Chapter One - Jeff and Nick

Jeff Sterling attends Dalton Academy and is part of Dalton's Glee club the Warblers. He is 16 and shares a dorm room with his best friend Nick Duval. Nick and Jeff do everything together but lately Jeff had noticed that he got a little distracted when Nick was around they would be talking and then all of a sudden he would realize he was staring at Nick's perfect dark chocolate brown hair or his warm chocolate brown eyes or….. oh crap he was doing it again. He sighed and looked over at the clock and thought 'is it any wonder I'm awake at 2:30 in the morning? I can't get this boy out of my head even when I sleep he's in my dreams. Oh God what am I going to do? He's my best friend I don't want to screw that up but I don't think I can suppress this much longer.' He looked over at Nick sleeping and smiled he looked so peaceful. He lay back down and pulled his blankets up to his chin it was kinda cold in the room tonight and all he could think about was that he wished he could cuddle with Nick to keep warm. He sighed shaking his head at himself and closed his eyes trying to go back to sleep.

He woke later groaning and smacked his alarm. 'God I hate that thing ruining my sleep.' he thought glancing over and saw Nick once again had slept through the alarm. He smiled and got out of bed and went over gently shaking his roommate. "Nicky, Nicky come on time to get up" he said he wasn't going to lie he got a little bit of a thrill when Nick sleepily looked up at him and


"Ok Jeffie" he mumbled and rubbed sleep out of his eyes and threw his blankets off. Jeff turned away blushing slightly, Nick had only wore his boxers to bed last night not even a shirt 'Damn he is gorgeous.' he thought Jeff however had wore his pajama pants and a tank top he didn't even come out of the bathroom from a shower in just his towel he always took his clothes in with him. 'Wait… maybe that's my problem maybe I need to let some of those guards down to get Nicky's attention' he thought He decided that he was going to do it he made sure that Nick was awake and not going to go back to sleep and then headed in to take his shower only taking a towel with him. "I'm gonna take my shower Nicky" he said then shut the door to the bathroom that was in their room. He took his shower and then stepped out wrapping his towel around him and he took a deep breath he'd never been this undressed in front of Nick before and he really hoped he noticed. He took one more deep breath and then walked out into their room. He walked over to his dresser by his bed and smiled blushing slightly as he heard Nick's quiet gasp behind him.

"J-Jeffie I'm….. I'm going to go take my shower now" Nick stuttered out

"Ok Nicky don't take too long we don't want to be late to Class again" Jeff said smiling like nothing was out of the ordinary.

Nick practically ran into the bathroom! Once in there he leaned against the door and sighed 'He's trying to kill me that has to be it.' He thought to himself he swore he choked on air when Jeff walked out of the bathroom in nothing but a towel. He never did that! 'Oh God how am I supposed to pretend I don't have feelings for my VERY hot best friend if he's going to walk around our dorm in just a towel?!' he thought shaking his head at himself and made himself take a cold shower since his roommate has just effectively given him a problem and he couldn't exactly go to class with an erection! He stepped out of the shower shaking the cold water off himself and dried himself off. Then he had an idea. 'Two can play at this game Mr. Sterling' he thought to himself and wrapped his towel around his waist and walked out into their room. Now this was normal for Nick but he knew he had caught Jeff looking.

He walked out into the room and started digging through his dresser for boxers, socks and an undershirt. He heard Jeff gasp behind him like he knew Jeff had heard him gasp earlier and smiled as he pulled on his boxers and undershirt he turned around to go to his wardrobe and pull out his uniform when all of a sudden all the lights went out "What happened?" he asked Jeff who he could hardly see since the curtains were closed and it was still a little dark outside being during the winter.

"I don't know Nicky" he said

Nick found his way over to the window and pulled the curtain for some light and gasped "Aww shit" he cursed. He heard Jeff make his way over to him.

"What's wrong Nicky?" Jeff asked as he came up beside Nick then he looked out the window "oh!" he said covering his mouth in what Nick thought was the most adorable way.

Nick laughed "Yeah oh" he said Their dorm room was on the bottom floor and the bottom of the window was at Nick's waist so imagine their surprise when they opened the curtains and half the window was covered in snow! "Well I guess we know why the power went out" Nick laughed and picked up his phone when it beeped. He read the text from Wes and smiled "Jeffie, Wes says that classes are canceled until further notice and that with the power being out the Dean has urged us all to dress warmly and cuddle into blankets because the heat is electric. They are working on it but it might be a couple days until anyone can get to us. So I say we bundle up and watch movies today" he said smiling pulling on his Dalton sweatpants and his Batman t-shirt over his undershirt plus his Dalton hoodie. Then he pulled Jeff's blankets off his bed and piled them on his and put a movie in the portable DVD player his mom had gotten him for his birthday it ran on batteries which they had plenty of thankfully. Nick burrowed under the blankets pulling them around him and opened one side so that Jeff could crawl in with him "Come on Jeffie we might as well share all the blankets and our body heat so we don't catch cold" he said secretly hoping Jeff would agree with his ploy to get him to cuddle with him even if it's only as friends.

Jeff was shocked when he went over to the window with Nick and saw the snow outside half way up their window. He laughed and cheered when Nick said no classes until further notice imediately shuking out of his uniform and pulling on his own Dalton sweatpants and a Captain America t-shirt, and his own Dalton hoodie. Then he watched confused as Nick took all Jeff's blankets and piled them on his bed then crawled in and pulled them around him then he opened one side and asked Jeff to crawl in and basically cuddle with him. He couldn't even think for a second. He mentally shook himself before he made a fool of himself and then nodded crawling in with Nick and sitting next to him but making sure there was room between them and pulled the blankets around himself too.

Nick looked over at Jeff and smiled "Jeffie, you don't have to sit all the way over there come here" he said and wrapped his arm around him and pulling him closer to him Jeff swore he stopped breathing. 'Ok Jeffrey Sterling get ahold of yourself he's going to notice if you turn blue because you're not breathing!' he told himself then took a deep breath and let Nick pull him right up next to him they sat there watching the movie and Jeff sighed contently it felt so good to sit here with Nick like this. He was so warm and sitting so close to Nick was oddly comforting he noticed himself starting to fall asleep and leaned against Nick's shoulder he smiled when Nick wrapped his arm around his waist like it was nothing. 'Ok damn it he's being way too nice and almost boyfriend like OH MY GOD HE KNOWS!' Jeff thought suddenly starting to internally panic 'but then….. wait if he knows then why is he being so lovey? May-maybe he likes me too? Ok Jeff only one way to find out' he thought and took a deep breath. "N-nicky?" he asked

"Hmmm?" he asked back and Jeff smiled

"Umm c-can you look at me please?" Jeff asked sitting up a little bit and facing him.

Nick looked at Jeff with a confused look on his face "What's up Jeffie?" he asked "A-are we ok d-did I cross the line?" he asked Jeff could see he was a little scared and Jeff smiled.

"N-no I just wanted to ask you if you would maybe, possibly be interested, that is to say if you would…." he knew he was rambling but he just couldn't stop but Nick put his finger on Jeff's lips and all of a sudden Jeff couldn't talk

He looked at Jeff with what Jeff called those warm chocolate eyes and smiled "Jeffie, I would love to be your boyfriend" he said

Jeff was dumbfounded 'how did he know that's what I wanted to ask?'

"I-I ummm" he stuttered

Nick smiled again and said "I've seen the looks you give me and I know I give them to you as well" he said smiling "I've wanted to ask you for awhile but I wasn't entirely sure but recently you seem really kinda distracted around me and I think it's adorable I was actually just thinking on how I was going to ask you when you started to ask me" he said smiling

Jeff smiled and shook his head "Have I really been that transparent?" he asked smiling

Nick smiled too and nodded "Yeah babe you kinda have" he said Jeff shuddered a little at the pet name it felt so good for Nick to call him that. He looked up when he felt Nick's hand on his chin tilting it up he smiled at Jeff and slowly closed the distance between them

Jeff smiled and leaned into him and the next thing he knew he was kissing him it felt so good his lips were so soft and he tasted like cinnamon, vanilla and something that was pure Nick. Jeff smiled when Nick pulled away a little and smiled at him he cuddled close to him. "Thank you Nicky" he said smiling he thought he would burst from happiness. He was happy cuddling with Nick and then he had an idea "Hey Nicky? Can I sleep here with you tonight since we are supposed to stay warm" he asked.

Nick looked at him and smiled "Admit it Jeffie even if the heat and power wasn't out you would still ask me that" he said with a chuckle.

Jeff blushed and nodded "Ok you caught me" I said smiling "But can I?" he persisted

Nick smiled at him and laughed "Yes of course you can silly boy" he said kissing Jeff's nose making him giggle.

Jeff smiled cuddling close to Nick and nuzzling him under the chin making Nick giggle. "I heard that a couple new boys moved in last night after classes, just a couple doors down in 34 that was empty maybe we should go investigate later" Jeff smiled

Nick smiled "Yeah we should at least introduce our selves to our neighbors since 34 is right next door" he said holding Jeff close to him.

A little bit into the next movie Jeff was so warm and comfortable he didn't want to move "Nicky, maybe we can wait till tomorrow to introduce ourselves? I'm so warm and comfy I don't want to leave the blankets if I don't have to" he said smiling snuggling closer to Nick.

Nick smiled "That's fine baby that way it will give them a little more time to get settled as well." he said holding Jeff to him and kissing his head.

Jeff smiled leaning into Nick's kiss and sighed happily leaning against Nick's chest as they watched the movie. He leaned up and kissed Nick's jaw and kissed his way to Nick's mouth smiling when Nick responded and started kissing him back he gasped a little when Nick lay him down and straddled him kissing him and licking his bottom lip asking for permission which Jeff happily granted. He moaned at the feeling of Nick french kissing him it felt so good. Jeff gasped when Nick ground down on him "OH Nicky!" he moaned

Nick froze "I-I'm sorry Jeffie I didn't mean to do that" he said

Jeff smiled and shook his head "No it felt really good Nicky. C-can you do it again?" he asked

Nick smiled and nodded grinding down against Jeff again making both of them moan. "Jeff" he moaned softly.

Jeff moaned as Nick continued to thrust against him and he began doing the same making them both moan more he could feel himself getting really hard "N-nicky SO good" he moaned.

Nick smiled and looked at Jeff "Um Jeffie c-can we try something?" he asked nervously.

Jeff smiled and nodded "What is it Nicky what do you want to try?" he asked

Nick smiled "Can we taste each other at the same time?" he asked

Jeff smiled "You mean as in like 69?" he asked with a shy smile.

Nick nodded "Yes" he said

Jeff smiled and nodded "Ok Nicky but I don't really know what I'm doing" he said smiling.

Nick smiled "Jeffie, I don't know what I'm doing either baby it's ok" he said turning upside down and then pulled Jeff's pants and boxers down just enough to free his erection and smiled when he felt Jeff do the same.

Jeff took Nick into his mouth and started to bob his head up and down on him like he had seen done in a the couple porn movies he had been brave enough to watch. He moaned when he felt Nick do the same.

Nick moaned when Jeff moaned and caused vibrations along his cock he pulled off Jeff for a moment "OH JEFFIE!" he moaned before continuing to pleasure his boyfriend enjoying having Jeff pleasure him at the same time.

After a few minutes they were both feeling heat pool in their bellies "I-I'm not going to last much longer Nick!" Jeff moaned

Nick nodded and moaned "Me e-either baby cum for me" he moaned

They both sped up what they were doing and came at the same time down each others throats swallowing what the other gave them. When Nick pulled off Jeff he panted "Oh damn Jeffie that was fucking amazing!"

Jeff chuckled and nodded "Yes it was baby" he said smiling. He pulled Nick up to him and after they both pulled their pants and boxers back up he cuddled into Nick's chest.

Nick looked down and Jeff smiling "W-we didn't go too far too fast did we?" he asked

Jeff looked up at Nick and smiled "No I've wanted to do things like that with you for months baby" he said smiling "I don't regret it do you?" he asked

Nick shook his head "No I just wanted to make sure you didn't" he said smiling.

Jeff shook his head "No baby I wanted to do that but I'm not ready to go farther than that I mean it's not that I don't want to have sex with you baby but I'm not ready for that step" he said smiling cuddling into Nick's chest.

Nick nodded kissing Jeff's head "I agree completely baby" he said holding Jeff close to him and yawning "sorry love" he said smiling

Jeff smiled and yawned as well "It's ok do you want to go to bed?" he asked

Nick nodded "Yeah then we can meet our neighbors tomorrow" he said snuggling into the blankets and Jeff who snuggled back. "Night baby" he said kissing Jeff sweetly.

Jeff smiled kissing Nick back "Night" he said laying his head against Nick's chest and drifting off to sleep.