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The sun was shining brightly, rays of sunlight hurting his eyes. Birds chirping happily as if mocking his sadist life along with crickets crying as if moaning in a heated sex... And his ass hurts like hell. Damn that Hijikata! Can't he have more self restrain? Didn't he learn an asshole is a place for something to go out, not in and out? Why did he had to be so rough?! Have some self-control, Mayora freak!

Gintoki grimaced at the feeling of Hijikata's cum dripping to his thighs. That's the second reason why he hated aftermath of sex. No, he liked to fuck but not being fucked. He was a virgin, only for his back of course. Well, that didn't last long until Hijikata rammed his cock into his hole senselessly.

Surely he had made women writhing beneath him with pleasure before but he never had thought in his whole life that he'd turned into a moaning monster just by that mayonnaise lover touching him.

Maybe this is what they call love? No, definitely not. No feelings were involved in their routine. They met, have sex for hours and then Hijikata would be the first one to leave since he had a reputation to be taken care of.

And he? Whatever pride he had left.

The kids at home constantly asking where he had been in his absent but they soon grow numb with his disappearing habit, knowing the perm-haired was most likely fooling around somewhere. What they did not know was he was the catcher and Hijikata was the pitcher.

No one knew about their secret rendezvous. He didn't really give a damn but Hijikata kept insisting on keeping it a secret and threaten him with a seppuku.

Maybe it's because of Sougo. If that sadist brat knew the man his beloved sister was fooling around with another man, without a doubt they'll be killed, tragically. Hijikata may not look like it but Gintoki knew deep down inside, the vice-commander still couldn't get Mitsuba out of his mind.

Gintoki couldn't remember when was their first session had begun but he had a memory of being drunk and need a release of his pent-up frustrations. Hijikata himself was too drunk at the point of not remembering any faces. He even hugged a Colonel Sanders statue for mistaking him as Kondou. Then, it must be it. He was trying to forget.

He knew Hijikata was using him to forget his dead love. But it was a fair trade since he too was using Hijikata to get laid. Indeed he felt guilty towards Mitsuba but whom could she blame?

So why…? Why was his heart aching so much?

The way his fingers dancing on his burning skin and how he whispered soothing words to his ears until pleasure took over his pain. And then Hijikata tongue would poke through his swollen lips, asking for permission to deepening the kiss. It made his body relaxed and a tingly feeling creped under his skin, seeking for more. And-

Uh-oh! NO! He can't get hard just by imagining things. Hijikata's sex drive was hurting his ass so enough sex for now. What was he? A teenage boy who finally reached his puberty?

'You're in a fucking 20s, get a grip!'

Ruffling softly the lock of his silver hair, he woke up, ready for a bath. He couldn't let Hijikata's leftover inside. It's disgusting. And disturbing…

'Ugh, what a pain in the ass.'

Next time, he'll make sure Hijikata wore a condom. A strawberry flavour that is!

On the second thought maybe not. He should stop this. No, they should stop this. He couldn't take it anymore. He had enough seeking fake love.

"It hurts. Both my ass and my heart." Gintoki clutched his chest, hugging away the alien feeling.

'I hope you trip somewhere and die, Oogushi-kun.'

"Hey, Gin-san…" Shinpachi had an annoyed look on his face. His eyes were twitching and a red angry vein comically decorated his head.

"Hmm…?" The silver-haired man laze on the couch, idly turning the page of his Jump and once in a while mumbling something about the content of his favourite book.

Shinpachi finally snapped. He had enough dealing with this stubborn old man. Even Kagura wasn't as troublesome as he was, for now.

"Don't just fucking 'Hmm' me! You've been doing nothing but lying down and reading Jump all day since you came back last week. Did something happened?" he asked with a worried sigh. Ah, what a sharp kid. Am I that east to be read?

"Isn't that he always do? Kagura silently commented although his eyes didn't leave the tv screen, focusing on her favourite show on air. That saved him from some trouble.

'Now, to get him out of this house…'

"Gin-san, don't you have any friends? Try ask Hasegawa-san for a drink or go find someone to make friends with, can you?

"Look here, Patsuan… Gin-san is trying reaalllyy hard to make out with Mr. Couch here so go away and don't bother us, okay?"

"What's with the half-assed sense of reasoning, you Madao! Seriously, go get a life."

"Let him be glasses. Maybe this is what they call the menopause stage." The china-girl remarked with a piece of pickled seaweed in her mouth.

"Kagura-chan, men don't have menopause. Normally." Shinpachi comically sweated.

"Anyway Gin-san, please go outside and take some fresh air. We don't want you bedridden like a dying old man again, aren't we?"

"Who are you calling a dying old man?! My hair may be silver but I'm a boy at heart!" He had been repeating the same words to the same person but none of them understand.

"Yeah, right. Says someone who has crazy libido. Go and find someone to get laid. It's bad for you body if you let it accumulate. Don't forget to have a protected one. I don't want random women come here and dump a baby on us." Both swore Kagura sounded like mother meddling in her son's sex life.

"W-Where did you learn those kind of things?! Don't tell me…" Shinpachi gave Gintoki a suspicious look.

"Gin-san, don't teach Kagura-chan those kind of things! She's not a girl of that age yet, you pervert!"

"Wait, why are you suspecting me?! She was the one who asked me. Gin-san just answered her like all responsible adults should." Exasperated the older man.

"Moreover girls these days should know this kind of things. Don't be so innocent, Shinpachi-kun." Gintoki deadpanned nonchalantly.

"Responsible adult, my ass! Pay our salary, you useless leader! And get the hell out of here before I kick you out!"

"How dare you chase Gin-san out of his own house, you simpleton glasses! Go and drown yourself! Don't forget to bring your glasses along!"

"Say that when you pay your rent properly! And what problem do you have with my glasses."

Gintoki didn't want to go out. The possibility of meeting the ravenette was high enough that made him afraid of going outside. Hijikata was probably angry since he changed his contact number and cut every connection they had without notice. Gintoki was pretty sure that the bastard wouldn't have the balls to show himself here so he was safe. Until these damn brats threw him out.

"Gin-chan, while you're at it buy me sukonbu."

"Bargain Dash for me please."

"You brats… How dare you guys treat an elder like this! I'll remember this!" he sobbed jokingly.

"Yeah, yeah. Aren't you a boy at heart?" Shinpachi replied monotonely, feeling a bit proud of himself over his victory on getting Gintoki out of the house.

With heavy footsteps, the leader of jack-of-all-trades finally went out while his mouth sprouting incoherent things.

Of course Shinpachi did it on purpose. They had heard from Katsura on the other day- No. More like he asked the other man about Gintoki since they knew so little about him. Today; 10th of October was Gintoki's birthday. He, Kagura and some other friends had planned to throw him a surprise party.

But he never had thought that the perm-idiot would forget his own birthday. Or maybe he pretended that he forgets. The party was also to cheer him up, since he was kinda down, according to Kagura. He too had realised it. But there was nothing he could do if that man wouldn't tell him anything.

It was always like this. He would always keep it to himself but when it comes to his friends in trouble, Gintoki would be the first one to help.

But still… Living like that, isn't it sad? It was as if he was afraid of losing. As if he had enough goodbyes in his life.

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