"I want you Kise-kun."

And just like that Kuroko cheated on his fiancé.

Kuroko woke up groggily on the unfamiliar feeling of the bed and took in the unfamiliar surrounding. Kuroko felt a hard knocking on his head. A signed that he had drinked some alcohol the night before. But Kuroko knew he was sober when he fell asleep and not drunk, he should be able to remember what happened the night before. Then the familiar groan of a voice flooded back his memories of yesterday's night activities.

For the first time in his life he visited the bar, in seek of distraction or comfort. Though at a bar he may be he didn't take the refuge to drink alcohols as he had never did try. He is quite unsure of his tolerance in alcohol. Well that and the fact that he is underage. His gaze was blank as he watched the group of dancers. Not sure as to feel repelled or amused.

He knew nobody would notice him there. So he simply sat at the stool alone at the far end with the accompany on one of the bar attendant. A rather flashy blonde with cheerful attitude. At first Kuroko paid no mind towards the blonde thinking that the person didn't even saw him there, so when a voice beseeched him, you could say Kuroko was very much surprised.

"Nee, you're alone? What's your name?" The blonde asked rather excitedly, flashing a fake smile. The voice sultry.

Kuroko turned his attention towards the person. "Please do not force yourself to smile if it is not genuine." Kuroko simply said.

The blonde's expression changes into that of an amusement. "Alright then, I'd try to keep my expressions genuine. Care to tell me your name now?" The blonde said.

Kuroko answered the question with a blank face. "Kuroko Tetsuya."

The blonde nodded. "Right. Would you bother to know mine?" There was a slight grin. But evident on the handsome face.

"I suppose as you have gotten to know mine. I should bother myself to know yours." Kuroko played with his non-alcoholic drink then look up to meet eye to eye with bar attendant.

Instantly Kuroko was finding himself captured. The precious pair of topaz eyes are too much to handle when they stare into your own eyes, they can jumble your emotions and mess up with your mind if you look directly into it. If you manage to avoid the mesmerizing eyes you would be blinded by the dazzling smile, if you are lucky enough to see a genuine smile the dazzle would be even harder to bear. It is just that kind of smile that makes you feel relax and easy-going around the person. If a blind person you are than you'll be captured instead by the charming and prince-like voice. The easy-going attitude, delightable and engaging.

"Kise Ryouta."

Then somehow it turned to this. From a normal introduction to an intense love-making session. Kuroko wouldn't call it fucking or just a simple sex. Even though last night was his first time experiencing such a thing, Kuroko knew that a simple fucking wouldn't feel that tender and gentle. The sweet voice of the blonde whispering sweet words. A simple sex would not have such passion poured into. If it was just a simple fuck then Kuroko should not feel to be cherished and protected in the blonde's arm.

The sleeping blonde groaned once again on the bed and tossed. Kuroko glanced at the sleeping figure and snapped out of his musing. Kuroko climbed down the bed to get himself cleaned up before heading back to his place and meeting up with Akashi.

Kuroko turned the tap to the shower and let cold water rain down on his naked figure. Slowly Kuroko started to scrub his pale body and get rid of sticky sweat and cum stains.

A pair of familiar arms suddenly made its way around Kuroko's waist. And a nibbling on his ears causing Kuroko to moan slightly. Kuroko turned his head slightly and captured a flash of blonde.

"Hidoi –ssu~! Kurokocchi should wake me up." The blonde whined as his lips trailed down to Kuroko's neck. His right hand playing with the perked nipple due to the coldness of water, his other hand nourishing Kuroko's member back to life.

"Ah….K-Kise-kun. Yamete..ku..dasai." Kuroko leaned on Kise and moaned.

"Nee, Kurokocchi. How about another round?" Kise bit Kuroko's shoulder hard. Though not hard enough to bleed.

"I-In the bath?" Kuroko breathed.

Kise spunned Kuroko around to face him and kissed him full on the lips as an answer. Kuroko responded to the blonde's kiss and grabbed the soft locks to deepen the kiss as an agreement.






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