Chapter 1: Mike

Heyyo people, idk plot bunnies happened and this popped out. I blame episode 12 for getting me thinking what if Mal WAS the real personaility. What screwed up his life so badly?

Um enjoy! :D

He was four when he first met Mike.

It was during nap-time in Miss. Alice's pre-k class when he found himself in a strange realm that seemed to be part of a fairy tale. The skies were decorated in pink and red spots and it seemed to go on forever.

He stared at the pink ground and jumped several times. It was soft and squishy.

This was definitely weird.

He walked around a bit before stumbling upon a corner decorated with the latest superhero cartoons at the time.

A little boy who looked a lot like him was playing with a toy car. The boy's hair was a lot spikier and gravity-defying than his own.

This must be a dream. He told himself as he stalked closer.

"Hello." It was weird how he remembered his own words so vividly.

The boy looked up at him, his face briefly contorted into a look of shock. It melted into an expression of happiness seconds later.

"Hey! You're Mal right?" The boy's voice was squeakier than his own.

He merely nodded and stood awkwardly, unsure of what to do.

" you know my name?" He finally asked.

"Oh, that's because I'm your friend. And friends should always know friends' names!" The boy grinned, showing off two perfect rows of tiny teeth.

"...Friends..?" He rolled the new word around his tongue experimentally. He never heard that before.

"Friends are people that will always love you and be with you!" The other boy explained knowingly, pushing the toy car back and forth.

He knew what love was, at least. Even if he hadn't felt it in six months.

"...Love...forever?" He blinked at the other boy with a twinge of hope.

"Uh huh!" The boy smiled again and gestured for him to sit down and play with the toys as well.

He did.

"What's...your name?" He finally got the nerve to ask after several minutes of building a block tower.


"Um...friends...should know friends' names...right?"

The boy stared at him and he started fidgeting, wondering what he did wrong.

After what seemed like forever, the boy smiled again and extended his hand.

"Mike! My name is Mike! Let's be friends, Mal!"

And then they played together for a while.

When he woke up and it was time to go home, he couldn't wait to sleep again.

Welp, first chapter done. I warn you now that most chapters are going to be this short because of the style. But that means faster updates so good for you. Another warning is that this will get pretty dark pretty fast. If you can't stomach that, kindly show yourself out ^^ and as for the sadists like me and Chris, enjoy~