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Medusa's Log 129308

I have had several headaches over the past few days. Worried, I performed a cat scan, MRI, and blood test. As I thought, I was successful in removing the black blood from my system before it could do any major damage. However, I have been having several headaches and migraines over the past few days, and...odd dreams. See Addedndum A and Addendum B. In other news, I believe I have made a breakthrough on hiding the witch community from Meisters. Henceforth referred to as 'Soul Protect', this ability should mask the presence of witches to all but the most powerful of meisters.

Addendum 129308 A: Dream Log

Week One: Normal sleep patterns, brain activity is normal. Dreams are muted, monochromatic.

Week Two: NREM stages 1 and 2 of sleep lasted longer, with the other two stages being shorter. Brain activity is otherwise normal. Dreams have gained a bit of color, primarily red hues. No distinct similairities, however

Week Three: All stages of sleep except REM is much shorter. Increased brain activity in various spots of the brain, with other spots slowed down. Dreams have begun to share a discernible pattern. Each dream has involved a meister hunting me down and killing me.

Addendum 129308 B: Rorschach Tests

(Note: Due to various reasons, I had this test performed on me by another witch, who's name shall not be recorded here. All of my results were compared to the three highest avarages)

Image 1:

What I saw: A snake with its head chopped off

Top avarages: A poorly drawn question mark, a vine crawling up a solid piece of marble, and a side profile of John F. Kennedy

Image 2:

What I saw: A man bleeding from a hole in his head

What others saw: A deflated soccerball, a parachute, a busted globe

Image 3:

What I saw: Lord Death holding a axe

What others saw: A statue of liberty, JFK holding a torch, and a bear with a deformed paw holding a monkey

Image 4:

What I saw: Three eyes on their sides.

What others saw: Some pea pods, a brazilian tattoo, three moons chuckling

Image 5:

What I saw: A busted light-bulb

What others saw: A cracked skull, a busted globe, A damaged portrait of Abraham Lincoln

Summary: Upon comparison, my results were rather disturbing. However, upon consideration, the results were compared to normal human averages, not witches. If I compared it to a witches, I will most likely land in the averages. I mean, other than being a Gorgon, I am not much different than other witches.

Medusa's Log 129505

Three separate attacks by meisters in the space of a week. Goddamn it. Each one was looking to make their weapons death-scythes. My vector arrows ended that dream. I cannot even begin to describe the hate I have for the DWMA right now. Years of research, ruined, because a couple of brats wanted to play adult.

But, I suppose it was to be expected. Note to self, improve soul protect.

In...other news...I now have two, living, breathing meisters to experiment with, as well as their weapons. The other meister...didn't make it. I have, however, recovered her soul.

This shall prove to be an interesting week.

Medusa's Log 129509

Damndamndamnfuck! My entire. Lab. Has been. DESTROYED. Ten Meisters. Came to the rescue of those I had captured. Barely managed to get out with subject 12 and my notes. Damnit. The worst part is, they managed to destroy my supply of Black Blood. Luckily, there is no longer anything there to retrieve, so they won't be able to use any of my notes.

Medusa's Log 129550

I have thought about it and thought about it, and I have come to the conclusion, that the DWMA needs to be destroyed. So long as they exist, I will always be in danger of them attacking and destroying my research. However, I lack a method to destroy them as of now. I must further my research. I believe that the best place to start would be the DWMA itself, specifically, its library. However, to access this place, I would have to be a member of the staff, as DWMA security is...heavy. I theorize that I could possible infiltrate the school as a teacher or faculty member. However, the Soul Protect technique needs more improvement before I can do that.

Subject 12* has began...mutating. Previously, it was unable to eat souls. This has changed. It escaped containment, and managed to get into the place where I store the souls I experiment on. Suffice to say, I now need more souls. Interestingly, instead of growing stronger, specimen 12 grew smarter, absorbing the knowledge contained in these souls. This...interests me. I intend to explore the subjects mutations very thoroughly.

Subject 12 is what I have designated the creature born of subject 1. I realize that I never listed his name in my logs. I am going to try and correct this oversight.

Medusa's Log 129630

I have infiltrated Death City. I am disguising myself as a medical student studying at one of the cities more renowned medical schools. I was a bit surprised to learn that the city had schools geared towards non-meisters, but upon consideration, this makes sense. Like any other city, Death city has a large population, and large populations need lots of differently skilled groups, and the best way to attract such groups is by building a school dedicated to teaching said skill. Luckily, all medical students have access to the DWMA library, with the same clearance as two star meisters. So far, my trips to said library have been...most, informative. Specifically, the studies regarding the Kishin.

Supposedly, the Kishin was a being of immense power, born of madness, over eight hundred years ago. His existence threw the world into chaos, until he was defeated by Lord Death, and stuffed into a bag made of his own skin. This is common knowledge for the most part, even if the legend is becoming more and more obscure as the decades pass. What is not commonly known is that the Kishin was a Meister who swallowed his weapon, who then began hunting human souls. I theorize that, if I were to create another Kishin, I could use it to destroy death and the DWMA once and for all.

However, I would need to control it, and I doubt that any of my domination spells could work on a Kishin. I will need to brainstorm for a little bit. In the meantime, I need to study more.

Medusa's Log 129710

I came upon a solution to my dilemma today, in the form of a parent and child. It happened in the park, which I was cutting through. I would have used my broom, but I was trying to be discrete. The child was running around, causing a ruckus, and the parent told the child to stop, and she stopped.

Children usually obey their parents, typically out of a sense of fear. So, if I were to raise a child myself, and make him a Kishin by having him absorb enough souls, I could theoretically control her. However, this process would require I raise a child, and further more, she would need to be able to absorb souls, which normal humans cannot do. I could raise a weapon, but, unless I dupe someone into weilding her, she will be unable to actually fight, and thus collect souls. How to remedy this...

A thought occurs to me. Subject 11 is of childbearing age, and if I could fuse subject 12 with a weapon, I could melt him down, and inject him into subject 11s daughter. This would solve the conundrum, by making Meister and weapon one. Well, it would be less work. This process would obviously be lethal, however. How to proceed...

Medusa's Log 129740

The black blood. If I inject it into both of them, they could, theoretically, survive. However, its results are too unpredictable at the moment. I need to refine it, improve it before I can move forward. Further more, even if I do perfect it, how would I be able to fuse 12 with a weapon? Unless... I could combine the DNA. A mix of subject 12 and Weapon DNA. This would take a great deal of effort, but, theoretically, it could work.

In any case, it seems I need to restart my Black Blood research.

Medusa's Log 130007

Finally, after a year of research, I have managed to get the black blood relatively stable. I can now move forward with my plan. I have managed to acquire the DNA of a well known Weapon, a sword named Fenrir. I have begun blending it with subject 12's DNA, and cloning said DNA. The process is extremely complicated, and most of the subjects have died within days. However, a few have shown significant promise, and, appropriately, I have dubbed them the Ragnarok line, in 'honor' of their parentage, and because of the purpose they will serve later in life.

And, on the meister front, I have taken custody of subject 11, and have begun harvesting her eggs. Luckily, she is indeed very fertile, and with a few treatments I cooked up, she is producing large amounts of eggs. I intend to artificially inseminate these eggs, and have them develop in vitro. To make this task easier, I have bought a device known as a 'Iron Womb', a relic of the forgotten ones. Copying and modifying its design, I will use these devices to grow my meisters. When they reach birthing age, I will remove them from the device, and begin raising them to suit my purposes.

And once they reach a certain age, I will inject one of the Ragnarok with Black blood, melt it down, and replace all of the child's blood with the liquid Ragnarok. It is likely most will die, but the odds are good for ONE of them surviving.

Medusa's Log 130231

All males. Every. Single. One. Is. Male. This is not a good thing. Males, judging by prior experiments with Black Blood, are less likely to receive a beneficial effect from the Black Blood. I will have to make due with what I have to work with, but, on the off chance something goes wrong, I have begun searching for a back up plan.

Medusa's Log 130488

I just found out something interesting. The Kishin is located underneath the school. Still alive. This is perfect. If my original plan fails, I can free it. But how. After so long, it would be incredibly weak, and smuggling it is not an option. In other news, I have managed to net a job as the School Nurse, so I will be able to observe things more closely. Hopefully, I can figure out a way to revive the Kishin.

Medusa's Log 130702

Success. It took about seven hundred Ragnaroks and a week straight, but, upon the children turning three, I performed the process needed to bond weapon and future meister. Of course, I made sure none of the other children knew each other beforehand, so as to reduce the chances of attachment forming.

Unfortunately, only one subject survived. Naming the subject Crona, I intend to start his and his Ragnaroks training at the end of this week. I even managed to find the perfect training dummy. Said training dummy being a live rabbit, but, as they say, potato pahtato.

Unfortunately, due to a small...incident, that occurred when melting one of the Ragnaroks down, all my clothes I had bought for a male child have been destroyed, leaving me only with clothes meant for females. I suppose it won't matter what he wears.

Physically, the child is very slight, with a pinkish purple hair color. He is rather soft looking, and, frankly, feminine. Hopefully he will grow more masculine as he ages.

Medusa's Log 131451

Subject Crona is around six today, and, over the past two years, I have noticed a disturbing trend. He seems hesitant to kill. His partner, Ragnarok, is less hesitant, but lacks the intelligence required to make sound decisions. This is exemplified by the time in which I ordered him to kill a creature, a baby black dragon, and he didn't want to do it. I locked him in a dark room for a few days, sans food, and retrieved him after, giving him the same task. The result was the same. It was only after the third day that he was able to kill it.

I don't understand why he is hesitant to kill. Like all organisms, he should seek to do what is immediately beneficial to him, and I institute a vigorous Rewards and Punishment system, yet he still persists in his pacifism. Perhaps he is mentally unsound due to the black blood?

His other training, however, is coming along nicely. He has grown quite adept with his blade, can read, write, and speak in over ten languages, and can perform Algebra. He is actually ahead of schedule in terms of education. I intend to begin teching him Metaphysical biology and Magic theorum next week, and perhaps tech him some physics, depending.

His relationship with Ragnarok is interesting, to say the least. Even though Crona could easily overpower the weapon, it seems as if Ragnarok is the dominant one of the pair, frequently pushing Crona around. Perhaps the weapon has convinced Crona that he is stronger? This requires further study.

AN: and so, Medus becomes more and more the person we hate today! Also, you may hate me for my reasoning behind why Medusa replaced Cronas blood with Ragnarok/Black blood. To that, I have to say, meh. I honestly couldn't understand why medusa would do that herself, instead of creating some weapon that didn't need a meister. I mean, she created the Black Blood. Why the hell would she need to make a meister for Ragnarok, and why would she need to fuse them? But, maybe I missed something, I don't know. And on the topic of Ragnarok, I decided to make that the name of all the creatures like him that Medusa made because, it would fit into her character so well, to not bother giving something a name, just a classification. I did my best to make it seem as if she was slowly getting worse and worse, but when you have this start with her experimenting on people, its a mite difficult to make her worse without getting to comic book villain levels.

And, on the topic of Crona and why Medusa isn't his mother, can you honestly see medusa going through a pregnancy with him? Or rather, bothering to go through a pregnancy.

Anyways, hope you liked it, criticism is appreciated, blah blah blah.