"I can't do this anymore."

Fili and Kili had been walking down one of Erebor's many halls in search of their small burglar; they had seen him not but a couple minutes before rushing down the stairway looking rather frazzled. Torches lit their away as they descended one of the large staircases that led towards the treasure room where Smaug had once resided. The air smelled musty and like burnt meat—no doubt the result of the dragon living there for so long. The walls were cut from the mountain itself with veins of gold running throughout its surface. Beneath their feet were polished black stone that looked as perfect as the day it had been carved.

"I think I saw him come down here," Fili commented.

Kili wasn't convinced. "Why would he bother coming down here? All that's down here is gold."

Fili snorted. "Yeah. All that's down here is gold. Listen to you," he teased. "Are you even a dwarf?"

His brother frowned deeply. "You know what I mean. Bilbo doesn't have affection for gold like the rest of us do. He's a hobbit after all."

"Perhaps he's looking for uncle? He has affection for him!"

From up ahead there was a large bang of something metallic hitting the hard floor. Both brothers froze mid step.

"What did you say?"

The voice of their uncle was deadly serious. It was a tone that even growing up they had only heard maybe once or twice. It never boded well for those who heard it.

"I said I can't do this anymore Thorin!" came the voice of the hobbit. His tone was nervous, like a rabbit facing a hawk.

Both brothers inched toward the treasure room, trying to keep their boots from making any noise. Ahead of them the corridor made a sharp left hand turn before opening up to the treasure room. Fili and Kili kept along the wall, only peeking out from behind it once they were sure they weren't detected. From the entryway there was a stair case heading down toward one of the largest rooms in Erebor. Gold in every shape and size was piled around the room; in places the stacks almost reached the ceiling high above. The torches on the pillars and along the walls cast a flaming glow across the gold making it glitter like a golden ocean. Fili and Kili could see their uncle standing in an open space surrounded by coins; his arms were by his side, fists clenched. Before him barely up to Thorin's chin was Bilbo. He looked as though he was trembling and Thorin's face was a thundercloud of anger. Kili and Fili peered around the corner with interest but with a growing knot and their stomachs.

"What are you saying to me?" the dwarven king all but growled.

Bilbo visibly flinched. "I-I want a divorce!"

Thorin's nephews felt their jaws drop.

Thorin's eyes narrowed. He took a menacing step forward, a cruel smile twisting his lips. "And what, pray tell, makes you want a divorce my dear hobbit?"

"You're insane," Bilbo hissed. "All you care about is your gold! It's been like this ever since we got here. Where is the Thorin that I married in Lake Town? Where is the gentle dwarf that used to hold me close? He's down in his damn treasure room, night after night!"

"But Bilbo…"

"Don't you dare 'but Bilbo' me Thorin Oakenshield! You're not the same dwarf I fell in love with." Bilbo's voice broke and cracked. Tears ran down his face in a steady stream. "I don't want to have anything more to do with you."

Instead of begging and pleading for Bilbo to change his mind, much to Fili and Kili's horror, their uncle began to laugh. Bilbo stood rigidly before him, his eyes wide as the dwarf king broke into cruel laughter. Fili and Kili exchanged glances.

"Do you really think I need you of all people?" Thorin asked. He raised a hand and grabbed Bilbo's jaw and pulled him close, fingers digging into the soft flesh of his cheeks. Thorin's nails drew blood. Bilbo struggled against his grip only for it to increase painfully. "You? You're but a hobbit. A small, worthless hobbit. This marriage of ours was a marriage of convenience."

With a flick of his hand Thorin tossed Bilbo into a nearby pile of gold. Bilbo gave a yelp as he slammed into the coins and as the pile slumped and fell apart.

"I would love to see you try and make it back to the Shire on your own!" Thorin yelled, advancing on Bilbo yet again. The hobbit saw him coming and scrambled to get up, terror surging through him at the sight of his husband's thunderous expression. The dwarf seized him by the back of his coat's collar and hauled him up so he was eye to eye with Thorin. "You can go back to being a miserable grocer! Living alone for ever in your damned hole!"

Bilbo was slammed into a nearby pillar. The air rushed from his lungs at the collision. He didn't have much time to recover before Thorin was upon him again. He was pulled up by the front of his coat and just has he thought he was going to be thrown again a hard fist slammed into the side of his face. The hobbit was sent to the ground. He was overwhelmed by dizziness and he could taste the blood in his mouth and could feel it running down his nose and face.

"You've made a mistake my dear hobbit," the king sneered. A foot collided with Bilbo's rib cage.


Kili and Fili were sailing down the steps as fast as they could scramble. Upon hearing them Thorin took a step back, setting his glare on their approaching forms. Kili was on his knees pulling Bilbo into his chest while Fili drew his sword and hesitantly pointed it at Thorin.

"Don't you dare touch him again," Fili growled. His stomach was in knots. He had never though that Thorin would hurt Bilbo. They had always been so blissfully happy, almost like teenagers. For him to turn on Bilbo… "You're not in your right mind!"

Behind Fili, Kili was wiping some of the blood off of Bilbo's face with the ends of his sleeves. "Come on Bilbo, stay awake please. I'll take you up to see Balin. He'll fix you right up." Although he was trying to stay calm, Kili was trembling. He was furious that his uncle would treat Bilbo, someone Kili saw as a close friend and a member of his family with such violence. But he felt his heart breaking. He knew that Bilbo and Thorin were a couple that could last forever, if only the gold hadn't corrupted Thorin's mind. "Fee, give me a hand."

Fili hesitantly replaced his sword back at his waist and turned around to help Kili to scoop up the hobbit. Blood was flowing from his nose from where Thorin had punched him, his cheek was swelled and already discolored with bruising, and from the way Bilbo whined as they moved him they guessed his ribs weren't doing so well. The brothers supported their soon to be ex-uncle between the two of them and began making their away up to the upper reaches of Erebor. As they moved towards the steps, Fili glanced back at Thorin. The King of the Lonely Mountain stood root in place. His fist which he has used to strike his husband was still clenched by his side but his eyes were glued on their receding forms. It could have been his imagination, but as they finally made their way back up the steps and around the corner, he could have sworn he heard a muffled sob from the treasure room.