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Adalet, a city full of corruption and filth. From this place anti hero's are bound to appear. Whether they choose to fight human evil or evil of the supernatural kind it's all up to the demons they need to face.


Mild to graphic horror, swearing, possible yaoi and all the stuff you've all come to expect from me.

Garden of Sinners


A Native American elder once described his own inner struggles in this manner: Inside of me there are two dogs. One of the dogs is mean and evil. The other dog is good. The mean dog fights the good dog all the time. When asked which dog wins, he reflected for a moment and replied, The one I feed the most."

George Bernard Shaw

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I never meant for everything to get out of hand like this. Things just happened and I don't know how or why. I guess I was just unlucky or maybe I was lucky. Depends on how you look at things I guess…

I grew up in New York. In one of the better parts of city too. My family was upper middle class so we were well off. My mother was a nurse and often worked from midday to midnight so I didn't see much of her and my father worked shifts so I could see him one week and then I wouldn't for a week.

It didn't really matter though because my parents were happy. I was happy. We were happy. At least I always thought we were. Things took a turn for the worst when I was in my first year of high school.

Turns out my father was cheating with some stereotypical blond haired, big boobed, tiny waisted woman that was half my father's age. From there things got bad. Really bad.

They both started to use guilt tactics on me to get me to choose who I would stay with. In the end I got scared and ran away to live with my Aunt in Adalet city. I was really freaked out for a long time. I'm just thankful that my Aunt won custody.

Since that time I've been afraid. Afraid of what exactly, I don't know. All I know and remember is just that horrible nagging feeling. Like an axe hanging over my head. I ignored it for a long, long time. That was until my senior year at high school.

I was a pretty popular guy in high school. I guess I just had a personality that people just gravitated towards. I was pretty naïve back then and didn't realize that more then a few of the girls were head over heels for me. This gave me problems with bullies. Jocks to be precise.

It started out pretty tame; a name here and there and the occasional shove in the hallway. Then it got so much worse… A jock that was sure I was sleeping with his girlfriend cornered me in the locker room and I killed him.

That's right. I killed him. I didn't mean to and according to the official reports he died of a heart attack. He just pushed me against a locker, punched me and made me look into his eyes as he called me out and called me a playboy and all other things.

When he did that I just snapped or something. I looked into his eyes, I was so scared but I could see he was scared too. Scared of… spiders. I don't know how I saw that but I did. Next thing I knew everything went black and he died. I made up some story for the police when they found out. They said it looked like he was scared to death.

After that I started to see fear in everyone's eyes. Just a second of eye contact was all it took and if I concentrated hard enough, I soon learnt I could actually become that fear. I was like Pennywise from that Steven King book, IT. I could become anyone's fear and their fear made me stronger and able to stay in the form of their fear for longer.

After high school I ended up working in a coffee shop in one of the more "Hipster" parts of the city. I don't often use my powers and the need doesn't arise often anyway. The only times I use it are when I see people getting hurt and attacked by others.

I guess I'm a hero of sorts or maybe an anti-hero because I occasionally scared thugs to death. I swear it's all unintentional, but it brought the attention of the police and now I'm like some kind of murderer or a Robin Hood figure. I have no idea what I am anymore, but at least the general public have given me an alias. Fear.

I know, my origin story is pretty terrible. Not even a main nemesis or anything. I'm just a guy in this city. I live. I breathe. I pay taxes. I avoid getting caught by the police. My name is Antonio Fernandez and I am Fear.

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I guess things could have been worse for me. I came from money. Blue bloods if you would. From a young age I have always been given and shown the finer things in life; clothes, food, school, entertainment… My parents denied me nothing.

I must admit, I guess it was there way of making up for not really being there for me growing up. I don't think they ever wanted a kid. It never really seemed to fit in with their perfect, elitist lifestyle. Perhaps they should have invested in better birth control?

Anyway, my grandmother was the only one that payed much attention to me. Besides her, I kind of melted into the background. I felt like a ghost most of the time. I was there, but I wasn't. People noticed me when they wanted to.

When they did notice me, it was for material reasons. Mainly just admiring me and telling me how wonderful I and my family are. It's disgusting. I'd rather be a ghost then seen as someone to be manipulated.

So, just to spite my parents I became a private detective instead of a manager of some stupid company. To be honest I really like the work. It's nice to do something where you help lots of people instead of being the boss of a company and making cost cutting choices.

Needless to say my parents were displeased with me, but thankfully my grandmother wasn't. As a present she gave me a large sum of money, a pendant and told me to get as far away from my parents as possible.

As a result I moved to Adalet. It was a good thing too. As it turns out this place was and is still riddled with crimes and evils here that need someone to help change it. Sure, the police force is competent and all, but they lack in some important areas… specifically corruption. Corruption is a big problem. I guess that's why they got on my case for taking on a little kidnapping case which resulted in me almost getting killed.

It was the most amazing thing really. I was confronting the kidnapper and he shot me, but the bullet went straight through me, like I was made of air. Even more incredible, I could pass through objects. After incapacitating the kidnapper and helping the child get back to their family I decided to find out the source of this power.

My search didn't take too long as I found out it was the pendant my grandmother gave to me. I had called her and confided in her what had transpired. In return she told me the truth about the family's heritage.

Apparently my family has a dark and secret history in black magic. It used to be extremely strong, but after a few hundred years the magic is all but gone and appears every few generations. To amplify our powers we need to use magic objects. Which was the pendant my grandma gave me. Hoe she knew I would make use of it, I don't know.

Thanks to the pendant I have become some what of a mystery to the Adalet P.D. It makes me happy that they are paying attention and actually following me so they can solve horrific crimes. Because of my actions, the A.P.D has given me a name. Ghost.

I guess my origin story is a little over used. A man trying to beat the corrupt system by becoming a defender of the weak and what not. Oh well, I could be doing worse things with my life. My name is Francis Bonnefoy and I am Ghost.

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I am lost as fuck. Seriously, I have no real clue where I am… Sadly I am saying that a heck of a lot more then I used to. It wasn't always like that. Things used to be different. So very, very different.

I grew up in a small Germanic village. It was a pretty easy and peaceful life for about twenty seven years; just doing the normal things from day to day really on the family farm. Everything went perfectly until I died.

It was a normal day. I was minding the sheep in the paddock and the next thing I knew a huge wolf had its jaws around my neck and ripped out my throat. Blood went everywhere and I died in a matter of minutes.

It was in that moment I fell in love. I know, sounds kind of morbid and stuff, but it's true. I fell in love with someone so dark and dangerous but still charming and beautiful. Sadly I wasn't with them for very long as I was thrust back into the world of the living fully healed from my ordeal.

After that I tried to live a normal life, but I stopped aging and my family and the villages became suspicious. I even died in front of my brother and I came back to life. After that I had to run and I have been running for a long time.

I'm not too sure what I am anymore. Undead? Immortal? Cursed? I guess it doesn't matter too much. I don't age. I don't die. I just live and keep on living. Boring, but whatever. I kept myself busy by doing some mercenary work for some people and after a while my love started to talk to me again.

My love would whisper things into my ear and tell me who to kill and how. I probably sound like a sociopath, but I swear I'm not. I'm just a real romantic at heart, or maybe I just like tilling people or something. I'm a freak like that.

It was around that time I discovered I had an enemy. Some big, strong silent guy with one fucker of a sword. For some reason that fucking weapon is the only thing that can kill me or at least harm me a lot. I have more then my fare share of scars from it. My love has no idea how to kill that fucker or even who that fucker is.

After many years of this I ended up in some place called Adalet city. A total shit storm of a city if you ask me. There's nothing but evil in every part of this place. I love it here. My love likes it here too. There's even a beautiful cemetery there.

For the time being I've decided to take a job at some magazine place. Because I don't age I'll have to leave soon, but at least with stuff like plastic surgery I can stay around for a few years longer.

Anyway, when I'm not working for money to pay for food, starving to death sucks, I wander the city and do the bidding of my love. I probably sound like some mind warped and hopeless romantic. Fuck that shit I'm not.

Sadly my actions have brought the attention of the A.P.D. Those pigs have no right butting into my business. It's not like I actually kill people, well I don't most of the time… It's too long and complicated to understand right away with so few words.

Look, the point is the A.P.D. thinks I'm a dick and they think I'm some kind of freak because they have shot me before, in the face. Specifically my fucking nose, eye, forehead and in the fucking heart. I just keep coming back so they call me a zombie. I like it.

I guess my back story is fucking awesome. Of course it is. It is my story of course. My name is Gilbert Beilschmidt and I am Zombie.


Shinigami-cat: Well that was a little bit of back story for my Anti-heros.