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Walking through the hallway towards class Ichika bumped into Rin and as they both looked at each other Rin turned away and went to her class 'Geez is it about what happened yesterday?' Ichika thought to himself.

While continuing back to class Ichika stopped and turned around and thought to himself 'Wait yesterday! Dad said I had a arranged marriage so could it be...! RIN!'

Ichika almost wanted to go tell Rin he is sorry but didn't know if it was her or not 'It... It might not but the possibilitys are adding up to her'

Hour later.

Sitting in his seat Ichika and everyone continued writing down notes and as he finished he looked up and saw nothing else but the ones he had to write down.

Ichika sat there doing nothing but reading his notes and began to open his note book to a new clean sheet and began to sketch something but stopped as everyone began to chat with each other.

"Good now that you copied these down we'll move onto the next lesson" Yamada said while changing slides and teaching the next part.

Time skip.

As Ichika packed his work in his bag Rin walked and and stood in front of him "Do you remember the promise back then Ichika?"

She asked hoping he would but her hopes were shot down "I'm sorry Rin but I don't remember that much from back then sorry"

As he laughed it off nervously Rin looked at the ground and made her hands turn into fist but released them and looked at him.

For a brief moment Ichika thought she was about to change back to her normal behavoir but was wrong as a hand slapped across his left cheek.


Everyone in the classroom looked at the two but mostly at what Rin did, her face filled with anger "BAKA! HOW COULD YOU FORGET A PROMISE WITH A GIRL! GET BIT BY A DOG AND DIE!"

"Eh?! Why are you so angry it was long ago and I really don't remember and if it's that important then explain it to me" As Ichika said this Rin began to show a embarresed face but kept her angry face on.

"Fine we'll settle this in the class league I.S tournament!" As she said that she left his classroom but as she did Chifuyu appeared.

"You really want to cause a scene don't you?" a vain popped from Chifuyu's head and Rin quickly retreated back to her class.

Time skip class league I.S tournament.

Boarding into the Raphael Ichika started up the I.S and began to check the system and as he did he felt something missing but couldn't put his hand on it.

"Orimura launch now your opponent is waiting" Chifuyu said in the speaker causing him to launch right away into the arena.

Once in the arena everyone cheered for Ichika and Rin and as they came close to each other Rin spoke "Ichika I can make it quick and less painful if you apoligize"

Ichika looked at Rin and said "I don't need that go all out

As he said this Rin spoke in response "Just so you know the absoulute barrier isn't perfect if the attack is strong enough it could get through the barrier and you could end up half dead"

"I know" as Ichika said this Chifuyu spoke in the loud speaker.

"Begin the match!" on her cue Ichika and Rin both flew at each other throwing one attack locking them in place.

"Just to let you know Ichika My I.S is best close range combat!" Rin then pushed Ichika away and pulled out another one of her sword and merged their hilts creating a spear like sword.

Surprised by her merging her weapons she attacked Ichika with twice the speed and force pushing Ichika back 'I need to get some range!'

Ichika deployed a smg and peppered her with quick short burst then flew off, but as he did Rin smiled and stood there while turning to where he went 'LOCKED ON!?'

As the lock on warning showed Rin fired a barrage of compressed air passing by him but over time they hit their mark "KUH!"

ichika began to descend down towards the ground back first and while falling like that Rin stopped shooting and watched as he was about to plummet to the ground but just as he was about to hit the ground Ichika pushed the thrusters to the max keeping him leveled.

"You just don't know when to lose do you!" Rin said and unleashed her lethal barrage but as she did Ichika fired a rocket and as it traveled towards Rin she braced for impact.


Covered in smoke Rin tried to look for Ichika but did not see him, as she flew up trying to get away from the smoke Ichika flew at her with his sword ready but was late as Rin got up off from the ground.

"Too slow!" Rin then aimed her air cannons at Ichika and kept firing.

Scene change.

In the dark void of space above earth a white I.S battled against a black I.S, it's arms were bulky and it attacked using it's energy weapons while the white I.S attacked using it's small beam rifle that barely did damage.

The two doghed from one another returning fire, but as it raged on the white I.S fled from the battle heading towards earth.

But as it was about to enter atmosphere it turned around and blocked the incoming energy beam.

The beam was reflected back at the I.S but it exploded inches away as it collided with another energy beam that it fired.

Scene change.

As Ichika 's shield points were now at 3% he began to use the smg hoping it would slow Rin down but as he was just about to deploy the smg Rin stood above him ready to slam down on him.


Rin stopped as she looked up and saw the collapsed arena shielding, and as she looked at the smoking crater she saw a pair of blue eyes glow.

As Ichika saw Rin staring at the blue eyes, he also looked at them but felt something from them something that he felt long ago.


The white I.S quickly doghed the incoming object and floated up in the air while holding onto it's beam rifle but removed it and equiped itself with a beam saber that came off it's arm.

The two I.S then continued their fight but as a stray beam slammed against Ichika's chest his shielding was destroyed and the chest armor he wore was burnt off showing his bare chest.

Noticing what happened the White I.S kicked the black one away and flew towards Ichika but as it did Rin stood in it's way "Don't you touch him!" she commanded.

She then fired her two shoulder cannons, the White I.S doghed them with ease and knocked Rin away and picked Ichika up and as it did it tore him from the Raphael unit and began to open itself up to him.

But as it was just about to open the Black I.S fired off it's barrage of beams, the white I.S shielded Ichika in it's arms and doghed the beams until one landed on it's back sending it to the ground.

As it crashed into the ground Ichika found the I.S damaged showing small electrical static buzzing from the joints but also from it's face as a crack appeared.

"ICHIKA!" Rin screamed his name as she kept the black I.S at bay but as she called his name a pair of large hands held onto her arms and began to pull her limbs apart.

"R-Rin!" Ichika called her name weakly and stood up while walking to Rin but as he did the white I.S stopped him by attaching itself to Ichika forcefully.

'No get off I have to save Rin!' Ichika fought back the I.S but as he did it spoke to him in a male voice that he found familiar.

'Do not be afraid, I am your shield and your armor, and you are my master, my-'

'Pilot' as Ichika said this word unknowing the I.S had already engulfed him into itself making Ichika it's pilot.

"KYYYYAAAAAA!" Rin screamed as she felt her arm dislocate slowly.

"STOP IT!" She screamed again and fired her air cannons at it but had no effect.


Rin's left arm was pulled from it's socket and as that happened the I.S was turned into standby mode as Rin lost consciousness.

The Black I.S let go of Rin arms and tossed her to the ground and was about to blast her but felt nothing firing from it's arm.


A beam sword stuck to the ground and it turned to it then looked back at Ichika and found the White I.S being piloted by him.

The Black I.S aimed it's left arm and fired but as it did Ichika deployed a arm shield deflecting the energy shots, and as he got closer the I.S swung it's arm at him fist first.


The whole arm was cut in half splitting between the glowing white blade that Ichika wielded with his right arm holding it downwards.

Control room.

Chifuyu, Maya, Houki, and Cecilia watched in amazement as Ichika's fighting stlye changed "Sato-kun... Is defeating the Unknown I.S using the other Unknown I.S unit Orimura-sensie!"

"I can see that Maya" as Chifuyu watched the battle closely she felt someone pulling the strings on the event that is happening right now.

'Tabane if this is your doing you went too far!' Chifuyu gritted her teeth and continued watching the battle.


Ichika bashed the Black I.S in the face and sliced off it's other arm and kicked it to the ground and thrusted his sword into the I.S back creating a gory sound as if of flesh being twisted, panting from exhaustion and pain he went over to Rin and found her arm dislocated.

"Rin... You're hurt... Badly... I'm sorry..." as he apoligized to her the I.S he piloted moved on it's own, it lifted Rin up and pushed her arm back into it's socket and laid her back on the ground.

"What?" he said confused and stood back up while looking at his I.S hands.


On instincts Ichika rolled backwards and drew his sword cutting upwards from the torso then standing back up and thrusting his sword backwards through the I.S kneck and cutting it off cleanly.

"Energy critical powering down. Pilot vitals dropping, Emergency treatment active" Ichika saw these pop up with many more messages but didn't care as he collapsed to the ground.


"Ichika, I want you to stay here and take care of Colette and her daughter while me and Sato go and get something okay?" his Father asked wearing a grey trench coat along with a scarf and leather cap.

"Okay but don't be gone too long!" he said while grabbing both of them.

"Don't worry Ichika we'll be back before you know it okay?" He smiled at Ichika showing a nice warm assuring smile that made ichika nod in agreement.

"Okay now that, that's settled let's get going now Sato" He said and stepped outside the door with Sato behind him.

Present time.

Waking up from his bed Ichika stood up but as he did he remembered what happened in the arena and looked at his chest and found the wound gone 'Was that all a dream?'

He asked himself and stood up from his bed and wore his shoes and was about to walk out but saw Rin with a cast on her arm sleeping on the bed 'No it wasn't a dream! It was real!'

As he began to remember his merging with the White I.S he remembered other memorys that he did not but they disappeared as he tried to remember them.

"Just what is going on?" he asked.

"I should be asking you the same thing Sato" as he turned to the voice he saw Chifuyu standing there.

"Orimura-sensie what do you mean?" he said and stepped towards her.

"Why did one of those I.S units want you?" she asked with such a tone that Ichika couldn't reply to her.

"Hey what do you think you're doing to my son!?" Ichiro said as he entered the room.

Chifuyu turned around to Ichiro and said "Interogating him"

"He did nothing wrong! In fact he saved someone!" he argued back.

"True but why did those two I.S units attack and why did he become a pilot out of those two?" her questions were filled with venom and Ichiro answered them flawlesly.

"When they both crashed into the arena what were they doing up above, were they planning or fighting each other?"

Chifuyu began to think what he was about to say but let him continue "Continue then"

"What if they were both fighting each other instead of planning together, because if you look at the footage of the event or asked the pilots then you would undoubtly be told that they were both fighting each other" He said and looked at Ichika.

"My Dad's right... Before the other I.S arrived it looked as if it was in a battle and it didn't hurt me or Rin" Ichika spoke helping his own defense against Chifuyu.

"Then why did it crashed into the arena?" as unleashed her final weapon they both stood there trying to figure out why and tried to answer but Chifuyu's phone ringed.

"Hello?" she said, and listened to the person speaking.

"I'm hanging up" she quickly moved the phone from her ear and placed it close against her ear.


Hearing her name Ichiro knew where this was going and whispered to Ichika "Psst let's go before this get's out of control"

Ichika who was just about to say the same thing agreed and sneeked out along with his Dad while still hearing Chifuyu screaming into the phone 'It's a good thing I didn't get on Orimura-sensies bad side'

Scene change.

Walking outside in the twilight sky Ichika and Ichiro sat down on a bench and opened their soft drink filled cans and took two gulps at the same time before sighing.

"It's been a long day Ichika..." Ichiro said and took another gulp of his soft drink.

"Why you say that?" he asked and also took a mouth full from his soft drink.

"Well... ... ... Your Fiance will be coming in a couple of weeks and I have a package that will also arrive in a couple of weeks so I might need you to go get the package and possibly guide her to our home" Ichiro then drunk his whole bottle and looked inside for more.

"Okay" Ichika said and began to drink but halfway Ichika began to choke as he realize what his Father said.

*Cough, cough*

"Wait... WHAT!?" Ichika screamed and looked at his Dad who was surprised by his sudden outburst.

"I have a package coming in a couple of days..."

"Oh then okay I'll pick it up" he then sat down and began to finish his drink.

"Oh and your fiance will be arriving in a couple of weeks too" Ichika cough on his drink again and Ichiro patted Ichika's back hoping it would help him.

"My Fiance... Is coming in a couple of weeks and you want me to pick up your package in a couple of weeks too at the same airport!?" Ichiro nodded and smiled at him.

"You have got to be kidding me" Ichika slumped back against the bench and stared at the changing sky color and saw a shooting star.

"Beautiful right Ichika?" Ichiro said while also looking up at the sky.

"Yeah very" he continued watch some passing shooting stars but was attracted to a certain star that glowed a slightly diffrent color.

Ichiro who saw Ichika looking at the sky, captivated he stood up and began to leave "Hey Ichika I'll be out of Japan for two weeks, I'll try to call you but I might not because of work"

Ichika who immediatly looked away from the star looked at his Father walking away and said "Okay but you better not do anything that'll involve me into more mess!"

Ichiro chuckled to himself and waved at Ichika while walking away to the train station.

Weeks later.

As Rin's arm healed up and Ichika was asked by the teachers and students on why he piloted the unknown I.S he finaly had regular school days.

Waking up Ichika woke up and went into the bathroom to perform his regular schedule, starting with brushing his teeth and washing his face along with taking a shower and getting dressed.

As he opened the bathroom door he went to his bed and began to fix it up and as he did his phone buzzed with a text message.

'Who could be texting me this early in the morning?' He picked up his phone and flipped it open seeing it was from his Father.

"Ichika I jus got a call from a budy saying that my package arrived, please go and get it. BTW ur fiance is there so u could go and pic her up while ur at it ;)"

(I know spelling is wrong but it's a text message xD)

Ichika wanted to yell but saw Houki was still asleep so he stepped outside of his door and began to call him but he didn't pick up "Strange he would usualy pick up but, WHY DID MY FIANCE COME TODAY ALONG WITH HIS PACKAGE!? No... MAYBE SHE IS THE PACKAGE!"

Ichika began to have thoughts about how his Father met her and how he made her to agree but threw them out of his head "Okay think clearly Ichika, Dad probably has a reason why and besides I should at least meet her and..."

As he was about to finish his sentence his phone began to ring so he answered it "Hello?"

"Ichika Sorry about that I was busy with something so yeah if you want to say why today I don't know really but Ichika you should get going now because they'll both arrive in two hours or three atleast" as he finished Ichika heard the mechanical tone and hung up while cursing his Dad but got ready and departed for the airport.

Scene change air port.

As Ichika waited by the luggage area he couldn't help but have people stare at him whispering 'I really wish Dad came and did this himself!'

He screamed in his mind and waited until he found a metal breifcase with the name Sato ichiro on it and grabbed it but just as he did someone besides him grabbed a suitcase but their hand collided with his.

"Oh my I'm sorry" a young feminine voice said in a embarresed expression.

"Oh no I should be apoligizing" Ichika grabbed his and the other person luggage and placed them on the ground but held onto his Fathers breifcase.

"T-Thank you" she said and began to walk away with her luggage but didn't know where to go.

"Excuse me but are you lost?" Ichika asked and she nodded.

"Then let me help you around just tell me where you need to go" he said and took her luggage in hand.

"Oh no it's fine you don't have to do that" she said honestly and held onto it but when she saw Ichika's face she began to stare at it.

"It's fine by the way my name is Sato Ichika what's yours?" as she shook out of her stupor state she answered.

"Charlotte Dunois, and it's nice to meet you Ichika-san" she smiled showing a dazzeling and wonderful smile that made Ichika breath less.

"Is something wrong?" she asked while trying to hide her blushing face.

"Ah no but let's go now shall we" he said and began to make his way to the exit along with Charlotte and her luggage in hand.

Time Skip.

As they both rode on the train together Charlotte looked at her phone as she got a message, and showed a sad, depressed face.

'Why... He said I'll meet him at the airport but there was someone else...' she then put her phone away and turned to the side and saw Ichika looking at his phone texting to someone.

"Ah!" she let out a small whimper as she felt someone touch her leg from behind and began to make their way up feeling her.

"That was pretty nice kid, now keep looking out the window" a grown up mans voice spoke and she quickly turned but felt a stiff thing behind her back.

"Don't turn or I might have to hurt you" he said in a perverted voice while panting in Charlottes voice.

"Now let's try down here" he then made his way down to Charlottes private spot but was stopped as he felt his hands get crush.

He then turned to the side and saw Ichika standing there, with a agrivated face "Sir can you please stop this"

He scoffed at Ichika and continued his hand lower but felt the grip on his wrist intensify "Now sir or else"

As the molester looked at Ichika eye's he saw them strict and very scary unlike the before when he first asked him.

"S-Sure" he then backed away slowly but as he did the train came to a stop and the door slid open.

As the door opened he bolted out of there but Ichika tripped him and Charlotte kneed him in his groin sending him to the ground "YOU PERVERTED BASTARD!" Charlotte screamed and kicked him one more time in his groin and left with Ichika in hand.

"Excuse me but what happened here?!" a police officer asked and Ichika pointed at the person and said.

"A molester problem officer" as Ichika said the officer turned to Charlotte who was now holding her arms.

"Miss is this-"

"Yes it is officer now if you'll excuse us we have somewhere to go" as Ichika said that the officer looked at him then snapped his finger.

"Hey you're Ichika Sato right the only male to pilot a I.S right?!" Ichika denied it and grabbed Charlottes hand and ran with her and the luggage, and as he and Charlotte ran he heard people all over the place screaming his name.

"Great now, this will be tiring!" behind him a mob of fangirls and fanboys (WTH!?) began to chase the two through the city.

Hours later.

As Ichika and Charlotte finaly lost the mobs of fangirls and fanboys (Serouisly WTH!?) they arrived in front of his house and entered exhausted from todays excitement.

"Please take a seat you must be tired from running" Charlotte entered the living room and found it to be large and very calming to her.

As she sat down on the couch she found it to be very comfy and relaxed while stretching herself before Ichika came in with two cups of tea "Here, but careful it's still hot"

He warned her and handed her the cup and took a sip from his and picked up the remote and turned on the T.V.

"On using the I.S for Space exploration the U.S president commented 'We will push onwards for the research and developing of using I.S units in space along with creating a outpost for all nations' The developing of newer I.S schematics and blue prints for space exploration has intrigued the world and has caught the attentions of all the world leaders"

As the News women kept speaking about the development Ichika couldn't help but wonder if his Father was behind it but threw it out of his mind and focused on his guest and remembered he had to return to school now that daylight began to fade.

"Um Excuse me Miss but um I have to go somewhere but please take the pleasure of using anything you need but if you are leaving then please lock up" As he bowed in front of her he walked into his room and quickly changed his clothes and went to the front door.

"Thank you..." she said in a nice soft voice and Ichika looked at her and blushed slightly and left the house sprinting towards the train station hoping he could get back before being late for curfew.

Hours later, Front of dorm entrances.

"So where were you Sato?" Chifuyu asked as he was now sitting down in saiza position.

"I... I went to the airport Orimura-sensie I had to pick something up..." as he said this Chifuyu intensified her stare and forced Ichika to spill it.

"I went to the airport to pick up a package that my Dad needed but when leaving I sorta got chased by a mob, hehehe" as he laughed dryly Chifuyu pinched her fourhead in annoyance.

"Idiot... Just go into your room and don't be late for curfew or else next time I won't let you off the hook that easily" Ichika gulped in nervousness and went into the dorms and entered his room.

The next day.

Ichika entered his classroom and sat in his seat and waited for class to start and as time passed by Chifuyu entered the room with Maya.

"Good morning class today we have a new student" Everyone looked to where Maya pointed with her arm and saw a feminine looking boy enter the room.

"Hello my name is Charles Dunoius and it's great to meet... you... all!" he then looked at Ichika in wide eyed causing everyone to look at him.

'W-Wait isn't that... CHARLOTTE FROM YESTERDAY!?' he screamed in his mind almost letting it outloud.

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