Hi everyone, I hope you enjoy chapter 5. There is lots of Lavi in this one, and we finally get to meet Tyki Mikk!

Lavi yawned, and stretched sleepily. Sitting up in his bed he blinked owlishly in the darkness of his bedroom. His alarm clock had gone off moments before, he hit the off button and the clock stopped singing the Doctor Who theme tune.

Groggily he got out of the warm covers of the bed and shivered as the cold air of the room hit his bare skin. Lavi only slept in a pair of boxer-shorts. He quickly changed into the gray three piece suite he wore for teaching. He cursed the school's formalness. It was a private boarding school so all the teachers had to dress in smart clothes, hence the suit. Allen didn't seem to care though, mind you he dressed formally anyway. Lavi fiddled with his tie and did up his shiny black shoes and rushed out the door, the yells of his grandpa telling him to brush his hair followed.

Hurrying along London's busy streets he blended in with other morning commuters. Lavi only lived a few minutes away from the school so he didn't have to catch the bus like Allen did. Lavi quickly flattened his mop of unruly red hair as he caught site of it in a refection off a shop window.
He crossed the last road and made it into Black Order High with about twenty minutes to spare before the kids started arriving. Briefcase full of freshly marked books Lavi made his way up to the staff room for a quick coffee.

Lavi opened the door with his free hand and nearly walked right into someone coming out of it. He jerked backwards nearly falling on his arse, but the stranger managed to grab hold of Lavi's arm, making sure he didn't fall.

"Are you alright fofinho?" Asked a deep voice.

A cool tanned hand lifted Lavi's chin up so the owner could look him in the eyes.

A devastatingly handsome face was looking back at Lavi. The poor redheaded Demon was struck mute for a second, and he could only stare at the gorgeous stranger. The man gazing back at Lavi was Hispanic with dark hair and a wide grin, and the most striking thing of all was that he had bright golden eyes.

After a few long seconds Lavi managed to find his voice, "Ah um, yes sorry. Thank you for catching me," Lavi offered the stranger a small smile.

"No problem," The man stepped out the way so Lavi could come into the staffroom.

"Thanks… hey are you professor Mikk?" Lavi's face lit up with curiosity.

"Right you are fofinho, but please call me Tyki. And who may you be?" Tyki decided to linger in the staffroom rather than continue on his way.

"My name is Lavi Bookman, I'm the history professor. You're filling in for Allen aren't you? So you must be an art teacher!" Grinned Lavi, he wasn't feeling so embarrassed anymore.

"Right you are again, very perceptive aren't you fofinho?" Tyki sent a dazzling smile a Lavi.

Lavi blushed and busied himself with the percolator.

"Would you make me a coffee too, black two sugars?" said Tyki's rich voice.


"Thanks fofinho," Tyki grinned displaying perfectly straight teeth, "So Lavi you're a Demon huh?"

Glancing up from the coffee Lavi said, "Oh Komui told you?"

"He mentioned it, but there's no way you could be a human with eyes as beautiful as yours fofinho." Tyki smirked at the faint blush that spread over Lavi's cheeks.

"I'm guessing you're a Demon to huh?" Asked Lavi, as he averted his eyes from Tyki's piercing golden gaze. He carefully handed Tyki his cup of coffee.

"Yes, of course," Tyki accepted the steaming cup from Lavi and grinned at him over the rim.

The art and history teacher sat in silence as they finished their drinks. Lavi's cheeks still stained pink, he blamed it on the hot coffee.

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Lavi was teaching when Tyki knocked on the door of his classroom later that day. Lavi looked up from the text book he was reading to the class.

"Come in Tyki." Lavi leaned against his desk as Tyki walked into the history classroom.

"Good afternoon Lavi, but could I pilfer some of your lined paper? We have every kind of paper under the sun in the Art block, but no lined," Tyki sent such a charming smile at Lavi his knees almost gave out. There was a startled intake of breath from several of the girls and one or two of the boys in the history class.

"Oh yeah we have loads." Lavi pointed to a shelf on the left side of the room were lined paper was gathered in piles.

"Thanks fofinho." Tyki waltzed across the room and gathered a block of paper in his arms and glided back out again.

A blonde girl at the front spoke out, she knew Lavi was a laidback teacher, and he wouldn't get mad at her for speaking without raising her hand.

"Sir who was that!"

Lavi turned to face her, "That's professor Mikk he's the stand-in Art teacher while Professor Walker is away."

"Oh he's so handsome…" She swooned, "Wait what's wrong with Professor Walker?!"

"He's okay, but he's got pneumonia. It's pretty severe so he's going to be off school for a while."

"Oh no, poor Professor Walker!" The blonde girl gasped.

"Yeah poor professor Walker, he's always so nice. I feel so bad for him." A boy at the back spoke out this time.

A chorus of 'yeah' and 'poor Professor Walker' rose up from the students.

"Yeah I know Professor Walker is rather ill but he's being looked after well," Said Lavi.

Once the din had died down, a usually very shy girl at the very back of the class spoke up, "What does fofinho mean?"

Lavi blinked, "You know, I don't know."

It wasn't until Lavi got home later that night and googled it, did he discover it meant cutie in Portuguese.

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In Allen's opinion he was not being looked after well.

He was being battered and bashed about by Fo the shinobi in Kanda's back garden. Fo, the small petite Demon had short spikey orange hair and matching auburn eyes. Electric blue tattoos streaked up and down her arms and legs.

"Come on Walker!" She yelled, and with a flash of orange Allen was spun round and then pinned to the floor, Fo's small but deadly hands on his throat.

Allen had been learning to become a shinobi for three weeks now. So far Fo had taught him the basics of several martial art styles. He could now just about hold his own against her, but she still always won their sparing matches. Today was the day Fo was going to teach Allen shadow walking.

Shadow walking is one of the most useful shinobi powers because it enabled the caster to become invisible. First you had to calm your heart by breathing in and out with seven deep breaths. Then you had to get into the correct mindset, essentially you had to believe you were a shadow to walk amongst them. At first Allen had no idea how this would work, because he definitely knew he wasn't a shadow, but Fo assured him it would be fine.

Fo Also told Allen why Demons could master these shinobi powers and humans could not.

Fo told Allen that Demons are enlaced with natural magic, unlike humans who have to cultivate magic. They usually used plants and potions, and burnt the magic out of living things to gather it for themselves. Human's then stored the gathered magic in staffs and wands for further use.

While Demons are essentially sprits of magic, they can control and use it at will. They're the most magically powerful beings on the earth, and their very blood is basically liquid magic. Fo told Allen that if a human ever got hold of a Demon's heart and encased it in a staff, they could wreak havoc as powerful as any Demon.

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"Now Allen, I think it's time you learnt how to shadow walk. It's the easiest of the seven shinobi powers." Said Fo, Allen nodded determinedly.

"I'll give you a demonstration first."

Fo stood completely still and closed her eyes. She inhaled and exhaled exactly seven times. For a moment nothing happened, but then Allen saw something flicker out the corner of his eye. Spinning on his heel Allen watched as the shadows cast by the bamboo forest sped along the grass and up onto Fo's body. They encased her completely, forming a second skin of complete darkness. The silhouette of Fo was there for only a second and then she completely vanished.

A moment later a pair of orange eyes appeared in front of Allen, the rest of Fo soon following.

"You see Walker?" She said, Allen nodded.


Fo then flung herself at Allen, attacking ferociously.

"Now it's your turn Walker!"

Allen barely blocked Fo's vicious jab at his neck, but managed to stay standing.

"How do you expect me to calm my heartbeat down while I'm being attacked you?!" Allen was getting severely frustrated. He lost concentration and Fo pinned him.

Leaning close to Allen's ear, Fo said "Well are humans just going to sit there and wait patiently for you to become invisible?" her voice had become dangerously quiet, almost a whisper.

"Err no…" said Allen.

"THEN GET INVISABLE BRAT!" Yelled Fo right in Allen's ear.

She jumped off him and stood back, offering no help up for Allen's bruised and beaten body.

Allen swallowed his battered pride and went in for the kill. Determined to shadow walk.

Allen took the first deep breath.

And again.

Another breath.

He felt them wash in and out of him, unbroken and constant, like waves on a beach. Allen had taken six deep breaths and on the seventh he immediately knew something was happening, he could feel the magic rushing through his veins.

As he was still managing to avoid Fo, Allen was amazed to see the shadows around him shooting toward his fingertips. The shadows encased Allen's body just as they did with the auburn-haired Demon and then he completely disappeared.

Fo then instantly stopped attacking him, and stood very still listening hard. Allen shifted a foot and Fo's head snapped in his direction. She lunged forward. Allen ducked and rolled underneath her, springing up unscathed on the other side.

This time Fo was the one fighting an invisible enemy. Allen let out a laugh of triumph, but that was a big mistake.
Fo zoned in on Allen's laughter and charged, she took a running leap and smashed right into the invisible Demon.

Allen lost concentration and the shadows departed and zoomed back into place.

"Huh that was stupid Walker. Laughing like that could get you killed. What if I was the enemy? You'd be dead. Do better next time." With those parting words Fo stood and walked away, leaving Allen painting out of breath on the floor, with his hair splayed out around his head like a halo.

Standing up, he hobbled back to Kanda's house and into the indoor spring. Allen was ready for a long hot bathe in soothing waters. God knows he was going to be achy tomorrow.

Arriving at the hot spring, Allen stripped off his clothes and slid into the pool hissing as the warm waters swirled around him.

Allen swam to the other end of the large spring, little ripples spread out across the water with his movements. Allen swam happily for a while but then something started to immerge out of the steam. Allen realised what it was with a jolt deep in his stomach. Holy crap it was Kanda.

"Ahh Kanda! Sorry I didn't know you were in here!" Allen blushed bright pink and turned his face away from the Demon.

"I don't care Beansprout," Kanda continued to comb his long black hair.

Allen blinked owlishly through the steam, he had never seen Kanda with his hair down before. It was much longer than he previously thought, only ever seeing it tied up. The little droplets of water in Kanda's dark hair looked like tiny stars.

"Finished staring beansprout?"

"Sorry Kanda, I was just looking at your hair I've never seen it down before."

Kanda made harrumphing sound and thrust the comb at Allen and climbed out of the pool. Allen would have denied it if you asked, but he did stare at Kanda's arse as he turned to leave. The samurai walked away into the steam leaving Allen in the pool of hot water to wash up and go to bed.

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Kanda muttered to himself as he dried off back in his bedroom. He wasn't done in the baths but the damned Beansprout turned up naked as the day he was born. And there was no way he could stay that close to him without doing something foolish.

Still grumbling as he got into bed Kanda closed his eyes and tried to sleep. Only to have his dreams filled with Beansprouts and steamy water.

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