This is my new story. It's basically a crossover between my two favorite anime shows Dragon Ball Z and Fairy Tail. I decided to start this today after completing all episodes of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z along with Fairy Tail. This story begins when during the fight between Cell and Gohan after Goku used Instant Transmission to teleport to King Kai's Planet with Cell. I changed a few details in the fight for the sake of the story.

Let's begin shall we.

Before that, Disclaimer: I don't own Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT or Fairy Tail Someone else does.

Chapter 1: An Unexpected Ending.

Gohan couldn't believe it. He fell to his knees and tears started forming as it fell in streams down his face. It was all his fault that his father died. If only he had finished Cell, his father would've been here. If he didn't get too cocky none of this would've happened. "DADDDDDDY" screamed Gohan

Krillin fell to the ground. Goku was dead. He died trying to save them all. Krillin saw how Gohan reacted. No one blamed him. He didn't have to do that to himself. Krillin walked up towards Gohan. He had to comfort him. No one blamed him and he should stop blaming himself. Krillin kneeled down beside him and put a hand on his back.

"That's right cry. Just let it all out little buddy." comforted Krillin.

"This is all my fault. Dad didn't have to sacrifice himself. I wish it would've been me. Now he's gone and I'm still here" replied Gohan. " Hey don't blame yourself. If it wasn't for you the Earth and all of us would've been history. You've saved us. You're dad must've been very proud of you Gohan and he had to do what he did because he loved you" was Krillin's reply as he continued comforting the young boy. Gohan looked at Krillin with tears in his eyes. "Come on let's go." Krillin helped Gohan up.

He finally took notice of the blond girl that was punched out of Cell. "Android 18, I almost forgot about here." Krillin ran towards the android on the floor. "Come On guys, she is still alive we have to help her." He proceeded in carrying that unconscious android on the floor. "Daddy" said Gohan as he stared up towards the sky as tears continued pouring down his face.

"Krillin what are you doing put that android down right now" order Vegeta as he walked towards Krillin. "What?" asked Krillin stopping in front of Vegeta. "Destroy it now it's still alive." Vegeta considered the android a risk he was about to destroy it. However Krillin objected "No. She's hurt. Come On. She not that bad she needs some help that's all." Vegeta was lost for words but was able to pull these words "You're pathetic. Fine go do what you to I don't care"

All of the Z fighters stood there for couple of seconds wondering what to do. However a strong wind pushing them a couple of millimeters forward caught all of their attention. Dust started surrounding the area behind Gohan. "What the hell is that?" exclaimed Piccolo. Electricity was now visible to the Z fighters. A shock wave made a huge rumbling sound. "It can't be!" exclaimed Vegeta as he sensed the familiar power level. "What is that" shouted Mirai Trunks. "He's back" that was all that was heard from the disbelieving Piccolo. A huge beam made its way through all of the Z fighters until it hit an unsuspecting Trunks right through his chest. Mirai Trunks was sent flying until his body made contact with the ground a couple of centimeters behind. Vegeta couldn't believe it not only was Cell alive but his son is lying on the ground between life and death.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH" laughed Cell in between the Dust "I see my aim is as good as ever, it's good to be back" All the Z fighters were currently watching horrified. Cell left Trunks between life and with just one attack. After explaining how he was revived and how he got here, he started mocking the Z fighters claiming to be more powerful than ever. None of the Z fighters were able to move. Vegeta kept staring at the lifeless body of his son before turning into a Super Saiyan and erupting with rage "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" screamed Vegeta as he launched towards Cell as he released a powerful Ki blast towards Cell. "I'm gonna blast you till none of your cells will be able to regenerate" said Vegeta between his shouts as he launched a barrage of Ki blasts towards the area where Cell is. Vegeta stopped his attack as he looked on searching for any signs of Cell. However Cell disappeared and smacked Vegeta catching him off guard as Vegeta fell from the sky and crashed into the ground.

After all of Vegeta's attacks Cell stood there unfazed whatsoever as he launched another blast to finish off Vegeta. Gohan realizing that Vegeta won't be able to block or survive the blast jumped in the way and received the damage. His left hand was severely damaged as he wasn't able to move it.

"Well I've enjoyed myself and you won't be much of a challenge now with your left hand now completely useless so I've decided to finish off this conflict" said Cell as he began charging the biggest Kamehameha he could release.

"I'm sorry father, I couldn't stop him. I failed." Said Gohan. "Come on don't give up now" said a voice inside of Gohan's head. "DAD" shouted Gohan "Son, there is still hope. Don't give up you can win" cheered Goku into Gohan's brain. "But how" asked Gohan "Simple just give Cell the best Kamehameha you've got you can do it"

Vegeta was now lying on the floor losing all of hope. After seeing that his pride and rage has taken the victory from a brother Saiyan and warrior, Vegeta, for the first time in his life, apologized for his arrogance. "Gohan, I'm sorry" Gohan stood there in disbelieve did Vegeta actually apologized to him. "Son, I trust you have to do it. Don't worry I'll help you with all the energy I have." Gohan listened to his father words as he started charging the strongest Kamehameha his body could muster. As soon as Cell released the blast so did Gohan. Both Kamehamehas collided as the ground underneath it shattered.

Meanwhile Mirai Trunks was currently lying on the floor unable to move, unable to speak as his Ki was falling sharply. He couldn't help but smile. After all these years, I had to suffer because I wasn't able to defeat the androids in my time as I wasn't powerful enough. As soon as he got enough power to destroy them I find myself lying on the floor unable to move. How ironic eh? He thought as he coughed some more blood. He closes his eyes hoping it will ease the pain as he felt like he was about to die. He closed his eyes for a couple of seconds before releasing he didn't feel any more pain. Was he dead? Is this what he would feel in the afterlife? He opened his life to see a small green person stretching his arms over him. As his vision cleared he recognized that Dende was healing him.

"Good, I made it on time" was the only thing he heard from Dende as he continued healing him. "Dende what are you doing here" exclaimed Mirai. "As soon as I felt you energy dropping I rushed trying to save you. Guess I made just in time. Beside your mom gave this sword to deliver it to you she fixed it after the androids destroyed it" Mirai smiled "Yes you did." Trunks sensed the massive energy coming from the blast. "What's going on" asked Mirai. "Well Gohan is currently in the final showdown with Cell-" responded Dende but he wasn't able to complete as Trunks grabbed the sword and flew to the area where Gohan and Cell where battling it out."Wait Trunks you're not fully healed yet" shouted Dende. "I know just return to the lookout" screamed Trunks towards Dende as he rushed towards the battle field.

As soon as he reached there he saw Piccolo, Tien, Krillin, and Yamacha blasting Cell's back however they were all knocked away by an energy released by Cell. Gohan was about to lose to Cell's Kamehameha. However, he won't let another Gohan die not on his watch as he charged down as quickly as possible.

"Dad, I can't win. I just can't. He is too strong." said Gohan to his father. "Don't lose hope Gohan, you can do it" Goku encouraged his son. Meanwhile Cell was feeling that Gohan energy and concentration were falling "I can feel you slipping" shouted Cell as he knew sooner or later his power will overwhelm his.

Unknown to both of them Vegeta was able to pick himself up as he now had a clear view of the battle. He held his right hand up charging a Big Bang Attack. He couldn't believe what he saw when Trunks stopped a few yards away from him. He was still alive but how? Trunks began mimicking his attack. This confused Vegeta when did he learn Big Bang Attack. He brushed all the thoughts aside as he focused on gathering his energy.

"BIG BANG ATTACK" shouted both of Vegeta and Trunks as they launched the attack towards Cell. Cell wasn't able to block the attack as he hit him. "NOW" shouted Goku as Gohan released all of his power wiping Cell out of existence. Gohan smiled "You did Gohan. You won" screamed Goku as Gohan collapsed on the floor. Vegeta and Trunks landed on the ground. After searching for Cells energy they didn't find any trace of it. "It's finally over." said Trunks. Unknown to them as small hole which was doubling in size was forming in the area where the two Kamehamehas met. The hole was now visible from the area where Trunks and Vegeta stood. "What is that" asked Vegeta. Rocks were now absorbed into the hole.

"NO. GOHAN." screamed Trunks as soon as he realized that Gohan unconscious body was now moving towards the hole and entered it. Trunks rushed towards and into the hole and went after Gohan. He won't allow this timeline to lose Gohan as what happened to his timeline.

"WAIT YOU BRAT" screamed Vegeta as he rushed trying to follow them but the hole just vanished before he could enter. Vegeta kept searching around before screaming "DAMMIT".

Well this concludes my first chapter of this Dragon Ball Z and Fairy Tail crossover. I hope you liked it now to the important part. What do you prefer Mirai Trunks and Gohan falling together or away from each other? This can influence if you want me to let them join the same or different guilds. If different what guilds do you think they should join? Pairings are also welcoming but I won't be making an OC pairing with either of Gohan nor Trunks. I want them to be from Fairy Tail available characters. I probably will make Gohan and Wendy pairing in this crossover what you think unless you prefer another character such as Chelia. Please make the pairings acceptable and by acceptable I mean the age difference should be realistic. I don't like pairings such as Erza, Lucy, Mirajane etc with Gohan or Trunks and Wendy or Chelia. Other than that since it is obvious that both of Gohan and Mirai Trunks are stronger than everyone on Fairy Tail should I balance their power or make the power difference obvious. Lastly, I would apologize in advance to any spelling or grammatical mistake in this chapter as English isn't in first language. Any ideas are warmly welcomed. No Yaoi or Yuri is allowed. You can either write your opinions in a review pr PM me. You're choice