Look! Another fan fiction! I actually plan to finish this one rather fast. I forgot how it was to have fun with fan fiction instead of always writing serious ones. So I hope you all like this! Guys, like seriously. I never realize how dead Gravitation fics were getting. Dx Especially with these two! So Yeah, I hope you all enjoy my lame attempts at writing something with an actual plot for once. xD

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~*Serious Talks*~

"I don't want to be in love." He said as the tick of the clock seemed to engulf his words.

It was true. There was too much pain in being in love with someone who would never love you the same way. No matter how long you watch them, you are never rewarded; especially if that person is oblivious to your feelings. And when that person is finally in your reach, they take your kindness and persuasion the wrong way and think of it as friendship. So before that person finds out and what you have is ruined, it's best to destroy your emotions.

"What would be the cause of you thinking that?"

"Too much pain. Misery follows." He let out a small sigh as his thoughts lingered on what he had just thought.

"So would you rather run away from the conflict?"

"Run away? Why not, it's been hidden for so long. Well, to him."

"Then wouldn't that be your problem? Constantly running instead of facing what you fear head on. The worst he could do is to reject you; then what?"

"Then-" He grew silent all of a sudden, a newfound realization finally coming from the corner of his mind. "Then I would go back... to being one of the thousands of his fans. I'd go back to being his ex-band mates' brother in law. To sum it up, it would be a hell of a lot easy for him to avoid me; to thrust me out of his life as fast as I came into it."

"Are we beginning to incest in this therapist role play or what? Because the last thing you said was a hell of a lot sexual."

"Eiri, I'm being serious!"

"Okay Mister Tatsuha that will be 50,000 yen, cash."

Tatsuha wrinkles his nose and flips off the blonde haired man across from him.

"Since I've complied to you seriously this past hour, I want you to give up the goods." Eiri extended his hand expectantly.

"Alright, alright." Tatsuha said once his brother began to kick the hell out of his shin. You would think being twenty six years old, Eiri would be more mature for his age. He reached behind himself and grabbed the bakery box filled with a dozen small strawberry shortcakes. "Don't let Shuichi find out I'm letting you eat all of these."

"Like I give a fuck about what that brat says." His brother mutters before shoving the creamy little palm sized desert into his mouth.

"You better. Making your pet angry will result to unfavorable actions." He said as he chuckled, knowing full well how his brothers pink haired lover threatened him with no sex and constant annoyance.

Tatsuha looked at the clock on the wall and got up. "Better leave now so I can make it home on time. Father told me to remind you to come home some time, and to mention not to bring that 'disgraceful chimp' with you."

"Mm." His brother said, onto his fourth dessert as Tatsuha made his way down the hall. Way to savor it.

As he slipped his shoes on, he checked his phone. Zero messages. He felt a slight pang inside of his chest for no reason. Why, was he lonely? Ha! He could text anyone of the whores in his phone and receive a reply back asking to go out somewhere.

But it wasn't like he wanted a whore, or anyone, to text him. There was only one person he wanted to hear from, and it was the man he had strong unrequited love for.

Tatsuha had given Ryuichi Sakuma his number, and had been promised to meet up sometime soon, but opportunities were not as good as that. Ryu was currently in Tokyo. His acting career had receded a bit, and he was doing more modeling for various magazines and clothing lines here before he went back to America. Tatsuha's favorite was the men's type of lingerie, without it actually being lingerie. God, it almost made him hot to the point of wanting to touch himself in public. The man was just too sexy for his own good. And the vulnerable faces he made in his poses were enough material to set Tatsuha off the first time he had looked through the photos in the confines of his room.

Though time and time again, he convinced himself he was better than the men who wacked off to pictures of their favorite anime characters in hentai pictures, as Eiri had said earlier on in their therapy session. He couldn't help but feel like a pervert as the wave of the sexual act he had done washed over and he was just left to think about how disgusted Ryu would be if he ever found out.

In that case, Ryu wouldn't find out, because he never had the time to fucking leave a simple text.

His anger was getting the best of him as he made his way to the underground parking. He wondered why his brother still chose to live in a condo. With Shuichi no doubt being with him for as long as forever will go, it would be better if they got a house together. He snickered to himself as he thought it would strengthen their bond. Now he was the one sounding like a shrink.

Reaching the underground parking space, Tatsuha felt revolted seeing his motorcycle next to the thing that was Shuichi's car. The car was a 'buggy'. He was sure Yuki was sick of seeing it as well, next to his sly Mercedes. The big red hunk of metal was literally only for show. He had guessed Shuichi wanted it just because he could afford it and bought it from America without Yuki's permission. Funny how he worded that, but Shuichi was on a tight leash. Shuichi just didn't realize that he was the one who had most control over Yuki instead of the other way around.

Tatsuha slide the cool helmet over his head. He liked the coolness, yet dreaded when the muggy air outside would get to him. He fished the keys from his pocket and right when he put the key into the ignition, Sleepless Beauty began to play from him phone. Cursing, he slid the helmet back off and fished for his phone in his hoodie's pocket.

"Hello?" He answered, not having bothered looking at the caller ID.

"Hey brat, back from Eiri's yet?" Just his luck, it was his elder sister.

"I'm on my way, bye."

Just as he was about to end the call, his sister yelled for him to wait.

"Shesh, I haven't heard from you in a while and you want to automatically hang up on me?"

"What is it?" Tatsuha tried to hide the annoyance from his voice. The last thing he needed was for Mika to nag at him while he was recovering from his deep thoughts.

"I just wanted to say that father told me about how good a son you're being as of late so I thought I should reward you. I mean, it was most likely convenient since it was mutual, but I had to call father and make sure you weren't being an idiot-,"

Tatsuha mentally sighed, looking up at the ceiling and focusing on the buzz of the underground garage lights as his sister continued to blab as she did at times.

"-plus, you did pass high school and I haven't given you a graduation gift and so I thought this would be a good opportunity for you to finally hang out with Ryuichi. Not to mention he has surprisingly called Tohma a few times to get your contact information again-,"

"Yeah, I haven't hung out with him since the last concert when-," Tatsuha stopped in the middle of his sentence, his heart jumping at what he had thought he heard.

"Wait, wait, rewind please. What did you just say?"

"As a reward for passing high school, Ryuichi will be staying at the temple while he's in the area so you two can spend time together."


We'll see how this turns out. Sorry the ending happened too abruptly. I was listening to Good Charlotte when I wrote down Tatsuha's first line. Since I can really relate to how Tatsuha feels with loving someone he thinks is beyond his reach, I think this will be a good story. Hopefully others can too as they read this fan fiction. :)