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Thoughts 'Ambient'

Talking "Naruto"

'It burns, why does it hurt so much. I did what I was told to do by Hiltz, why did he do this to me? Why? Am I going to die like that black organoid did? What was his name again...Shadow. That's what it was.'

Over the village Konoha an aurora appeared from a bright flash of light. This light spread throughout the other elemental countries. People woke up to witness this even never even knowing what this light really was. Down in one of the allies in Konoha a boy about 5 years old with blonde hair and blue eyes looked up to see this event.

"Wow, pretty." he whispered to himself sanding in complete aw at the sight. Then a red falling star caught the boys interest. "What's that?!" He asked to no one as he ran to follow the falling star.

He came to a stop at the edge of the woods knowing he was not to go past the tree line. But, his curiosity got the better of him and he ran into the woods to see what the red falling star was. A crater layed in front of him with a red dragon like creature in it. The boy approached it carefully not really knowing if it was injured or unconscious. As he got closer he noticed it was made of metal like the Zoids the Ninja use in battle and to do missions with. 'Is it a baby Zoid?' He wondered as he looked at it some more.

Then the green eye like visor glowed and the thing stood up. It spotted the boy in front of it and took a swing at him with his tail that had spikes on the end. He hit the boy in the face causing three lines across his left cheeks. The boy cried out as he landed on his side holding his cheek with his hand looking up at the creature before him.

'What? I'm alive but, how?' Ambient thought as he woke up from his unconscious state.

When he online his eyes he spotted a young boy next to him looking at him. 'What does this little creation want? Oh, well it been a long time since I have drawn blood from one so young.' He though to him self as he stood up looking at the boy.

Ambient quickly took a swing at the boy who was standing before him with his tail. Then suddenly pain shot through his leg and he missed takeing the boy's head off. He fell back to the ground and looked at where the boy was now laying on the ground to holding his cheek and looking at Ambient in pure fear. 'Well at least i drew blood from the thing. i just can't believe I missed!' He growled in frustration as he tried to stand up again but, fell back to the ground unable to get up. 'Why can't i get up! I must have been more hurt from the Deathsaurs explosion the i thought.'.

The boy watched as the creature tried to stand up after he fell when he attacked him. It seemed to grow more frustrated the more it tried and the more it failed. Even though it had attacked him he could not leave it here injured.

"Hey." He said to it to get the red creatures attention, it worked as it stopped moving looking at him or more like glaring. "Its ok, Let me help you. I have a hiding spot in one of the allies near here and i could help you there. It will be safer there then it is here, no one will come looking for you and you can heal in peace." He told it as it watched him carefully.

Finally after what felt like an hour but, was only one minute the creature gave a nod to the boy. It went to stand up and the boy ran to it to try to stabilize it on its right side where its leg was injured. This is when the boy saw just how much bigger the creature was then him. It towered over him and he felt dwarfed next to it. 'But then again i bet its taller than the other adults around the village'.

Ambient heard the boy say something and stopped what he was doing to listen to him.

"Its ok, Let me help you. I have a hiding spot in one of the allies near here and i could help you there. It will be safer there then it is here, no one will come looking for you and you can heal in peace." The boy said watching him.

'Hm, well that does not sound like something I would love but, I can't stay here and be found by anyone else. I guess I will have to agree to his little plan. Then when I'm healed i could just kill him and leave. Yeah that sounds good.' After he was done thinking Ambient gave the boy a nod and tried once again to stand up to follow the boy to his hiding spot.

What surprised him though was the boy. When he stood up the boy ran to his side and helped try to keep him up as they walked to the alley the boy was talking about. The boy was a lot smaller than him and still he tried to help Ambient. This was the first nice thing that had happened to him in a long time. 'Maybe i won't kill the boy after all.'

The struggle to get the creature to the alley was a long one. The creature almost fell three times but, they somehow made it to where the boy called home. He let the creature lead on the wall and ran to get one of the few blankets that he had that was still fluffy and in one piece. He layed it down on the ground near the wall and helped the creature onto it. The red thing layed onto the blanket and curled up watching him.

"Oh! I almost forgot to tell you, My name is Naruto. Whats yours?" He asked the creature and all he got was growls and grunts.

"Um, sorry but i can't understand you." Naruto said as he watched the thing.

The boy lead him into an alley and had him lean on a wall. When the boy came back he had a ratty blanket. It was fluffy but, it had a lot of holes in it. He layed it down and helped him onto it. The blanket was still soft he had to admit and he layed down and curled up.

He heard the boy talk again and listened. 'Naruto. Hmm, well i can work with it.' Ambient growled out his name wondering if the boy could understand him. When he got a confused look hee knew the boy couldn't. 'Well, we will just have to bond later so he could understand.

Suddenly there was a commotion near the entrance to the alley. It sounded like a group of drunk men coming toward them. The boy looked frightened and stood up telling Ambient he would be right back and ran toward them.

The creature just watched me for some more time before we both heard a sound coming from the entrance to the alley. Naruto heard four men talking and coming down this way. He was scared since i didn't have a way out and my new friend 'can I call him my friend?' was injured. He told my new friend to stay where he was and went to see what these men wanted. Naruto then thought he should have stayed hidden with his friend as the men grabbed him and started to hit him.

He didn't start to really scream and cry until one of the men grabbed his hands and held them above his head. He noticed another with a blade cutting his shirt off as the other two men watch the show laughing. 'No! They aren't going to do that right?' Naruto thought as he saw the men going for his pants next. "Help!" Naruto shouted as he realized what they were going to do.

Ambient listened to what sounded like people hitting another person. 'What is that boy doing?' He thought as he tried to peer over the boxes. Then he heard Naruto cry for help. Ambient managed to get both legs under him to look over the box. He grew mad at when the men where planning on doing to HIS property. 'I will let no one harm my new master!' Ambient growled.

He longed from behind the boxes and attacked the men. Ambient managed to bash the skull in one the one holding his masters hands down and leaped onto the one cutting his clothe off. Ambient bit into the mans neck and ripped his throat out being splashed with the blood that blended in with his armor. The other two men tried to run but, Ambient was to fast in his rage. He hit both men with his tail making sure the blades did the damage he wanted to them. As the men fell to the ground Ambient walked over to his master to see if he was alright.

Naruto felt his hands be realised from there hold and felt the air above him be disturbed like something just flew over head. Then he saw a red burr and knew it was his new friend. His friend attacked his attackers and ripped one of their necks out. He felt the warm blood splash on to him as he watch his friend slash the last two with his blades. He knew that the men were going to bleed to death slowly and painfully.

His friend walked back to him and he notice that the injury had almost healed. His friend nugged him in the cheek with his snout. Naruto grabbed onto his friend snout and cried while hugging him. His friend started to purr and it seemed to ease what little fear he had not cried out away.

"Thank you." He said to his friend and let go of him.

"Welcome." He heard his friend growl. "We must leave now, we will not be staying here." His friend said as he walked behind Naruto. "By the way my name is Ambient." Was the last thing Naruto heard as a light came from behind him as he was pulled into it by silver ropes.

Ambient let the boy hang onto him as he cried. To help calm the boy down he started to purr and that seemed to work.

The boy said thank you to him for saving him from thous men and he was happy to have helped his master.

"Welcome." Ambient growled to his master. "We must leave now, we will not be staying here." Ambient said as he walked behind Naruto. "By the way my name is Ambient." Ambient said as he opened his chest and had the wires wrap around naruto and pull him inside himself. Ambient felt his new master fall unconscious as they all do when they first get pulled into their organoid. This was a way to bond and a safer way to carry their master from place to place.

Ambient took one look at the dyeing men on the ground before activation his boosters and flying away from the carnage.

The next day in Konoha people found the bodies of four men in an alley way. It had looked that they have been killed by something with sharp claws and teeth. Years latter no one still knew what killed the men beside the two other people who where their.

"Hey Ambient ready to go yet" A boy about 12 years old with long blonde hair tied back by a string with bells on it asked his red organoid.

"Yes, We just have to wait for the others to catch up." Ambient growled as he stood next to his partner watching over the land for signs of their group.

"Hm, good well i guess we just wait for them and leave when they are ready." The boy said as they saw a dust cloud getting bigger as it got closer to them.