"Nee, Kise-kun. What do you think love is?" Kuroko suddenly asked him as he twiddles with the wreath of flowers on Kise's blonde hair. His eyes darting towards Kise with a pair of expectant eyes. An arm slung around Kise's neck for support as the new model carried him bridal style towards the Akashi mansion.

Kise creased his forehead towards the pale face, unsure what to answer to such a question that came out of nowhere. "What kind of question is that, Kurokocchi?" The bluenette formed an almost invisible pout with his lips and rolled his eyes at the question.

"Just answer Kise-kun."

Kise thought of it for a moment. "Hmm, well love is love! How does Kurokocchi feel about Kurokocchi's parents? You love them right?"

"Family love is a lot simpler than…love." Kuroko pointed out.

A sigh escaped from the blonde. "I don't know Kurokocchi…everyone has a different view of love. For me I think love is not something so pure as the general society thinks. Love could be black, could be red, could be white. Love doesn't mean being happy forever after with the other." Kise stopped walking. "Now, could you help me to open the door, my hands are occupied." A grin would always be on the blonde's face if he was not having other expression of reaction.

"You don't have to say the last part." Kuroko said blandly as he opened the door.

"Welcome back, Tetsuya, Ryouta." The sudden appearance from Akashi Seijuurou behind the door. "Where have the two of you been?" Akashi defintely doesn't seem satisfied with his arms crossed and piercing gaze towards them, particularly towards Kise Ryouta who is holding Kuroko in his arms. "Ryouta why are you carrying Tetsuya?" Even he had never carried the bluenette like that, since when they were younger their body stature is not much different that he was scared they might both fall, but now of course he is no such fears or thoughts.

Kuroko turned to look at Kise. They did bargain earlier afterall if Akashi might found them the one who would be answering to him is Kise who is the one that asked Kuroko to go to this date with the blonde. Kise smiled a red-handed smile, putting on a guilty façade. "Well, um Kurokocchi and I've been to the meadow. And on the way back Kurokocchi sprained his ankle." It's true, there is no need to lie.

"Why did you went there?" The redhead asked another question without relenting his gaze.

"To play around? Fish? Swim?" Kise shrugged a little, as much as he can without bothering Kuroko.

Akashi was quiet for a moment before simply turning around. "Put him in my bedroom on the bed, I have a little work currently. I'll have a look at it later." He walked away without looking back resulting in Kise aggravated and Kuroko feeling discourage and despondent.

'If you would only want to look at it, why not do it now? Is work really more important?' The bluenette thought, his expression turned forlorn. Noticing this, Kise exhaled heavily. "Kise-kun, would you please hurry and do as Akashi-kun told you to?" Said Kuroko without looking at Kise but instead was staring at the redhead's back.

"Hai~" Kise tried to act cheerful but at the last bit his voice was drawn out a bit and betrayed his façade. Kuroko gripped on Kise's front shirt, noticing the moping tone at the end.

Kuroko only kept quiet and Kise does not know what to say anymore to the bluenette but he hates looking at the downcasted teal blue eyes. Kise entered Akashi's room and walked straight to the bed. As he walked nearer to it he notices the bed was still in wrinkles…and proof of Kuroko's and Akashi's aftermath that morning was still apparent on the bedsheets. The bluenette's face turned red as he too notices this.

"Um–" Kuroko started to say but Kise just shook his head.

"Does Kurokocchi wants me to tape the sprained ankle?" Kise asked with a small false smile. Putting Kuroko gently on the bed avoiding from looking at the semen. Kuroko leaned his back on the bedpost not feeling like laying down.

The bluenette would really like that but somehow he does not want Kise longer in the room, knowing and seeing proof of him and Akashi's love making session. He denied the offer with a shake of his head. "No but thank you for offering, Kise-kun." He tugged on a little on Kise's arm and the blonde lowered himself a little, puzzled when suddenly Kuroko gave him a peck on the cheek. A pair of golden blonde eyes widen at that. It wasn't something so extreme, they did slept with each other several times now but this action was so filled with affection. [A/N: Ayyy, that rhymed!]

"Uh…un." Kise nodded, still in daze and walked out of the room with his face getting redder by the minute. His hand covering his mouth and nose in embarrassment.

Kuroko hold in a fit of chuckles and the adorable embarrassed reaction until the door was closed. But he just couldn't resist the temptation to smile, a very wide smile towards the door.

Back to Kise, his fervent blush was still apparent on his face when he slowly touched his cheek that felt hotter than the other. "Love…means the other, and my love…is Kurokocchi." He whispered so lowly to himself.

"Hmm, that's nice to know Ryouta." Akashi made himself known with a lazy smile on his face, he stood on one leg, leaning back to one side of the wall with his arms crossed.

Kise spun around towards Akashi with a startled expression. "A-Akashicchi!"

The redhead pushed himself off the wall walked towards Kise with commanding footsteps. Eyes fixed on the blonde who was casting his eyes downwards. "Look at me Ryouta." Kise looked up and met eye to eye with the hetero pair of eyes, and it made him to automatically shiver out of fear. "So, you love my Tetsuya." Kise didn't gave any response and that's how the redhead prefers because he wasn't asking a question. He was simply stating a fact.

Since when he became a daredevil Kise didn't knew but he suddenly burst out and said, "He is not yours and yes. I love Kurokocchi." But he could only stare back into the heterochromatic eyes, a glare is too much to muster.

"Didn't you see the proof of that Tetsuya is mine just now?" Akashi looked him with no care at the blonde's previous words. "Tetsuya IS mine and he only obeys to ME."

"I'll just make Kurokocchi fall in love with me then." Kise replied confidently.

"You're efforts would be worthless." Akashi replied with a smirk.

"Maybe but at least I didn't make him feel abandoned. At least he feels happy with me." Kise shot a winning smirk towards the redhead and walked off to his room feeling a little bit more confident in himself 'And Akashicchi, Kurokocchi won't obey to you so much anymore. Love making…I've done it with Kurokocchi too.' Kise thought slyly.

So! What do you think? Akashi now knows of Kise's true feelings towards Kuroko thought Kuroko hadn't know about it yet. And Akashi still hasn't found out about Kuroko's and Kise's relationship.

Next chapter….They're going to school!