre-historic Equestria, which was interrupting the balance they were trying to keep. From the history unearthed, she learned that the Songs could not intervene with fate and had to remain still and let history play its part. Nopony knew of the existence of the four, except for a few that followed the First Alicorn.

It wasn't until the battle between the alicorns on the floating isles of Whinnepagos and the Blood Dragons that the fifth Song that she saw on that statue before her own eyes, was created in the flesh before their own eyes. Made of the ore of silver and powered by a sprouting Tree of Harmony, this Song itself was given the title of Order. The Song of Order was used to defeat the leader behind the Blood Dragons, the Dragon Queen in which she was sent to exile on a world far from Equestria beyond the stars for an entire millennium.

Because the Song of Order was the most powerful of all the Songs, it had to be put away after it had corrupted its original wielder, as such a human from back then was easily corrupted by absolute power. It was placed within the dream realm until its second and final wielder could have it in his hands.

She learned that while that was going on, that the Song of Flames itself had gone corrupt and had mended into the dark shadows, lending its complete control to that of the one behind all of the darkness: Grogar, the necromancer ram himself. Following the fall of the Song of Flames, the other three Songs had gone into hiding, keeping themselves in separate places within the dream realm, waiting for their wielders to come about.

There was hope though when one of the olden princesses: Luna, had brought a human that was by birthright - the son of her sister Celestia. He had become the wielder for the Song of Order and was a paladin for all of Equestria, representing himself in the town of Ponyville. Four more humans joined with him eventually afterwards, later representing their parts as wielders for the other Songs, even as the Song of Flames was taken up and passed onto that human on the exiled world she returned from, which is wear the other wielders were born. The difference was... except for the Song of Flames' wielder, the others had a certain blood type that could allow them to use the magic from within the Songs.

The Song of Order's wielder took itself up against the Song of Flames, and eventually Grogar who was stealing the powers of the other Songs to create the ultimate blade, the Aria of Darkness. All it was missing was the Song of Order, but it was unable to get it in the end, as the wielder sacrificed himself and the Song in order to stop Grogar, shattering the Song in half and leaving it with no power left.

Over history as times were changing, there was no one to continue the linage of the surviving Songs, as they all had passed on, rendering the magic and spirits of the Songs no more. All that was left now, were that of mere shells for what they once were, but left a message with their passing, in which no creature or pony with evil intentions shall bring harm to Equestria and its citizens.

"And that my students, is the tale of the Five Songs and why they are important in the history of Equestria. To this day, there are those in the upper class that still look down upon them, but it is the one piece that cannot ever be erased: the fact that these few with the blood of Equestria in them like us - had saved all of us." The teacher concluded, a smile on her face and looking proudly at the statue of the winged human that carried the Song of Order in its hands.

The eyes of Sunny widened in amazement, looking at the statued human with wings. She raised her hoof for the attention of the teacher again, to which she was allowed another question. "Did any of the Mane Six know them?" She asked.

"Yes, Sunny," The teacher nodded, confirming the answer for her question. "They knew them quite well. They were great friends. With the wielders of Order and Earth, two of the Mane Six had formed quite a relationship with them. It was the power of true love itself that had gave the Songs strength."

Her teacher turned to the rest of her classmates again to explain further. "Princess Twilight and the wielder behind Order were quick to bond with each other in a relationship, and it rather bloomed as well as expected. There were troubles, but they both worked through them together."

"Miss Chalk," One of her classmates asks for her attention, raising their light red hoof. "Will we ever see the Songs return?"

The teacher smiled, looking at her classmate and answered, "When we go to the heavens, we will be able to meet them - for they are of Equestrian blood themselves."

The class around Sunny looked at the statues in amazement, as did she. All she did was stare at the statue of the Equestrian Human who carried the Song of Order, her eyes widening in amazement from learning of the history of the wielders of the Songs.

The wielder behind the Song of Order who loved Princess Twilight... perhaps her father Argyle knew more information about him from following the teachings of the princess of the past...

Knocking open the front door to her lighthouse home that she shared with her father, a look of eager excitement was brightened onto the face of the young filly. Her father, an Earth pony whose coat was light blue, with a mane of royal blue with white and purple streaks in them. His purple colored eyes behind the glasses he wore, turned with his head and a smile appearing on his face when seeing his daughter return home from the field trip.

"Sunny," Her father chuckled brightly, turning from his work to look at his daughter who looked really happy. "There you are. How was the field trip?"

"It was really good, daddy!" The filly exclaims, having learned a lot about many of the stuff that Miss Chalk had taught to her and her classmates. "We learned a lot about the past history of Equestria from the artifacts, even if it weren't the real ones. There was the history of when Earth ponies, pegasi and unicorns got along together and the tale of the Songs of Past! It was a lot of fun!"

"I knew you would really enjoy the field trip to learn more about these things," Argyle responded to her. "I'm really happy that it got your interest."

"It did!" She had the biggest smile that Argyle had ever seen from her. Then another thought crosses to her, and her smile had lowered. She didn't say anything else, but from the emotion that had changed suddenly - Argyle figured out the answer why for that.

"Your classmate's bothering you about the pegasi and unicorns again?" Argyle asked, a tone in his voice that matched that of a good-hearted father and a gentle voice.

"Sprout was being mean about them again, and my classmates still don't think that unicorns and pegasi can ever come back to be our friends..." Sunny said to him with a sad tone in her voice, her ears lowered a bit.

"I'm sure that he didn't mean those things, Sunny," He said, keeping a warm smile on his face. "One day, if pegasi and unicorn and every one of the earth ponies become friends - he will see that and finally open up to them to see they are not mean like everypony in Maretime Bay says they are."

"I do hope so, daddy," Sunny cheers up a little bit. "And when they come to visit, we can become their friends too!"

"Indeed we will, Sunny Bunny," Argyle responds to his daughter. "There is always a spark of hope that it can one day happen."

"A spark of hope, daddy?" Sunny asked with curiosity in her voice.

"It is one of the things that the lover of Princess Twilight had," He responded to her question. "He sure carried a Song of Past called Order. But his soul itself was kind to those. He may have had trouble and was not perfect by any means - but he remained dedicated and loyal to her and the friends she had."

"Can you tell me about the humans?" Sunny begged with a smile on her face, eager to know more about the wielder behind the Song. "Please?" She asked nicely, remembering about good manners.

Another gentle chuckle came from her father as he took in some breath to speak again. "I'll tell you all about it when you are a little older." He said. "Why don't you go upstairs and play with your toys? I'll join you shortly."

"Okay!" She said brightly, going into playful mode again. "Unicorn, pegasi and earth pony powers!" The cheer came from the young filly as she rushed to the stairs while Argyle smiles and chuckles from the happiness he was seeing from his daughter.

He kept the smile on his face as he gets up from the chair at the table and slowly trots over to the open window on the other side of the house's interior. The wind was blowing gently inside, but it wasn't too cold or too bad a breeze from the sea. He allowed the wind to blow on his face, rustling his mane a little bit from the weak strength of the wind. His eyes were kept towards the sea and blue eyes ahead, where the sun would be setting in a few hours.

He blinked with a relaxed sigh, looking down and gripping onto the pendant he wore around his neck - the symbol on it being the cutie mark of the last princess... the Princess of Friendship. Even if it is until his last breath, he will follow the teachings of the princess and her friends - as well as the past history she had endured many years into the past. He alone knew well, all about the meaning of the Songs of Past.

"There is still hope, even if the darkness has been playing its part," Argyle thought to himself. "With the crystal that was passed onto me by the last of those who believe... I know that my Sunny will understand one day..."

His hoof let go of the pendant, letting it hang from his neck again as he watched the blue skies again, seeing the white clouds roll along above, the sun shining down onto the sea - making it shine.

Whatever happens, Argyle knew inside... fate would make its course and there would come destiny to play its part.

Years in the past...

Twilight's POV

It's been many years...

It feels like it was only a month of losing you... and I still think of you a lot...

We all have changed since you passed away in your mother's wings from your sacrifice... Fluttershy... Rainbow... Applejack... Rarity... Pinkie... Spike... Starlight... Me... We all changed after your mother and aunt had retired from being princesses.

Strange, isn't it? I didn't think I would ever become the princess for all of the land of Equestria. I now have plenty of duties to fulfill to - along with having a pupil that I have with me. Luster Dawn... I think you would like her. And I think she would accept you... She's been making friends with everypony in Equestria and was like me at one point until I taught her the importance of friendship.

All of it felt empty... like you were missing from the picture when I was teaching her. I... I told her about you when she was a filly after I took her under my wing - but you aren't there to see her grow to see and experience the magic of friendship...

...You haven't been there... since I lost you. Your other friends who carry the Songs... they continue their training, and fight to protect us when necessary... Rebecca... she's making great effort and is getting along well with the ponies than when she was under the control of Grogar... Ann still misses you a lot and stands by the nearby pond to think of you... Alex... Andrea... they think of you too...

...I...I miss you... I sometimes cry that you're not there anymore... that I won't be able to hear your voice anymore... to hear and see you laugh... cry... get angry... or be sad... or feel joy... I feel alone inside thinking of you... Your friends miss you... we all miss you...

...I want you back... please... come back to me...



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