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Chapter 10: 1879, Same Difference

"You've got a time machine. What do you need museums for?" - Amy Pond

Amy and Rose stood in Rose's pink bedroom as they went through all the clothes they owned. The Doctor had given Amy enough money to buy some necessities and various clothes, but she had depended on the TARDIS wardrobe for most of her outfits.

However, the TARDIS was stubbornly refusing to give them anything except for the hight of fashion...for the 19th century.

"How about this?" Rose held up a jean skirt and suspenders over a pink shirt.

Amy nodded, "It'll work." She looked down and grabbed some basic blue jeans, before turning to Rose, "Have any shirts I could use?"

"Er-" Rose made a face, "Nothing that would fit you. You're very...tall."

Amy nodded in understanding. She stood an impressive half foot taller than Rose. Her own shirts looked like dresses on the 20-year-old blond girl.

Sighing mournfully, Amy picked up a tank top and threw it on, "This will have to do. I just really hope the Doctor doesn't land in the winter."

Rose nodded, looking at her own outfit, which was also very summer friendly. Both of their jackets were still getting cleaned after a rather unfortunate incident with an alien bug on Dalthis IV.

Together they rolled their eyes and walked towards the TARDIS control room.

"What do you think, will this do?" Rose asked the Doctor, plopping her clothing bag back on the TARDIS floor. They'd have to head back to Jackie's soon for laundry. Amy had no idea how the Doctor kept his clothes clean because she had never found a laundry room on board.

She was fairly certain the TARDIS just made him new clothes whenever his got dirty.

"In the later 1970?" The Doctor scanned their outfits dubiously, "You'd be better off in a bin bag."

"Oi!" Amy laughed, "Thanks."

He gave them a cheeky smile and held up a CD, "Hold on, listen to this."

He pushed the CD into the player on the console. Rose giggled as 'Hit me With your Rhythm Stick' blared through invisible speakers.

The Doctor half danced around the console, "Iam Dury and the Blockheads. Number One in 1979!"

Rose shook her head, "You're a punk!" She accused.

"it's good to be a lunatic.." The Doctor sang along with a grin.

"That's what you are!" Rose continued, "A big old punk with a bit of Rockabilly thrown in."

The Doctor paused and gave her a huge smile, "Would you like to see him?"

Amy wondered if this was the Doctor asking Rose on a date. She smirked as Rose opened and closed her mouth a few times.

"How d'you mean?...In concert?"

"What else is a TARDIS for?" The Doctor smirked at her. "I could take you to the Battle of Trafalgar...the first anti-gravity Olympics...Caesar crossing the Rubicon..or...Ian Dury at the Top Rank, Sheffield, England, Earth, 21st November, 1979? What do you think?"

"Sheffied it is!" Rose giggled.

Amy looked at The Doctor and Rose with a smirk of her own, "You know what." She started, "How about you leave me in town...I need to pick up some things."

The Doctor narrowed his eyes at her over Rose's head and Amy gave him an evil grin.

"Are you sure?" Rose asked, missing the exchange between the two.

Amy turned her attention back to Rose, "Absolutely, you two enjoy your...date."

Rose turned red and started to stutter and the Doctor just shook his head at her in frustration.

"It-It's not a...a date." Rose whispered the last bit like it was a curse word.

"Oh, Rose." Amy grinned, "You're cute."

"Hold on tight!" The Doctor interrupted their conversation by starting up the TARDIS. Amy quickly grabbed the console before she fell over.

The Doctor reached out under the console and grabbed a hammer, he then slammed it down on the console to the beat of the music, shouting.

The TARDIS gave off some very annoyed noises. Rose picked up on them and yelled, "Stop!"

And then everything stopped and they all went crashing to the floor, laughing hysterically.

Amy gripped the console, pushing herself up, "That's was insane." She croaked out.

The Doctor stood up with a jump, "1979. Hell of a year!" He reached down and grabbed Rose's arm, pulling her up. He grabbed his jacket, "China Invades Vietnam...The Muppet Movie! Here you go Amy," He handed her some money, "Don't spend it all in one place! Margaret Thatcher...urgh...Skylab falls to Earth...with a little help from me, nearly took off my thumb!"

He stepped out of the TARDIS and Amy froze, quickly putting her hands up. Rose did the same.

"I like my thumb," The Doctor continued, oblivious, "I need my thumb, I'm very attached to..."

He faltered, finally noticing the situation.

"My thumb..." He finished, slowly putting his hands up along with Amy and Rose.

Surrounding them in red were soldiers. Scottish from the look of it, with their guns raised high at their heads.

"1879!" The Doctor said with realization, but shrugging, "Same difference."

"1879?" Amy remembered the TARDIS wardrobe, "Huh."

"You will explain your presence." The leader spoke with a thick Scottish accent, "And the nakedness of these girls."

Amy looked down at her and Rose's outfits mournfully.

"Are we in Scotland!" The Doctor replied in an equally thick Scottish accent. He turned to Amy, "Right at home, you are."

Amy have him a half-smile, still a bit nervous about the guns.

"How can you be ignorant about this?" The Captain asked him.

The Doctor paused, "Oh, I'm - I'm dazed and confused. I've been chasing this...this wee naked child over hill and over dale with my sister. Isn't that right, yah...timorous beastie."

Rose stared at him in hatred before turning to the soldiers, "Ooch, aye!" She started. Amy winced at the terrible accent, "I've been oot and aboot."

"No..." Amy shook her head.

"No, don't do that." The Doctor agreed.

Rose looked at him and continued, "Hotts mon!"

"No, really don't. Really."

Rose paused, finally getting it and decided just not to say anything at all.

The Captain stared him down suspiciously, "Will you identify yourself, sir?"

"I'm Doctor James McCrimmon." The Doctor said with a small smirk, like he was sharing an inside joke with himself, "This is my sister Amelia. From the...township of Balamory. Eh...I have my credentials, if I may."

He gestured to his coat pocket and the Captain nodded. The Doctor reached in a grabbed his Psychic Paper, showing it to them.

"As you can see, A Doctorate from the University of Edinburgh. I trained under Doctor Bell himself."

"Let them approach."

Amy frowned, looking behind the soldiers to see where the voice had come from. It was a female, but Amy couldn't see who as she was seated inside a very decorative carriage.

The Captain eyes them up and down, still suspicious, "I don't think that's wise ma'am."

"Let them approach." Th voice was more stern.

The Doctor gestured towards the carriage questioningly. The Captain reluctantly nodded, "You will approach the carriage. And show all due deference."

Amy raised an eyebrow and walked towards the carriage, curious as to who was inside. The Doctor saluted the captain mockingly and followed.

One of the soldiers opened the door and Amy had to fight not to gasp.

The Doctor smiled gently, "Rose Tyler, Amy Wi-McCrimmon. Might I introduce her Majesty Queen Victoriea. Empress of India and Defender of the Faith."

Rose curtseyed, her face aflame, "Rose Tyler, Ma'am. And my apologies...for being so naked."

Amy did the same, giving the Doctor an annoyed look, "Amy McCrimmon. And...same."

Queen Victoria dismissed them, "I've had five daughters. It's nothing to me. But you, Doctor...show me these credentials."

The Doctor handed her the Psychic paper and she studied it for a moment, before handing it back.

"Why didn't you say so immediately? It states clearly here that you have been appointed by the Lord Provost as my protector."

"Does it?" The Doctor grabbed the paper back and studied it, "Yes, it does! Good! Good! Um...then let me ask - why is Your Majesty traveling by road when there's a train all the way to Aberdeen?"

Queen Victoria pursed her lips, "A tree on the line."

"An accident?"

She gave him a look, "I am the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. Everything around me tends to be planned."

The Doctor looked shocked, "An assassination attempt?"

"What, seriously?" Rose gapped, "There's people out to kill yah."

"Rose." Amy whispered, "She's the Queen."

Queen Victoria nodded gently, "I'm quite used to staring down the barrel of a gun."

Behind them the Captain had climbed back up onto his horse, "Sir Robert Macleish lives but ten miles hence. We'll send word ahead, he'll shelter us for tonight, then we can reach Balmoral tomorrow."

The Queen nodded then looked over the group, "This Doctor and his sister and their...timorous beastie will come with us."

Amy tried not to smile at Rose's scowl.

"Yes, Ma'am." The Captain sighed, "We'd better get moving - it's almost nightfall."

"Indeed." The Queen looked around the countryside, "And there are stories of wolves in these parts. Fanciful tales intended to scare the children. But good for the blood, I think. Drive on!"

Rose, Amy and the Doctor walked behind the carriage, which went slow enough that they could easily keep up.

"How come you get to be his sister and I have to be the 'Timorous Beastie." Rose muttered moodily.

"Well..." Amy grinned as they walked, "You could be his sister too, if you wanted."

"No!" Rose said, a little bit to quickly, before blushing, "It's fine."

Amy laughed, her hair flying around in the wind. She once again looked over to Rose to see her shorter locks only fluttering slightly in her face.

"It's funny though," Rose said louder so the Doctor could hear, "Cos you say 'assassination' and you just think of Kennedy and stuff. Not her."

"1879." The Doctor mused, "She's had...Ooo...six attempts on her life? And I'll tell you something else...We just met Queen Victoria!"

"I know!" Rose giggled excitedly.

"What a laugh."

"She was just sitting there."

"Like a stamp."

"I want her to say, 'We are not amused.' I bet you five quid I can make her say it."

"Well, if I gambled on that, It'd be an abuse on my privileges of a traveller in time."

Amy laughed, "Since when has that been an issue for you. You once bet against Rory's dad on a football game which you had actually been to."

Rose stuck her tongue between her teeth at the Doctor's pout and raised the stakes, "Ten quid?"


"Well I'm in." Amy chuckled, "She seemed very...relaxed. Not as stern as I thought she'd be."

"Yes, well." Rose grinned, "When we leave you'll both owe me Ten Quid."

Amy never really realized how long ten miles was until she had walked it. By the time they had reached the manor she wanted to collapsed into a bed and sleep for days.

The manor itself was beautiful. Victorian (obviously) with large windows and at the top there was a huge telescope sticking out and pointed into the heavens. Above the door there was a wooden sign proclaiming this 'Torchwood Manor.'

One of the foremen opened the door and The Queen exited.

A very well dressed man walked down the steps ,"Your Majesty."

"Sir Robert." The Queen nodded politely at him, "My apologies for the emergency. And how is Lady Isobel?"

The man looked at the Queen nervously, "She's...indisposed, I'm afraid she's gone to Edinburgh for the season. And she's taken the cook with her- the kitchens are barely stocked...I wouldn't blame Your Majesty if you wanted to ride on."

The Doctor cocked his head, studying the bald men standing behind Sir Robert. Amy looked at them and tried to see whatever the Doctor was looking at, but couldn't see anything wrong with them.

"Oh, not at all!" Queen Victoria replied cheerfully, not seeing how nervous Sir Robert was. "I've had quite enough carriage exercise. And this is...charming. If rustic. It's my first visit to this house. My late husband spoke of it often. The Torchwood estate. Now, shall we go inside."

Sir Robert looked around reluctantly.

"And please..." Queen Victoria looked our way, "Excuse the naked girls."

"Sorry..." Rose mumbled. Amy just crossed her arms in frustration. This is what they get for not listening to the TARDIS. The ship was going to give them an earful when they got back.

"She's a feral child." The Doctor continued in his Scottish accent. Rose shook in head in angry disbelief, "I bought her for sixpence in old London Town. It was her or the Elephant Man, so..."

"Oh..." Amy rubbed her forehead, "You are so in the Dog House after this one."

The Doctor looked down at her, "What dog house? I don't have a dog house on the TARDIS, well I used to, a Robotic Dog House, but I had to eject it..."

"Shut up." Amy held up a hand.

"He think's he funny." Rose spoke up, sounding less than pleased, "But I'm so not amused." The Doctor raised both eyebrows. Rose looked direction at Queen Victoria, "What do you think, Ma'am."

Queen Victoria stared at her strangely, "It hardly matters. Shall we proceed."

The group started to make their way and Rose turned to the Doctor, "So close." He just shook his head, amused, and they began to follow the group.

"Makerson and Ramsey, you will escort the Property. Hurry up." The Captain ordered.

"Yes, sir." The soldiers spoke. Amy looked over and tried to get an idea of what the 'property' was.

It was just a small wooden box, but whatever was inside it must be worth a fortune if they were this secretive about it.

"What's in there, then?" The Doctor asked.

The Captain sneered at him, "Property of the crown. You will dismiss any further thoughts, sir." The Doctor pulled at face at them, and Amy giggled, "The rest of you go to the rear of the house. Assume your designated positions."

"You heard the order. Positions, sir."

Amy sighed, looking at the Torchwood Manor, hoping that they had a lot of food, and very comfortable beds.

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