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Feudal Japan, and era dominated by fierce warlords and military rule stretched from the years 1185 to 1868. The emperor remained but was mostly kept as a figurehead for the ruling position, and the power of merchants were weak.
But in this age of military leaders there was a power that they knew not.

Demons roamed the fertile green lands of Feudal Japan; these ethereal spirits of nature were revered and respected by the humans. But on the last day of the Feudal era a wicked massacre took place.

Humans grew power hungry and malevolent, they were jealous of the Demons extended life and their wraithlike power. So with sheer numbers on their side the people rose up against the Demons and attacked, until only the strongest of Demon kind remained.

Nevertheless, these most powerful Demons were weak from fighting, thousands of their kin were dead and grief ripped at their souls. Resistance was futile so they fled. They ran as far as they could and only a few made it. Only seven of these most mighty demons survived, they are long dead now but their descendants still walk the modern earth. Hidden in secret, fearing what may happen if humanity discovered them once again.

Allen walker was one of them. At twenty four years old Allen was still extremely young for a demon, they could live well into the hundreds, the oldest ever recorded being the grand age of one thousand and fifty three.

Demons lived their lives eternally searching for their other half, their soul mate. It was the curse of the Demons, they were gifted with extended life and extreme power yet they only harbored half a soul. Demons were doomed to live their life eternally searching for someone who could make them whole, yet Allen Walker was woefully restricted in his choice. After the Japan Massacre Demon populations had dropped into critical figures, and now there were less than a hundred demons left, and poor Allen loved none of them.

Confined to a life of loneliness Allen Walker dragged on with his life.

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Allen walker hurried around his flat, once again almost late for work. His little golem Timcampy rushed around as well, picking up things that Allen had forgotten and slipping them into his briefcase.
Allen practically flew down the stairs from his flat into the street, Tim barely gripping onto his snowy locks of silky hair, the elevator was out of order… again.

Allen sprinted to catch the bus. He made it just as the doors were closing, the driver gave him a stern look but let him on anyway. Allen breathed a sigh of relief and took his seat on the bright red London vehicle.

The school that Allen taught at wasn't that far away, only a few blocks but he'd have to get up earlier to walk and Allen didn't want to do that, He was up late enough marking books as it was.

The bus quickly filled as it went along its morning rush hour route, and Allen stood to let an elderly lady take his seat. He remained standing for the rest of the ride and nearly fell flat on his face when the bus came to a jerky halt.

Thanking the driver with a bright smile Allen hopped off the bus and made his way into the School Building. It was a grand, elegant structure with large ornate windows and marble arches, Allen always thought it looked more like a cathedral than a school.

Entering the spacious reception hall Allen greeted Reever, the school's head secretary, and grabbed the register for his first class. Allen just made it to his classroom with only minutes to spare. He had a feeling this wasn't going to be his day.

Allen was an art teacher at Black Order High, or BOH for short, and he loved his job. But he couldn't help but feel something was missing from his life. Letting out a soft sigh Allen greeted his students and stood to take the roll.

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After a grueling day of teaching Allen packed up his papers and assignments, ready to go back home and mark a mountain of sketchbooks. Walking out of the front doors laden with heavy books, Allen said goodbye to Reever and stepped outside into the rapidly cooling air. Allen yawned and watched as the puff of his warm breath curled and swirled about his head.

He was about to walk out the tall front gates of the school when an excited, redheaded history teacher pounced on him.


"Hi Lavi," Allen turned around to face the beaming Demon.

Lavi Bookman was also Demon, and a very annoying one. But he was Allen's best friend.

Lavi wasn't the only other Demon in London. There was quite a community of them.

Black Order High was run by Komui Lee one of the older Demons, and he made it his duty to run an operation were Demons could work and be safe, this setup was the school.
It worked well as small community for Demons to take refuge from the humans. Many Demons worked there including Komui's younger sister Lenalee.

"You still up for my birthday party tomorrow?" Lavi said eagerly, he gently released Allen from his grasp and looked at him with hopeful green eyes.

"I said I would come didn't I?" Allen smiled at the excitable redhead, Lavi specialised in the ancient world of Japan and he forced Allen to come to his ancient Japanese classes with him. It was barely different from normal Japanese which Allen could already speak rather well, after living in Japan for a few years while he was still under the guard of Cross Marian. Allen shuddered at the thought.

"Awesome!" Lavi punched the air with enthusiasm, "Krory and Miranda are coming too now!" Lavi announced in a sing-song voice.

Allen smiled again showing slightly pointed teeth, he knew he was an animal Demon and it was probably a carnivorous one judging by the canines. But not yet bonded he didn't know, your true potential wasn't unlocked until you found the other half of your soul.

As it turns out Krory was a bat Demon and Miranda was an owl, Krory had finally had plucked up the courage last year to ask Miranda if she would be his bondmate. With a happy yes, their souls joined and made a whole. Allen thought the two nocturnal Demons were well suited to each other.

"That's great Lavi," Grinned Allen, "It starts at eight, your house right? And then..."

"We go out and PARTY!" Lavi winked and gave a playful punch to Allen's shoulder.

Allen laughed, "Okay see you there Lavi, I have to go now, or I'm going to miss my bus."

"Okay see ya tomorrow Al," Lavi gave a parting wave and disappeared in the opposite direction.

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Sighing Allen collapsed onto his sofa exhausted after his long day's work. It was report season, and he had to write them about every single student he taught. It was tiring stuff.

Timcampy helped though, he flew around the class room and studied the children's work and helped by fetching paint brushes and other art equipment for the kids. Tim was a small golden golem, which was a popular pet favored by the humans because of their technical abilities, they were like tiny sentient mobile phones. Allen's classes loved the little golden golem and often snuck snacks into class for him.

A few hours of marking and writing reports, Allen decided it was time to sleep.

"Well then Tim I think we should go to bed don't you? We have a party to go to tomorrow, so we better get our rest, it's not like we'll get much sleep then."

Allen was standing in front of the mirror on his wardrobe when it happened. He'd just finished buttoning up his silver satin pajama shirt when he caught sight of himself.

Allen Walker. Was. Glowing.

He stared at his reflection for a moment, and then looked down at himself.

"Wha...WHAT!" Allen surprised like anyone else would be, gazed at his radiant body.

He was emitting bright white glow which was shining off him in blinding beams. It grew so bright Allen had to tightly shut his eyes and cover them with his hands. Blinded by the rays of light Allen couldn't see what was going on but he felt like he was floating for a while, until his bare feet touched down on what felt like dry leaves.

After the light had faded Allen blinked owlishly, bright spots of colour danced in his vision, once they'd cleared Allen took a look around. Gazing at his surroundings he gaped at the bamboo.

Bamboo? Where did that come from?

It was safe to say Allen was completely and utterly confused.

Assessing his environment Allen came to two conclusions, either his room had suddenly burst into life and bamboo was growing in his bedroom, or he had somehow been transported into the Bamboo.

Allen took the latter to be the most probable, so he decided to see how far this bamboo went on for. After walking for what felt like hours the towering sprigs of dense bamboo seemed to be thinning. And what Allen could see of the sky was getting darker and darker, a couple of twinkling stars also started to emerge.

Eventually Allen broke free of the maze of bamboo. And stumbled into what seemed to be an oriental garden.

It reminded him of the days he spent in Japan as a teenager, and the intoxicating sent of Jasmin and lotus flowers filled his nose. Glancing around Allen saw a wide koi pond with an ornate bridge leading the way up to large traditional Japanese house. Complete with a red tiled, curved roof and wooden sliding panels. All in all the whole setting looked unearthly in the moonlight.

Allen himself looked ethereal. With his pale skin and the silver of his hair and pajamas he looked like a barefooted angel. Curious and confused Allen stalked closer to the house.

But Allen was soon halted when he reached the elegant bridge stretching over the koi pond.

"What do you think you're doing in my garden!?" Snapped an angry Japanese voice.

Allen whipped around to face the Japanese man, he was positively stunning.

He had long black hair tied up in a high ponytail, and his face was sharp and defined with dark navy eyes. Worryingly he was wearing traditional samurai gear and had a very long sharp looking katana.

Allen stuttered out an answer in rusty Japanese. "Sorry about that…" He raised a hand sheepishly to rub the back of his head, "I'm lost."

The handsome man raised a delicate eyebrow, questioning Allen silently.

"Well you see I, errr, have no idea how I got here," Allen was about to tell him about the odd light when Timcampy decided to make an appearance, and fluttered out of his hiding place in Allen's hair. The Japanese man jumped slightly and stared at the golem as if he had never seen one before.

"What the hell is that?" The inky haired man glared at the little golden winged ball, Tim bared his tiny rows of very sharp teeth at the samurai.

"That is a golem, and his name is Timcampy," Allen replied cautiously, wondering why this man had never seen one before.

Allen gave the Japanese man a once over, he certainly didn't look very modern, and neither did his surroundings. Golems had only just been invented in the last twenty years or so, they certainly didn't have them in Feudal Japan.

"May I ask what the date is, year included?" Allen looked up through his white eyelashes at the glowering man.

"The year?" said the samurai quizzically. Allen just nodded in reply.

"It's the first month of autumn, 1868." The man crossed his arms in impatience and continued to scowl at Allen.

"1868!" Allen knees felt week and his vision blurred. In fact, the small silver haired Demon fainted right into the glistening koi pond.

"Wha…what the hell is going on!" Yelled the Japanese man, and he waited for Allen to get out of the pond. Unfortunately he didn't.

"I have to do everything myself don't I!" Was the last thing he said before he dived in after the pajama clad boy.

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