Poke-Vision blues

Summary: Ash tried to help Serena with filming but is uncertain as to how to work the equipment.

Ash: 16

Serena: 15

Ash appeared from the Poke-Vision studios with a camera stand hanging over his left shoulder and a heavy camera in his right hand, Ash scanned the Lumiose City in hopes of finding Serena, but was at a loss as to what she was planning for the day, "you know Pikachu, I have no idea why Serena asked me to hire this equipment, I have no idea how to use this stuff," Ash admitted his concerns to his Pikachu, Ash with camera and a bag filled with the equipment needed.

Ash entered a sweeping field, Ratatta's running around freely with Fletchlings flying overhead, Ash placed the bag on the ground first with the camera following soon after, Ash sat on the ground waiting for Serena to make her arrival, "so, do you know what Serena is planning?" Ash asked his partner pokemon.

As the two friends waited Ash looked over his right shoulder to see a girl with long honey coloured hair, in an elegant pink dress, "So Ash, what do you think?" Serena spun around, showing off her dress to Ash.

Puzzled by Serena's attire, he looked away as the girl approached him, "so why are you dressed like that?" Ash asked the girl.

Serena grew excited by the sight of the equipment, before she could get started, the wind picked up and rumbles of thunder were heard from a distance away, "oh no the equipment might get wet," Serena started to panic a little as the approaching storm.

The two picked up the equipment and ran off to find shelter, the lightning started becoming more frequent as the thunder got louder, "there," Ash pointed to a house at the end of the road. The two ran towards the house as the rain began to fall, Ash knocked down the door, damaging some of the equipment in his arms.

The duo entered the house with the rain getting heavier, "Ash, you destroyed some of the borrowed gear, I could have knocked on the door," Serena reminded Ash, seeing the tops of the reflective equipment.

"We still have the camera right?" Ash asked nervously. He pulled out a few tapes in hopes that the girl kept the camera safe.

Presenting the camera she noticed that the battery was flat, "what they didn't charge it, this isn't fair, I wanted to make my debut as a performer really soon," Serena gasped in horror, she turned the camera off and handed it to Ash, "we better get it charged," Serena suggested, but as she walked up to the wall a powerful blast of lightning caused the lights to flicker then eventually leaving the house with no power.

"Well it seems like we can only charge the camera with Pikachu," Ash chuckled at the horrible situation his friend was experiencing, "not like I could have helped, I am really bad at running this sort of equipment," Ash admitted his travelling companion.

Serena looked at the ground with displeasure at the trainer's admission, "so you have no idea how to even operate a camera?" Serena asked the raven haired teen.

"Sadly that's right," Ash started joking about his ineptitude, "normally I am only really good at training my pokemon, anything else I am rather useless at, the only other thing I seem to know how to do really well is drawing," Ash confessed his own strengths to the girl who was walking into the lounge room.

"Well, I guess we can't be good at everything right?" Serena asked the trainer, she looked back at the trainer and smiled at him, "well I guess I cannot complain, you were making the effort to help me out," Serena informed the trainer, a sweet smile crossed her face, she turned to the window as the storm continued to rage on outside the house.

"I know you're a great baker, there was one time I tried baking, man I was horrible," Ash informed the girl. The lightning illuminated the room allowing Ash to see where he was going as it continued to get darker.

Serena sat in the middle of the empty room, the two sat down and looked at the camera, "This camera is really simple to use," Serena stated while trying her best to show Ash how to work the camera as the lightning illuminated the dark room.

As Serena continued to explain the basics of using camera, "maybe we should wait for the storm to pass first," Ash paused the teen sitting next to him.

"Oh that's right, when we were going to have our little break, I made these for us," Serena pulled a small box out of her backpack, she opened the container, showing off riceballs, but before pointing to the rest of the food she heard Ash laughing at the riceballs, "does mine look bad?" Serena asked the trainer.

Ash shook his head and tried his best to prevent himself from bursting into laughter, "one of my friends is an awesome cook, he would always make riceballs, but instead of calling them what they actually were, he called them doughnuts," Ash said with a smile, "but I knew better," Ash joked as he picked up one of the riceballs.

"No you didn't" Serena teased the trainer, she picked up one of the riceballs, "you also called them doughnuts I bet," Serena continued to tease Ash, the two continued to eat the baked delights, "there is also these, we might as well call them riceballs," Serena pointed to a baked ring.

"Hey that isn't very nice, that is obviously a doughnut," Ash picked one up and shoved into his mouth.

"You know something Ash, you aren't the best at everything," Serena stated, trying to build up her confidence, "but that is something I really like about you," Serena informed Ash who smiled at her causing her to start blushing. Serena started to almost crush the box and gulped at her thoughts.

"Yeah I really like you too," Ash replied not realising the extent of what Serena was saying.

"No Ash, I don't just like as a friend, I ummmmmm…" Serena continued to build her confidence, she pressed hard on the camera accidently turning it on, "Ash, I am in love," Serena stated as she placed the camera on the only table in the room.

"So Serena, who is the lucky man?" Ash asked his friend.

Again gulping she turned to Ash, not realising that the camera was filming her attempt at a confession, "I am in love," she repeated, she made eye contact with Ash, taking a deep breath she continued to stare at Ash, "you," Serena informed the trainer.

"Me? You mean, all those things you did, was to get me to notice your feels for me?" Ash asked the girl with a shocked expression, "wow, never really expected that," Ash scratched the back of his head and chuckled.

Serena moved closer to Ash and gently kissed Ash, she fell back and winked at Ash, "seems like our day together was ruined by the weather," Serena started to giggle at the misfortune, she noticed that the weather was started to clear up, "it wasn't all bad, I finally told you something important," Serena noticed Ash placing his right hand over his mouth.

Serena got up and walked towards the exit of the room, Ash watched the girl, but his vision remained fixated on her, 'when did it change for me? It wasn't just now, maybe it was a while ago, today just confirmed it for me,' Ash questioned his feelings which seem to have been more obvious, 'when did I fall in love with Serena?' he asked himself. Ash turned to the forgotten camera and picked it up, he noticed a light, he pulled open the screen and pressed rewind, 'the confession was taped,' Ash thought with a smile, he turned off the camera and approached the Kalos native, holding back what he wanted to tell her.

"Come on Serena, today was wasted for Pokevision, maybe another day and next time we can maybe get a forecast on the weather," Ash stated while leading Serena away from the house. With damaged equipment in hand Ash placed his right hand over his pocket where a small item was resting, "come on Pikachu, we need to return this stuff," Ash called to his partner pokemon with a more positive tone.

Ash and Serena continued to walk through the fields, the most dominant feature was the bright blue sky, the green fields and the large trees that lined the route, "next time we will need to set up a day where we can teach you all about the equipment," Serena winked at the trainer to her left.

Ash nodded in agreement, but looked away almost happy to have Serena around, "thank you Serena," Ash replied happily and even showing signs of hiding something from Serena.

Alright ladies and gents there was a reference to early pokemon, obvious as anything, but that wasn't my fault, I blame the dubbers of the original series.

This one might get a sequel a little later on.

So in there is a request for the next topic to type about.

As for the lack of typing, I have been trying, but Uni has me tied down at the moment, so please be patient.

There is also a main Story that I am enjoying at the moment, that being Pokemon Shattered Empires, (Ash and Salvia) a little dark but most of the story has already been completed in that one. As for the others, I will be getting to them once Shattered Empires is done and new ideas come flowing back.