Chapter 8 - Niff

Jeff smirked leading Nick to their room then shut the door as soon as they walked in he smiled backing Nick into the door and kissing him passionately.

Nick gasped and then moaned as Jeff kissed him. His hands gripping his hips. "God Jeff that was unexpected" he muttered pulling back for a breath

Jeff smirked "Are you complaining baby?" he teased

"Not at all baby, just a comment" he whispered

Jeff smiled and pulled Nick in for another kiss then playfully pulled away and slowly stripped putting on a show for Nick on his way to their bed.

Nick tried chasing him with his lips before he realized what he was doing then when he finally looked up and saw him stripping he gasped and started to do the same. "Damn Jeff, you are so gorgeous baby." he muttered as he followed him to the bed.

Jeff smiled laying down on the bed and opening his arms to Nick "So are you baby" he said smiling and pulled Nick to him for another passionate kiss.

"Not like you baby, "He muttered pulling him close by his hips

Jeff smiled and with a smirk ground his hips against Nick's "Love you Nicky" he said smiling.

"Love you too baby" He groaned has Jeff ground against him "Feels good baby"

Jeff grinned and started kissing Nick's neck as he ground against him again "Do you wanna turn on the bottom baby?" he asked nipping underneath Nick's ear.

"OH Please baby I really do want that." He moaned has Jeff ground against him .

Jeff smiled and kissed his way down Nick's neck to his chest teasing one of his nipples with his tongue and teeth and the other with his hand.

Nick arched into Jeff's mouth trying to get more of his mouth on him. "Baby, Oh God Please." He muttered

Jeff smiled loving the noises his boyfriend was making and continuing his actions then switching sides and what he was doing.

Nick moaned holding Jeff's head on his chest. He was beside himself with pleasure he wasn't sure what to do or what to say. He just knew he needed more. "Baby, Pleaseeeeee "

Jeff smiled kissing his way down Nick's chest again and kissed his way down his stomach nipping at Nick's hip

Nick thrashed underneath Jeff trying to get him where he wanted him most.

Jeff smiled and kissed his way down taking Nick's cock into his mouth and giving the slit a nice long lick before taking it back into his mouth

Nick gasped and tried not to thrust himself into Jeff's mouth it felt so amazing being in that wet heat. "YES Baby " he moaned

Jeff smiled gently holding Nick's hips down and bobbed his head up and down on Nick's cock taking as much of Nick as he could into his mouth loving the sounds his boyfriend was making.

Nick grunted in frustration as Jeff held him down" please baby I ... need more ... something" he gasped

Jeff smiled and nodded grabbing the lube and a condom then settled back down between Nick's legs again. He took Nick back into his mouth then slicked his fingers and gently entered one into his boyfriend gently watching Nick for signs of discomfort.

Nick stiffened up at the intrusion but slowly began to relax has it began to feel really good." Jefff so goood" he moaned

Jeff watched Nick and gently added another finger "Doing ok baby?" he asked

" Yes baby... please don't stop" he moaned

Jeff smiled and nodded and started scissoring Nick then started crooking his fingers to hit Nick's prostate wanting Nick to feel what he had felt.

Nick arched when Jeff hit something in him" i...oh ...god what is that" he gasped

Jeff smiled and chuckled "That is your prostate baby feels amazing doesn't it?" he asked smiling and made sure to hit it again.

Nick arched trying to get more into him. ' Please Jeffff...more...I need more" he groaned

Jeff smiled and added another finger to make sure Nick was stretched enough.

Nick moaned "Yes baby goood" he said huskily

Jeff smiled looking up at Nick "are you ready for me baby?" he asked moaning at the sight of Nick falling apart beneath him.

"Jeffy please oh god I need you" he gasped thrusting onto jeff's finger

Jeff smiled and nodded "Ok Nicky" he said slicking himself and gently entering his boyfriend making sure to take it slow so as not to hurt Nick.

Nick moaned has Jeff entered him " babyyy please I need more its ok I...I can take it " he gasped

Jeff nodded "Ok baby if you're sure" he said and started slowly rocking into Nick "Oh Nicky! So tight" he moaned.

Nick gasped wrapping his legs around Jeff pulling him in further. "PLease ohhhh God baby so good." he muttered

Jeff gasped as Nick wrapped his legs around him pulling him in deeper "OH NICKY" he moaned then started thrusting into Nick a little harder and faster.

"Jeffy please oh god ...harder deeper so good" he muttered

Jeff nodded and obeyed his boyfriend "NICKY" he moaned as he thrust harder and Nick tightened around him.

Nick shuddered underneath Jeff. He was so lost in all that he was feeling he wanted to shout but wasn't sure he could it felt amazing. "YESSS JEFFFFF " he moaned

Jeff moaned he loved hearing Nick moan his name "Oh Baby so good!" he moaned he was starting to feel heat pool in his belly and the way Nick was thrashing around he could tell Nick was getting close too.

"Please baby, So close." He mumbles reaching down to start stroking himself.

Jeff saw what Nick was about to do and beat him to it and started stroking Nick in time with his thrusts "OH nicky! So close" he moaned angling his hips just right to hit Nick's prostate right on.

"YES YES RIGHT THERE JEFFF " Nick shouted before he tried to muffle himself with a hand. He couldn't believe he had done that.

Jeff moaned and laughed a little "It's o-ok baby" he said smiling kissing Nick then thrusting into him harder and making sure to hit that spot "Cum for me Nicky" he moaned.

Nick gasped stiffened up before he started to cum "Jefff...oh please Jefff " he moaned

Jeff moaned as Nick tightened around him and thrust a couple more times before he came as well. "NIIIIIIIICCKKKYYYYYY!" he moaned cumming as he thrust deep into Nick he then collapsed on Nick's chest panting "Damn Nicky that was amazing" he panted

"Yes baby it was so very good I love you baby" nick whispered

Jeff smiled "I love you too Nicky" he said nuzzling Nick's neck

Nick sighed and kissed Jeffs temple.

Jeff smiled and and leaned into Nick's kiss "I love you so much Nicky thank you if it's possible I feel even closer with you" he said smiling.

"I know jeffy me too" he muttered

Jeff smiled cuddling into him and slowly pulled out of Nick then curled closer again "I love you so much baby" he said smiling.


"I love you tooo so very much " he said softly pulling him closer

Jeff smiled snuggling close to his Nicky and laying his head on his chest "Are you ok Baby?" he asked.

"Yes baby I am more than ok I'm wonderful " he whispered

Jeff smiled "Ok I just wanted to make sure I didn't hurt you" he said smiling

"Jeff I would let you know ok. It was wonderful thank you so much.' He said pulling him close

Jeff beamed at Nick under his praise and nuzzled Nick's neck "Ok baby I'm glad and you are so welcome" he said smiling.

Nick smiled softly "Wow baby how did you stay awake earlier?" He said with a yawn

Jeff chuckled "Did I wear you out Love" he teased cuddling a little closer to Nick

"Yeah a bit, but it was worth it." He said softly

Jeff smiled "Good I think I was able to stay awake because I was so hungry" he said smiling and yawning cuddling close to Nick and wrapping his arms around Nick's waist

"Yeah maybe so, do you think its too early to sleep?' He asked softly

Jeff smiled "Not if you're tired baby. We can go to bed if you want love I'm a bit tired too" he said snuggling close and laying his head on Nick's chest.

"Yes baby can we fall asleep next to each other I want your arms around me when I'm sleep" he mumbled

Jeff beamed at what Nick had said "Good I want to hold you while you sleep too" he said smiling holding Nick close.

Nick smiled leaning back to give Jeff a kiss "Sweet dreams baby" he muttered so happy to be in Jeff's arms he loved it

Jeff smiled and kissed Nick back "I love you baby Good Night" he said tucking his head under Nick's chin and sighing happily as he closed his eyes.

"love you too Jeffy " Nick mumbled softly

Jeff smiled holding on to Nick and nuzzled his neck he pulled the covers up a little more and snuggled close and falling asleep with Nick