Medusa's log, number 129202

My research has reached as far as it will go sans human test subject. The Black Blood is...fascinating. It behaves much in the same way as regular blood, however, instead of using hemoglobin, it uses another substance, one that behaves oddly to say the least. I hesitate to say this, but I theorize that black blood is insanity given form. The effects that it has had on the primates I have tested it on have been interesting. 50% have gone violently insane, and have begun berzerking. Another 30% have gone gone mad, but have had the interesting effect of the black blood hardening, making them very durable. The remainder have been killed by the process. I have no data that may illuminate why the black blood affects different people different ways. I hope that when I move onto humans, who are more distinguishable than chimps, I might uncover more data.

Medusa's log, number 129203

I have managed to capture a few test subjects. All of which are normal humans, with normal souls. Ages range from 10 years old to sixty. I have about ten subjects. Health varies. I am preparing the black blood to inject. I am hoping to see results.

Medusa's log, number 129203

Subject 1- Female, age ten, naturally curly hair, has cancer. Soul is strong. Injected 30 CC's of black blood. Result: Insanity, several mutations. Subject lived for five days before being devoured by her own skeletal structure, which had fused with the black blood and cancer to form a new organism. Further study of this organism is required.

Subject 2- Male, age ten, blue eyes, IQ of 121, has severe anger issues. Otherwise healthy. Injected 34 CC's of Black blood. Subject went insane, and began trying to rip its own face off. Screamed about 'the little imp' repeatedly until sedated. Subject died soon after. Cause believed to be heart failure, but examination of the soul indicates that the black blood tore the soul to shreds. This is the first indication I have received that the black blood can affect the soul as well as the mind.

Subject 3- Female, age ten, low IQ, low self esteem issues. Somewhat frail, but no significant health issues. Injected 40 CC's of black blood. Subject spasmed violently for twenty minutes, then went catatonic for three days before awaking. Upon awaking, subject's behavior was different, altered. Behaving more aggressively, as well as being less rational than before, a study of the subjects soul indicates that the black blood had affected it somewhat, indicating a symbiotic relationship.

Subject 4-Male, age fifteen, no distinguishing features or traits. Injected with 30 CC's of black blood. Subject's heart stopped. Examination revealed no change to the soul.

Subject 5- Female, age sixteen, tall, anemic. Injected 30 CC's of Black Blood. Initially no change besides weight in the subject. Further tests indicated a hardening of the blood. Subject died due to coagulating blood soon after.

Subject six, female, age twenty seven, pregnant. Injected 50 CC's of Black Blood. Subject was severely affected, both physically and mentally. Subject developed severe paranoia and began muttering about an 'imp'. Physically, the subjects skin paled, and her teeth fell out, soon replaced with a sharper set, and the subjects digestive system mutated somewhat as well, to the point where the subject could not digest anything but raw meat. The child had a few changes as well, but not as noticeable as the mothers. Upon birth, the child weighed slightly above average.

Noting its physical traits, I set it up with a couple whom had been unable to conceive and were ineligible to adopt, with the strict agreement that once a month, they would agree to allow me to examine her. I terminated the biological mother soon after.

Subject seven, male, age 25, extremely high IQ, injected with ten CC's of black blood. Subject passed out, and awoke after thirty minutes. Subjects behavior, to say the least. NOTE: See Addendum for interview logs with subject seven.

Subject 8, Male, age 50, multiple amputee. Injected 10 CC's of Black Blood. Subject began screaming in pain, as a psuedolimb began emerging where his leg and arm used to be. The new limbs seem to be made up of a combination of Black Blood, bile, and fat. Limbs appear to have limited functionality. Subject warrants further study.

Subject 9, Female, age 45, has HIV. Injected with twenty CC's of Black blood. Subject began dissolving into a pile of blood soon after.

Subject 10, female, age sixty, has Alzheimer's. Injected with twenty CC's of black blood. Subject began to swell up, and after thirty minutes, exploded violently.

Conclusion: Males are less able to accept the black blood, and the younger a person is, the better they will accept it. However, more testing will be required before I can consider these theories fact.

Addendum 129203: Interview with Subject Seven

Me: Greeting, Mr. Kurosawa

Subject Seven:...

Me: Mr. Kurosawa?

Subject Seven: Please, don't call me that.

Me: What would you rather I call you?

Subject Seven: You can call me Subject Seven. After all, thats what you have wrote down as my name...Mrs. Gorgon.

(At this time, I must note that I had not given my name, and I had not written it down anywheres where Subject Seven could see. It was several minutes before I could continue my questioning. )

Me: May I ask how you know my name?

Subject Seven: You really want to know the awnser to that? I can see your hesitance, yet I know you still wish for the awnser. Very well. I am a part of every sapient organism. You have me, subjects one and ten have me, why, the only person who doesn't have is that stupid sword and Lord Death. Normally, I am dormant, to say the least, but with a little bit of that black blood, well, I wake up.

Me: I see...

Subject Seven: No. No you do not. What I am is everyone's dark side, a shadowy reflection, if you will. For example, this person liked burritos, thus I like burritos. This person thought stealing was wrong, I think stealing is wrong. For different reasons, of course.

Me: …..

Subject Seven: I see that glint in your eye. That combination of fear and curiosity. You know, I could make you VERY powerful. Inject the black blood into yourself, and you shall see what wonders you can accomplish. I PROMISE, you won't be harmed. After all, the man I used to be never lied.

Me: Err, no thanks. I prefer my sanity, thank you very much.

Subject Seven: (chuckle) Oh, my sweet, sweet dear, you will succumb eventually, you know. Besides, its not as if you are entirely sane right now. Would a sane person experiment on those poor, innocent humans the way you did? Believe me, its only a matter of time before you lose your humanity completely. I'm only offering to speed up the process. Anyways, I think we're done here. Good night.

Subject refused to answer any questions for the rest of the session. Subject died soon after.

Medusa's log, number 129300

Subject six's child has recently turned seventeen. She has developed several phobia's and mental disorders, and seems to lack basic human empathy. Physically, she has a number of odd mutations. Pink hair, extreme thinness, a strong heart, certainly, and her soul is rather odd, much like a witches soul, but human enough to pass unnoticed by meisters. Her name is Karma. A silly name, for a serious child. Henceforth, I shall refer to her in my logs as 'Subject 11'

On a related topic, the creature that came from subject one is still alive. It doesn't seem to get any bigger, however, it produces a great deal of Black Blood, which it can harden at will and manipulate. Its biology is bizarre to say the least. I will have to study it some more. Meanwhile, I have collected more test subjects. This time, I have gathered about twe



Medusa's log, number 129301

I have came into contact with the black blood. Not much, but some got into my blood stream. One of the subjects I injected went berserk, and attacked me. While defending myself, I got wounded, and got a little of the stuff in my blood. I managed to flush it out afterwards, but I fear I am still being affected, even if its not in my body. So, for the next week, I shall endeavor to document any psychological change. I hope no significant changes occur. On a related note, it seems my theories about who is affected how by the Black blood was correct. It forms a sort of symbiosis with female humans, and rejects males most of the time. It is worth noting that meisters and weapons are affected differently. Weapon mutations seem to be beneficial, all of the time, and only a meisters soul is affected. This warrants further study.

AN: A look into the mind of Medusa, and why she went bad. I almost wanted to start with her being a complete monster to begin with, like she is in cannon, but decided to begin as a person who merely lacked empathy for other human beings, ala mad scientist. At her current stage, she is bad, yes, but not as bad as cannon. Anyways, this will probably wind up as a two or three shot. Next chapter will introduce how Crona was born, along with Ragnarok, and detail their early years.